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Hi Asiangirl,
I'm wondering where you found grapeseed extract in 100-150mg. I have read elsewhere that people have gotten them in that strength, but the only kind I've found (at health food store and pharmacies) come in 50mg. I know I could just take more, but they are really expensive...
melasmasux last decade
It is readily available in Australia in capsules at that dosage in any health food shop. You could also try buying it online if you have probs. The study in medical journal that I looked up used only 48mg on grapeseed extract so i think that 50mg dosage is fine.

The other thing I have been doing is boiling up whole artichokes and drinking the (bitter) water 1-2 per week. I've been doing that for 6 weeks. Every little bit seems to help.
asiangirl last decade
Wow, artichoke water? THat is the first new thing I've read in a long time. I've tried almost all natural remedies, and thought I'd read of ALL of them so far 'discovered.' How'd you come across the artichoke water? What properties does it contain that is supposed to help?
melasmasux last decade

I guess just a wives tale..my family members insisted I try it. If you look it up it seems artichoke is good to improve liver function. Overall i thought no harm in trying..I'm really not sure whether it helped or the other things..just thought maybe others could try
asiangirl last decade
Has anyone contacted Amy39? I wanted to know if that email is legitimate. I woul dlike to see what she says on how to cure melasma.
finally! last decade
Finally! Try going on the Skincarerx Forum. Many people on that site shunned Amy for soliciting herself.

Finally, can I ask what kind of results you got from taking Threelac? I am on the candida diet and I want to try it, but I am scared since I am so many different things right now. A slew of vitamins, GFSE, glutathione, and soon to be - oregano oil.
patchy last decade
Thx. I did try to email her and the email came back.
I love the ThreeLac. It really works. I have even put both my children on it. I usually do it every three mos. I tried another candida cleanse and it effected my gall bladder and I had to have it removed. I highly recommend it.
finally! last decade
Im so glad I've found this website forum! I've been suffering from melasma since my son was born in 2009. I've spent a fortune on make-up in a desperate bid to cover it up, but it most cases it seems to make it much worse!

I've been taking MSM for two weeks and can't notice a difference yet. Is there a specific dosage I should be taking?

I was also wondering if caffeine makes it worse? Mine seems much worse this morning, and i've been drinking loads of diet coke and coffee over the weekend. Could it also be made worse when i'm tired?

It makes me feel so ashamed and manly, please tell me there is some sort of cure! :(
BakingHousewife last decade
I take 3000 MSM per day - breakfast, lunch, dinner. And yes, stay away from caffeine. Drink LOTS of water. Use sunblock w/zinc 24/7. Add Vit C and an oil supplement to your vitamins.
I haven't found a cure, but it has lightened up or maintained.
finally! last decade
I've had melasma for about 15 years since starting birth control but didn't realise it was melasma since I also had freckles. I had 2 IPL treatments after my first baby which removed most of the freckles but worsened the melasma significantly. I started getting vaginal yeast infections, bladder infections, toenail fungus and irritable bowel syndrome after my second baby, and I was on antibiotics all through my third trimester due to bad sinus infections. After a lot of research I'm pretty sure I'm suffering from systemic candidiasis as the melasma seems to be linked to this condition as well. I'm just not sure where the MSM fits into the picture but I'm taking it anyway, along with vitamin C, Citricidal (grapefruit seed extract - kills candida), acidophilus (probiotic), milk thistle (liver cleanser) and dandelion (blood/kidney cleanser), along with being on the candida diet (no wheat, sugar, alcohol and fermented/smoked food) for 6 weeks. I must say that I feel 100% better already and it's only been 2 weeks, and the melasma has faded considerably. There is no doubt in my mind that melasma and candida overload are linked and if you are genetically prone to melasma you need to keep the candida in check throughout your life or else it will spread. I think that hormones are the catalyst so being on the pill or pregnant is a risk factor. But it's good news that the condition is treatable with diet and supplements for most people. Just wish more doctors were aware of this!
fading last decade
I also think there is a connection. I noticed that it's not as bad for me since cutting most wheat from diet. At the same time, the chronic yeast infections I had been experiencing for most of the past 6 years have lessened substantially in frequency, duration and severity. I still eat a lot of sugar, though. Alcohol sometimes darkens my melasma AND causes me yeast infections, so.... Of course, there's still worsening in the sun, and the WORST I've had in the last many months occurred when i was using benzoyl peroxide again for acne. W/in a week of stopping the BP, the melasma (which had gotten really dark.yellowish, etc.)lightened back to not so horrendous.
Anyway, yes, I think I'm also a candida/melasma candidate.
melasmasux last decade
The reason I'm aware of my candida problem is when I went to the Homeopath because of hayfever, depression and IBS. She explained that the candida is causing all these symptoms and needs to be killed off completely if the body is to get back in balance, and the only way is to starve the them of what they feed off, ie. sugar, wheat, alcohol, all products containing yeast, vinegar, fermented and smoked food (there's numerous sites if you google Candida Diet). Also supplemented with Citricidal and Acidophilus, and helped the kidney and liver cope with the toxins caused by candida die-off using Milk Thistle and Dandelion tinctures. You have to stick to this diet religiously for at least 6 weeks to kill the candida properly and then you can go back to eating sugar/wheat only 30% of the time to keep the candida in check. The symptoms will get worse before they get better. If you don't do it properly the candida just take over again. I felt like a million dollars after the diet but then went back to my old ways after a few years as well as antibiotics, pregnancy etc, which threw my body out of balance again. So it's time for a cleanse again, which is REALLY fading my melasma. I'm even contemplating going without makeup for the first time in 15 years - YAY!!
fading last decade
Hello Everybody,
It's been a while since I have posted anything so I wanted to give an update. My upper lip melasma has maintained since using a uva/uvb sunscreen everyday and I wash my face with Oil of Olay daily facial wash cloths to exfoliate the area. It isn't gone but it isn't getting any worse unless I have my period and then it instantly darkens for about 3-4 days. I am no starting a regimen of supplements. MSM, Vit C, Zinc, Milk Thistle, Grape Seed extract and a probiotic. So far so good and there are a few others that i will be incorporating soon such as, magnesium, Vit B6, CoQ10, dandelion root, artichoke, pycngenol and tumeric. I can't stomach the Grapefruit Seed extract drops, even when i mix it with a beverage. I don't know what to use topically and would love to hear some suggestions.
Thanks so much!
Amanda30 last decade
Anyone tried Kojic Acid? (i'm sure many of you have!). I've read it may have negative side effects as well as possible toxicity. (Mutagenesis?) I ask b/c I will not use hydroquinone, and thought Kojic Acid was supposed to be more 'natural' without the nasty problems of HQ. So I ordered some kojic in my last topical spree. Now I'm worried I shouldn't use it. I tried HQ and not only did it not help, I'm fairly certain it caused the are I used it on to darken worse than it had been.
Experiences with Kojic anyone?
melasmasux last decade
Hi Everybody,
I just ordered a product called the Wonderbar...anybody heard of it or tried to use it before? It claims to balance the skins natural Ph and so on.
My boyfriend and I are going to a destination wedding in Jamaica on Dec 2nd. I AM TERRIFIED~if anyone has any words of encouragement I would welcome them! I have a hat and a visor. I have a sunscreen and I just ordered these supplements that claim to act as an internal sunscreen. Oh my goodness, I can not even begin to explain the anxiety...I guess I really don't have to with all of you :)
Hope to hear back from you all soon...Hope everybody is well!
Amanda30 last decade
Hi Ilymag,

