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diabetes/hypothroidism - Arnica Montana

While reading the forum topics, I noticed there are several postings reguarding Arnica 30c and Arnica 6x - along with suggestions of cinnamon.
I am most interested in beginning a regimen to level out blood sugars. My husband and I would also like to start a family. To begin this process I am trying to bring my HbA1c from 7.5 to , well what ever I may bring it down to. I also need to shed weight so I will have a better pregnancy.
I use an insulin pump with Humalog insulin and am on .075 of Synthroid for the hypothyroidism.
Please help,
  bec77 on 2006-06-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You presented your detail in not enough or fit for homoeopathic treatment I request you present your sign & symptoms with your expression / sensation / Feeling / Event / so Gesture are required for homeopathic treatment. So please send me your following details given below.

1. Name
2. Age
3. Sex
4. Married/Unmarried
5. weight
6. Height ….
7. country
8. climate
9. List of your complain first 1. 2.. 3 ……
10. Diabetic or non Diabetic
11. Desire sweets/sour/salt
12. Thirst
13. Tongue
14. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine)
15. What exactly is happening ?
16. How do you feel ?
17. How does this affect you ?
18. How does it feel like ?
19. What comes to your mind ?
20. One situation that had a big effect on you ?
21. How did that feel like ?
22. What sensation do you experience in that situation ?
23. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand.(habits or Action) ?
24. current medicine you are taking
25. family back ground
26. qualification of patient
27. Nature of working
28. desire and aversion of food
29. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatient…and so.. on and how you are peculiar from other person, public speaking or not , you can describe all the detail about behavior, love and affection. Any confidential and private matter to be discuss by email.
30. Aggravation (increases-time, season,)& Amelioration (Decreases)

Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
deoshlok last decade
1. Name - Rebecca
2. Age - 29
3. Sex - female
4. Married/Unmarried - married
5. weight - 190
6. Height …. 5 feet 4 inches
7. country - usa
8. climate - humid
9. List of your complain first 1. 2.. 3 …… - 1. Tired/lack of energy. 2. Erratic blood glucose. 3. Over normal weight.
10. Diabetic or non Diabetic - Insulin dependant diabetic
11. Desire sweets/sour/salt - I desire sweets when I am low energy, and I find that I eat a lot of salt tho I would not say I crave it. I enjoy lemon and lime sour flavors.
12. Thirst - I am thirsty often and do drink water more than any other drinks.
13. Tongue - often swollen and usually coated slightly white.
14. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine)- Last testing of BP was normal.
15. What exactly is happening ? I am low energy and find a lack of interest in things.
16. How do you feel ? - Tired most of the time, usually do not have a feeling of wellness.
17. How does this affect you ? - causes stress and irritation. I realize I am not much involved in life.
18. How does it feel like ?- sluggish and dry.
19. What comes to your mind ? - I should be more vibrant and energized.
20. One situation that had a big effect on you ? - My husband work out of town and I am alone a lot. Most of our marriage has been this way.
21. How did that feel like ? - Lonely and disconnected.
22. What sensation do you experience in that situation ? anger and stress
23. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand.(habits or Action) ? - I over eat, rebel with unhealthy eating habits. I find myself centering on self.
24. current medicine you are taking - Humalog insulin and Synthroid. Also using Rhodiola and Pharma Maca, have been taking probiotics to eliminate yeast.
25. family back ground - heart, cancer, cholosterol, diabetes, kidney, I don't remember any other.
26. qualification of patient -
27. Nature of working - bookstore/coffee shop
28. desire and aversion of food - desire fruits (but blood glucose rises fast when I eat them so I stay away) and simple carb/high fat food. have aversion to bland foods.
29. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatient…and so.. on and how you are peculiar from other person, public speaking or not , you can describe all the detail about behavior, love and affection. Any confidential and private matter to be discuss by email. - I find I am easily angered and irritated. Most of the time I feel unwell so I find things aggrivating. I greatly miss having my husband around throughout the week, but since our life together has been spent more or less apart I do not know how I would be if he was around. I enjoy my job in the coffee shop because there are such nice people coming in each day - a lot of them 'regulars'. I have made many new acquaintances. I enjoy time to read and rest while home, but I realize I need more activity to promote health.
30. Aggravation (increases-time, season,)& Amelioration (Decreases) aggravation increases when there is little sun - tho I also enjoy a few days with rain to cool things off, but then it is humid again. also increases when my husband is home because I only have one day to accomplish a relationship. decreases when I am at reast.
bec77 last decade
To Bec

You will observe that your Blood sugar level will be reduced overnight if you use Arnica 30c in the wet dose that I recommend for the control of Diabetes. I also recommend you use Cinnamon powder 1/4 teaspoonful twice daily. This may be taken in food or as a tea.

