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I have been reading all the posts and can relate to everyone. I have tried everything to get rid of my melasma with no success. In 2004 I went to the dermatologist b/c of some sun spots on my face and they suggest laser treament and pointed out to me that I had a darkened upper lip (honestly i never really payed attention but when they told me and took a photo; oh boy!) I started a laser treatment which also removed all the hair from my upper lip, and tri-luma cream. I can honestly say that this has worked. In 2005 I got pregnant w/my 3rd child and the melasma developed on my cheeks and forehead. From this point on I have tried everything to get rid of it. Fraxel treatment, hydroquine creams, chemical peels, facials, creams on the internet and have had no success. I just got back from Cancun and wish I could say i had a great time but I was so anxious about being out in the sun that i made myself sick daily. It seems to have gotten worse even though I used a 60spf with only titanium dioxide and zinc (Cotz). I am so depressed over this and feel like when I go out people just stare at me...i can't enjoy the things i use to enjoy anymore b/c of the sun. I've noticed alot of you have used a combo of MSM (which I don't know what this is), Vitamin C, Ester C cream and Grapefruit Seed Extract or Grape seed Extract. I am going to try this and see what happens. Has anyone really had much success with this? Also, what do you find is the best makeup/concealers to use. Thank you.
hatethis07 last decade
penelope33: Hey there, question...how long have you been on the supplements? I know you had your melasma for 3-4 years. Since your melasma has disappeared, are you still taking the supplements as a precautionary? Another question..do you have kids? I don't have any but, plan to start a family next summer. I'm really curious how this will affect my melasma. Scary thought!
tbwjordan last decade
Hey tbwjordan and unhappy7! Sorry for the long delay in getting back with you! I'm olive skin toned so I was definitely prone to this skin condition- ugh. I did tan while I was in Florida but my face is always the lightest part no matter what due to the sunscreen I wear 365 days a year (still do even though it has disappeared - afraid it'll come back after the summer). I applied the 15spf Oil of Olay moisturizer all over my face but the other sunscreens I just used on my upper lip. Still hasn't come back...keeping my fingers crossed and say a prayer practically each day to rejoice but to also pray it's not just temporary. For makeup, highly recommend adding a little base, then use a little Dermablend concealer to the area (dab on, do not rub as it may take some of the sunscreen off, and also recommend a dab of the Physician's formula YELLOW concealer on top of that on the spot. The yellow helps to mask 'black and blue' areas so it helps to mask as well. I loved using these but have to be sure to use the minimum so it doesn't look caked. I had melasma for 4 years and did the supplements for a while but went off of them right before my trip to Florida - been off of them ever since. Only precautionary is my sunscreen - still can't seem to put those down. No kids, but hope to have a couple some day. I know what you mean about being scared though...I have the same feelings. Hope this info helps!! :)
Penelope33 last decade
Penelope33: Thanks for your replies to the questions!!! I read your posts a while back and you mentioned using MSM cream. Do you continue to use it? Or, was it for a short time? Thanks!
tbwjordan last decade
tbwjordan: Well, I used to but don't really use it anymore. All around I liked using MSM but in my experience, it faded the melasma for a while, then it seemed to stop working? When I just stopped everything all together right before vacation in Florida, that's when everything disappeared. Don't understand it, but rolling with it :) Hope this helps :)
Penelope33 last decade
Penelope33: It helps :) Thanks! Can't wait til' the day it disappears for me. So happy for u!!
tbwjordan last decade
this product is advertised as a permanent cure for melasma. the company is based in australia. it sell for $89.00 for 3 months supply and it guarantees it's claims with a refund if there is no improvement. please let me know if anyone has tried this product or is this just another one of these scam artist's that want to get rich by preying on people like us who are desperate for a cure.
durbs last decade
I haven't heard of it, sounds like a scam but who knows. The only topical solution that has worked for me thus far besides hydrquinone has been biomedic pigment control by la roche-posay. And it has only faded it, it's not gone.
