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Dear Bec77

Where are you, please post your conditions after taking arnica, nat phos and thyroidinum as advised by Joe. Are you still taking those medicines, has it helped you or not

Please post your reply


sazim last decade
Dear Dr. De Livera, is it ok to drink Tea? Also, are there any foods that I should avoid during Arnica treatment? Thanks. Daniel
Daniel123 last decade
You always embarass me with your Dr. which I am not as I am not qualified although I believe I have more experience and knowledge than most other qualified homeopaths.

All you need to avoid is Coffee, Cola beverages and preserved meats like sausages ham bacon which have saltpeter.

Drink plenty of water at least 4 liters daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Mr. De Livera, thank you for your prompt reply. I will address you as Mr. and not as Dr. as requested. One other question - is Arnica 30 the same as Arnica 30c?
Thanks. Daniel
Daniel123 last decade
Joe De Livera last decade
Daniel123 last decade
helloo every1,

I am glad to inform you that using Arnica 30c in wet form + cinnamon tea twice a day, reduced my BS fasting level from 160 to 120/130 within a week. ( I am using Glocophage 500 twice a day)I am not doing any excercise, I am pretty sure if I manage my diet plan & little excercise, my diabetes will be normal. Thank you very much for Mr. Joe, I will post any further improvement in futur.

can Any1 help me to stop smoking? i am a chain smoker and smoke around 25 cigrette per day.
information last decade
I am glad that you reported on the success of the Arnica therapy and I hope that the skeptics on this forum will take note.

You may like to know that many have succeeded in QUITTING smoking and you can read presonal reports on:


It is essential that you alter your life from now on and you will discover that the Arnica will help you to quit smoking. You will then start on an exercise routine first on a low level basis but the main requirement is that you sweat it out to promote your body to come back to normal ASAP.

You may discover that after you quit smoking that your appetite may return and you are warned not to overeat as this will affect your Diabetes.

Please also check your Blood sugar level daily on a digital gauge and reduce the drugs you are now taking which you can replace with the Arnica/Cinnamon therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
There are atleast 6 patients whose blood sugar got reduced on cinnamon alone.

Arnica is not necessary.

One can try Cinnamon alone and report back.

gavinimurthy last decade
It was very useful to read the discussion on Arnica 30 and Cinnamon in controlling blood sugar. I have been suffering from BP, type 2 diabetes, high cholestrol and hypothyroidism since two years. My fasting sugar remains within the range of 120- 140 and after meals around 140- 180. Iam 52 years old and had tested positive for diabetes 15 years ago. I was able to manage with diet control and yoga, low salt etc and was without medication until two years ago. I am now on metformin 500 ( twice daily) acarbose-50 twice daily. I take thyronorm 100, Arbitace 50 for BP and just 5mg of atorstatin for cholestrol. Actually my thyroid is quite under control with this medication, so also cholestrol. I am generally very careful about what I eat but since a couple of months have not had any exercise, have eaten icecream, chocolates etc. When my BS levels went up I immediately went back to my basically high vegetable- fruit diet. Inspite of the change in diet, my BS has been quite high the past few days. Medication has not helped. After reading about Arnica and Cinnamon yesterday I took it. At 4-30 pm my Bs was 264. At 6pm I took Arnica -30 and
one tsp of cinnamon powder. One hour later at 7 pm my BS had fallen to 135. I skipped the night dose of metformin and Acarbose and had a midnight snack because I was hungry. I ate popcorn. Morning fasting sugar was 169. I felt very good until 3pm without metformin and Acarbose and managed with Arnica and Cinnamon. I ate lunch at 3pm after which I felt giddy. At 5pm in the evening my BS was 330. I have a low carbohydrate tolerance but I skip acarbose because it causes flatulence and interferes with the digestive system. I am worried about the side effects as i get older. Is there any substitute for Acarbose in homeopathy?

When i take Arnica 30 and cinnamon twice daily can I stop my allopathic medication? Should i take two doeses or three doeses of these a day? I have now dissolved Arnica -30 in a bottle of water and take it little by little every hour. Is this abetter method to keep the BS in check?

I live on a farm away from doctors. I keep a homeopathic kit of basic medicines.I have not met a good homeopath near where I live and badly need advice.

P. Somaiah
pushpa somaiah last decade
Try cinnamon alone and report.Don't stop allopathic medication totally.It has to be withdrawn gradually.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Pushpa S

You are the ideal test subject for the Arnica/Cinnamon therapy that I have pioneered the success of which seems to be a thorn in the flesh of the self appointed Homeopathy Constable (HC) on this forum who I note hat advised you to only use Cinnamon for your ailments.

