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Is this burning and nausea thru out the day?
Yes it was throughout the day. But now, it seems like those subsided by 50 -60 %.

Right now, Its 10.00 AM and I have a dull headache and have a heavy head with some kind of pressure inside.

Do you feel whatever you feel with your husband, with everybody?
there is nobody else at my home who nags me and my daughter all the time besides him.
But what I can say is I get irritated with other people as well but don’t react or don’t show my irritation, as they won’t constantly irritate me with their behaviors. When I was a teenager, my mom used to nag me a lot too and I never liked it. But I couldn’t defend myself back then because she was so strict and was like a dictator. So I just had to tolerate everything.

You are in early 40s ?
I am 45
How old is your husband?
He is 57
Jitters on the nerves is this feeling also thru out the day or only when someone behaves the way you do not like ?
When my husband irritates me with his immature questions and nagging. .

How do you react :-

Internally ( feelings, and what you feel like doing to that person throw things or beat or worse) How do you control those emotions?
I just scream at the person ( only my husband) or talk back loudly to defend myself and as if I was asking the person to stop bothering me. It eases my brain. After the quarrel, I don’t talk to him for long time.

Actually To the person who annoyed you? Do you shout and scream back ?
Life is a big compromise I know you do it a lot but a little more just for your Heath and peace of mind
Its beyond my capacity of tolerance now. I am not as tolerant as before now because its too much. So I shout a lot now. I know it might be harming my physical health but otherwise it is harming my mental health. So it looks like I am choosing the lesser evil.

Somewhere in the middle of these things you hadse Gynae issues tok hope all well that side.
Yeah, it looked like my period had stopped but I had a little flow for 5-6 days this month. It happened after 6 months.
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Sound Mind 2022 last year
Staphisagria 200 2-3 drops thrice a day for 2 days
For burning in the head in case it happens Spongia 200 single dose
Kaps last year
Hello Kaps,

Updates after Staph 200:

I took Staph 200 for two days as per your suggestion.
I was feeling like 50 -60% better after the dosage till this morning, but I had a huge argument with my husband this afternoon and he hurt me bad with his mean words, so after that I had felt depressed for couple of hours till about 8 pm. Its 10.30 now and I am little better than before.
My head is heavy and pressurized. Its not burning so I didn’t have the dose of Spongia (as per your advice)

Thanking you.
Sound Mind 2022 last year
Words hurt but you become a bit thick skinned
He is 10-12 years older to you and I feel his thought process and yours have a generation gap
How he grew up and how you is making the situation like this
So be COOL
Kaps last year
Thank you for your advice.
I think I will be cool after my jittery nerves calm down.
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Sound Mind 2022 last year
Take Avena Sativa mother tincture
10 drops in half a cup of lukewarm water early evening for a week
And post
Be Cool

Only your good health is going to stay with you till you live nothing else and nobody else
Kaps last year
Hello Kaps,

I do not have Avena Sativa mother tincture with me. I have it in pellets/pills. Please advise how can I take it.

Also, Current update as of 9.20 am today.

My head is too heavy, has too much pressure and has burning feeling inside. I am depressed, irritated and frustrated. I fear of insanity.
I usually have this kind of condition as soon as I wake up and is intense in the morning time. Which is very bothersome.

I am still getting scary nightmares time to time that’s why now, I am scared to stay alone home at the night time. I am also little claustrophobic( not severe though)

I wish I could control these emotions and be normal as other people are. These emotions and feelings involuntarily come in my mind which I am unable to stop. I brood over unhappy situations, I am apprehensive. I wish I could control all these negative emotions.

