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I believe that your present state of unease with both your Diabetes and your Hypothroidism (HT) is due to your being infected with the throat virus which is now raging worldwide including Sri Lanka. I too have been on sick leave since Monday and as I had some urgent work I went to office yesterday but I stayed back today as I was not up to it. Fortunately right now, Friday evening 8.00PM for us in SL, I feel better. Rest is the only remedy and plenty of water as I felt very thirsty all the time.

You will have to ride it out and use your normal medication with the Arnica / Cinnamon therapy and when you are able to get the Thyrodinum 30c you may use it to check your response.

21 years as a Diabetic is indeed a very long time and it is a pity that I did not discover this unusual use for Arnica which I did in January 2005 quite accidentally and you may like to know that many have been helped by this remedy and the early diabetics have been able to come off the drugs and only use the A/C therapy.

It would be good to know some time in the future that you too have been helped in some way. As you are aware your HT is the added complication and I hope that the Thyrodinum can help.

In any case it is worth looking into.
Joe De Livera last decade
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2. Age: 21
3. Sex: M
4. Unmarried
5. weight:120 pounds
6. Height 1.65 meter
7. country: USA
8. climate: not sure
9. premature ejecuation, i dont last long during sex,
10. non Diabetic
11. sweets
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20. not sure
21. badd really bad
22. feel good like other i guess
23. nothing
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konica last decade
Dear konica,
please go on continue acid phos 30c three times in a day for a month with weekly one dose of Lycopodium 1M.
continue and report me.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
Dear konica,
please go on continue acid phos 30c three times in a day for a month with weekly one dose of Lycopodium 1M.
continue and report me.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
is this a prescribed drop ? or i can pick it up at any drug store?
konica last decade
sorry for the spelling error what i meant there is , is this a prescribed drug ?? and also i wanted to know more detail about the drug ( such as side effect etc. Is there a site that actually talk about acid phos drug ?
konica last decade
Dear Doctor,
My mother is 71 yrs. old and is suffering from diabetes ever since she was 36. she had been on oral allopathy medication for along time and is on insulin for the last four yrs.(left it in between for 8months but had to take it again as the sugar level shot up. she has had laser treatment for her retinopathy and also does have problem with her nerves as her feet and hands get numb or swell up some times.
though presently she is feeling better as she does some yoga(as much as she can manage and along side she takes one spoon of black cumin oil with honey early morning. this was recommended by some one in the middle east. as I am placed in Doha for a while I sent her some oil. please let me know if I can give her the Cinnamon powder with Arnica and Nat phos. Also, please let me know if she can take this with her insulin and how much dosage. She would be very relieved if she can get rid of the insulin as she does have a lot of problem giving shots due to her very weak eye sight.
Thank you so much for this wonderful facility,
ettoo last decade
Please read the posts on Diabetes for the therapy that I have indicated.

Basically your mother can take Arnica 30c in the wet dose twice daily and Nat Phos 6x after lunch and dinner. She can also take Cinnamon powder 1/4 teaspoonful twice daily.

She should monitor her BS levels daily and should discover that they drop in an unbelievable manner on the second day after she starts on the remedy.

She should take her standard drugs but in a reduced dosage with the therapy I indicated.

Please report response.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you for the prompt response. My mother is already excited to start her medication.
I will keep you posted with special blessings from my Mom.
Kind regards,
ettoo last decade
Sorry, I forgot to mention, please let me know if I can discuss about my sister who is suffering from Lupus.
Thank you once again,
ettoo last decade
Lupus is an Auto Immune disease and I do not think that I am competent to treat it as I have no prior experience in doing so.

However if you would like to give me a case history, I can try.
Joe De Livera last decade
Please type Lupus in the Search Forum window on the left of this page for further information on Lupus.

You can also visit:

Joe De Livera last decade
I did drop in the details for my sister in the related forum and am waiting for a response. I will be obliged if you would be interested in going through her case and feel up to offering some advice.
My sister started to have some symptoms of colitus 11 yrs. back when she went to Newfoundland.
She was exposed the strong UV rays, change of diet, was homesick and under a lot of stress too. The butterfly scars started to show on her cheeks. Her medication for colitus started after one year of being away from home. Her colitus is more sensitive to cold weather, spicy and sour food. Fortunately as she moved to a warmer place the colitus did not get too bad and is presently under control with medication- Asacol 400mg 5 tablets daily and diet control. Infact her regular check up did reveal that the colitus was almost gone and was pretty much superficial.
Later in 2002 her general medical test showed Lupus antibodies. She started having lot of joint pains,felt very weak and anaemic. Last yr.2005 she had thyroid problem and takes synthroid 2.5mcg daily.
March 2006 a throat allergy developed and still persist and also started to have acute pain in her feet. The doctor says she has plantar facsitis.
At this point of time her feet pain is almost unbearable with lingering throat allergy. The other problems seem to be under control. Just recently she went in for all her test surprisingly her reports were fine with no antibodies. We are wodering if this is possible or there is an error in the report.
I would also like to mention that my sister has been taking black cumin oil for the last six months and is taking care to maintain an alkaline diet.

My sis is 45 yrs. old. She is very restless and impatient. she is over active and emotional.

I was reading through the medication suggested for Plantar fascitis and came across bio chem cal. Flour-6x and silicea - 12x .
But because of the multiple smyptoms I am not too sure if these should be taken by her.
Please let me know if i need to provide any other information.
Thank you for offering to help.
ettoo last decade
Hello Doctor Joe,

As I am new participant, I was not really aware of the protocols or right way of getting around with issues. I think I was a bit too excited did drop a post in another thread too, ofcourse with no hard thoughts in mind. Now, as I get more familiar with the set up I know better.
All the same I thought I should let you know that no one has got back to me with my sister's Lupus problem.
Any advice on that front will be appreciated.
ettoo last decade
Dear bec77,

I am interested in the cause and the reasons why somebody will have/get diabetis. Therefore I would like you to read an article that I have posted some time ago regarding the cause of diabetis.
This is the link http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/44379/

Please give me your thoughts when you have finished reading the article.