You are advised to keep on taking the Arnica/Cinnamon combined therapy as the Arnica will help you with your Blood Pressure and high cholesterol. It seems to work by increasing the blood flow throughout the body and helps to carry more oxygen to the cells thereby helping to reduce the BP. The fact that Arnica reduces Blood Sugar levels was an accidental discovery on my part about 3 years ago and since that time it has been acknowledged to be the ultimate homeopathic remedy to help diabetics. Cinnamon also helps and the combo has helped many confirmed Diabetics both Type I and II to reduce and in many cases, stop their dependence on the drugs that they were using for the control of their BS levels. You have discovered yourself that the combo therapy has helped to lower your BS levels and I note that you have taken Arnica 'little by little every hour'. You are advised not to continue with this therapy as each teaspoonful is a dose and it is possible that if you persist in doing so, your may 'prove' it and get a high BP reading. In homeopathy you have to strictly follow the dosage indicated as Small in Beautiful'. I shall be interested to learn the result of your experiment and how your BS levels responded to the constant dosage every hour. This is only for academic interest and you should not repeat the experiment merely to record the result.

You can monitor your BS level and you are advised to get a digital BP gauge and you are then able to monitor how your body responds to the therapy I have indicated, which incidentally is now known as 'Joepathy' and has been listed on the many Search Engines like Google and Yahoo. This therapy that I have pioneered has been the subject of much criticism which I presume stems from Jealousy on the part of the HC types that infest this forum in the hope of using any failures or better still aggravations directly caused by my therapy as prime examples of the danger of using my Joepathy. I am happy to record that so far, the therapies that I have prescribed have only had positive results and hopefully this rate of success will continue to the chagrin of the HC.

You are advised to stop all the drugs you listed you are using:
metformin 500 ( twice daily) acarbose-50 twice daily. I take thyronorm 100, Arbitace 50 for BP and just 5mg of atorstatin for cholestrol
and see how you respond to the Arnica/Cinnamon therapy. If you discover that your BS level rises above 120 you must take a reduced dose say 250 of Metformin. The other drugs you can safely discard, but you must check your BP level at least once daily and also have a blood test to monitor your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It is very likely that these drugs that I presume you have been using for some time, may be the cause of your general feeling of malaise and I am confident that my therapy can replace them all.

Please do not pay any attention to the HC who will obviously commence his tirade about me and my Joepathy as he seems hell bent to disrupt the good work that I am doing and cannot rejoice with me and other dedicated prescribers on this forum that we have succeeded to help a fellow human being who is being helped by my Joepathy.

Please report your response often on this thread.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

You too started calling me names, which shows the utter frustration, you are in, since I exposed your' good for nothing' therapy for fistula/fissure.

Your Nat.phos for obesity is also a big myth, and your self glorifying claims doesn't stand scrutiny.

Coming to Arnica and Cinnamon therapy,for diabetes,I have six patients on Cinnamon alone, who stopped their allopathic medication.

As far as blood pressure is concerned the aurvedic 'Muktavati' is giving excellent results.

All in all your 'Joepathy' is a failure.You have latched on to my joke on 'Joepathy' being picked up by search engines.

Fo your information, search engines pick up any word that is repeated often.That doesn't give any credibility to your therapy.

Try 'gavinimurthy' in any search engine and see yourself.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Murthy,

It is incredible how you can twist a statement to suit your own ends.

As far as I am aware the only epithet I used to describe you was Homeopathic Constable which word was not authored by me but by another prescriber, perhaps Pankaj.

I have always maintained that Nat Phos only helps about 80% of the patients who use it and I remember that you were one of them. You admitted that you were addicted to coffee and this was the reason. You did however mention that you felt lighter in your bulk for the first few weeks and I can well imagine your bulk today which I do not think there is any possibility in reducing by any homeopathic means.

I am glad to note that you have succeeded in reducing the BS levels of 6 patients with Cinnamon alone. The difference in using the Combination therapy of Arnica and Cinnamon is that the diabetic can STOP using the drug Metformin or whatever he is using. The fact is that Arnica ALONE without the Cinnamon seems to be more effective and it is purely the combination that I have specified as being the ultimate cure.

Arnica also reduces Blood Pressure and my case is a prime example. I have just checked it and it is 115/74 seated on my lounge chair with my new MacBook Pro which was released only a week ago in the US on my lap.

I note that your name Gavinimurthy is on the search engines. I would like you to check my name Joe De Livera on all the search engines and see the result. Joepathy is a bonus and the more you use it the more it will defeat your purpose of insisting that it is dangerous (according to you.)

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

Most of the results displayed for Joe De Livera dosn't belong to you, if you look carefully.

Same is the case with Gavinimurthy.

What I wanted to say is that a serch engine picking the name, is nothing to be elated about.

I again repeat, Arnica may help some people for some problems. It can't help all people for all problems.

Repeating Arnica endlessly is palliation. This sort of palliation is normally resorted to in terminal cases.

If people feel ,they are in that stage, and need life long palliation, it is upto them.

