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Arnica Montana2
Calcarea Carbonica2
Calcarea Fluorata2
Conium Maculatum2
Kali Phosphoricum2
Mercurius Vivus3
Phytolacca Decandra4

Tiny lumps under skin 12

Hello, Ive noticed tiny lump ( size of a mustard seed) on under the skin on hands and legs. They are not too hard. I noticed one few years back on my left hand and when i got ...
Remedies: Nux Vomica, Antimonium Crudum, Berberis Vulgaris
Started by reenadass. Last post: 2021-06-08

Painful underarm lumps 1

Hi I am 33 male. I have fungal infection under my arms from the last 6 years and i opted for allopathy. I have taken antifungals orally and applied .1 percent steroid cream to re...
Started by Ratulsingh. Last post: 2019-12-02

Daughter 8 years has lumps in chest 4

My daughter, 8 years old, has lumps in her breast. The lumps are hard. The left side is more than the right. She wakes up at night complaining of pain. It is painful to touch. She...
Remedies: Tabacum
Started by homeopath12. Last post: 2018-10-09

Breast lumps 1

I have fibrodenoma on my ryt breast below the arma..I am taking homeopathy medicines since 4 months but I got no result..should I go with the surgery or continue those medicines..m...
Started by Ounausau. Last post: 2018-01-25

Lumps on penis 2

Hi I have a couple of lumps on my penis situated on the underside below the head. I have had them for a long time. One time in the past I was able to burst one of them and it had a...
Remedies: Gaster galli, Tabacum
Started by david68. Last post: 2017-05-13

Mastitis and lumps in breast 3

Hello I have mastitis I think. The breast is red as if it has been sunburned. It started a week ago. The pain was intense inside the breast last weekend then I took belladonna ...
Started by mum. Last post: 2017-02-20

Lumps under the Skin 2

A family friend woman age 65 has many lumps under her skin, about the size of apricots - more on arms and legs. These lumps do not hurt, do not itch. She had them for about 5 yea...
Remedies: Heracleum Sphondylium, Calcarea Carbonica
Started by Jingle Bells. Last post: 2016-08-29

Multiple fatty lumps at hand, back, leg and front 6

I am 28 years old male from India. I am having multiple fatty lumps just under my skin. These are painless. The numbers are increasing every month. Initially it did not bother me, ...
Started by Soumalya. Last post: 2016-06-01

Dog with hard moveable lumps 2

Greetings, my dog was diagnosed with lymphoma. He has many golf ball sized hard lumps around his neck that can be easily felt. He has some hard lumps in this "armpit" area and his ...
Remedies: Calcarea Fluorata, Lachesis
Started by missynlas. Last post: 2015-06-05

Lumps and slight pain in left and right arm ..... 3

Dear Dr's, I have developed lumps in my left arm since quite some time now . The lumps are small in size around half an inch diameter except one which is near the wrist and b...
Started by venus0743. Last post: 2014-05-01

Lumps in throat 1

I am interested in using Baryta Carb for lumps in my throat. I have mild asthma, an ovarian cyst, rapid heartbeat, dermagraphisism, anemia, and outdoor allergies. Will the drug ...
Started by harmonyac. Last post: 2013-06-25

Dog with lumps 0

My ten year old lab has lumps under his skin. They are squishy and seem to be attached within the skin. The largest are about 2.5 inches in diameter. The smallest about the size of...
Started by nallie. Last post: 2013-01-16

Small fatty lumps on thighs and back (attn: Joe De Livera) 1

Hi Sirs, My aunt who is 60 years old has circular fatty deposits on her thighs, above her knees and on her back etc..Can you recommend something for this please?...
Started by bill20. Last post: 2012-09-26

Underarm lumps developed during pregnancy 7

During my pregnancy, 2 small lumps began developing under both armpits. They occassionally ache but never too much. One on the right has grown quite big and is about 2x2 inches. bo...
Started by Lopamudra. Last post: 2012-05-07

Thyroid lumps 4

sir, recently fifteen days back i have noticed a lump in the neck of my wife and immeditely we have gone to endocrinologist and he asked us to test for two tests thyroid FNAC thyro...
Started by rajarammohan. Last post: 2012-01-28

Breast Lumps 17

Hi, I woke up last week with pain in my right breast and found about a 2-3 in. lump where the pain was. This literally happened overnight. The pain is primarily gone, but the lu...
Remedies: Argentum Metallicum, Iodium, Arnica Montana, Phytolacca Decandra
Started by HappyFlower. Last post: 2011-09-24

Breast benign lumps 6

My wife has a breast lumps / cyst in both breast from 2 years. We have taken a homeopathic medicines from doctors. But their is a problem that after complete course cyst reappears....
Remedies: Phytolacca Decandra, Bioplasma
Started by shaikh_akhtar. Last post: 2011-04-08

Fatty Lumps - Lipomas 9

I have fatty lumps (1-2 cm diameter, 6 of them alltogether) underneath the skin of both my upper arms which Allopathy Doctors called them Lipomas and they are harmless.They have ex...
Remedies: Lapis Albus, Cistus Canadensis, Aqua Marina
Started by rsaad. Last post: 2010-08-03

