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Threelac is for yeast build up. The Dr. Natura is for the colon/body cleanse. I would do the threelac first. It will take about a mo. Then do the Dr. N. The threelac doesn't taste bad. Its a powder, throw it in your mouth and drink down with water. Good luck!
finally! last decade
Guys! Just got some news from my skin lady. You can use a black light to see how deep your melasma is. In the area the melasma is, if it disappears, it's too deep and nothing can be done - laser, peels, etc. If you use the light and you can still see the melasma, there is hope! That means it's not that deep and peels, laser,etc. can be done to treat it.
finally! last decade
hi everyone!
i have melasma on my upper lip…it looks like a dirty mustache and it’s really making me crazy. i’m about to go on a (very expensive) 2 week vacation to hawaii and am so upset that this all seems to be getting worse and worse by the minute. i’ve been using a 45spf block with zinc oxide in it along with 100spf sunscreen…i put the extra protection on my upper lip and less on the rest of my face with the hopes that if my face looks a little tanner, the mustache will blend in a little bit. i’m beside myself that the only advice that anyone seems to have about the sun is to completely stay out of it….how do i stay out of the sun on a hawaiian vacation and still enjoy myself. my boyfriend is in afghanistan for 10 months and is meeting me for his 2 week r & r in hawaii before going back…i’m so embarassed that this is happening and don’t know what to do to:
a. avoid making the mustache darker
b. avoid making a big deal about it and bringing more attention to it
c. still enjoy myself without being so stressed out….
this really f’in sucks. do hats (baseball-type) reallly protect your mustache from the sun? i feel like, even with a hat on, the sun will still hit my mustache.
i just got some tri-luma and only put it on once so far…2 nights ago…i have really sensitive skin and am worried that it’s gonna make my mustache even MORE sensitive to the sun…should i wait to continue with the tri-luma til after my vacation? i was also thinking about skiiping this month’s menstruation by starting a new pack of bc pills tonight (instead of day 1 of the 7 sugar pills)….could this make it worse?? any advice? i’m so upset, i dont even want to go on my vacation :( also...i was born without a thyroid and have been on thyroid replacement drugs since birth...could this disgusting mustache be caused by my thyroid levels being off?
mocha3781 last decade
Dear Mocha3781,
First things first, it's great that you have found this forum. Now, lets talk upper lip melasma. The sun will absolutely make the melasma darken but, if you use the correct protection you can lessen the effects of the sun. You need a UVA blocking sunscreen. It is the UVA rays that cause deeper pigmentation of the skin. Try to wear a hat. A baseball cap prob wont cover your upper lip but, it's better than nothing. I suggest a sun hat...you will be in Hawaii, afterall :) I am no expert but, I believe that melasma is definately caused by a hormonal imbalance. Being that you have no thyroid gland, you are prone to imbalances anyway. Birth control pills will intensify the melasma so, my advice is to speak with your endocrinologist and gynecologist. Sounds like some lab work is needed. I wouldn't mess with your pill packs at this time. If using the tri-luma just remember that sunscreen is essential. The best thing you can do is relax. Stress and anxiety will only add to the issue so, relax and enjoy your time with your boyfriend in paradise.
Amanda30 last decade
Use a PHYSICAL sunblock! That is, one that uses zinc oxide or titanium dioxide (zinc is thought to be safer) as active ingredients. MAIN active ingredients, Not listed just as an afterthought so it can be advertised as a physical sunblock. Many people find that chemical sunblocks (avobenzone, etc.) do not help keep melasma from darkening. As the previous poster mentioned, chemical sunblocks (at least so far available in U.S.) generally don't protect against UVA rays, so while you may not get a visible burn, (caused by UVB rays), deeper damage from UVA rays can still occur. Further, some think that chemical sunscreens heat up the skin, causing melasma to worsen. Chemical sunscreens work by allowing the skin to absorb the rays, then somehow scattering them once absorbed,raising temperature within skin. Physical sunblocks work by deflecting the rays, thereby keeping them from being absorbed- which is also why most physical sunblocks leave a slight whitish/purplish cast on the skin- it's similar to wearing white to reflect the sun's rays to keep cooler. Admittedly, I'm no scientist, and so am writing about what I've read of all this (which is quite a bit!). I do know that even with physical sunblock, my melasma darkens in the summer, and I now wear a hat AND sunblock. Whatever you end up doing, make SURE to reapply sunblock frequently. Honestly, I'd be very careful about using Triluma, especially when you know you're going to be exposed to a lot of sun- it has both Hydroquinone AND (I believe) tretinion/retin A. Both cause photosensitivity. If you already have melasma, and you add in chemicals that increase your photosensitivity, and then spend alot of time in the sun, the chances are pretty good that the melasma will darken.
