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multiple annular of dorsal surface - Geograpical tongue
The two year old girl does not eat well, she has this red ring, lines on the tongue or dor
marian 2006-06-21
1   last decade

geographical tongue
Two years old, trying to deal with a geograpical tongue. Eats with lots of discomfort.
marian 2006-06-21
1   last decade

Allergic to sulphur ?
Hi, I am hoping someone can help clear up this for me. A few years ago I suffered whiplash

melcol 2005-05-10
18   last decade

Little boy post liver transplant
Hi, my son, now 2and half, had a liver transplant at 8 months old. My questions are, any
monsta 2006-06-20
1   last decade

Rhematoid Arthritis at age 30
Does anyone know of any homeopathic treatment for the above?

fdk70 2003-02-03
17   last decade

Need of urgent advise
Mr. Joe De Livera advised me to take Nat Phos 6x and Arnica 30c for my severe inflammation
thezahoor 2006-06-17
4   last decade

Dog w/ Infection & Swollen Gland
I have a 10-year old dog with grade 2 mast cell cancer inside his mouth (on his upper lip)
gmudogs 2006-06-19
2   last decade

another case of white bumps in back of throat
i have white bumps in the back of my throat, it just occurred a couple of days ago. at fir
honisuckle1 2005-07-12
5   last decade

ear ringing advice
Ear RingingThis is from my personal experience, I am not a Doctor, however I have seen doc
earadvice 2006-03-16
7   last decade

help me!!!!!!!
erics19143 2006-05-22
12   last decade

And I was told they had stopped
putting MERCURY in VACCINES!! August 12, 2004 Health Advocacy in the Public Interest (HAP
walkin 2006-06-15
2   last decade

Dry itchy and flaky skin around the lips
I'm not sure what started my skin problem. I've never been allergic to anything.
bella123 2006-06-20
2   last decade

vital force
The vital force Develops as the small packet of cells/genetic material multiplies over 9
walkin 2006-06-17
5   last decade

effect of phosphorus in semen eruption
i want the effect of phosphorus in semen eruption
arunkbreeze 2006-06-20
1   last decade

child fears water in ears + speech problems
Hi, I am new to this forum but have been an avid reader and user of abchomeopathy for some
aquarianmoonshine 2006-06-20
5   last decade

Hi, My symptoms suits silicea perfectly but . . . I do have an artificial heart valve and
Sjaak 2006-06-20
2   last decade

Remedies from India
Hi all, Good news for many of you is that we are planning to start supplying remedies fro
moderator 2006-06-06
12   last decade

alternating blocked nostrils + post nasal drip + chest pains
Hi, I'm a 26 year old male, living in California. I've been encountering a few h
thefreshprince 2006-06-19
4   last decade

I have had esophagitis for about 13 years now. Its gotten worse over the yer, but Nexium
nexium 2006-06-17
6   last decade

mixing remedy with what kind of water?
What kind of water are you supposed to mix your remedy in, like purified, distilled or wha

tweetystone 2006-06-17
31   last decade

hair problem>
dear viewer, i am a boy 16 years old ,living in india,i have hair fall problem my friends
vaz_waseem 2006-06-18
1   last decade

cystic acne - I'd be truly grateful if someone helped
hi, I am a 27 year old female. I have been suffering from cystic acne for the last 5 year
sabrina2006 2006-06-20
1   last decade

nasal congestion and irrtation
Please, I need help with my condition. I have had sore throat, cough and catarrh on and o
mameyo 2006-06-10
4   last decade

Acne and acne scars
Dear Pankaj sir, Thanks for replying to my post in the other thread. I am a 27
barora 2006-06-19
4   last decade

White Bumps in Throat - Gone!
Hi, I suffered from white bumps in my throat for over 3 yrs. So I completely know how ev
Tiffany23 2006-06-19
3   last decade

Hernia Surgery Tomorrow
My fishing partner is going in for a hernia and vasectomy surgery tomorrow and seems to th
Jay 15 2006-06-19
2   last decade

Quit Masturbation
Dear Sir, Im a male of 28 years in habit of masturbation 2 times a day, and the doctor ha
mailaby 2006-06-13
11   last decade

Dr.DeoShlok Sharma
Dear Dr., We have had previous correspondence regarding my chronic HSV. REecently i have
deewana2k 2006-06-15
2   last decade

boils for 5 years
Hello i have boils on scalp for about 5 years.Been on silica for about 8 months it has hel

vijay99 2006-04-30
17   last decade

White Spot in throat
For a little over a week now I have had a white spot on one of my tonsils. I have had whi
valponick 2005-09-29
3   last decade

Acne and blackheads
My face is scarred with acne marks and blackheads. I came across in your forum that Glacia
anshu34 2006-06-17
1   last decade

otitis media & flying
44yr old male. Previous sinus headaches. After sea swim, developed mild earache and bad di
golferrod 2006-06-17
1   last decade

Directions for Sulphur tincture
The bottle says 5 drops in 1/4 glass of water every 30 minutes. Is it ok to do this? I h
dustin667 2006-06-17
3   last decade

creating a disease
With homeopathy is it not dangerous to give to much ? Is it possible to create a disease?
vankelst 2006-06-17
4   last decade

ustilago in tincture
Does anyone know where I can purchase the ustilago in tincture form? I would appreciate an

tweetystone 2006-05-30
16   last decade

Tesco Docs
NHS trusts pledge to copy Tesco business methods Thursday June 15, 2006 Chief executives
walkin 2006-06-17
no replies yet

sinus- nasal condestion
Hi, Since last winter my husband has a persistent nasal congestion which will not go awa
monika-jethi 2006-06-16
2   last decade