Please visit the following links for more information:


Report response in 3 days after you commence on this therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
to Joe De Livera

Thank you for the response. I have read quite a few of these forums - that is why I am asking about the Arnica.
My mother-in-law pointed out the Arnica and Nat Phos, she has been taking them for about two weeks and is having wonderful results. She told me, however, that she was instructed to look for a very specific type of each product. Nat Phos 6x Hyland's Standard Homeopathics Nuage Tissue Salts and Hyland's Standard Homeopathics Arnica Montana 30c. I would like to be sure these are the correct items for me.
Thank you for this help,
bec77 last decade
to Joe De Livera

I forgot to mention that I will be ordering the products as soon as I am able to confirm they are the correct ones. Also I have begun taking cinnamon today. Thank you again,
bec77 last decade
Dear Bet,
After detail I will advise you to take Acid Phos 6c daily one doses at morning empty stomach for a month and report me but you may continue the arnica 30C at eveing. You main problem is feel to energetic i.e. you will get from acid phos 6c and you may continue your all other medicine. also.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
TO Bec

I am happy to note that you have been reading my advice on the ABC.

You may have observed that my method of prescribing for any ailment is direct and similar to the norm used in allopathy which is to prescribe for the ailment unlike in classical homeopath where it is the symptoms and causataive factors that result in the ailment that are more important.

The majority of the therapies that I recommend are those that I have often used for similar cases which have had a positive response and in the case of Diabetes I have no doubt that Arnica is the remedy of choice as it has helped many to overcome their ailment or at least to control it, some without any added help from the drugs that they were using.

I am afraid that I have not treated Hypothroidism and if Deoshlok can help you I shall welcome his input.

Any well known brand of Homeopathic remedies is OK and I have read about Hyland's which is not known here in Sri Lanka where I live.

Please visit:


This thread is of interest as it gives more information on Nat Phos which your M in L is using.
Joe De Livera last decade
dr. deoshlok sharma and joe de livera, thank you both for the posts.

dr. sharma - what is acid phos 6c and where do i get it? what effect should it have? once i have the acid phos 6c how do i dose it? i am unsure of what should be taken.

joe de livera - today i have taken two doses of the cinnamon, 1/4 tsp morning and another 1/4 tsp in the evening. i have experienced low blood glucose and had to treat. all other tests of blood glucose today have been very good. i am awaiting the arrival of arnica 30c and nat phos.
thank you for all the forum links, it is great to read the information posted.

thank you to you both,
bec77 last decade
i was researching the acid phos 6c. what i found was called phosphoric acid, but i am not sure if these are the same. the article i was reading mentioned that phosphoric acid effects the calcium in the body. the synthroid drug i am taking leaches calcium out of my bones. since i am only 29 i feel that it is important to avoid as much leaching of calcium as possible. will acid phos 6c assist keeping calcium?
please advise,
bec77 last decade
i received the arnica 30c and nat phos 6x today. tomorrow i will begin the regimen.
bec77 last decade
forgot to mention that i have noticed lowered blood glucose readings using the cinnamon. very excited to use the arnica 30c and nat phos 6x.
bec77 last decade
Good to know that the Cinnamon powder has already reduced your BS level.

I hope that you are maintaining a written record of your BS levels before and after the therapy that I have advised. These records must also be maintained if possible daily, after you add the Arnica 30c when you should notice that you can do without the drugs like Metformin that you may be using.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Joe De Livera

I am maintaining a written record of my BS levels - they have been very consistantly out of control. The 1/4 tsp of cinnamon, taken morning and night, has assisted in lowering my BS levels to under 200 mg/dll.

Now I am ready to start the Arnica 30c. To be sure I have the correct dosage: 3 pellets (globules?) put into a bottle of 400ml Spring water. Shake hard so bubbles occur, then sip one teaspoonful slowly morning and night.

I also ordered the Nat Phos 6x. I am to take 3 tablets two times a day.

I will begin tomorrow morning on these. Do I take them together?
bec77 last decade
Judging by your response to Cinnamon alone, I am confident that with the addition of Arnica, you will soon be able to stabilize your blood sugar. The bonus that you will have with the Arnica is that your blood pressure will also drop as it has in many cases that I have treated.

Nat Phos too will help in other ways mostly in your digestive system which will have some bearing on your BS and BP.

Try to leave about a hour between remedies but it really does not matter as they do not antidote each other.
Joe De Livera last decade
For more infor on Nat Phos:

girilal last decade
To girilal,

I have read that forum - one of the reasons I am intersted in the Nat Phos. I am very excited to find what Nat Phos will do.

I have not taken the Synthroid medicine today, I am going to see what Arnica and Nat Phos do for the Hypothroidism. Synthroid is what I was given to treat the symptoms of Hypothroidism.

At the present time I am feeling the symptoms of low blood glucose - but I must state that I am working in a very hot coffee shop and I have been busy for 3 hours.

