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Yes for a week
How are you keeping ?
Kaps 11 months ago
Thank you Kaps,
I was doing okay till 3-4days ago. For the last 3-4 days I have been missing my dad terribly again. I was going to write to you but saw your message. So, I started taking Avena MT again as per your advice again since yesterday. I am little better now.
I am travelling at the moment.

Thank you for your help
Sound Mind 2022 11 months ago
After you finish Avena
Give a gap of two day and take a single dose of Ambra grisea 200
Kaps 11 months ago
Hello Kaps,
How are you doing ?

Updates as of now 10.37 am

As per your advice, I finished the 1 week course of Avena Sativa MT and also I waited for two days to take a dose of Ambra Grisea 200, which was on the day before yesterday. I am feeling much better now. No complaints about anything. Just have a feeling that my head is bit squeezed. Could be an aggravation from remedies taken.

Will update you if there is any changes.

Thank you so much for your timely help as always.
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Sound Mind 2022 11 months ago
Kaps 11 months ago
Hello Kaps,
Update as of 6.30 pm
I thought I was okay and I would be okay. But I am not. I do not feel fresh. I am not feeling energetic like before. I am depressed and have agony and anger. My head is continuously burning. I miss my dad so often. I try not to think about him but I am not able to.
I think I am having PTSD. I don't want to realize the fact that my dad is no more. I can't even see his pictures. Whenever I think about him. I feel traumatized. I don't want to hate my mom but I have so much anger towards her thinking that she might not have tried hard to save him. I try to remain okay with her but whenever I miss my dad, I hate her and her ignorance. As a result, I sometimes talk rudely to her which I don't want to do. I don't want to hurt her by saying anything or blaming her for anything. If I do, I know I will feel guilty about it for the rest of my life. I am not a person who hurts others' feelings. I can't see anyone suffering from anything. I always try to go save the ones who are suffering. So I can't even imagine how my dad had suffered while he was dying and I was not there to save him or ease him. I don't even know how he died as I didn't wanna hear it from anybody. I don't talk about my dad with anybody. I am in pain and agony which nobody can see from outside. Everybody thinks I am okay now. But I am not. I miss my dad like a little girl misses her loving DAD.
I don't have anybody to talk to about these things. Nobody will understand what I am going through. I am fighting with my brain. I don't want to talk to anybody. I avoid people. I tend to argue with people around me. I get irritated easily.

Please help. I have dull pain and burning feeling inside my head
Sound Mind 2022 10 months ago
Sound mind
Yes u must be feeling that way and only u can help yourself
Take a dose of Aconite and follow up with 2-3 drops of Ambra G 200 thrice a days for three four days you will feel better
Kaps 10 months ago
Hello Kaps,
Updates as of 3.30 pm
I took a dose of Aconite 200.
Then took Ambra Grisea 200 for 3 days as per your advice. I feel lot better than before. I just feel sad as soon as I wake up and upto 1-2 hrs of waking. After that Gradually, I feel better throughout the day.
I feel like I am 70-80 % better than before now.
Thank you for your help.
Sound Mind 2022 10 months ago
Good to know
I he never u have such thoughts try to divert ur mind and u ll be fine
Do anything but to dwell on those thoughts this is the only way out
Kaps 10 months ago
I will try my best to divert my mind.
Thank you for your help
Sound Mind 2022 10 months ago
Hello Kaps,
I hope you are well.
I am trying my best not to think about the unpleasant incident happened in my recent life. It’s really hard but I am still trying. The thoughts come so involuntarily. I brood over it. In the day time I could divert my mind somehow. But at the night time, I can’t control my thoughts, I am not able to sleep properly. I go to bed and try to fall asleep after frequent twists and turns I fall asleep for about an hour and then I wake up so frightened. As soon as I wake up from my sudden wake up, my mind thinks about my dad as if it was looking for him so desperately. And I realize he is not around or he will never be around. I feel that void so bad. I can’t control these thoughts. After I wake up From my sleep in the middle of the night I can’t fall back to sleep for hours. Then in the morning my brain feels so tired. Whenever I am inside any closed places or alone I think about my dad so bad. But when I go outside or travel or meet people I am okay.
Please help me fix my sleep. My head is so congested, heavy and burning.

Thanking you.
Sound Mind 2022 10 months ago
I feel you are trying to come to terms with all this
Stop trying
How do you after posting all this
Kaps 10 months ago
No changes after I posted all those feelings.
I am okay when I am with other people other than my family or if I travel. Otherwise the negative thoughts are not leaving my mind. I try to stop myself from the overwhelming negative thoughts but fail. My head is so congested and burning. I talk so rudely to people because I feel everyone and everything irritates me. I feel agony inside. I feel my brain is wounded and hurt. I feel so lonely now. I feel like somebody snatched a precious and valuable thing from me which was very dear to me. I feel so depressed specially early morning and evening. This gloomy weather is adding more depression on the top. I hate cloudy days.
Please suggest.
Sound Mind 2022 10 months ago
You keep Aconite 200 always with you whenever you feel overwhelmed with such thoughts take 2-3 drops on your tongue directly
You need to get even with your mother
Meet her and talk it out whatever is ther in your mind whatever kind of a person she is, she brought you into this world and you need this closure more than her.
Tale Ambra 200 2-3 drops twice a day till you stop thinking about dad
This is not your fault life and death is own the hands of one above
Whatever has happened has happened and there is nothing you can do about it
By overthink you are troubling yourself and people around you
Kaps 10 months ago
Hello Kaps,
I will do as you suggested. Thank you for all your support and remedy suggestions in my tough time.
I appreciate your help
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Sound Mind 2022 10 months ago
Hello Kaps,

Hope you are doing good.

