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Coffee doesn't antidote in all cases

There is a lot of debate whether coffee antidotes homeopathic treatment or not.

I for one am using homeopathic medicines for the last three years,and am a regular coffee drinker(3 cups a day.)

Problems I could solve are frequent canker sores in mouth and tongue,chronic heel pain (I am around 110kg!),and fevers (wife).I was able to reverse hyperplasia of cervix, even after hysterectomy was suggested by more than one allopathic doctor,ofcourse the last with the help of my learned qualified homeopaths to start with.

Neither me nor my wife never stopped coffee.

I think Vithoulkus is right when he says, as long as you are not addicted to coffee, it won't antidote.

What he means by addiction is that you should get some symptoms like headache, uneasiness etc, if you miss your coffee.

If you are not that type,and even if you miss your coffee for a day, nothing happens to you, then coffee can't antidote.

We are stressing too much on coffee, I think, and by repeatedly telling abstain from coffee,routinely, I think we are keeping many people away from homeopathy,who otherwise, would have tried it.

Is it not better to say abstain from coffee, if it causes you any symptoms if you miss it.

Just an humble suggestion, and open for discussion from our respected learned members.

  bandarbabu2000 on 2004-09-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
sorry for the spelling mistake.

Neither me nor my wife ever stopped coffee.
bandarbabu2000 last decade
read hahnemann's "treatise on coffee" !
John Stanton last decade
Dear John

I read it more than once.Some where Clarke says

Whatever Hanneman has said positively,they are of great value,but on certain issues,where he says such and such a medicine is not useful unless such and such a condition is present,he may be wrong.

I shall try to quote the exact para from Clarke later.

I dare not say Hanneman was wrong.Yes,it is always best to stop everything.But,is it practically possible?

Can't we attach some conditions, like don't eat onions while taking Thuja,don't take cold showers while taking Rhustox etc..

Can't we say don't take coffee,only in case it affects you?

bandarbabu2000 last decade
BB-I think coffee you drink doesn't antidote at all-only dynamized coffee does! But since it is so easy (and can be coincidental!) to dynamize it (mixing, shaking) it's just better to avoid it at all. That's what I think anyway.
Hahnemann experimented with homeopathy all his life-to some experiments he granted more of his time (doses) to some less (like antidoting by food/drink)
I heard that in India they sometimes give remedies in coffee and they work!
Astra2012 last decade
NEVER! COMPROMISE FOR SAKE OF DIS-EASE!!! if one truly wills to heal then they will do as they MUST!! the posture of dis-ease includes all our habits--likes-dislikes--ALL OBSTICLERS TO CURE MUST BE REMOVED!ALL POTENTIAL OBSTICLES MUST BE REMOVED! it is up to patient whether they follow restrictions or not--homoeopathy is not a religion (do as we believe) it is science.
John Stanton last decade
homeopathy is not only science but also art (but that's beyond the point now).

All obstacles to healing must be removed-true--but do you think coffee is?or juices?
Astra2012 last decade
is it agreed upon that homoeopathy treats whole person (in their etireness)from the deepest unseen to the physically evident?
John Stanton last decade
Joe says in another thread

"Interesting question. Quite frankly I have no evidence that coffee antidotes Homeopathic remedies if taken in moderation.

I use less than a teaspoonful of Nescafe with my milk in the morning just once daily and have not observed any negative effect. However if I am on any remedy, say to stop a cold or cough, I do not take the coffee and stay with chocolate instead.

Strong brewed coffee is reputed to neutralize remedies and this can be believed."

This is how we too take coffee,and it may be the reason it doesn't antidote.
bandarbabu2000 last decade
I'm not quite convinced with these antidoting by food/drink. Caffeine in cofee is a drug causing many symptoms to appear-the entire picture changes-and maybe that's the reason why the remedy stops working. I personally don't think that coffee acts on the remedy-or any food, acidic or not. Homeopathic remedies act through the body's vital force (body's energy field, or whatever you call it) and food goes through ailmentary canal. Other planes.
You must remove obstacles to healing-true, the body should be treated in its entriety-also true-but if someone drinks a cup of coffee every morning and it never caused any harm then she/he may continue it without concern (I think).
Astra2012 last decade
..if you are satisfied with your method--then ok
John Stanton last decade
As I have alrady told you ,I take coffee and also use homeopathic medicines,and I get relief.

Can other users of this forum share their views .Specifically,whether they stopped taking coffee,while using homeo medicines,or otherwise.
bandarbabu2000 last decade
I guess coffee is not taken because of caffeine. Would it be ok to take decaffeinated coffee?
inneed last decade
No problem at all.
bandarbabu2000 last decade
Mr. Stanton, please advise whether decaffeinated coffee is ok to use during homeo treatment.
inneed last decade
i advise no sort of coffee(caffinated and decaffinated).
John Stanton last decade
Dear Pankaj

What are your views?

bandarbabu2000 last decade
After five years of remedy use, I am sure that coffee and tea do not antidote for me. I rarely drink coffee, but forgot once or twice while on a remedy. On rare occasions herbal use has antidoted - once when taking a product for a colon cleasing, one dose.

A dose of Camphor will antidote many remedies for me, but not always camphor in non potentized form. Try to avoid this, of course.
museon last decade
Possible antidoting by ANYTHING is a handy way to make a patient feel guilty and responsible for the lack of cure.
Astra2012 last decade

I like your comment.

Any other views pl.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
i tell you what--give no restrictions when you prescribe--if that is what has given you unquestionable results in chronic cases---but what do you say when no result happens and you know patient has been using coffe or some other dietary item which is known to cause aggravation/obstruction in the provings of remedy prescribed--PERHAPS you will have a little bit of a doubt that maybe coffee or what ever, has influenced the case --or will you immediately assume that remedy is wrong and give another and another and another...is it not wiser to eliminate all possible obstructions and know when a remedy gives no response or aggravted response or non at all --that at least dietary items are not the reason--

very obvious--so why debate about frivlolous matters---dont give restrictions if you know your right---

hahnemann says remove all obsticles-and gives a explaiined list--which can be elaborated upon to envolve the times we live---i claim not to know more than he --do you?
if so please write out your treatise of research upon this matter---if not--then dont waste your time 'gossiping' about nothing...opinions will not solve this scientific study
...you trust your repertories ...then trust the organon..unless you know more --then please share your wisdom...
John Stanton last decade
Well John

Your spirited reply shows your committment.

But as you have your convictions I have mine.

What is a discussion?

To know each others ideas,and get benifited by them.

You said what you wanted say.
Let others share their thoughts.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Hahnemann says: "remoove obstacles to cure" not "be paranoid".
Toxic wastes are now found even in ocean fish - how could a cup of coffee be a greater obstacle?
Astra2012 last decade
Darn typos! It should be "remove" of course
Murthy - seems that you are stepping on egos.
Must be that whisky...
Astra2012 last decade
A bit of amusement is welcome.Ha ha.But, Astra people may ask how whiskey has come in between?
bandarbabu2000 last decade
well well astra--seems to be a bit moodiness envolved...this the best you can come up with...it seems you know ..

.so dont suggest restrictions ...hmm even after your experience with alcohol/wine and arnica? you still wouldn't suggest avoiding? well you seem to allow your moods to rule...good for you...
John Stanton last decade

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