BS reading this am - 209 - before Arnica, then 190 30 min later, 114 2 hours after Arnica. 147 4 hours after Arnica. I had breakfast early this AM and a snack around 2 hours ago. Please keep in mind that I am wearing an Insulin Pump. It gives me a base amount of Insulin throughout the day - mimicking the pancreas. Also, when I eat meals I program the pump to give me the amount of Insulin for the number of carbohydrates I am taking. So far I feel alright, maybe I need some food that will assist in giving me the energy I feel I am out of.

bec77 last decade
Above post was for girilal and anyone else. Sorry.

bec77 last decade
To Bec

I was not aware that you are wearing an Insulin pump and would suggest that you program it to give you a very low dose. I cannot advise you on the possible repecussions of using Arnica/Cinnamon with the Insulin pump and I am out of my depth in treating Hypothyroidism. You will have to play it by ear and see how the therapy I have advised helps you.

All I can state is that the Arnica Cinnamon therapy has helped many Diabetics but none of them had your HYPO T.

If you feel drained of energy I believe that this is an obvious symptom of low blood glucose and you MUST lower the Insulin dosage as it is obvious that the Arnica is helping with your BS and you must reduce the units of Insulin you are now getting from your Insulin pump.

Please be careful as I cannot advise you about your Hypothroidism from the other side of the world here in Sri Lanka.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Joe De Livera

I am checking the BS every few hours. I have noticed symptoms of lowered BS, however the actual BS results have been above 114 (normal range).

I have noticed also that the symptoms of hypothroidism seem to have abated today.

Monday I had forgotten to take the Synthroid and I felt confused and tired - symptoms that seem most prevelant. I am glad to report I have not had any symptoms of the hypothroidism. I am carrying the Synthroid with me so I may take the medication if I should feel the symptoms; however, since I have not experienced the symptoms I will again see how things go tomorrow.

I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for 21 years. I have used the insulin pump for 7 years. Since trying the Arnica/Cinnamon I am keeping very close tabs on the BS. I am surprised at feeling the symptoms of a low BS and yet having a normal BS reading. I will continue to monitor and let you know what I am finding.

I am happy to see how the first day is going. I have been searching alterior methods of treatment for a number of years and am wary of what may happen when not closly observed. Since the diagnosis of hypothroidism I have been seeing an Endocrinologist and Insulin Pump specialist every three months. They are both open to my search for better options to the medication I am presently on.

Please be assured, I will be very cautious. Thank you for the reminder to stay alert while trying the Arnica and Cinnamon. :)

bec77 last decade
It is rare to have a person of your intellect as a patient. I can see that you have followed all my instructions and I feel reasonably confident that we may jointly be able to enable you to get over your Diabetes and hopefully your Hypothyroidsm.

It is still too early to be certain but as long as you follow the ground rules that I have spelt out, there is every chance that you can be cured.

I wonder if your Hypothyrodism is connected in some way to your Diabetes. Your observation that you did not have any symptoms of HT today is interesting and can add to my conjecture. I have not studied this disease and would like to know how you were first diagnosed with it and what medication you were given.

Always carry some candy with you to be used if you feel weak which is a sure sign of your BS going down too low.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have begun to think diabetes and hypothyroidism (please excuse my previous misspelling of it) are related. Both appear to be autoimmune disorders. The immune system attacks these endocrine glands and destroys or inhibits production of hormones.

I was diagnosed with hypothroidism in the last year. I have become very frustrated with the way western medicine is practiced. I want to have relief from the symptoms, but I don't want all the chemicals in the pills. I am told there are no 'cures' for either condition, yet part of me wants to find out for myself whether there is other hope.

So all that to say I am looking for a better way to live, and if I can rid this body of these diseases I will do what I can.

I had a teacher that pointed out disease was simply two words put together dis ease - the point being to fix what causes the 'dis' or unease in the body and there in lies the healing. I want to find what alleviates the dis ease.

Also if there is a problem with my immune system, does that mean I should be on the watch for my other endocrine glands? I can not understand why the doctors I am seeing do not see a correlation and check my immune system.

Leads me to another point - Arnica - does that assist in helping the immune system heal? If my body is full of toxins effecting the immune system, it would make sense to try and fix that situation to see if the other problems fall into place and fix themselves.

Anyway, I have gotten hold of this idea and I may be on the wrong path of thought. I simply want some answers and find western medicine gives a pill instead of listening to the patient and looking to find the source.

As for the Arnica and Cinnamon doses - last night I did not take the cinnamon, only the Arnica. BS reading this AM was 200 (the fruit preserve I put on a piece of bread must have been higher in carbohydrate than I estimated). I corrected with insulin and took the Arnica immediatly. With breakfast I took 1/4 teaspoon of the Arnica 30c wet dose. BS is declining. It is now 147 two hours after breakfast.