I hate to sound like such a downer! If you're really wanting to use the Triluma, maybe wait until AFTER your trip. Wear a big hat (I HATE wearing hats!!! But now I wear one. And I wear an ugly one!), keep slathering on the sunblock, and have a good time anyway. I don't know how old you are, but I sure wish I'd started wearing sunscreen years ago like my mom told me to do, b/c my skin would be looking SO much more youthful had I done so. Wear a hat and sunscreen now, and you'll be glad when you're older. Not just b/c of the melasma, but because you'll be looking good when everyone else is wrinkling up prematurely!!
melasmasux last decade
Sorry! Forgot to address that last post to you. Also meant to mention that you should use as much protection as you can on your entire face, not just the area where you currently see the melasma. Not to scare you, but it often increases. So while I get you would try to tan the rest of your face in hopes of making the melasma less apparent, it's probably more harm in the long run. You might want to try a powder sunscreen (don't think I can mention names here). If you email me, I'll tell you which brand I use. It's expensive, and i use it ON TOP of heavy-duty sunblock, but I like it b/c it's both a physical sunblock powder, and covers up the melasma somewhat.
melasmasux last decade
finally!: Thanks for the suggestions. It doesn't sound like it tastes good. But, if we need to work getting rid of the 'junk' on the inside of our bodies, we have to start somewhere. How long do you do the Dr. Natura? And, have you seen improvements using these 2 products?
tbwjordan last decade
mocha3781: melasmasux said it all. Avoid using triluma during your trip to Hawaii. Also, as suggested by melasmasux, don't mess with your pill packs. Wear sublock with zinc oxide or titanuium oxide and wear a big sun hat. Basically, melasma forces you to make a lifesytle change. And, that is...wear lots of sunblock, wear a hat, and stay out of the sun as much as you can. Unfortunately, melasma can still darken even wearing a physical sunblock and a hat. But, it is extra protection for your melasma. It is not easy and you will have your moments of anxiety. The best thing you can do is to try to relax. Most of us on this forum have experienced tremendous anxiety and lifestyle changes, we just have to learn to work with our melasma. Hang in there!
tbwjordan last decade
melasmasux: I clicked on your profile and I don't see your email address. I am curious to see which sunblocks you use. Thanks!
tbwjordan last decade
thank you everyone for your replies...it's nice to know that there are other people who care enough to try to help! one more question...i was waxing my upper lip for a while and have since opted for threading instead as it seems a lot better for my skin....because of the melasma, i don't do it very often, kinda saving it up for a special occasion (i/e a trip to hawaii)...the hair on my upper lip is blonde, i'm hoping and praying that maybe the appearance of the darkening of my melasma is really just shadow from the blonde hairs that have grown in....i'm not in denial that i have melasma but just a bit hopeful that it isnt getting worse and that getting rid of the blonde hairs will at least help a little bit....i've read that threading might make it worse and i'm really hoping that's not true....blonde hair glistening on top of a brown mustache is really more than i can take....the internet is clearly a double-edged sword because there is so much info and so many different opinions....i have an appointment in a few hours and i'm really praying that i'm not making a mistake...i'm 29 and so self-conscious already, this is really taking it's toll on me :( any advice on threading?
mocha3781 last decade
Dr. N I did until the product runs out. I think about 1 mo. Threelac, definite difference. Highly recommend. Dr. N - only did once becasue it is a little expensive, but it did work. I tried another product from the health food store and immediately had gall bladder problems. In fact, had to have emergency gall bladder surgery. So be careful with what you buy.
finally! last decade
finally!- Thanks for your suggestions. I think I may try one of the detox programs. It sounds like you recommend Dr. N. Thanks!! :)
tbwjordan last decade
i heard this website on the radio and looked it up its sort of interesting about the good and bad sunscreens. some they give a bad rating too bc they are powder and you can inhale the particles but its a good tool to have...
hayday last decade
hayday: the website does not exist anymore.
tbwjordan last decade
hey everyone,

