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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Thanks Guys,

Thant helps alot. If I drank 5-6 cups of coffee, I wouln't need an antidote....I would be sick and wired for days! As I am doing the 5th edition method for myself with the spilt dose method, I think I am safer around strong odors, as I can dose more frequently tahn with a dry dose, but I want to know all for greater understanding.

The incense, I like however, for when I leave the house and if I do yoga in a studio, they have it lit sometimes. I can't get to paranoid otherwise I would never go out of my home!!
loree last decade
Dear Loree

I agree with you.We can't change our life style suddenly,and in some cases,not at all.

That is why I argue,more than once, that our medicines have to cure despite some indiscretions,and hence repeated split dose,plussing method etc,are best.

But,I still caution you,make sure that incense odors are not there "at the time you open the vial."

Other times,upto you.

May be you can apply the half an hour rule here also.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
"No potenticies.For antidoting,just drink about,5 to 6 cups of strong coffee at frequent intervals."

Only if you are addicted to coffee, right Murthy!!
puneet last decade
I want to discuss some of the points you wrote (Murthy)


Do not touch the homeopathic medicines; do not take on to your palm before taking it, as handling of medicines reduces the potency of the medicines.

If you give it to someone! If you take it yourself it may be e.g. licked from your own palm. I asked our hypersensitive museon why? and she said that:
1. the energy of the medicine may be changed by the energy field of the handler
2.the sensitive handler nay be affected by the remedy

The half an hour rule: Do not eat or drink anything half an hour before and after taking the medicines. The only exception to this rule is water. Drinking water is permissible after or before five minutes of taking the medicines.

do you know why?(does he know?)
The idea is to keep body's energy focused on healing and NOT on digestion.
Plain water (not carbohydrated) is the only drink/food that we can take without producing digestive enzymes.
Each rule (if valid) should have some logical explanation.

Addictions:Do not smoke, chew tobacco, and drink alcohol while you are taking homeopathic medicines, as it may have nullifying effects on the medicines.

If someone has cancer because of tobacco than he/she should definitely remove the cause for any treatmant to be successfullb - but if someone smokes habitually and you tell him/her to quit smoking with hoom med. their either quit hom.med. or if smoking-they would have a new array of withdrawal symptoms and you need to take the case again. And wine-if he/she always drinks with dinner half glass of wine-why saying it will antidote-Hahnemann didn't say that!

as there are medicines prepared by using coffee in the crude as well as in the roasted form.

??? He means here oonly coffee cruda and coffee tosta, right?

What if the patient is on oral contraceptives?
Astra2012 last decade
it should be carbonated not carbohyydrated of course
in other words:
no bubble=no trouble
Astra2012 last decade
Thanks Puneet

for letting us know your views.


The hand may not be clean.That may be one reason,to insist take straight from the bottle.It is not difficult,to do.So,Let us stick to it.

"The idea is to keep body's energy focused on healing "

Yes,that is why it is suggested not to lie on bed,immediately after taking the medicine.1/2 hr.rule applies for going to bed also.

Similarly,one should not go to sleep again,after taking the medicine in the morning.!!

"If someone has cancer because of tobacco then he/she should definitely remove the cause for any treatmant to be successfull - but if someone smokes habitually and you tell him/her to quit smoking with hoom med. they either quit hom.med. or if smoking-they would have a new array of withdrawal symptoms and you need to take the case again. And wine-if he/she always drinks with dinner half glass of wine-why saying it will antidote-Hahnemann didn't say that!"

You are right.

"He means here only coffee cruda and coffee tosta, right?"


"What if the patient is on oral contraceptives?"

I don't know.Let me checkup.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Murthy, I was just trying to understand your views.

So Murhty, what have you learnt? Coffee antidotes only if you are addicted to it, or does it antidote even otherwise?

In my opinion coffee should not be taken, even for antidotting. Makes your body IMPURE.
puneet last decade
Sorry to butt in on the thread, but I really like this subject about coffee, it's very interesting.

My own personal feelings on it are, (as a complete non-professional),

..brewed coffee (eg. cappucino, espresso etc.) has a strong effect on me and I can certainly feel it changing the mood/mode of my body. This is not nearly as apparent with instant coffee or other caffeinated drinks.

..when taking homeopathic remedies, coffee seems to modify their behaviour. I would figuratively say it gets in and occupies a similar space to the remedy. It feels as if it dampens the aggravation reaction of the remedy. Like by creating it's own "nervous energy" it pushes around the aggravation energy created by the remedy.