23 month old with stomach infection
Dear Pankaj My 23 month old daughter has mild stomach infection.Got a stool test done whic

shiny 2006-06-03
18   last decade

dr.sajid .... dr.kumar please reply & help
Hello I've been following this forum for quite a while and see you two are the best p
rabsii90 2006-06-16
2   last decade

Oesophagit homeopathic treatment
Angiography showed two blocked arteries for which I have been through PTCA (Angioplasty) o
thezahoor 2006-06-16
2   last decade

Chronic Urticaria
Hi I've been suffering from the above since June of last year. I've been to se
Drew14 2006-06-16
1   last decade

i have a chronic urticaria i've checked my food habits but it shows no logic. i think
amitnanavati 2006-06-16
1   last decade

Keloids on both ears
Hi, I have keloids behind both my ears - the right one is more prominent. Anyone have a r
Skhan 2006-06-17
1   last decade

Body pain soon after going to bed at night.
I suffer from mild body ache only in following parts of the body: neck, shoulders, back an
T.S.Nagarajan 2006-06-17
1   last decade

Acne Advise Requested
have read the various ance related posts with interest and have even taken some inspiratio
bendi 2006-06-16
3   last decade

Faty Loss
i want to loos my Fat. I am 23 years Old. i am Software eng so most of my time i spend in
myharshdesigner 2006-06-16
1   last decade

no appetite, anxiety, or extreme worry?
Hi, I an new here and need some help. To begin with, about three weeks ago I just had a ba
jerry682 2005-05-06
9   last decade

How to take Bach Flower essences
Hi, I want to know how to take bach flower essences. Like homeopathy do we have to stay
anon99 2006-06-15
4   last decade

remedy enquire
dears sir i am inneed of ustilago maydis CM for my friend. where can i get it. it is a rar
gopal18 2006-06-16
1   last decade

Endocrine Drops
Hi, Im suffereing from Hypothyroidism and have been prescibed by someone Endocrine Drops-
mailaby 2006-06-16
2   last decade

Sexual problem?
Hello, I wanted to check into this because I noticed when I had sex I would ejaculate to e
igetya 2006-06-02
6   last decade

HBP and Aconitum Ferox Q
I tried several remedies for HBP in a few patients. The best result obtained from Aconitum
sthillaiyah 2006-06-14
2   last decade

how to Increase my height.
Hi I'm from India, Bangalore i'm 25 yrs old can i increase my height i'm 4
prtina 2006-06-16
1   last decade

New Paradigm -- lie!
Doctor behind MMR scare to face four charges of misconduct over research Monday June 12,
walkin 2006-06-12
2   last decade

Is there a way to switch from Allopathic to Homeopathy ???
Hi I am 53 years old…had a triple by pass 3 years ago … my heart is okay no damage. I am

jacobson 2006-06-05
20   last decade

Homeopathy and Malaria
Does anybody have any information about this? Does homeopathy have anything to offer in te
WilsonM 2006-06-16
1   last decade

Is there any treatment 4 Tuberculsis
I suffered from Tuberculosis and it was diagnosed 50 days ago. I was given streptomycin In
kashifjan 2006-06-10
5   last decade

High Blood Pressure with anxious personality.
Hello Dr. Sajjad & Dr. Deoshlok Good morning to all of you I am 53 years old…had a trip
jacobson 2006-06-15
2   last decade

red eyes with discharge and eczema
What can i take for red eyes meduim discharge and eczema
divine1976 2006-06-16
1   last decade

Acne+weight gain+low motivation
Hi! Any suggestions for acne on neck, upper back and chest? I also have mild acne on my f

peet69 2006-05-24
26   last decade

major teeth work 2morrow-interference???
Hi there. I need some quick input. I will be having all of my 12 amalgams removed tomorrow
wendypape 2006-06-13
6   last decade

Sneezing, itchy watery eyes
My 5yr old son started having runny nose , watery itchy red eyes yesterday. He was outside
rasingh 2006-06-12
4   last decade

Nasal Polyps long term problem
Dear Sir, I have had very serious nasal polyp problem for 33.5 years. In these years since
deniz 2006-06-09
6   last decade

sorry it's Nasal Congestion !!
Sorry for the typo in my previous post...
monika-jethi 2006-06-16
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Medicine is abour MONEY
Acute hospitals may close, NHS chief warns · Biggest deficit problem in East Angli
walkin 2006-06-15
1   last decade

Diabetic Neuropathy
My mother is a diabetic patient and her renal parameters are elevated as well her heart is
shubham 2006-06-15
1   last decade

"Pituitarum Posterium" & "Pituitrin" -are they the same remedy?
I feel they are same but similar and the basic difference is 'Pituitarum Posterium&q
naman 2006-06-15
1   last decade

Survey for university project
Hi all, I've been asked to post this by a research student at Eindhoven university:
moderator 2006-06-07
10   last decade

NHS trusts pledge to copy Tesco business methods Thursday June 15, 2006 Chief executiv
walkin 2006-06-15
no replies yet

sleep problem - sleepy in the morning
it just started a couple of days back. when I get up in the mroning, I am fully alert. aro
tjalal 2006-06-15
1   last decade

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