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Dear Depression ,
I agree with what you wrote.You are doing a great job respecting yourself.
I have worked with ppl sticking up for themselves and saying things back to mean comments like-Sorry , you can’t talk to me that way-the first few times they had huge anxiety after doing that. But now they don’t even give it a second thought.
simone717 3 months ago
Hello Kaps,
I will try my best to make life easier.
I took another dose of Ambra as per your advice. I am feeling fine just my head feels little squeezed, may be because the remedy is acting.
Thank you for your support always.
depression1 3 months ago
Thank you for your advice and support as well Simone.
depression1 3 months ago
simone717 3 months ago
Explain squeezing if head
Is it like the insides waiting to user
IS it like a vice around the head
Is it like a tight band around head
Which portion of the head
How is the squeezing now ?
Kaps 3 months ago
Hello Kaps,
The squeeze inside the head is still there but milder now. It’s a tight band kind of squeeze and it’s around the head(inside), more tightness near temples.
Thank you.
depression1 3 months ago
I ll get back Soundmind
Kaps 3 months ago
How decisive are you?
Do you have constant fight in mind whether to do this or that ?
Kaps 3 months ago
Hello Kaps,
Yes, my mind struggles while I have to take decisions. Sometimes I take decisions and regret later.

Current update:
I have been feeling depressed since yesterday without any particular reason. I am feeling low. Head is heavy.
I am also having this allergy symptoms which is worsening my depressed mood.
depression1 3 months ago
What sort 9f allergy symptoms?
How is your tummy is it the nervous type that anything happens and the tummy goes out of routine do you have cyclic bouts of constipation and loose stools ?
Kaps 3 months ago
I was having runny nose and at the same time stuffy nose but without any boogers and sneezes. I felt As if all my mucus membranes inside my nose have been swollen. Most of the time, I was breathing through my mouth. I was feeling little sick too yesterday so I took a dose of cold and flu medication in the day time and today it’s little better now. But one nostril is still blocked. My head is congested.

My tummy is okay. I barely get constipated. Just once a while I am constipated. Otherwise my stool is okay. I don’t have any bouts of loose motion and constipation
I don’t get nervous that easily now. But I used to get loose stool while I became nervous like few years back.

When I hear/see any disturbing news on the TV about any mental issues, I get depressed and upset.
depression1 3 months ago
Take a dose of Apis Mel 200 early morning and update on nose and head congestion
If u have 30 take 02 doses one early morning and other before lunch
I feel most of the nervous issues are due to the long back symptom of loose tummy which was not taken care of
Do u have Ant Crud what potency
Kaps 3 months ago
Hello Kaps,
Thank you for the remedy suggestion.
I will take a dose of Apis mel and update you.

I don’t have Ant Crud with me. What potency do you want me to buy ?
Thank you.
depression1 3 months ago
Kaps 3 months ago
Hello Kaps,
I took a dose of Apis Mel 200 this morning. I am not seeing much difference in my allergy.

My head is still congested and
my sneeze and runny nose was already little better before I took the remedy. I still sneeze and have runny nose after I sneeze, time to time like 2-3 times a day. I think The remedy did not work for me for my allergy.

Thank you for your help
depression1 3 months ago
Wait for a day or so and update
Kaps 3 months ago
Hello Kaps,
Just an update: I waited for one more day and I feel like my allergy is 70-80 % better now.

I also received Antimonium Crudum 200 C today

Thanks and regards
[Edited by depression1 on 2023-02-23 21:52:28]
depression1 3 months ago
Good to know i feel it shud go away soo.
How is head congestion
Wait for a couple of day to take Ant Crud
Kaps 3 months ago
Hello Kaps,

Head congestion as well, is better by about 70-80 %

How many doses a day should I take Ant Crud after few days ? Please suggest.

Thank you for your help, always.
depression1 3 months ago
Once a day only for three days
Have it after dinner
Kaps 3 months ago
Okay, thank you
depression1 3 months ago
Hello Kaps,
How are you doing?

