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Hello Kaps

Hello Kaps,

I (depression 1) created a new thread with a different ID
Can we communicate here from now on ?

Thank you for your help so far
  Sound Mind 2022 on 2022-02-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
OK good

Keep ur mind SOUND always
Kaps 2 years ago
Hello Kaps
How are you doing?

I have been having a dull ache on my lower abdomen since this morning and I also feel I am having some symptoms of UTI. I am feeling tired too. It’s been 12-13 hours the symptoms haven’t gone away.

Please suggest what steps to be taken.
Thank you
Sound Mind 2022 2 years ago
How are so sure that it is UTI
Cantharis is the medicine for UTI
Take 200 potency one dose
Post symptoms it starts action almost immediately in most of the cases
Kaps 2 years ago
Hello Kaps,

Today, I am feeling better than yesterday.

Yesterday, I was feeling huge pressure inside my lower abdomen, I was not sure it was my bladder or Uterus but the pressure was there and I felt like the organs there were swollen. I was going to the bathroom frequently to pee. And the pee was coming slowly.
There is still a little pressure inside near bladder and little downwards.
I haven’t taken Cantharis yet. Do you still want me to take it based on my current situation?
Please suggest
Sound Mind 2022 2 years ago
Apis Mel 200 empty stomach only one dose
Causticum 200 single dose before lunch
Kaps 2 years ago
Suggest you buy the UTI test strips at any CVS, Walgreens etc. If positive, test every day till no evidence of infection. Cantharis and other remedies give symptom relief but often the infection grows with no pain. Drink a lot of water if it’s positive and monitor.
simone717 2 years ago
Hello Kaps,

I took a dose of Apis Mel 200 in the morning in empty stomach and Causticum 200 before lunch as per your advice.

Update :
I was having a huge depressed mood before taking these remedies. I was in the state of giving up on everything. I was like " Nothing is happening right with me" I was irritated again and frustrated again. I felt like "nothing works for me, I am a very depressed person".
The pressure on the lower abdomen has decreased significantly.
But my depression didn’t improve. I am so sad over everything. Nothing is exciting for me.
I just burst on my husband and my daughter over a small issue.

Please help. I am too depressed. My head is burning Its so congested and achy.
Sound Mind 2022 2 years ago
Just wait for some time
No remedies for a day
Post your mental symptoms just when you air up
How is ur sleep
I feel bursting on your husband is more of a habit
So post the triggers that cause bursting
[Edited by Kaps on 2022-02-15 04:34:05]
Kaps 2 years ago
Thank you for the advice, Simon.
Sound Mind 2022 2 years ago
Hello Kaps,
My depression is a little better now. Maybe about 50-60%. But I am having a big headache. My head is congested.
Yes, I take out my frustration on my husband all the time. And as you said it became kind of my habit now. I don't want to do that but I am not able to help myself because his childish behaviors always irritate me, no matter how hard I try to ignore them. Why can't a 55 years old act like a 55 years old ? He behaves like he is in his 30s. He pokes his nose on almost everything I do, he is too nosy on other people's business. He is never on time on appointments. He talks and talks and talks unnecessarily, he does not even pay attention to the surroundings. Other people complain about him with me.
I yell at him to protect myself from the consequences of his stupid behaviors.
Also, I hate it when he tries to control me or orders me to "Do This and That, in This way and not That way" ...Ugh ! This really makes me mad and frustrates me.
I do things quietly and I don't care what other people do in their lives. I want my nerves to be calm, so I can focus on things. That is not happening here. My nerves are too jittery.
I am trying hard to manage my life here and on top of that I am getting tensions from back home as well, According to My Dad, My mom is giving him a hard time. If I listen to my Dad, I feel my Mom is wrong and when I listen to my Mom I feel my Dad is wrong. They always complain about each other and fight with each other and I just get tense about it too. I already have enough on my plate....I can't handle more emotional tortures. I don't want them to fight.
I was so upset about my Mom and Dad's matter and I couldn't share my feelings with anybody. So my mind and heart were filled with those tensions and then My husband didn't do anything for our Valentine's Day. I was expecting something. My daughter used to do something for me on Valentine's day, She didn't do anything for me either..(well she has a logic now "Mommy you are not my Valentine, I will give you something on Mother's Day") I was really Sad.
I was expecting somebody to pamper me on the Vday and nobody even realized that in my case.
So I had so many negative things in my mind so I got depressed. This depression is a horrible thing in the world to cope with. It drags you down, makes you feel down and pathetic, snatches your confidence level, makes you vulnerable,.You can't control your mind, your mind controls you when you have depression. It's really a bad disease to cope with.
Sound Mind 2022 2 years ago
She is Simone
Kaps 2 years ago
My father passed away Kaps. I am in grief right now
Sound Mind 2022 2 years ago
My condolences to you. I know you have worried over your father’s well being for many years. I pray his soul rests in peace.
simone717 2 years ago
I am too sad to hear this may god give you the strength to bear the loss
How old was he ?
And what happened
Take your time I know you must be busy with things
God bless his soul
Kaps 2 years ago
Hope u are coping up fine
This is the truth of life everything that takes birth must die and humans are not yet capable of being victorious on this.
Take care
Kaps 2 years ago
Thank you Simone and Kaps.

