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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
the real question is = what is the truth?
John Stanton last decade
The truth is we have to treat our patients,who indulge in a few indiscretions,despite our warnings,and then only homeopathy will succeed.

We have to find ways and means to make our remedy gain upperhand,even if the patient has antidoted it,unknowingly.

One method is frequent split doses,(water doses,plussing method,olfaction).

bandarbabu2000 last decade
In science you don't usually have philosophical problems-facts are facts and you have rational explanation for them.

And such is the science part of homeopathy.

Possibility of antidoting, removing the cause is definitely the scientific part of homeopathy and so it can be explained and understood.

Since it is not fully known though the other methods of administering the remedies are quite tempting: those you mentioned Murthy (I know you experimented lately with oflaction, and like it- which is great for infants and people unable to take anything by mouth-but most are not that sensitive!but I like a split method and plussing-both adapted by dr. Ramakrishna for cancer patients; single dose however gives body that strong push at the begining and in some cases it is needed. So maybe the method I once was reading about:single dose high potency followed by LM6 etc, wasn't so bad after all? )
Astra2012 last decade

I am not saying the above are the only methods.There may be other variations.

But,John's last question is making me thinking seriously,as to what you can do?

Obviously,the concept of a split dose,which Hannemann himself has advocated,will take care of many antidoting problems.As the organism is continuously supplied with energy,any previous antidoting,may be nullified by this method.

I wish all of you practicing homeopaths,too experiment a bit,and add your observations.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
"....Obviously,the concept of a split dose,which Hannemann himself has advocated,will take care of many antidoting problems....." well tobring hahnemann up here --might as well follow ALL of his recomendations--especially concerning the main topic here---------organon paragraph 260....
John Stanton last decade

See the foot note.(Para 260)

"All these things must be as far as possible avoided or removed,in order that the cure may not be obstructed or rendered impossible.

Some of my disciples seen neeedlessly increase the difficulties of the patients' dietary by forbidding the use of many more,tolerably indifferent things,which is not to be commended."

The operating words are "as far as possible."

We must be capable of curing our patients,despite their indiscretions with common food articles.Then only homeopathy can be made useful to a vast majority of people.

How many people do you think follow your dietary restrictions?

Just ask them to tell you frankly.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
no murthy the key is --you left out the whole list...write the list out in completion here--see you short cut hahnemanns full wording --so as to give half truth implication --in defense of what YOU want it to mean----pure nonsense --why you waste your time --when cant be honest--what is it your trying to prove here? hahnemann recommends no coffee...you seeking to prove something new and outstanding here? when you dont even have full confidence in prescribing..typical behavior of those seeking short cuts---easy road---THERE IS NO EASY ROAD to be a true healer/homoeopath....so follow hahnemann's teachings --know them by heart and after start PREACHING new way to practise homoeopathy-----

i know--you going to say--""""well in the interest of a discussion which this forum is about--i am seeking to bring out issues from others points of view to better understand....."""

SO murthy What have you learned? what undeniable fact or truth have you learned from wondering whether or not coffee antidotes?
John Stanton last decade

I agree coffee antidotes in some cases.

We have to find ways and means to cure our patients,despite taking coffee.

That is the essence.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
John Stanton last decade
For info. of all

"Precautions while taking homeopathic medicines.

If you are going to take homeopathic treatment then please do consider the following points as guidelines to take homeopathic medicines.

Do not touch the homeopathic medicines; do not take on to your palm before taking it, as handling of medicines reduces the potency of the medicines. It also spoils the medicines by exposing it to unhygienic conditions. Always take the medicines by using the cap of the medicine bottle or a plain paper. If you are going to use a paper then see to it that it does not contain any print. As ink can also spoil the medicine.

The half an hour rule: Do not eat or drink anything half an hour before and after taking the medicines. That means if you wish to take medicine at 10 o'clock then do not consume anything from 9.30 to 10; take the medicine on 10 o' clock and then till 10.30 do not consume anything. The only exception to this rule is water. Drinking water is permissible after or before five minutes of taking the medicines.

Addictions:Do not smoke, chew tobacco, and drink alcohol while you are taking homeopathic medicines, as it may have nullifying effects on the medicines.

Coffee? A debatable topic when it comes to homeopathy. With recent research studies it has been explained that if you follow: not to have anything half an hour before and after the medicine rule then coffee does no harm even if you are taking homeopathic medicines BUT for some homeopathic medicines coffee acts as an antidote; as there are medicines prepared by using coffee in the crude as well as in the roasted form. That is why your homeopath will be a right person to guide you whether coffee will do or not along with the homeopathic medicines you are taking.

Onion, garlic, ginger and other strong smelling substances: Once you are following the half an hour rule then you can eat raw onion, garlic, ginger, and other strong smelling substances along with the homeopathic medicines.

Other dietary restrictions: It is not mandatory for homeopathic treatment to follow certain dietary restrictions exceptionally for homeopathic medicines. BUT for diseases like bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, gout, or the disease which the intensity of which increases after taking a certain food items you need to follow the dietary restrictions for some period till you start responding to the homeopathic line of treatment. Once you respond curatively to homeopathic line of treatment there is no need to keep on the dietetic restrictions. That is the actual cure what homeopathy gives.
Other medications:

Allopathic: if you are a blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy patient and if you are taking certain medicines for longer period of time then it is not advisable to stop the medicines abruptly as you may encounter problems if you do that. Once you start responding positively to homeopathic treatment then your homeopath will advise curtail down of your medicines.

