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My child Adenoid problem
My son aged 4 years suffering from nasopharynx S/o Adenoids and he is regularly suffering
kommuravi 2013-03-15
1   rishimba 6 years ago

Hepatitis B and C
Dear Doctor Kindly send me a complete Prescription for the treatment of Hepatitis B and C
Dr. Jameel Ch. 2013-03-15
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Sir, What is the remedy to gain calcium in body. Because I am unable to walk
acsguntur 2013-03-15
1   libra981 6 years ago

hair loss
hi, hairs on the back side of neck, means on the line are going. plz tell some remedy. no
pranshu 2013-03-09
5   hindiko 6 years ago

fat abdomen
i am female of 22 ,my weight is 60kg,height is 5feets nd 3 inch,unmarrid my abdomen is
saraadan 2013-03-12
2   hindiko 6 years ago

Dizziness/Presyncope when driving
I have mild dizziness and vertigo during regular times, but the moment I get behind the
Health2012 2013-03-15
3   simone717 6 years ago

calcium deficiency?
i am getting pricking pain in the centre of my sternum which is s a senstaion since last
andy_65_in 2013-03-14
5   simone717 6 years ago

Should I just Take Nux Vomica?
seems like it cures everything, why overthink it
Health2012 2013-03-15
1   simone717 6 years ago

can i take benifits of thiosinaminum for weight loss? plz suggest
arpitM 2013-03-06
3   simone717 6 years ago

Help Dr Joe de Livera
I have tried to attract attention on different threads I need your help following is my
gayatri_rajendra 2013-03-14
1   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

Styes eye
Please remedies for stye in left upper eyelid, thanks
Gioango 2013-03-14
3   bapu4 6 years ago

P.E problim
Honourableabc homeo,dear sir doc akshymol was recomended me the staphysagria200 and

Agha sb 2012-09-01
16   Agha sb 6 years ago

Arnica 1M
Is Arnica 1M an emergency med that can be used in any emergency like cardiac arrest or
sujisuji 2013-03-14
2   simone717 6 years ago

can aconite 200 if taken thrice daily have no effect at all
my husband had cold so he took aconite 200 thrice daily.it got cured.now every time he
smartmom 2013-03-10
8   dhundhun 6 years ago

Head Sweating
I am suffering from lot of head sweating (forehead/scalp). I easily sweat under normal
Makalex 2013-03-13
5   bapu4 6 years ago

Eczema in 10 year old, skin folds, eyelids and lips affected
My daughter always had mild eczema on her arms and legs. When she turned 10, it
InnaRa 2013-03-12
5   InnaRa 6 years ago

Hypo Para Thyroidisim
Dear doctors, i have a patient who is suffering from Hypo Para Thyroidisim since her
Dr. Jameel Ch. 2013-03-13
2   Dr. Jameel Ch. 6 years ago

Thalassaemia treatment
is there any homeopathic remidy to treat the beta thalassaemia major? Dr. Jameel
Dr. Jameel Ch. 2013-03-13
4   Dr. Jameel Ch. 6 years ago

Two different medications at the same time.
I am 22yrs old. I was having migraine problem few years back but I was treated by
Makalex 2013-03-14
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Re: Testise problem
left side size increses the size and some pain today, sir help me provide medicine i
jeetsingh 2013-03-14
1   libra981 6 years ago

Higher potency than needed
Dear friends, anybody knows what happen if you take a higher potency than needed (for
iceice 2013-03-14
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5 Yrs. Child Chronic Kidney Failure(CKD)
My brother's son name Sayak Chatterjee, age about 4-5 years (his date of birth
schatterjee111 2013-03-04
5   kadwa 6 years ago

dosage and potency..fo r kids
hi , My doubt is a general one : In case i Want to give some dilution medicine
Ajay malaotar 2013-03-11
3   kadwa 6 years ago

Premature gray hair
I have a 18 year old daughter. And today I suddenly noticed 8-10 strands of gray hair on
suna711 2013-03-13
1   libra981 6 years ago