Update as of 3/6/23 at 12.38 pm.
I took the remedy Ant Crud 200 for three days as per your advice. Its been four days since I took the third/final dose of it.
I don’t know what particular result should I expect from the remedy, but I am feeling fine at the moment. Just my head feels little heavy near temples and on the top-front part. Which I often feel after taking remedies and I assume the remedy might be working.
Also, for the past 2-3 days I am waking up suddenly around 3-4 am in the morning and feel like I have slept enough and its hard to fall back to sleep as I am wide awake then. I usually sleep at 10-10.30 pm
I hope these symptoms go away soon.

Rest is fine.
Thank you for your help always.
[Edited by depression1 on 2023-03-06 17:43:06]
depression1 3 months ago
Sound Mind
I am doing fine
Hopefully things shud settle down in a few days
Update accordingly
Good to know u are doing better
Kaps 3 months ago
Hello Kaps,
Its been a while (11 days)that I took 3 doses of Ant Crud 200.
Update as of this morning 03/13/23:
I have been having a continuous dull headache for the last two days, more on the lower right side. My head has been congested and heavy for few days.
Usually, it’s hard for me to fall asleep at night. After long toss and turns even after I fall asleep, I wake up suddenly after 1/2hr or an hour and as soon as I wake up, the first thing that comes in my mind is my dad. I miss him like a little girl missing her dad.
I know my dad has lived a long life. May be it’s me that I don’t want to face the reality that it was his time to go. I may still be in shock thinking how could my dad die…it was not his time…I didn’t know how fragile he was or how difficult it was for him to suffer everyday with his physical pains.
Usually, I can’t accept any sad or bad realities.

I am missing him badly again. His memories give me pain. So I force myself not to think about him.
I couldn’t be with him while he was suffering. I was far away from him. I couldn’t even say bye to him. Now, I always ask myself Did I do enough for him for his comfort? Could I have done much more than what I had done for him? He knew that I was always there for him emotionally even though I was not with him physically. I tried my best to give him emotional support. He used to say, “You are the best”
I always feel disturbed thinking how much pain he might be in while he fell down. I can’t even imagine how much help he might have needed after he fell and nobody was around.
I know, some things are not under our control but I can’t stop missing him.

I am missing him again so bad and here I don’t have anyone to share this feeling with because everybody is too busy on their own. I don’t have any attachments with anybody that I can tell them everything about me. My brother yells at me for every small things and my husband is not apathetic. He lives with me but he is too carefree to know about me. He just takes me as a cook who cooks delicious food for him everyday. His everyday routine is: He wakes up in the morning, gets ready, eats the breakfast I cook, goes to work. Comes back from work, eats what I have cooked, puts his plates in the sink, yells at the dog or yells at our daughter if he sees her, then go sits infront of his computer be on the Facebook, Twitter or looks for stuff on Amazon which he buys and returns the next day he receives it.
Do you think this is the life a wife wants from a husband? I talked to him so many times about it but seems no effect on him. He is too busy thinking about himself and his passion and the things he wants to do.

These may be the reasons I feel alone and lonely and miss my dad more as he was a good friend to me.

I hide my feelings just to show people I am okay. I don’t cry infront of others. I cry alone.
I am not confident enough because of this stupid anxiety and depression problems. And this always gloomy weather also adds up depression on the top.
depression1 2 months ago
Update as of now evening of 3/13/23

I feel little better again. I am not sure but Looks like I was having aggravations ???
depression1 2 months ago
Sound mind
U have questions and have answered them urself
You seem to be financially supporting ur family
And your husband is not contributing at all

Have Ambra twice a day for three days
Headache keep updating i feel its due to lack of sleep combined with too much thinking
You must face your mom and ask her the details of dad's last few days
And come out clear with her like a mother and daughter. Otherwise it will keep haunting you like now
Only one thing is certain in this life
What is it ?

Start Ambra
Avena Sativa MT 8 drops in half a cup of warm water at tea time ( u seem to be on the edge of your nerves too )
Keep Aconit 200 with you have it only if your head is to congested.
Do u have Platina with you?

Trust me about interaction with your mom .call her or go stay with her for a week go over ur entire life spent with parents
Once this is done u may not need any remedies for this

Take care and i know u are brave
There is no Shane in crying in public God gave us the ability to cry there must be some good reason
Whenever u look in the mirror there shud a smile on your face and I CAN DO IT in your thoughts and mind.
Kaps 2 months ago

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