hayday last decade
Hello All,

My heart goes out to all of you who are suffering with melasma. Merena is great for not having menstrual period but not for your skin. If anyone is considering Merena, please think again.I have had a total of 2 Merena IUDs inserted. After removing the 1st one and became pregnant, I noticed skin discoloration on my upper lip. After having my child, I had my 2nd inserted and that's when my skin discoloration got darker(similiar to mustache) For 5 years I kept staring in the mirror, hoping miracle would make my melasma disappear. For 5 years I have tried laser, peels and popular bleaching creams but none seems to work. Recently I did some research and came across some very helpful tips that help lightened my melasma. I have been doing this skin regimen for almost 3 weeks now and I am seeing results and would like to share with those of you who are suffering. DETOX DETOX DETOX. detox your internal or your whole body before trying the skin regimens because beauty is from within. Eat more greens and and fruits and drink plenty of water, a gallon of water a day if possible. Eat tomatoes, celery, grapes, carrots and fresh aloe vera leave. Take supplements, which includes MSM, Vit C, Vit E, Zinc, Grape Seed Extracts, Cod Liver, Milk Thistle and Calcium. On my skin, I apply horse radish for 1 hr, Apple Cider Vinegar for 1 hr, Turmeric paste(turmeric powder mixed with olive oil and/or olive oil blended with soy bean oil) for 1 hr and fresh aloe vera gel, extracting from the leave and Vitamin E oil before bedtime. It is not pleasant to take all these pills and spend hours applying these products on your skin but it's worth trying.
k8teTX last decade
Hi all,
I did have melasma during my pregnancy. I didn't know what it was at the time but did a vitamin c based skin peel which was safe for pregnant women. Guess what? No melasma. Now however I am on contraceptive and have melasma from contraceptive I am trying skin peel again and will let you know if it works. I also don't smoke, drink alcohol or party til the wee hours. I take multi-vitamins and anti-oxidants. It all helps.
bronzed1 last decade
please let me know the outcome of the peel and the name of the peel. many thanks, hope it works!
hayday last decade
Penelope33: Hi there! I just got back from Antigua and I tried the stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen with zinc oxide and titanium oxide. Well, my melasma got DARKER. I did not enjoy my trip as much as I wanted to because I was always worrying and trying my hardest to stay out of the sun. It is painful to look in the mirror and have people stare at you. I thought the supplements and the snscreens were helping..now I am back at square one. It is unfortunate that this condition is hard to treat. Since I have dermal and epidermal melasma, it is going to be hard to treat no matter what regimen I use. Penelope 33, do you think you just had epidermal melasma? Since yours went away, it seems like it was treatable. I will go back on my supplements and continue to use sunscreen. I don't wear make-up but am considering to find cover-up for melasma. Any suggestions?
tbwjordan last decade
Hi guys! I just wanted to say Thank you to all for the advice on treating melasma. Two weeks ago, I totally was upset over my appearance. I have been dealing with my melasma for about 5 years and last year, I had my third child. OVer a year of bleaching treatments, expensive products, microderm, etc. I finally have seen a HUGE difference in my face. MSM (6000 mg), Vitamin C (6000 mg) and any oil pill (fleaxseed, cod liver, lectin, grapeseed, etc) daily. AMAZING!!!!!! Plus, get this, $2.50 soap and $5.00 cream, twice daily. And I bought them at a dollar store!!!!!!! Don't give up!
finally! last decade
hatethis: i tried msm and did have some luck. i had melasma on my cheeks, very light and it did work. however, i have melasma on my chin and begining on my upper lip and it didn't work so much. i was on it for 4 months and i am thinking about getting back on it again. your skin does look really good while your on it, i will say that. i use colorscience make up and really like it. i think it works well. good luck!
hayday last decade
i have had melasma for 2 years now, small patch on my forehead, small patches on either cheek, and the worst is on my upper lip - the most embarassing place because it looks like a 5 o'clock shadow!
i just found this site and bought my vitamins today. msm, vitamin c and cod liver oil. i have to do more research before i start taking them as i am currently breast feeding my 8 month old little girl.
my melasma first started 2 years ago when i was on the pill. it got better when i went off the pill and then it got worse when i got pregnant - the mask of pregnancy!
right now i am breast feeding and it is still pretty bad. i use a broad spectrum spf of 60 daily and wear a hat outside at all times.
i am really hopeful that the supplements will work - cross my fingers, i just hope it is ok to take them while breast feeding - does anyone know? i will ask my doctor.
i will post back a week after i have started the vitamins and let you gusy know if i see a change.
good luck everyone.
oh - i am 30 years old with darker skin tone, tan easily - but trying not to!!!