Please advise
Thank you for your help.
Sound Mind 2022 last year
Sound Mind
Have you ever taken or taking any psychiatric drugs like SSRIs or benzos

Hope u r not taking remedies on your own
Take a breather and summarise your symptoms as follows
Hope other than mental issues you are physically Ok no major illness or minor for a long time what we call
Wherever perversion or perverted is written think/ read it as abnormality

These nightmares describe if you remember them once you wake up are they repetitive, do you tend to manipulate these while dreaming

A sickness can be perceived in :

Perversion of the desires and aversions,
Perversion of the intelligence,
Disturbed memory,
Physical sensation perverted,
Disturbed functions or organs, with the attending circumstances,
Perverted sensations and sufferings of parts,
Tissue changes and pathological conditions,
Sensations and sufferings dependent upon the pathological conditions.
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Kaps last year
Hello Kaps,

My Past:
I used to take antidepressants in my late teenage for about 3-4 years.
There were a lot going on in my personal life then. My parents never got along and I was a secret admirer of a person whom I loved secretly and I lost him(went abroad) too before expressing my feelings to him. So gradually I became a victim of depression. But those antidepressants never worked, so I don’t have faith on those kind of medication.

My nightmares, they don’t continue like any episodes, but when I sleep in my daughter’s room, I usually have them and its more about my dad.
Like, he is still alive but not in good condition. Its really disturbing and I suffocate and become restless and I always try to get out of that situation
But its hard to come out of that dream but when I realize it was only a dream I feel so relieved.
I often remember those dreams, my suffocation and my hard-work to get out of that environment(inside the dream).
I rarely got those kind of nightmares before (I barely used to get once in a year) but its kind of frequent now since I have gone through so much of bad and sad emotions. I also am scared of ghosts even though, I know those are not real.

I am perfectly fine, physically. I don’t have any health issues. I just have these awful depression and anxiety problems.

I am aversion to meet people but when I meet people or when I get out of the house, I feel fine. When I talk to them I feel normal. But inside my house I feel sick. When I am not doing anything I feel sick mentally.

My head has continuous dull ache and has a burning feeling inside( through out the day). Which makes me feel sick.

Please suggest
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Sound Mind 2022 last year
You did not reply whether u are taking any remedies on your own
Whenever you have cough what sort of expectoration do you have specially colour
Kaps last year
No I don’t take remedies on my own when I am consulting any homeopaths. I always follow what they say. I barely catch cold and cough. But when I cough the expectoration is usually white but if I have a severe cough I have a yellow expectoration.

Updates as of 1.50 pm today.
I am feeling better now. It looks like I was having some strong aggravations before. The head pressure has been subsided by about 80%. I slept in my daughter’s room last night, I had a sad dream but not a scary one this time. It was about my mom this time and she was sad in the dream because of loneliness and I was sad for her in the dream. I woke up realizing it was a sad dream and I was okay after a little while.
Sound Mind 2022 last year
Why don’t you relate this to her, your mom
I suggest you shud
Kaps last year
She knows I am sad for what happened.

Today is mother’s day and I wished her good health and happiness throughout her life. May god give her long and comfortable life.
Sound Mind 2022 last year
She is your mother however worst kind you feel she
She deserved to be forgiven and I suggest that you try to make up with her
Her deeds are hers and ti your deeds are yours
So let go of the past ( tell her that ) and be like as you wud have liked to be with your dad just tell yourself that u r doing for dad
Try it and see
Kaps last year
Hello Kaps,

I thought I was all okay but for the past few days, I have been experiencing huge frustration. I am not able to get any jobs because of not having my EAD renewed and I don’t want to stay home idle as well.
I feel like I am being pressurized to do stuff which I don’t want to do. I am feeling like I have been forced to do the things that I don’t want to do. I feel like I am trapped inside a big cage. I want to get out of it and feel free but it’s not happening.
I want to take my own decisions, I want to be independent again, but because of some reasons I am not able to do so. I feel so suffocated, so helpless. I am so irritated, depressed and frustrated again. I feel so jealous about other people who are able to do things on their own and be happy and here I am, so dependent on others because of some documentation. I want to scream. I am pouring my frustration on others again. I just wanna run away from the situation. I don’t want somebody to order me to do something like a dictator. I hate them who shows their power on the weak ones. I hate hypocrites.