As per your suggestion, I took Ambra G 200 for about a week the first time and I was okay so I stopped taking it after a week. It worked for me almost a month or so but again I was missing my Dad a lot and I took Ambra for another 3-4 days. But it didn’t work for me as much as I took the first time. The second time I was okay by about 30-40% only. But still I waited with a hope that I would be better with time. It seems Ambra is not helping me anymore.
For the last few days I have been feeling very low, again missing my dad terribly.
My head was heavy and had burning feeling inside so as per your suggestion I took a dose of Aconite 200 day before yesterday.

I talked with my mom today and poured everything that I had in my mind and why I was mad at her. I am missing my Dad more after I talked to her. It’s like somebody touched my agony inside.
I am depressed . My head is still congested. I am not sure, I miss my dad when I am depressed by some means or I get depressed when I miss my dad. I feel so stressed. I feel sick and feel low energy. I have lack of concentration and lack of interest over anything.
Should I still take Ambra 200 ?

Please suggest.
Thank you . I appreciate your help.
Sound Mind 2022 7 months ago
Take Aconite one dose
It’s a catch 22 situation I have mentioned depression due missing your dad or vice verse
After 30 minutes of Take Ambra
Update after sometime cast about 90 minutes or iearlier if you feel better
Do you have Ammonium Mur with you what potency if so
Kaps 7 months ago
Hello Kaps,

I took a dose of Aconite 200 and after 30 minutes, a dose of Ambra 200 as per your advice about 2 hours ago. I am feeling about 40-50% better now.

And I don’t have Amonium Mur with me. Do you want me to get it , at what potency ?

Please suggest.
Sound Mind 2022 7 months ago
Good news that the remedies acted Nicely
Get 30 and 200 Ammonium Mur
Kaps 7 months ago
Hello Kaps,
How are you doing ?
Update as of today at 6.33 pm:
I have not had any more remedies after I had the dose of Aconite and Ambra as per your suggestion.
For the past 2-3 days I have been feeling so disturbed.
My head is so congested I feel so much pressure inside. I fear of insanity. There is no grief of losing my dad now even though I still miss him. I think the remedies you recommended have helped me move forward.
Recently another death of a closed one happened in my family. But I did okay with the news. I was not anxious or in huge grief as I used to be hearing any death news from family. I am not in agony or grief. But I feel so disturbed with what I have gone through so far. I think I have had Too much of a bad news. My brain/mind is too tired to handle so much in my mind.
I feel like my brain / mind is wounded and that’s why I am having continuous mild headache.
I am depressed, irritated and frustrated. My husband and my daughter are going on vacation for 2-3 days and I am having fear of staying alone at house when they go as I fear of being haunted by the bad memories and getting panicked. I can’t go with them for some reasons.
I am so irritated and my head is heavy. I don’t feel refreshed or active.

Please note: I also have Amonium Mur in 30 and 200 potency now, as you wanted me to get them.

Please help.
Thanking you for your help.
Sound Mind 2022 6 months ago
Have a dose of Aconite and given some time
I ll get back
Kaps 6 months ago
I had a dose of Aconite 200 a few hours ago today 11/11/22.

Thank you for your help.
Sound Mind 2022 6 months ago
Take Aurum 200 at bed time for 4 days and update
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Kaps 6 months ago
Hello Kaps,
I took 4 doses of Aurum Met 200 as per your advice. Its been two days after I had the fourth dosage.
I don’t know what should I expect from the remedy but I was having huge stomach upset and was feeling so nauseous. I was going to the bathroom 3-4 times a day but there was no diarrhea.
As of now, I am better than before about the upset stomach and nausea.

At the moment, My head is heavy and has a slight burning feeling( may be the remedy effect).
My husband and my daughter are leaving for their vacation tomorrow and I will be alone at home. I am being apprehensive here. What should I do alone ? I am fearful about the loneliness and quietness. I can’t think of staying alone.
My daughter is the only person whom I feel good staying with. If she is not around for long time I feel so lonely and I start brooding about bad and sad moments in my life. I am fearful about anxiety attacks. I am fearful about, what if something goes wrong. I am also fearful about ghosts even though they don’t exist. I am being so childish here. Basically I am fearful about my health and anxiety. I feel like, what if I go restless, how will I sleep alone. Etc. I am fearful about the loneliness and the silence.
I don’t want to ruin their vacation but I am not sure if I can stay alone either.
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Sound Mind 2022 6 months ago
Sound Mind
Right in the beginning I told you something
Remedies are not the END you have to change ur diet life style and thought process for getting cured even in other type of treatments

I am sure you will come out on top of this separation too just start telling yourself I will do it, rather than asking yourself how will I?

Just by doing so see and feel the change and tell me ASAP
I ll look up and post remedy after hearing from you
U R Brave trust me
Kaps 6 months ago
You will adjust, but there will be a transition period of about 48 hours. This is Normal. I have had my fam go on trips, for weeks.-there is always a transition no matter what. Make a plan, go execise, have a new afternoon project like learn something new,
Plan to watch some show that you can Enjoy at night etc.
The first 2days will be odd no matter what. It’s that way for Everyone.
The habit of going with WHAT if ??! Has to be stopped. It’s a red flag that you absolutely cannot listen to.
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simone717 6 months ago

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