Is it possible for you to email me privately on mcast 35 at hotmail dot com You seem to have the exact skin tone as me and I too have never been on BCP nor have I been pregnant yet, I have melasma. I have been on the Msm routine for about one month now with no effect. I guess i just need encouragement.

karenmack last decade
fading: Thanks for sharing your experiences with melasma and the treatments. I plan on getting pregnant real soon and am really nervous about my melasma worsening. It is bound to happen and I need to deal with it. Is it possible for you to email me with the specific brand names of the supplements you take? My email address is tbwjordan at yahoo dot com. Thanks!
tbwjordan last decade
I was introduced to Lumanjina(Chinese product) less than two months ago by a friend when I was visiting my country (Dominican Republic) and let me tell that that product works miracles. My Melasma is almost gone. I have spent a lot of money with creams and some of the stuff you guys mention in this blog. But this very inexpensive product works. I go ahead a give it a try and you will be surprised.
iris2004 last decade
Hi I have had mild melasma which became extreme during my first pregnancy. When I answered the door with no make up on my sister said she thought someone had thrown mud at my face. I couldn't wait to stop breastfeeding and try hydroquinine etc but this was useless as it is impossible for me to avoid the sun in Australia - the Dr said just the exposure from being indoors near a window was enough to cause it! Anyway I gave up on products and just wore good sunscreen & a hat (invisible zinc is excellent) - and after 3 years it faded ALOT. Now I am pregnant again it is back with a vengence, but I hope that once again, when my hormone levels die down, so will the spots... Hope this helps...
tt_ll last decade
I have been suffering with melasma for years - first diagnosed by a dermatologist. He told me didn't know what it was from - sold me obagi and IPLs. When it first started, 2002, I just had brown patches - then horrible patches crouped up on my checks, nose, and chin. I was able to keep it at bay with skin lightening - cal/mag/zinc/ The problem became worse recently.

I started dating a man who lived in another state, and he would visit me every month and a half. When we first started dating, my melasma was barely noticable. Everytime we saw each other, by the end of our time together, my melasma was full blown, and my skin looked as though it was melting. Again, we wouldn't see each other - my skin would look better (even great) - and then when we were together and it was full blown etc....

The last time he was with me was Oct 30th 2010. The night before, I started to feel very weak and lightheaded - my muscles could barely hold me up - my back started hurting with excruciating pain. I woke up the next morning and the sun bothered my eyes, my back was hurting, and I was super dizzy. Something similiar had happened a previous time we were together, but not as intense. I found a pill that was almond/oval shaped that didn't belong to me under some of his papers that I moved off a table. I put the pill in my pocket went out for a little while to run an errand without him. I googled the pill that said C5 on it - it was cialis - the side effects matched the ones I 'd had the night before to a T. I confronted him about slipping it in my wine, he called me pyscho, and left immediately.