However what I have found is that if my vitality is high, for example a lot of physical exercise, I can drink coffee without it substantially affecting the action of the remedy.

So I am guessing that it really depends on the current vitality of the person who is taking the remedy, if it's high, then the body seems to be able to deal with or "process" the remedy better (the remedy has a strong action in the body), and in this case the coffee acting as a drug will induce additional energies in the body, however they may not be powerful enough to displace the homeopathic energy.

And I do feel that the homeopathic energy can be sustained better by giving low more frequent doses, however the constant use of a substance like coffee that induces strong reactions in the body will I imagine slow down the remedy action especially if the vital force/vitality of the person is lower.
Stephen last decade
"Yes,that is why it is suggested not to lie on bed,immediately after taking the medicine.1/2 hr.rule applies for going to bed also."

Now, that I have not heard as sleeping is one of the best methods for healing the body, as the body can only heal with rest/sleep, deep meditation/prayer. I was instructed to take remedies just before bed for the healing benefit(if not the aggrevation time of the remedy).

And as far as coffee goes, many people are hyposensitive to coffee while others are hypersensitive...however the antidote effect on both may be the same.

This is a fun thread! Loree
loree last decade
Hi loree

I am glad we are providing some fun to you.

But,this thread is not meant to be so.

There are many many people out there,who are antidoting their medicines,in the process of taking itself.

How to take a medicine,is not discussed much,as are the other areas of homeopathy.

We are trying to fill that gap.

It is best to give the additional dose of energy,when the organism is active in all its senses.Many references are available,and I will give you some,in due course.

There are many things which we are not aware,and simply because we don't know about it,we should not sneer about them.

Learning is a continuous processs.What we believe may not be true always.


bandarbabu2000 last decade
Hi stephen

This is a discussion.All are welcome to contribute and state their opinions.

Pl.participate actively.I appreciate your views.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Dear Puneet

I missed your post and replying others all along.
This happens when posts cross each other.

Coffee in large quantities,will antidote the medicine,whether you are addicted to it or not.

It is like a poision,in such large doses.Who will not get affected by poision?My analogy is only for understanding,I am not saying coffee is poision.

Some of you may not agree,but Vithoulkus says,in complicated cases,to antidote the unwanted effects of homeopathic medicines,if they are serious,use allopathy.!!

That is being practical.!!!

bandarbabu2000 last decade
antidoting with allopathy is not practical...but desperate..
John Stanton last decade
Ok.Let us say when you are desperate.
bandarbabu2000 last decade
Avoid the Antidotes

Homeopathic remedies are powerful remedies but they work in such small doses that they can easily be compromised! According to Classic Homeopathy, the following antidotes should be avoided:

Avoid heat, light, moisture. Keep homeopathic remedies tightly sealed in a cool, dark place. The steam in your bathroom may not be a safe place for them. Consider an area outside of the medicine chest.

Refrain from mint. Mint or peppermint toothpaste, mint in your ice tea or mint chocolate chip ice cream should all be avoided during the time you are using homeopathic remedies.

Avoid Aromatics. Menthol, camphor, tiger balm and perfume can neutralize homeopathic remedies.

Don't touch. Pour the remedy pills from the bottle into the cap. Then pour them under your tongue. The oil from your hands can affect them.

Not with meals. Take one half hour before eating or one to two hours after.

Don't chew or swallow. Dissolve homeopathic pellets under the tongue. They absorb quickly into the bloodstream this way. Homeopathic drops can be taken the same way or in a glass of water.

Avoid stimulants. Avoid smoking, coffee and caffeine especially within 30 minutes of taking homeopathic remedies.
bandarbabu2000 last decade
Murthy- the discussion may be fun (=interesting=NOT BORING) and on serious matters-I think that's what loree meant (not fun as ridiculous).
It is.

now your points (I guess from Vithou... enough)-I read "science of homeopathy" and I agree with him on some (most)points but sometimes I think he is wrong!
he is human after all.
We also have thinking brains.
And museon or Stephen (or others) who can feel it more graciously let us know-and there isn't a better teacher in homeopathy than human body.

All the points are like dogma-he never says "why???" - I assume (!) he knows that from clinical experience BUT in his book he undertakes (supposedly) the task of explaining homeopathy in scientific terms... There is no attempt to explain just "don'ts" and "avoids".

Don't touch.

Why? Dirt? oils? balloney!
It's not true-and I know it from MY experieence.


Not with meals. Take one half hour before eating or one to two hours after.

he never even tries to explain (as I did in another post. btw I agree with loree that sleep and relax is the best time for healing.Parasympathetic nervous system takes over. This is science and has been proved)


Don't chew or swallow. Dissolve homeopathic pellets under the tongue. They absorb quickly into the bloodstream this way.

into a blood stream!?What is he taking about: a dynamized remedy or a carrier (sac lac)?

