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bad taste in mouth from fever
hi, i recently had swollen tonsils. and also had a fever. and i was blowing my nose alot.
jollytime 2006-02-20
1   last decade

to dr.sajid mahmood
Please refer to below. On your advice I gave my son Fer phos 6 c for Chalazion, right
new2town 2006-02-14
4   last decade

Natural Animal Health
Cancer is a symptom, not a disease. It is a symptom of a broken down immune system that

Namaste27 2006-01-17
25   last decade

Diabetes trials in Austria
Diabetes trials in Austria Diabetes Hotel for parents with children who suffer from
Alexthink 2006-02-20
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please help
to Mr Joe De Livera or anyoneelse that might know how to help a young man of 27th,
griselda 2006-02-15
3   last decade

please help her to feel the colours of life
A woman relative aged 35, has a tendency of abortion in 3rd month,she has been suffered
showbuckhy 2006-02-15
8   last decade

nat mur and lexapro...?
Hi, can anyone help me please. Ive been diagnosed with depression. I have been told to
Ammeg 2006-02-18
1   last decade

Nat mur and lexapro
From Ammeg Hi, can anyone help me please. Ive been diagnosed with depression. I have been
walkin 2006-02-20
1   last decade

fennell does work for bloating!
Wow, what I had to do to register for this site! ; ) Here is an overview because this may
bloat free 2006-01-28
6   last decade

Do you have cure for these diseases. I want to join you?
Earlier I tried to get registration at hpathy forum web site but no activation key is
Berliner Vornamen 2006-02-19
3   last decade

What Does This Mean?
I keep noticing this question, what does it mean?14. What are you showing by that gesture
Double Helix 2006-02-19
2   last decade

Vaccines & Immunity
I found an interesting aeticle on The Cure Zone. It answers some of my questions, maybe
WNCGirl 2006-02-18
2   last decade

Unexpected and amazing effect of Sulphur
I took Sulphur 30C once in the morning on several occasions recently and got an amazing
happyandhealthy 2006-02-18
1   last decade

Trust me I am a doctor
One of the world's largest drug companies has been disciplined by the
walkin 2006-02-14
5   last decade

Toddler Mistake / sulph ars
i'm a layperson who has been using this site for about a month, attempting to treat

tracy 2006-02-15
21   last decade

using radionics to test homeopathic remedies
If anyone has reason to test effectiveness of various homeopathic remedies for given
arbidy 2006-02-18
4   last decade

My Mother says no body understand my problem.
I want to discuss my mother case with you. Hope you will give me proper advice. She is

Homeo_lover 2006-02-09
16   last decade

einstein0072004 2006-02-19
1   last decade

Wheeze problem
My four years son appears having wheezing problem while sleeping. Looks facing difficulty
iffi123 2006-02-18
3   last decade

Panic attacks need help
I am suffering from panic attacks frequently and my doctor has diagonised panic
pilgrim3 2005-03-14
12   last decade

specific case
i am 29 with 82 kgs, weight. i have following problems:1- i dribble pre cum when a bit
majaown 2006-02-18
1   last decade

Reflux Help Please
We have a Baby boy, just over six months old who has severe reflux. He has Congenital
psieler 2006-02-18
1   last decade

Stomach problem (Dysentery) and Heartburn
Since two days after lunch I have to go to bathroom with an urgent urge. I have cutting
saeedyazdani 2006-02-18
1   last decade

Life after Effexor
I am currently trying to get off of effexor because of bad side effects, and because it
alyssad 2006-02-16
1   last decade

Improve immunity and wieght gain?
My daughter age 3yrs 9mths, is very much underweight. She weighs around 11.5kgs. The ribs
Deven 2006-01-30
8   last decade

Found my remedy now what?
Alright, so I suffer from anxiety issues. I've dealt with them for about 8 years.
naydies 2006-02-08
9   last decade

Trust me I,m a nurse
For more health newsA&E nurse 'harmed patients to feel thrill of reviving
walkin 2006-02-15
4   last decade

desperate for help
Hi,I have already sent my problem under another username: penfield but I haven't

Desperate for help 2004-10-18
36   last decade

biochemic treatment for cervical spondolysis
what is the biochemic treatment for cervical spondolysis which is pressing nerves
manayya 2006-02-08
1   last decade

cervical spondylisis
My mother who is 60 years old is suffering from cervicalspondylisi. Last week she
kevmin 2005-12-01
5   last decade

biochemic remedies- taking single vs combination
1]Can anybody tell me what Dr.Schussler has recommended regarding the intake of biochemic
rayofhope 2006-02-17
2   last decade

87 yr man hears music ad shouting constantly
My father has suffered two strokes and is hard of hearing, but complains that he hears
ooling 2006-02-17
2   last decade

Are higher potencies more resistant to antidoting?
Does anyone know if higher potencies are more resistant to antidoting than weaker ones?
happyandhealthy 2006-02-18
1   last decade

i'm 35 yr, married man, ihave above prejeculate problem since 5 yr, Please suggest
bachan 2006-02-18
1   last decade

disclose the 'secret homoeopathic formulas'
i have very much interest in homoeopathic formulas.Would you like to disclose your
tanveerawan 2006-02-18
1   last decade

i thought antibiotics had
abolished all of this ---------------------- NOT SO .Rates of sexually transmitted
walkin 2006-02-13
3   last decade