lavida last decade
Hello Everyone, It has been a while since I posted my last message and I wanted to give an update. I am getting closer to getting to the bottom of my melasma problem. I have hypothyroid and hormone testing has just revealed that the progesterone and estrogen my body is making is so low, it is unmeasurable. I am waiting for one more test to come back before my doctor puts me on bio-identical hormones. My periods stopped 6 months ago (because of my hormone problem). So, my question is this: If my melasma is related to my hormone problem and NOT related to sum exposure or pregnancy, can you ever get it to go away once your hormones are regulated? Does anyone here have melasma for some other reason besides the sun and birthcontrol? If so, please let me know. I am gearing up to start the MSM, vitamin C routine, but really wonder if it will be another dead end. Thanks.
chicago last decade
Guys! Thursday I had my monthly face peel w/ my skin lady. She was totally AMAZED at how quickly my face cleared. She's even trying out the vitamins (C, MSM and oils). My skin care lady has been doing this for over 8 years, and we blew HER away with the vitamins. :) Now...we just need to wait and see what the sun and heat bring. So far the waether here has been very mild and rainy. No sun here. GOOD LUCK!!!! I'll keep you all posted.
finally! last decade
Hi everyone. I have read all 5 pages here and I am amazed how many people are suffering from melasma. I don't know if there is another here or somewhere out there like myself but I have suffered this condition since 17-18yrs old and I am now 28. It breaks my heart when I think about it well I think about it every second of the day and feel like people are judging me when they are talking to me. I have gone through a very tough patch in my life and I think stress made it even worse it has taken more or less 1/3 of my face. Because of this I have become a health freak. I have started to use the vitamins that you all are using and I am researching on more. I will let you know if I find any answers. I would also encourage another test which is the metal levels test; it shows the led, chrome and mercury levels very important they are very harsh to the body in high levels. Also remember you need a probiotic with all the pills you are taking because if the body is rejecting them then whatÂ’s the point in taking them at all. My heart goes with all of you and please do not hurt yourself getting down about it because time is passing and it will never come so we can live the years lost in sadness again. May God bless you all!
Rosalinda last decade
Rosalinda: please keep us posted on your progress. i would love to know! my conclusion is there has to be a way to fade and minimize as much as possible!

Finally!: what type of peel are you doing? i am going to get one this thurs. i was curious what you use. i have had luck with peels.

chicago: melasma is horomone related so i would think if you could find a balance you would see some improvement.
hayday last decade
Hi Everyone! I have a question...since most doctors think alot of this is hormonally induced; i was curious if anyone suffers from heavy periods? Also has anyone tried fractional laser treatment? Its new and suppose to work well with melasama and is inexpensive. I am considering it. Thanks
hatethis07 last decade
Hatethis: Don't do the laser. I had a friend of mine do it. Not only did it cost her an arm and a leg, it didn't even make a difference. I guess her melesma was deeper than they expected. They told her they would have to continue to do laser on her. She decided not to. She couldn't afford it. If you do, good luck! Let us know if it helped.
finally! last decade
Hayday: I beleive it's a peel for Image products. I either have used Danne or Image products for my peels. Only certain ones from those have really worked well. This last one was good. I'll have to find out for you exactly what type of peel it was.
finally! last decade
finally!: please let me know the name of the peel! i really like peels. thanks!!
hayday last decade
finally: did you friend have fraxel laser treatment which is extremely expensive or did she try fractional laser treatment which is about $300 for five sessions?
Did you have the VI Peel? I have done this peel and it is really good and inexpensive. (you can google vi peel and see site). The only problem is not many people offer it and i have to go to queens and its about 2 1/2 hr ride for me. looking for someone locally.
hatethis07 last decade
lavida: I've been battling melasma on the upper lip for the last 2 years and it is pretty bad. It got worse after I returned from the Caribbean. I'm planning to get pregnant soon. But, I am really nervous because pregnancy will make it worse. My melasma is pretty deep (epidermal and dermal). I want a child and it is hard to imagine it only getting worse if I become pregnant. From your experience, pregnancy made your melasma darker. Any words of encouragement? :)
tbwjordan last decade
Rosalinda: I know exactly how you feel. We both think about it every second of the day and especially when we are talking to people. All you can think of is what they are thinking when they are tlaking to us. It is indeed a tough thing to deal with. When you suggest taking a probiotic, can you be more specific? Thanks. Do keep us posted on your progress! :)
tbwjordan last decade

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