My point is that my skin (melasma) came out in full force. In addition, my skin became bronzed, my chest reddened, and i had additional brown spots all over my chest, arms, and back. In some areas, it looked as if my skin had melted.

I looked up Cialis -it activates Nitric oxide - which is a skin and vessel relaxer. I am wanting feed back from anyone else that had something like this happen - if they are aware of it. A man I dated for years before when my melasma symptoms started, took viagra just because he wanted to. I am wondering if there is some correlation between nitric oxide ED drugs, and my melsma.

By the way - my melasma and the 'melting', 'bronzing', and 'brown spots - are almost gone - just taking cal/mag/zinc and time.
Atlas last decade
That's a disturbing story! I'm curious, though, as you mention the possibility of the Cialis being put in your wine. Further, you mention an earlier relationship with a man who took Viagra and your melasma,which does not seem to have a connection (unless you suspect the 1st man also slipped you ED drugs.). What I'm wondering is whether you drank more alcohol when seeing these men. I know that when I'm dating, I tend to be out more and drink more as part of the socializing element. If so, it's quite possible that the alcohol is what is worsening the melasma. The patches I have become noticeably (to me, anyway) darker after I've had alcohol. The next morning it's almost always darker. I used to think this was my imagination, but I've noticed it recently, and it's been raining and dark where I live. The only thing different is more alcohol. Further, if you read a lot of blogs and threads on melasma, you'll find others have also noticed a correlation between consumption of alcohol and a temporary darkening of the spots.
Just something to consider!
melasmasux last decade
To Atlas again: Sorry, forgot to mention that it seems entirely possible that last guy slipped you that pill, as the other syptoms you had certainly don't sound alcohol-induced! However, that does not mean that your melasma is related to the Cialis. It could easily by two entirely separate issues going on (i.e. weakness, bronzing, redness from Cialis; melasma result of something else entirely).
melasmasux last decade
Thanks for responding - I didn't tell you the obvious symptom - - my female 'area' was hard as a brick for hours.....I am certain he slipped cialis in my drink. I would have a glass of wine occasionally if he was there or not - there is no way what happened to my skin could have been from the wine - when the cells started bronzing and 'melting' I could feel it.

The only reason I suspect the guy I dated who took viagra is because my friend worked at a urologists office and many men who were prescribed an ED drug asked how it would effect his girlfriend or wife. After this last guy and my gut feeling - I am certain that it has to do with ED drugs - that is my 2 cents. It effects the chytochrome that makes us get melasma - a calcium - potassium sodium channel inhibitor - effects magnesium and iron levels.
Atlas last decade
Hi all I would like to share my story. Few years back I developed melasma from rubbing my skin and it spread to my cheeks. After spending hundreds of dollars I saw a plastic surgeon In India. This is what I m using . It has improved my condition to 90 percent better. He told me to use melacare in combination with 0.05 percent of vitamin a (retinol) in the morning and melalite forte cream in the bedtime with 0.01 percent of vit a. But it is essential that u use very good sunscreen.

Raveena last decade
Hi everyone, I've had melasma since sometime in 2006. I had been on and off the birth control pill for years, and always eaten a very healthy diet of greens, lean meats, and veggies, and somehow still contracted melasma. Initially I thought I had a systemic candida infection from the BC pill (and probably did) but alas no candida treatment (not even the drinking 3% food grade HP).
Anyways, I've gotten rid of this problem (along with some psychological and depression problems I had been having for many, many years), and I just wanted to share here. I haven't seen this cure posted anywhere else, and I don't know how many people will do it but it's easier than anything else people are paying to do: I am following the 'Water Cure' by Dr. Batmanghelidj. It turns out so many problems people are suffering from is from a lack of water and true salt.
Anyways, give it a try - - - I've tried IPL Laser, Mama lotion, Lemons, scrubs of all sorts, Aloe Vera, etc. etc. just like everyone else. Have been taking MSM, Grape Seed Extract (and putting it on my skin), Apple Vidar Vinegar, Raw Garlic, etc. etc... To finally find something that works AND makes sense just floored me and I couldn't wait to share. I highly recommend reading any of the good doctor's books, too, but you can go to his website for free and see specifics. (measurements of salt to water and how much you should drink to cure yourself)
I wish you all the best in hydrating your system!!!
melasmagone last decade
I have been struggling with melasma on my upper lip for a little over a year now. Today a coworker asked me why I had dirt on my lip due to my sad, failed attempts to cover it with makeup. Awkward...My melasma has begun to consume my thoughts (probably because I'm getting married in two months and imagine my kids asking why mommy has a mustache when they look back at our wedding pictures.) I haven't found what works for me yet, but I know I will. Until then, coming into this forum and reading that I am not alone has been more helpful than anything I've tried so far. Thanks for sharing.
kristenk last decade

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