My head is heavy and pressurized.

Please help
Sound Mind 2022 last year
Have you checked out the American Nepal Society as I think they have a location in DC. If you cannot work bc of EAD, perhaps you can volunteer for something. I would sign up with the Nepal Society and perhaps they have suggestions?
simone717 last year
Try what Simone has suggested
You are what choices you have made in the past
Running away is no solution
For sometime dwell on what I have said and see if you feel better otherwise I ll suggest remedies
Many things are beyond our control let those things be
Kaps last year
Hello Simone,

Thank you for your advice. You have always been a good advisor for me. I appreciate that.
Unfortunately, D.C. is about 3 hours from the place I am at. But still I will try to find out what I can do.

Its because of so much delaying in the process for all the documentation for everybody this time , I haven’t gotten my EADrenewed yet. So I have to wait like others, no matter what.
This is really annoying and a blockage towards my path. (External force)

I would have enjoyed my homemaker/housewife role as well if my partner was a bit cooperative. I wouldn’t have been this restless and suffocated as I am right now, if he was not bossing around all the time.

He knows that my hands are tight right now so he’s showing his power on me. His commands and the way he orders me to do things is just unbearable for me He thinks and acts like he’s some kind of emperor. He wants everybody to obey him. He wants everybody to say “Yes Sir” to him. Even his mom is not ready to live with him because of his bossy nature. His sisters are always irritated with him.

For Kaps,

I am feeling like I am trapped inside some kind of maze. I feel like I am inside some kind of story and in a palace where he is a king and I am a servant.

I know I can’t change the external forces of hinderances and their impact on me. I just want my mind be calm even if there is a hardship. And I am not able to control my mind from being irritated. I don’t want to loose my temper easily all the time. My nerves right now is so jittery and sensitive. Nothing is helping me here. My head is heavy and is pressurized. I fear of insanity.
I just want my brain, my mind be strong against his irritating behaviors.
I don’t want him to change himself for me or others or I don’t want to expect any changes in his behaviors, because it’s impossible.
Sound Mind 2022 last year
Hi, you can connect online and even if the EAD takes whatever time it takes? Perhaps you could make new friends or allies that have opportunities to volunteer, connect with others near you, to get yoi out of the house. You always fear insanity-that will never happen-or it would have happened a long time ago. Your reactions are normal bc it’s like prison.
simone717 last year
Take a dose of Aconite 05 drops direct on your tongue
Avena Sativa mother tincture 10 drops in half a glass of lukewarm water between tea and dinner time once a day for a week
Take care post whenever u feel better
Kaps last year
Hello Kaps,
Thank you for the remedy suggestions
I just took the dose of Aconite 200 as per your advice
I don’t have mother tincture of Avena Sativa with me. I ordered it online it may take 2-3 days to rech to me. I have Avena Sativa 6X handy. please suggest if I can take Avena Sativa 6X while I wait for mother tincture?

Thank you.
Sound Mind 2022 last year
Wait for the mother tincture
Kaps last year
Hello Kaps,

I had Avena Sativa Mother Tincutre as per your advice for a week.
After finishing the dosage, I had a huge aggravation for about 2 days(till yesterday night). During the aggravation, I was too much agitated, too much frustrated, with So much hatred towards my husband and my mom, was missing my dad so badly, crying a lot. had too much agony inside my heart, and my head was squeezed like anything. I was shouting a lot. I was irritated a lot.
I had been patiently waiting for these symptoms to go away. Now today, I feel better than what I had been experiencing for the last few days. My head is not squeezed like before anymore, my hatred has been improved, and my irritation has been improving, hope to get good results further.
I will keep you updated.

thank you for your help.
Sound Mind 2022 11 months ago
Repeat Avina Sativa MT after 15 days of last dose you took
Kaps 11 months ago
For how long ? Is it again for a week ?
Please suggest.
Sound Mind 2022 11 months ago
Yes for a week
How are you keeping ?
Kaps 11 months ago

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