But, the chances of them dying with a graver disease than blood pressure is higher.

gavinimurthy last decade
and read how the rest of the world looks at you.


gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Murthy,

Dont you think that it is time that you stopped your constant haranging of me and my Joepathy ? Although you feel that you are doing a great service to the members of this forum by enticing them away, they do not seem to reciprocate your invitation as they do not seem to be in the slightest interested in your attempts to keep them 'better informed' . It is obvious to anyone who visits the ABC and reads your posts that they treat you as a PEST who is only intent on creating unnecessary friction on this once peaceful forum which was a place of refuge for suffering patients who post their ailments in the hope of a cure. It is also possible they even treat you as a BIG JOKE .

I have no objections whatever to your continuing in your pathetic attempts to entice them away for treatment on a separate thread as per your invitation a few days ago, to give them a taste of your Murthypathy which they do not seem to be the slightest interested in. I do hope that this fact alone will convey to you their estimation of your capabilities which we are all eager to savour but unfortunately in vain.

Do remember that it is not the classical learning that you pretend to have in enforcing your classical discpline, which we have not seen or experienced so far that matters in prescribing for the members of this forum. It is the sheer dedication that I and a few others have displayed throughout the past few years where we have spent hours daily on helping patients while you in comparison have only very rarely prescribed for a patient with no apparent feed back.

This is what Homeopathy is all about. Not the mere showing off of one's acumen in classical homeopathy on in my case Joepathy.
In the final analysis it is the rate of cure that matters and as you know I have deviated from the classical routine which I consider a
sheer waste of time and I feel that it will be only a matter of time before the classical school of homeopaths will realize that they cannot fool their patients all the time. In my own way I have been successful in proving that I too can help in curing the standard diseases that afflict mankind and that my own Joepathy or the direct approach to healing is by far more powerful and produces results in hours in comparison to your classical method which usually takes eons to produce even an amelioration of the ailment, during which time the poor suffering patient goes from bad to worse and often has to abandon homeopathy and to return to their doctors due to the sheer agony that they have to endure like for instance in the case of a Fistula patient whose history I do not wish to elaborate on this thread again.

Dear Murthy, I implore you to WAKE UP and to open your eyes to the realities of the direct approach, This for That also known as Joepathy.

You may not believe this but I have not had time to check the ABC and the other 2 forums that I visit Homeopathy and More and the NCH today as I have spent my time in replying to your inane posts which I have done so far, patiently as I am trying to open your eyes to realities of Homeopathy which to my knowledge and the reports of others who are classical homeopaths and even teachers, who are all convinced that Homeopathy is changing slowly but surely as the age of pretense is now long past and it is the realities of healing that matter.

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe

Classical homeopathy is 200 years old. It is based on a strong foundation of fundamentals.

It has seen any number of Joes ,who professed its doom, but it is becoming stronger and stronger.

It is very clear to everybody that, all your prescriptions are entirely empirical. They don't have any seal of authority.

I am sure even the few patients, who believe you as on now, will see the hollowness, in due course of time.

I will keep defending classical homeopathy., and expose pseudo homeopathy.

gavinimurthy last decade
I tried Arnica -Cinnamon therapy for a week and stopped my regular allopathic medication. My blood sugar fluctuated and went upto 330. I could not make out if it was homeopathc aggravation. As I had no advice and no one to consult with I went back to my regular medication. During the first two days my BS did fall considerably with the Cinnamon- Arnica combination but later it did keep on rising. I suppose the therapy might work for those who have just been diagnosed with diabetes or as pre-diabetic medication. I dont know how effective the therapy is for patients with multiple problems.

pushpa somaiah last decade
TO Pushpa

You cannot REPLACE the drugs that you have been using presumably for some years with the Arncia Cinnamon therapy within a week. The fact that your BS level rocketed to 330 is a clear indication that you are yet not ready to stop the drugs.

You must use the drugs together with the Arnica and Cinnamon and you will then note your Blood sugar levels will be too low unless you reduce the drugs you are used to take. You then reduce the dosage of the drugs and if you are fortunate as many have been you can eventually replace the drugs with the Arnica Cinnamon therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Another case of failure. Very sad.!!

gavinimurthy last decade
Dr. Deoshlok,

My wife 31 years of age was first detected diabetes during her first pregnancy. she was on insulin during pregnancy. The sugar level got normal after child's delivery. subsequently sugar level again rose up during 2 pregnancy 1 year latter. but this time after the delivery the sugar level was normal only for 3 months and then it rosed up.Initially we tried an ayurvedic medicine which was very effective and sugar level was very well under control. But, since the last 8 months the level is 270mg/dl approx (fasting) and upto 350 post prandum.I have heard that the allopathic medicines have some very severe side effects therefore still i have avoided this therapy. Also my wifes family have a history of kidney disorder as a result i am too much worry. Her weight has also increased during this period. during our marraige it was 60 kg now it has grown to 95 approx. Also her blood pressure level is on higher side. i have read your posting and would be very grateful if you suggest me some remedy.
mehmood1978 last decade

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