i haven't been on in awhile. hope you are all doing well.
I have just finished breastfeeding and it is no ok for me to use supplements so i just started the msm, vit c, cod liver oil supplements yesterday. i am gonna give it a go and see what happens. sunscreen and supplements - we'll see what happens.
anyone had any good news fading their melasma?
lavida last decade
lavida: Good luck with MSM, VC, and cod liver oil and let us know if you are seeing results. I took MSM and VC for less than a year and saw minimal improvement. Hope you do see improvement with the supplements. Keep us posted. I stopped using MSM because we will be starting a family soon. All I am using is prenatal vitamins, VC, and grapeseed extract along with using sunscreen. It's tough...find a way to work with this stubborn skin condition.
tbwjordan last decade
Hello Everybody...I haven't been on the forum in a little while and wanted to give an update. I have been changing my diet over the last three months. I eliminated alcohol, chocolate, caffeine and many high copper foods. In addition, I have been having upper lip microderm-abrasions every 2 weeks localized on my upper lip. The products I am using on my face are Neostrata cream (entire face) twice daily, Avage (on lip only) at bedtime every night and Sunscreen religiously in generous quantities. Although it has not gone away completely, I can see marked improvement in the melasma on my upper lip. I am hopeful that by continuing with the changes in my diet,the products, and micro treatments will bring a brighter and more even complexion. I am a beach lover and have spent my entire summer out of the sun and off the beach. I am unwilling to sacrifice the time and diligence I have put in to ridding myself of my melasma once and for all. I have also been having my estrogen levels monitored since May. My initial level was 3 times what it should have been...Who would've thought? Eliminating soy products from my diet has contributed to the decrease in my estrogen levels. All we can do is keep the faith that something will take away this confidence-robbing condition. I am so grateful to have found all of you!
Amanda30 last decade
I had planned to start the supplement regime a little while back but I kept forgetting part way through the day and i was getting stomach cramps and headaches!
I did start 2 days ago again - i am going to stick to it this time. I am still getting a bit of tummy aches and the headaches are the worst! I am hoping they will go away once my body gets used to the supplements.
I am still lathering on the sunscreen and staying out of the sun as much as possible but it's hard - you have to have a life and get out and do things as well.
i stopped breast feeding a little while ago and my hormones were so out of whack, I was on an emotional roller coaster. Feeling better now but I think I will ask my doctor to check my hormone levels.
I don't eat soy products because they are often very over processed, i love chocolate but don't eat it often, and coffee - i don't know if i could live with out it!! it's my morning ritual, and after getting up with baby at least twice a night i have come to depend on it. is it really high in copper? can it really make melasma worse? has anyone quit coffee and seen a difference?
hope you are all doing well on your mission to get rid of melasma. it sucks but i am glad that when i am feeling down about it i can come here and share with you ladies who are going through the same thing.
lavida last decade
Hi Lavida,
Here is a portion of a journal artical that I have found...
Chronically elevated copper levels in most patients may result from one-sided diets that lack co-factors or
copper antagonists, or from the fact that many copper-rich foods are somewhat addictive, such as cocoa /
chocolate products, colas, coffee, or tea. Other sources include seafood / shellfish, seeds and nuts, liver,
soy products, foods or beverages that are cooked or stored in copper containers (beer), tap water (copper
plumbing), and copper IUDs.
I really understand the coffee ritual! I'm a maternity nurse and I work 12 hour shifts from 7pm to 7am...Coffee and diet coke were my beverages of choice. In addition, I don't eat a lot of meat so, my soy/seafood intake was extremely high. These dietary changes were so hard for the first 2-3 weeks but, now I don't have the cravings/headaches anymore. I miss coffee and chocolate but, it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make, along with many others. Copper is not good for me personally because my estrogen levels are already abnormally high`copper mimics estrogen in the body. Since you've just stopped breastfeeding you may consider allowing for your hormones to level out and see if the melasma fades a bit for you. Best of luck! Please keep posting on the forum!
Amanda30 last decade
oh no! i am sappose to get a copper IUD in 2 weeks!!! do you think this will affect my melasma?
lavida last decade
I would consider a non-copper IUD~discuss it with your OB/GYN...
Amanda30 last decade
Hello everyone! A quick update on me. Just came back from FLA and my face looks better than I thought it would. However, I had layers and layers of sunblock on, but it did the job, I guess. I didn't even wear my hats. The only thing I noticed is that I literally have the Greek symbol of Omega on my forehead. No kidding. But I upped my MSM and got a super lightner from the store. I'll keep you informed.
finally! last decade
To finally! What's a super lightener?
In regards to the copper debate- I've read much online about the copper/melasma connection. Not sure how much stock I personally put into that theory. I was a mostly vegetarian for 21 years, eating some fish and occasional shellfish. I ate ALOT of soy products. About a year ago I began eating meat. I already knew soy didn't agree w/my digestion, but have since come to find that, along with wheat, soy contributes to the cystic acne I (still) get at 39. I rarely eat soy now. In fact, w/the exception of soy sauce, I don't eat soy products or even much with soy ingredients. I also take alot of zinc (supposedly helps reduce copper levels). Neither has made a difference. Further, I drink one cup of 1/2 decaf coffee/day, and absolutely nothing else caffeinated. I haven't for years, due to problems w/insomnia. I definitely don't eat liver, very little nuts/seeds (alot of fat!), nor do I consume beer on any regular basis. WHile I eat beans, that is probably no more than 1x/week.
I believe melasma is caused by a myriad of reasons, very dependant upon the individual. I definitely think there is a huge hormonal component, as it's almost entirely a female problem, and so frequently occurs in connection to pregnancy or use of BC.
Interestingly (and depressingly), my skin and body has taken a serious turn for the worse in the past 6 months- I now gain weight easily, and have difficulty losing it(a first), and my skin has significantly lost elasticity and its ability to heal. I blame stress and hormones. I'm trying all sorts of topicals, and just started taking evening primrose oil, which is supposed to help with hormones and skin issues. However, it is often cited (at least anecdotally)as having an effect on estrogen levels. I'm worried it'll worsen the melasma. But I'm trying it anyway. If i can go through 2 weeks of severe insomnia to test MSM, I can try this!
If the melasma worsens, and the lines/acne don't improve, I'll certainly post here. Not that this is clinical research I'm doing! But still, with all the connections made between EPO and estrogen, and the assumptions often made about estrogen, copper and melasma, added to my general over-sensitivity to everything, I think I'll notice is anything is to happen.
One last thing-I DO notice a darkening of the melasma right before my period, so very interested in finding if EPO lessens,worsens, or does nothing to affect the melasma.
Sorry for the long post!
melasmasux last decade
I was on the pill for 8 months. I noticed some pigmentation starting about a month ago, but didn't know what melasma was and thought it was just a sign of aging (early 30s). I was out in the sun last week and all of a sudden it got really bad. Worst on the forehead and cheeks. I also have the mustache (though it's light) and some on my chin.