Lumps in underarm 3

5 months ago I notice a couple 'lumps' (small) appear in my underarm (left side). I monitored them and they hung around a few weeks and didn't do anything so I went t...
Started by sienajt. Last post: 2009-06-16

Breast lumps 1

Dear Rishimba I posted for some help regarding sore breasts and a breast lump in left breast. I would like you to reply, as my friend recommended you. thank You Rishimba Liliy7...
Started by liliy7. Last post: 2008-08-29

Lumps of fat on the abdomen 3

Sir/Madam: I am a man aged 35 years. I weigh 95 kg and my height is 5 feet 11 inches. For the past few years, i have noticed that i have become obese. I have tried my best to g...
Remedies: Mercurius Vivus, Sulphur
Started by swarp. Last post: 2008-08-20

Lumps 1

Hey.. i have 2 lumps around my vagina area.. they are both quite hard.. one is under the skin and the other is visible and is kind of white.. i dont really want to go to a doctors....
Remedies: Mercurius Vivus
Started by Vickyxo.. Last post: 2008-06-15

Hard lumps in body of various sizes which do not pain. Treatment required. 5

hard lumps in body of various sizes which do not pain.Probably they may be calcium deposits but am not sure. They are heridetary and are exactly at the same places as my father or ...
Remedies: Phosphorus
Started by sanjil. Last post: 2007-02-13

Lumps in ear lobes 2

hi, i was someone could help me diagnose my symptoms. they are: lumps in my ear lobes(no pus, just hard lumps that hurt when pressed),sting/burning sensation on skin, slight hair ...
Remedies: Graphites
Started by smithsonian. Last post: 2006-10-30

Asterias rubens and auxillary lumps 1

I have had a lump in my left underarm for 18months and some other lymphatic nodes have developed lumps and then settled but this one stays. I recently took Asterias Rubens 6c and ...
Remedies: Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum, Silicea
Started by clairel. Last post: 2006-08-01

Painful lumps underarms 18

I have excessive underarm sweating. It causes my lymph nodes to become inflamed and it is painful. My dermatologist's solution was CertainDri with more aluminum than the ave...
Remedies: Silicea
Started by allisona. Last post: 2006-07-03

Lumps in armpit and on hands 13

Recently I found 3 lumps in armpits and 2 on hands.I can feel it only when i touch.There is no break out of skin.When i touch it,i can feel the lump to be of pepper size.I was hav...
Remedies: Colibacillinum cum Natrum Muriaticum, Carboneum Oxygenisatum, Silicea
Started by unknown. Last post: 2006-06-02

Lumps in armpit during menstrual 4

Just to make me feel better...I am 25, female, and right before my menstrual cycle I get sore lumps in my armpits. If this is normal then can I have them removed (think they are l...
Remedies: Calcarea Carbonica
Started by milf4mc. Last post: 2006-05-17

Crystal Rock and Baking Soda Caused Lumps 6

About a year ago I began using a crystal rock deodorant sticks that I purchased from the health food store. Then about 6 months afterwards I began using baking soda along with the...
Remedies: Alumina
Started by macman. Last post: 2006-02-08

White lumps on body 6

i have these little white lumps over my shoulders, upperarms and some on my genitals. they look like little lumps under the skin and hair seems to come from them.i feel a bit conce...
Started by spowell. Last post: 2005-12-28

Breast Lumps 15

A 42 year old woman presented with lumps in her breast. One is about 1" diameter while the other is about 1/2". Both are in one breast. They are medium hard and are tender t...
Remedies: Bellis Perennis, Arnica Montana, Belladonna, Phytolacca Decandra, Conium Maculatum, Asterias Rubens, Phosphorus, Thyroidinum, Coffea Cruda, Tabacum, Calcarea Fluorata, Kali Phosphoricum
Started by Joe De Livera. Last post: 2005-09-09

Lumps under skin 0

Dear All,There are lumps under skin formed over hands, thighs and back. Consulted many physicians in US and India they all toldno medicine for that. But if they grow big size needs...
Started by pattaswamy. Last post: 2005-08-24

Breast Lumps 7

This is concerning a friend of mine. She has breast lumps.Very tender, bainful breasts when touched or brushed.30 years old. Good weight (not over or under weight). Blonde hair, bl...
Remedies: Conium Maculatum
Started by homeofive. Last post: 2005-03-07

Axillary breast lumps 56

I am a 44 year old woman.I have breast tissue lumps under the both armpits.They have steadily grown over 10 years.Mammogram shows only breast tissue.I have no pain but some discomf...
Remedies: Aurum Metallicum, Apis Mellifica, Graphites, Mercurius Vivus, Iodium, Phosphorus, Phytolacca Decandra, Vespa Crabro, Rhus Tox, Kali Phosphoricum, Natrum Sulphuricum, Sulphur, Glanderine, Chamomilla, Cuprum Metallicum
Started by vishali. Last post: 2004-12-14

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