Alexthink last decade
Dear Doctor Joe,
My mother has started hermedication- Arnica 30 wet dose, Nat Phos 6X and cinnamon powder.
I wanted to know if she can use filtered tap water instead of spring water for Arnica.
Also wanted to let you know that my mother has been having constipation problem ever since she has been on the allopathy drugs for diabetes. Will she need to take any think in addition or should wait and see how this works.
Thank you,
Kind regards,
ettoo last decade
Your mom may use boiled filtered water instead of the spring water which in some cases is not drawn from deep bore wells. It is the chlorine in tap water that can antidote the Arnica and the patient will not know the reason why he is not helped by it.

Nat Phos 6x dose 2 tablets after 2 main meals will help her constipation.

She can change the drugs she now uses for her Diabetes to identify one that does not cause constipation and you must warn her that she may notice that her blood sugar levels will drop noticeably on the second day on the Arnica as reported by many patients who use it. She should then reduce the drugs she is not using like Metformin for her Diabates and if she is lucky she may be able to substitute the Arnica and Cinnamon for the drugs.
Joe De Livera last decade
Mom is on insulin and takes number of other tonics - nerveup,ivit and some times a pain killer for her back aches and also on a tablet for protection of kidneys as earlier some of her tests showed protien leakage in urine.I shall find out the exact name of the drug and get back.
I have warned her to be careful with her BP and change of blood sugar level,as I am not with her to moniter any of those changes.
Thank you so much,
ettoo last decade
In countries where people eat a diet low in fat and sugar and high in whole
foods such as unrefined grains and fresh fruits and vegetables, diabetes
is almost nonexistent. When they move to the U.S., their diabetes risk skyrockets. Tragically, as Western 'nutrition free' processed and fast
foods such as McDonalds®, and soft drinks such as Coca-Cola® and
Pepsi® are introduced to Third World countries, their rates of diabetes
are rapidly rising. It is estimated that by the year 2010, some 40 percent
of Americans 65 or older will have adult-onset diabetes.
Prescription Alternatives by Earl Mindell RPh PhD and Virginia
Hopkins MA, page 405

In the early 1800s the per capita consumption of sugar (sucrose) was
about 12 pounds a year. Today in the United States, the per capita
consumption of sugar is more than 150 pounds a year. For every person
who consumes only 5 pounds of sugar, there is another who eats 295
pounds annually (Challem et al. 2000).

you may read book by mike adam,
how to halt diabetes in 25 days.(one of the best book written ever on diabetes)
munish last decade
To Ettoo

I note that you mom takes a cocktail of tablets for her various ailments.

I would advice you to request her to stop ALL other tablets except what she has been prescribef for her Diabetes to enable the Homeopathic remedies to work on her body which they may not in the presence of other chemicals which are referred to as 'supplements' which in my opinion are not required by the average person at all as long as he eats a standard home cooked diet.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Munish

I am glad that you recorded some very pertinent information about diet and the standard habit in the developed world to substitute water with the many bottled or canned beverages used today, instead.

It is time that some concerted effort is made at government levels to alert their population to the danger of using these beverages in place of water and it is no wonder that the level of Obesity is officcially recognized at 65% in the US and that so many diseases are the norm in the developed countries throughout the world.

I have recorded my experience with Arnica when used to treat Diabetes both Type I and II and Nat Phos to reduce obesity and also to treat GERD and other gastric problems on this forum and if you are interested you may type Arnica and later GERD to read the many posts that I and others have made to help those who suffer from these ailments.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dr. Joe De Livera,

I am 50 and developed type 2 Diabetes 5 years ago and am on metformin tabs. I was very interested to read about Cinnamon and Arnica 30c treatment and have started taking cinnamon since 5 days and Arnica 30c since yesterday. I have a question - do I need to prepare the water dosage daily? Also, do I need to take Nat Phos 6x as well? Iam 6ft tall and weight 200lbs. Thank you in advance for your reply. Daniel
Daniel123 last decade
Dear Doctor Joe,

I wanted to let you know that my mom is feeling much better after she started taking the arnica and cinnamon powder. She is not on insulin any more, though she does take some oral medication for diabetes. Her blood sugar level is always below 100 (fasting) which is great for her as earlier this was not ever happening without the insulin intake.
I am very grateful and hope more people get to benefit with your expertise.

Please let me know if you are able to give some advice for my sister who is having some problems due to Lupus.

Thank you,
ettoo last decade
To Daniel

You do not have to make a new bottle daily as a 500ml bottle should last you about 4 months at 1 teaspoonful twice daily.

You are advised to check your blood sugar level daily with a digital gauge to enable you to vary the drugs you are now taking for your Diabetes. It is best to keep the level at around 120 and if you discover that my therapy can be used without the drugs you are advised to stop the drugs and only opt for the Arnica/Cinnamon therapy which you can take quite safely for life.

You may use Nat Phos 6x if you wish to reduce your weight which should reduce by about 1 kg per week if you take 2 tablets NP twice daily.

Please report your response.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Dr. De Livera, Thank you for the prompt reply. I will keep you posted on my progress. Appreciate your good work. Daniel
Daniel123 last decade
Dear Bec77

Where are you, please post your conditions after taking arnica, nat phos and thyroidinum as advised by Joe. Are you still taking those medicines, has it helped you or not

Please post your reply


sazim last decade

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