There are many books and many views-critical thinking helps understanding.
Astra2012 last decade
Thanks Astra, that is what I meant...fun being interesting with many posts. Yes, this is not gone over much anywhere, but is assumed all understand somehow. Great job to all for filling in the blanks!
loree last decade
Hi Astra

You jump to conclusions very quickly.!!

It is not from Vithoulkus.!

It is from a web site.I didn't bookmark it,but will try to give you the reference later.

I never offered any comments on the post you are referring.It is meant for discussion.

Dear Loree

You also please chip in whenever you can.

The whole idea is to let people understand all the views available on antidoting,and how to take medicines.

There may be minor difference of views,but people will choose,the most safe way.

Why all this fuss about taking it straight from the bottle?It is not bothersome.
Ok.For argument sake,you may say it doesn't matter.May be.

half an hour before sleeping is normally what you do.You are again arguing for argument sake.

Under the tongue.Better,may not be for the reasons mentioned above.


Do me a favour.

Give a small note,similar to above,on how the medicines are to be taken,as per you.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
This is the reference.


Poor vithoulkus!!

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Hello Murthy,
my mistake. you just always talk about him -never about other web sites-I ASSUMED it is also from him.
I'm relieved.

How the medicines are to be taken: under tongue, above tongue, if someone grinds pellets that's ok, in water, dogs lick it from the bowl (where it is in a drop of water so doesn't roll around.
Kids lick their clean palms and get the remedy on it. And it works!Why shouldn't it?

I'm against dogmas, myths and superstitions.

And everyone can practice homeopathy-and everyone can build a web site with their "pearls of wisdom" - one needs to be really critical to accept something as true.
Astra2012 last decade
astra --you may be eagar to classify anything you do not accept as ''dogma or myth"---yet perhaps it is your own inability to observe the truth--or willing to commit to sincere study...as seen in your prescribing techniques---no structure---
John Stanton last decade

When you try to put a procedure on paper,the most practical and useful points are taken into consideration.
There may be so many variations possible.

That is why,try to put your ideas in a small para.Assume you have to give that paper to your patients.

"You can take the medicine,either on the tongue,under the tongue,in your palms,never mind if they are dirty,or in water,or lick them."

or something like

"carry your pills in your hand,while going to bed,and take them just at the moment of falling asleep,not before."

It is easy to comment on a written matter,but very difficult,to compose one,yourself.


bandarbabu2000 last decade
I think after a person walks out the door of an office or away from the online forum...you don't have any control of their actions, but the recommendations you have made.

Patients/clients DO need initial structure, but it is their decision to follow them or not. They are not rules, but suggestions and recommendations.

It is not a good idea for a practitioner of any profession dealing with deeper human issues and emotions to make their client feel "bad" or he/she has failed because they antidoted mistakenly, slipped, or intentionally by lack of will power.

Support your client in their growth, even though you, as a Practitioner, may know their healing and cure can move at a faster pace if they followed your recommendations closer. Chances are they are doing the best they can and need your support in their healing, even if it is rocky course, because of their slowness to adopt the changes you are suggesting.

In my opinion...if a remedy is not holding or the benefits are not seen through the eyes of a client, then the next step is to counsel the client and address lifestyle issues, possible antidoting factors and then putting into place possible changes...define the risks and benefits of lifestyle issues on their health and healing issues, and allow the client to feel good about their decision...no matter that may be.

Thanks all for allowing me to feel comfortable expanding my thoughts in this forum!
loree last decade
any substance --when removed from diet/use ----withdrawl syndrome occurs--this is strong indication that this particular substance affects individual characteristic symptoms--thus making that particular grouping of symptoms unreliable for homoeopathic prescription...either it must be known exactly which symptoms belong to said substance or removal from use--to ensure oure characteristics to prescribe upon......this apply to althings which affect the individuals 'economy'---....envirement;medicines;foods;life style...etc...
John Stanton last decade
withdrawl syndrome--can very from mild to catastrophic--point being --if any change occur in symptomology due to removal--then it is shown that symptomology was not pure while in use...
John Stanton last decade
Thank you Loree-I fully agree with you: making patient feel bad will not speed healing (on the contrary).

Murthy-this is not fair! This is a forum discussion in which we say what we think (e.g. how to take the remedies) NOT how we instruct patients!!! You are twisting my words, besides.
Astra2012 last decade

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