It’s been really hard for me to accept the fact that he is gone now. I may be wrong but
I am feeling like, I kept some precious thing with my mom and my brother and they didn’t take care enough about it.
I may be wrong but if I were with him, I would have tried every possibilities to to give him comfort. I would have given him few more years to live. There was nobody he could talk to except me. I couldn’t go back home and be with him to ease his pains, because of some obligations. I could just talk to him and give him my concern, I couldn’t do more than giving him some hope that I was with him no matter what.
He was 78 and it was his back pain and his muscle and leg pain which he was suffering from for long time. I heard that he fell down from a low height steps and hurt his head, because of the excess bleeding he passed away on the way to the hospital. He was going to a store to buy some milk for his morning tea. I think he lost his balance and fell down. I have not talked to anybody not even my mom and brother and asked what happened. It was my husband who had been communicating with them and found out.
My mom wanted my dad to do his stuff by his own, she was just giving him cooked food and the rest my dad was doing his stuff by himself. I understand he should move around and be active but he was not able to walk a lot. He had an excruciating body pain. He needed help and nobody was there to help him. My mom hated him his whole life, I understand he was not a good husband to her but he was a good father to me. He had always been very dear to him. I used to protect him from my mom’s hatred.
BUT he is gone now. I am in deep sorrow now.

I took a single dose of Ignatia Amara 200 for two days, 4 days ago. It helped me a little to cope with the sadness but I am not able to stop missing my dad. I am depressed and sad. Sometimes I feel fine and the other times I am sad. I MISS MY DAD A LOT. Its been 6 days that he’s gone.
My head is too congested, heavy and burning.
Sound Mind 2022 2 years ago
It’s great that you have bared your heart
It is absolutely a normal and natural reaction from you
It is also a fact that everyone has to leave this Mother Earth one day
You will keep on missing him it’s natural but I suggest the earlier to quit grieving about him the better as even your father won’t like to see you grieving
In Indian culture they say that the soul wanders around the place of death nd the near ones for 12 days and this is the reason we end grieving on 13th day officially, it may not be practical but it does help the persons left behind by the departed

Take care
Aconite 200 for congestion SOS
Aurum 200 at bed time for three days
If you feel you are grieving excessively Ammnium Mur 30 thrice a day for three four days after Aurum
Just cherish and relive the good times with him
I am with you in your grief
Kaps 2 years ago
Hello Kaps,

Thank you so much for your immense support during my hard times. If there were no Homeopathy and your help, I couldn’t have gotten better. Homeopathy and your help was a life saver. Thank you so much for your selfless help towards me. If your help was not there on time I would have ended taking anti depression medications. Thank you very much for everything.
I took a dose of Aconite 200 and 3 doses of Aurum Met 200 as per your advice. Last night was the third dose of Aurum Met. There was a night gap between the 2nd and the 3rd dose as I forgot to take the 3rd dose the third day, I am extremely sorry for my forgetfulness.
I am better than before now. It’s a relief. I miss my dad every day but I think I am not in that much of agony as before now. But at times I feel sad thinking about his death. I just imagine that he had died peacefully without anymore sufferings.
I am not sure if I need to take Amonium mur 30. What do you suggest? Should I wait for couple of days and see the effect of Aurum Met ?

Please suggest.
[Edited by Sound Mind 2022 on 2022-03-06 19:18:38]
Sound Mind 2022 last year
Ammonium Mur is for incessant grief so you need not take it
Take care
Kaps last year
Hello Kaps,
Update on my condition:

I have been missing my dad terribly again since yesterday morning. My head is burning and congested. I am in deep sorrow. I look depressed and sick. Whoever tries to console me by reminding my dad, makes me sad.
I have been trying to keep myself busy but it seems hard not to think about him and his sufferings. The overwhelming memories of him are making me too sad. It's hard for me to fall asleep and even if I do sleep, I wake up 2-3 times in the middle of the night, and as soon as I wake up my dad's memories come into my mind and make me sad. My mind has not been calm yet.
I somehow think my mom is responsible for his death and I am so mad at her. But I can't pour my frustration on her. She is old too and I don't want her to feel guilty over something. She might have her reasons for hating her husband but I never liked her scolding my dad.
I am pouring out my heart here, Please hear me out:
The problem with my dad was, he was schizophrenic and he used to suspect my mom with other men. My dad was 10 years older than my mom and he used to think he was ugly, sick and older for my mom. So he used to think that she would leave him. He loved my mom a lot. My mom never realized it was a mental condition and she had to help dad and not bully him. My dad didn't have anyone to talk to other than me because my mom stopped talking to him about 30 years ago and my brother didn't have enough time and didn't have much interest to ask about my dad's wellbeing.
She might have felt stuck with my dad. She could not divorce my dad because of our culture and society norms. I understand her frustration as well. But I have suffered a lot because of their toxic relationship. The main cause of my depression is their not-so-good relationship that I had witnessed since my childhood. I never wanted to judge any of my parents. I loved them both equally
I love my mom too. She has done a lot for us, kids. She has been a very strong-headed lady. I am too vulnerable and weak compared to her.
Now my brother is bringing my mom here to the US with him. I can see how much he cares about her and not our dad. He is really biased. Whenever my dad used to ask my brother's help on something, he used to think my dad was faking or lying. I couldn't tolerate his indifference towards his dad. But I couldn't do anything about it. It's their choice to love him or not but I was always there to listen to my dad which I am proud of.
My dad had been suffering from pain and aches on his back and legs while walking and my mom wanted him to walk and move around. She was not helping him to get his medications from the medical store, she wanted him to go and get milk and bread by himself. Maybe the intention of her was not bad at doing that but that took my dad's life. She made him go to the store to buy his things even though it was really hard for him to walk. Maybe this is the reason my mind is thinking my mom was responsible for his death.
I know there is no use in talking about these things anymore as my dad's not gonna come back. But whatever has happened, impacting me so hard
I know nobody is immortal but sad things affect me so badly.
My head is heavy and achy.
You are the only person with whom I can talk about anything. Thanks for listening to me and being there for me.
Sound Mind 2022 last year
I understand all these issues your mother behaved the way she wanted to and did not realise the effect her behaviour had on you

It is difficult to let go of the past and human nature is to dwell on unpleasant events of the past

If you do not mind you too used to behave similarly when you initially posted your symptoms, so be cautious on this.

Whenever your head feels congested have Aconite 200 but not more than once in two days

Post the time you wake up and the reason, noise dream or do you wake up as we wake up after full sleep

Stop hating your mom it is a very bad emotion leading to anger and anxiety FORGIVE her by telling her so you will feel nice

Cherish the happy memories of your father and live by the norms he told you to

Once a day just sit down alone and try to make your mind thoughtless you don’t have to sit for long start with5 minutes you may not become thoughtless doesn’t matter keep trying
It will help you

You may mail me if you feel hesitant about writing something here
Just clear you mind and bare your heart
Try to think positive
Kaps last year
Wishing you peace of mind. Everyone grieves in their own way and time length. And people all have different levels of awareness. Some are like kindergarten level vs. college grad. Not your fault and it’s their path to learn or not learn. My parents passed on and some siblings level of help was very
minimal with no gift at comforting. Try to refrain from judging yourself or them-we are really not in charge.
simone717 last year
Thank you Simone and Kaps for your kind words.

Simone, I understand what you are saying.
I can’t blame anyone for my father’s death.
I am just seeing the things from a daughter’s point of view. I was very close to my dad than my mom or my brother.
Whatever had to happen it would happen, no matter how hard we try not to happen. I just wanted to be with my dad in his last days.

For Kaps,
My sleep is so disturbed. It’s really hard to fall asleep and when I wake up in the middle of the night, I don’t know or remember what triggers me but when I wake up after about 1 or 2 hours of falling asleep, I wake up as I wake up after full night sleep. It’s hard to fall back to sleep. My mind is alert and keeps on thinking about the sad and bad happenings happened to me is going to happen. I am apprehensive too.
I took a dose of Aconite yesterday and my head is clear by about 60-70 %. But my mind is still hurt, my heart is still hurt. It seems like there is a fresh wound bothering me a lot. I miss my dad all the time. It’s really hurtful to remember him and imagining his last days.
I don’t want to forget him but if I remember him, the void hurts me so bad.

Thank you both for being there in my difficult phase of life.
Sound Mind 2022 last year
Ignitia 200 once a day
Take care and do what I told in one the earlier posts
Kaps last year
Yes, it is painful and you will never forget him.Emotions feel like they will stay forever, but they don’t, they lighten up. I had to explain this to my son when our 18 year old cat passed away. For 2 weeks he was very upset and thought it would never end. We went thru memories everyday and gradually the pain lifted. It’s a process and it helps to know how it works. Feelings often subside and then come back in waves. When you can get a respite and do normal things, go ahead-it feels weird, but it’s needed. Don’t feel guilty.
simone717 last year

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