PCOS homeopathic referring
Hi,I'm looking for homeopathic referring to PCOS, possible homeopathy ways of
Arsenalka 2006-01-14
4   last decade

labored breathing in 14month old
I am wondering what can be done for I am thinking RSV symptoms. She had a cold for a
steitzfitness 2006-02-17
3   last decade

Child masturbation
My 5 year old daughter started to masturbate before going to sleep. Previously she had
coase 2006-02-09
3   last decade

Know about your painWhile acute pain is a normal sensation triggered in the nervous
deoshlok 2006-02-18
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18 month old with croup
My 18 month old daughter has developed a tendency to get croup repeatedly.It becomes so
shiny 2006-02-16
2   last decade

Tooth extraction and Bad Breath
Hi. So glad I found your site. Two weeks ago I had a tooth extracted (third one from my
terryinraleigh 2006-02-17
1   last decade

Excessive Sweating
I was wondering if anyone knows of a homeopathic treatment for excessive sweeting. First
StMike 2006-02-09
2   last decade

Cauliflower like growth under tongue of my dog
Hi EveryoneI have a 10 year old dobermanand right now he is having a cauliflower like
kevmin 2006-02-16
4   last decade

Persistent FLUTD in l7 yr. old cat
First symptoms of FLUTD date back a year but got much worseabout 5 mos. ago. She hashad
brightly 2006-02-15
9   last decade

disturbed emotional state
Chronic depression with anxiety-restlesness coming on easily,Cant stop thoughts in my

moksh 2005-12-16
25   last decade

eczema on legs and parts of face on my 6 month
I'm feeling quite desperate with all the remedies being given to me for my 6 month
vimla 2006-02-15
2   last decade

Autism and toxins
His parents and his school are amazed at the progress an autistic little boy named
walkin 2006-02-13
3   last decade

Can somebody help-please
My 18 month old daughter has developed a tendency to get croup repeatedly.It becomes so
shiny 2006-02-17
1   last decade

Correlation mother's gestational diabeties and Eczema in child???
Recently someone told me the reason my son has eczema could be due to gestational
val0822 2006-02-16
1   last decade

Chronic sinusitis, blocked nose
Hi,My nose blocks up in the night and hense loose sleep.Breathing through my mouth makes
Papali 2006-02-16
1   last decade

Pigmentation Problem
Dear readers,Im looking for some help on the pigmentation problem. It started on my back
dbgupta 2006-02-16
1   last decade

How long do the effects of dietary antidotes last?
Hi.I understand from my study of homeopathy that pepper, ginger and other stimulating
happyandhealthy 2006-02-16
2   last decade

whats the diff?
What is the differece btwn homeopathy and herbal remedies? I also would like to know how
ElijahsMommy 2006-02-16
1   last decade

Homeopathy while on antibiotics.
I have a friend ( someone I have been persuading to switch to homeopathy)who is on
rsaad 2006-02-16
1   last decade

i have been giving this medicine (ASPIDOSPERMA) to my son as prescribed by a doctor in
nineclouds 2006-02-15
2   last decade

Homeopathic Shops
i need address of all the Homeopathic shops in
lakhmani 2006-02-16
1   last decade

dietary antidotes and their duration
Hi.I understand from my study of homeopathy that pepper, ginger and other stimulating
happyandhealthy 2006-02-16
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question to dr sharma re prescription
One wee questionI have just stopped a course of amoxocillin on MOnday, is it ok to start
merc 2006-02-15
2   last decade

nerves weakness, pressure in head,bad memory
Iam 47 years old, physically ok, but extremely underweight all my life,(6'4",
novice 2006-02-13
5   last decade

Anxiety & Panic Attacks
I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for almost 2 years. I have tried
mystery 2006-02-15
1   last decade

sore chest and throat
hi, my two sons have got sick three days now, i keep switching remedies but none seems to
elainesmyth68 2006-02-10
7   last decade

HBP out of control
I have HBP, and a body very sensitive to medicines. I am taking cardizem and
ronbond 2006-02-08
9   last decade

My friends poor cat....
My friends cat was ran over by a car (very slowy) and lost one of her paws (not the
deadmanwalking 2006-02-15
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gerd or lpr
I feel pain in upper part of my stomach. I was suffering from soar throat for the last 2
mtaslam 2006-02-13
5   last decade

High cholestrol Level
I am facing the problem of high cholestrole for last three years and I am 31 years old
venug 2006-02-15
1   last decade

hairloss,dandruff,irritating .....
I am 40 yr male having gray hair few yr back,lot of dandruff,due to which my hair staretd
ASHOKSJ 2006-02-07
4   last decade

No success?
Three weeks ago I posted my special problem in this forum. I had swollen lower lids since
asterixis 2006-02-13
6   last decade

Disc Degeneration Medicines
Hi!I am struggling with disc degneration for the past one year. I went to Pakistan and a
ArifMosh 2006-01-29
8   last decade

sinus help needed
Hi again been using the self diagnosis. do you think this would help me "Kali Bich".
merc 2006-02-12
6   last decade

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