As soon as I figured out the pill was probably the culprit, I stopped taking it (I don't need it right now anyway). Since then, I've been religious about sunscreen and protecting myself from the sun. But I think it's still spreading.

I've started vitamins (MSM, Vitamin C, zinc).

Should I try to start any other treatments now or should I wait a few months and see if it fades by itself, as I hear it does sometimes when you go off the pill? Any suggestions would be appreciated. This is all new to me - and really distressing as I'm sure you all know. :-(
popstar last decade
Hi Popstar,
So sorry that you have developed melasma...Staying out of the sun and protesting your face with sunscreen is key. The vitamins are a great start and the fact that you've stopped the pill should atleast stop it from spreading or getting too much worse. My melasma appeared/was made visible in April when I went to Florida for vacation~one afternoon at the pool and there it was~predominantly on my upper lip. I have made many diet changes. You can research the connection of Melasma to copper or to candida and see if you can make any changes of your own. I have cut out chocolate, coffee and soy products amongst others but, these were the most difficult for me to say goodbye to. My daily routine consists of using Neostrata 15 face cream, Anthelios 40 sunscreen (made by La Roche-Posay and at bedtime I use Avage (prescription) only on the melasma. I avoid any product with Hydroquinone because I fear the rebound effect and side effects. I also go for localized microdermabrasions every 2 weeks. This regimen has worked well to significantly lighten my melasma...Hope this helps! Try to stay positive and hopeful~it takes some time for it to fade but, with the right combination it certainly will...All the best!
Amanda30 last decade
Thanks, Amanda. There's so much conflicting information out there (and little of it by actual medical professionals) and I'm so afraid of doing something that will make it worse!

I'm afraid of the hydroquinone, too. I was at Sephora yesterday and they were giving out free samples of Caudale's Vinoperfect, so I'm taking that as a sign and going to use that for now.

And good luck to you!
popstar last decade

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