I have been prescribed Synthroid for the Hypothyroidism. .075mg tablets. Even with the prescribed tablet I felt tired and sluggish. If I didn't take the tablet my thoughts became confused - it was hard to process information. I ate sugary foods to get that boost of energy - knowing it was not the real helper, but I had to get through work - and then would crash when I got home, needing a 2 to 3 hour nap. So forgetting to take the Synthroid tablet was a no no.

I took no Synthroid yesterday and none today. I feel alert, rested, and no symptoms of the Hypothyroidism. I am quite amazed - I could not go without the Hypothyroid medicine before. I have take Arnica 30c wet dose for two days - three actual doses - and I feel good.

I am also taking Nat Phos 6x because I tend to have an acidic body, but am concentrating more on the Arnica.

Thank you so much for helping me take these steps.

Very hopeful,
bec77 last decade
Oops let me correct -

As for the Arnica and Cinnamon doses - last night I did not take the cinnamon, only the Arnica. BS reading this AM was 200 (the fruit preserve I put on a piece of bread must have been higher in carbohydrate than I estimated). I corrected with insulin and took the Arnica immediatly. With breakfast I took 1/4 teaspoon of the Cinnamon and an Arnica 30c wet dose. BS is declining. It is now 147 two hours after breakfast.

My plan is to try to not take the Synthroid tablet for one week to see if symptoms reoccur. If they do not I will take my finding to my endocrinologist on the 17th this month. Then ask if I may try 3 months without the Synthroid tablets - this will allow for a retesting of the thyroid hormones to see if there has been an improvement in the levels.

Will birthcontrol medicine stop the effectiveness of the Arnica? I am also taking an oral contraceptive - I don't at this time remember the name of it however. It is a generic of orthotrycyclene. I am nervose to go off that medicine as yet, my husband and I would like to get some of these other matters controlled before we bring our child into our life. I want a safe and healthy pregnancy and the Diabetes and Hypothyroidism greatly complicate pregnancy.

Thank you again,
bec77 last decade
Thyroidinum 30 can be used to help with your Hypothroidism. You can use the wet dose taken twice daily. The Arnica and the Cinnamon can be used as usual but with about an hour between the doses.

Your oral contraceptive may also be a reason for your current instability in your general health status but if as I hope Thyrodinum can help you, it is possible that you may even be able to replace the drug with the Homeopathic equivalent.

Please maintain close checks of your BS level throughout this therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Good morning,

Today I am a bit daunted. I am reminding myself that I have only been taking the Arnica 30c wet dose and the Cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon 2 times a day.
Yesterday around the middle of the day, the store I work in became very warm and during that time I began to feel strong symptoms of Hypothyroidism. The confusion of mind, tiredness - very tired, sore throat, all came rushing back on me. As the day moved on I began to feel more tired. Caughing got worse. BS readings were 'normal' for me. All staying in the 100s mg/dll (what my tester measures in - I usually simply say that my BS was 147..). For a diabetic under strict control my BS would seem a bit erratic. I however am very pleased - I am experiencing much control.
I have hope that my HbA1c will be better when I have it checked in two months time.
I am not seeing any lowering of Humalog insulin as yet with the Arnica Montana 30c wetdose - I have been a diabetic for 21 years however, and it may take a bit of time to heal my insides - thus I have hope.
Because the Hypothyroid symptoms were so great this AM I took some liquid Pharma Maca and liquid Rhodiola (spelling may be incorrect). The Pharma Maca assists with the thyroid function, the Rhodiola has given me energy. It has been 4 hours and I am feeling good. I was very upset to have to begin the Pharma Maca and Rhodiola again, but I do not as yet need to take the Synthroid tablets for Hypothyroidism.
Will keep posting progress
bec77 last decade
I believe that your present state of unease with both your Diabetes and your Hypothroidism (HT) is due to your being infected with the throat virus which is now raging worldwide including Sri Lanka. I too have been on sick leave since Monday and as I had some urgent work I went to office yesterday but I stayed back today as I was not up to it. Fortunately right now, Friday evening 8.00PM for us in SL, I feel better. Rest is the only remedy and plenty of water as I felt very thirsty all the time.

You will have to ride it out and use your normal medication with the Arnica / Cinnamon therapy and when you are able to get the Thyrodinum 30c you may use it to check your response.

21 years as a Diabetic is indeed a very long time and it is a pity that I did not discover this unusual use for Arnica which I did in January 2005 quite accidentally and you may like to know that many have been helped by this remedy and the early diabetics have been able to come off the drugs and only use the A/C therapy.

It would be good to know some time in the future that you too have been helped in some way. As you are aware your HT is the added complication and I hope that the Thyrodinum can help.

In any case it is worth looking into.
Joe De Livera last decade

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