Ayurvedic: Most of the Ayurvedic medicines and homeopathic medicines have the same source only the preparation differs. Because of that it is better to confront your doctor which Ayurvedic medicine (along with the contents of it) you are taking. If the medicines have adverse reactions to each other then your homeopath will advise you to stop the Ayurvedic medicines."

I agree with all of this.

Any other opinions?

bandarbabu2000 last decade
I forgot to add

Except for the one on addictions.I feel the half an hour rule can be applied there also.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Hanemann is a cigar smoker,used to take alcohol in moderate quantites.He and many others say,there is no problem with these two,as far as antidoting is concerned.

But,it is better to avoid smoking,in view of overall health.

As far as tobacco chewing is concerned,this habit may not be familiar ,to Western countries,but is common in the Indian sub continent.

Farook J.Master says in one of his books that it won't antidote homeo medicines.But,as smoking,it has serious health complications,and better to avoid it.

But,in any case,the half an hour rule,if followed,will in general be enough.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Dear Murhty

I hope you are taking care not to copy/paste any copyrighted material.

I just noticed your list of "precautions" may have been copied from a copyrighted site.

I am not a supporter of copyrights and patents -- but we need to save ourselves from legal hassles. Oh! Not everything is perfect in this world.

puneet last decade
I don't think any thing on the net is copyrighted.It is meant for public viewing.

There are provisions in web architecture not to allow you to copy and paste.If I can do that,it means the material can be viewed by others.

I am just making some useful information available to all.I don't have any other intention,of commercially exploiting it.

Any way,your suggestion is welcome.why take chances?

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Actually the particular site you quoted (I googled my way) actually has a copyright notice at the bottom.

puneet last decade
The matter Puneet is referring to is from this website.It allows us to send it to all our friends.


bandarbabu2000 last decade
A site worth visiting.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
A question to the experienced...what about herbal preparations? My acupuncturist thinks it is okay to take Chinese herb pills while on homeopathy, but I avoid this.

Any opinions?
museon last decade
I have heard the TCM herbs are not suppressive and support Homeopathy if used correctly. People can wean off of them as Homeopathy starts to be more healing to their system. It imitates Homeopathy in that it matches a Simillimum when TCM has one main herb and other supportive herbs which is guided by a TCM professional. The problem lies in that most people are taking many and mixed herbs based on symptoms which is not good. Herbs can cloud the picture in homeopathy in later treatment, but doesn't take away from the picture initially. No accessory symptoms are formed with herbs as with allopathy, and thus formation of a complex disease is not from herbs but from allopathic meds and misdosing of Homeopathic remedies. Hope this helps,
loree last decade
Murthy, Can you explain the incense...I burn incense in my home, but have not heard that it antidotes remedies...thank you!
loree last decade
Make sure that at the moment you open the vial,there are no odors around you (that includes odors of incense,camphor,cooked food,aromatic sprays etc..),or on you (scents,sprays etc).similar thing applies to yor mouth also.No odors.

The rule of half an hour is meant to take care of all these probable antidotes.

bandarbabu2000 last decade

Good, I thought I could never have another clearing scent in my home...I usually light the incense and leave.

How do people use the champhor and cofee to create an antidote when needed,,,,I can't find it in my books. Do you have to potentize it? I have spirit of camphor in my home...is this the camphor most use? I did the olfactory technique once (I needed to antidote) and it worked, but how do most take it to antidote?

The other thing I have heard on general coffee intake is too take the remedy after the coffee, not before...if you have to have coffee. Thanks, Loree
loree last decade
No potenticies.For antidoting,just drink about,5 to 6 cups of strong coffee at frequent intervals.Camphor can be rubbed on the skin.The details are available in the book,

"The science of Homeopathy" by Vithoulkus.It is a good book.Try to read it.

Smelling Camphor also works for antidoting.

Afer or before,really doesn't matter'as long you give a gap of 1/2 hour.

One more thing,avoid all balms,products containning Camphor.Products like Vicks contain Camphor,and not to be used.Read the label,and use only such products that don't contain camphor.

In India,Zandu balm is one preperation without Camphor,and I use it,for mild headaches etc.

One of the prominent reasons,for homeo medicies,not to work, as effectively ,as they should, is because,we antidote them unknowingly.

More awareness has to be created on this aspect.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Incense, mosquito repellants, strong body odurs, camphor fumes.....all work as anti-dotes.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

One intersting thing you added was mosquito repellents.I am using the liquid ones,and can't sleep without them,as I am highly allergic to mosquito bites.
Since the odor from them is so mild,I thought they may not be a problem.

Yes,the likes of tortoise which give lot of smoke,and odor,are to be avoided.

What do you feel about the liquid ones?

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Thanks Guys,

Thant helps alot. If I drank 5-6 cups of coffee, I wouln't need an antidote....I would be sick and wired for days! As I am doing the 5th edition method for myself with the spilt dose method, I think I am safer around strong odors, as I can dose more frequently tahn with a dry dose, but I want to know all for greater understanding.

The incense, I like however, for when I leave the house and if I do yoga in a studio, they have it lit sometimes. I can't get to paranoid otherwise I would never go out of my home!!
loree last decade

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