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Question about potency
hi there I have been on here for a while and still dont understand what is the highest
hotty198 2005-12-31
2   last decade

My Merriage Is Very Near
i merriage is very near i am feeling sexually weakness plz seggest me homeo medicine i

kamran2005 2005-12-28
13   last decade

Dr Kumar....Please help with scalp problem
I have a hair problem. I'm 26 years old. I did not oil my hair for several years
freakster 2005-12-31
3   last decade

Losing Hair
Dr. Kuldeep My hair is thinning and falling ,my scalp is always greasy and it does not
cortelyou 2005-12-31
2   last decade

All body treatment
I am new to this forum. The first thing i read is that this type of medicine treats the
miffin 2006-01-01
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painful breathing
I have been having breathing difficulty associated with eating or drinking fluids that
Pat2006 2006-01-01
2   last decade

Dr. Kumur, Is this related to Sulfur?
Dr. Kumur, Is this related to Sulfur? On your recommendation, I took sulfur 300c and have
sheilab 2006-01-01
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less hair&dandruff!
hello!im 19 years old.my hair used to be quite thick but after cumn back frm a holiday of
fresh 2005-12-31
3   last decade

colloid goitre & miscarriage
My wife is having a lump on the left side of her throat.this is from the last three
manojkumartomar 2006-01-01
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11 yr old non-verbal son
Dear Doctor , we tried the belladonna and it seemed to help, he didn't wake up
sherryb 2006-01-01
1   last decade

7 week infant with reflux
was a very happy, easy baby unil the reflux sympoms startedformula fedarches neck and
bellec 2005-12-31
3   last decade

Dr. Kumar pls help me in my hair loss
I had started hair loss from the age of 19. Now I'm 25 and i've lost a lot of
indianboy 2005-12-31
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Rather unusual pilonidal issue
My pilonidal is as good as dead.. My Myristica and Silicea came in the mail about an hour
Maskt 2005-12-31
no replies yet

cold hands
my hands are very cold.what is couse of cold hands.please write me remedy for cold
samuiljohn 2005-12-30
1   last decade

Joe De Livera..Question
I've read about your Arnica30 suggestion and I've ordered it from the website
freakster 2005-12-31
3   last decade

Sperm Dischanrge After Urine
HII have a problem, after urination, sometimes i feel that sperm is coming out of ,
kamran2005 2005-12-29
4   last decade

Aconitum napellus
Could someone please help...I got directions to take a dosage of 2-3 Aconitum C200 or C30
Mortvile 2005-02-22
3   last decade

New baby arrives and my cat is defecating in house & has developed dry eczema
Can anyone help?I have a 17 year old cat who since our first baby arrived a year ago has
webbsite2 2005-12-30
1   last decade

Question for Sabra
Hi, i hope you are ok. Could you please recommend something that may help with Rosacea.
on_a_mission 2005-12-30
no replies yet

Can Ayurvedic medicines be taken during homeopathy treatment?
Can anybody clarify whether taking ayurvedic medicines like Triphala interfere with
vishalrao 2005-12-30
1   last decade

Start of a cold
What do you give a child at the start of a cold - mild runny nose and nothing
new2town 2005-12-30
1   last decade

What kinds of symptoms is Haemamelis used
tweetystone 2005-12-24
2   last decade

Those who suffer from indigestion should try Sulfur in the morning and Nux vomica at
kalibrom 2004-04-27
2   last decade

Trembling with Cold
I am suffering from a problem.In this winter i some time trembling with cold. The office
kashifjan 2005-12-21
5   last decade

I am helpless Please help me
Hello,I am 35 years old man,since my teenage I noticed a rapid ejaculation problem,but i
leosibbi 2005-12-24
7   last decade

Can some1 help me by giving a remedy - acne
HiCan some one plz help me..i tried Dr. Batras homeopathy, for my acne, but i felt it was
cute_mink 2005-12-29
4   last decade

Itchy ears
Hi there, can anyone help me with a remedy for an itchy right ear? I have a peforated

Sezza 2005-12-08
14   last decade

Problem with Cat
Hi Namaste:Perhaps you can help me out - I have a 13 year old kitty who has become a bit
Mousitsa 2005-12-29
4   last decade

Namaste or Other Cat Expert
Just one more question and request for advice - sorry to bother you.One of my three cats,
Mousitsa 2005-12-29
3   last decade

heavy feeling stomach
i get a heavy feeling in the stomach after eating oily or fried food.also acne on
vikram_bansal1978 2005-12-29
1   last decade

nose bleed & high blood pressure
My father is 72 years old and recently began a severe nose bleed through both nostrils
Nandita 2005-12-21
5   last decade

Dosage Question - Sepia
First, I must begin by thanking anyone taking the time to read this. The information so
Eliza 2005-12-28
3   last decade

Bladder infection
I have never tried homeopathy, but am willing to. The only the concern I have, is what is
chloe31 2003-06-12
6   last decade

Lactose Intolerance
Can someone please indicate a remedy for Lactose Intolerance in an adult.I have
Joe De Livera 2005-12-28
4   last decade

Washing hands and feet
A lady I know has a chronic problem of continuously washing her hands and feet. She is
tjalal 2005-12-27
7   last decade

Pinkeye in the broken nose kid
Hi-I was getting help with my one yr old with the one year old w/ the broken nose and I
Rebecca 2005-12-17
4   last decade

I am crazy is there a remedy to help?
My crazy has developed over time and it is gaining momentum. When recently looking into
minnette 2005-12-29
2   last decade

Pills and Granules
Are the pills and the granules the same thing? If you are to take 1 pill does that equal
tweetystone 2005-12-29
no replies yet

exostosis... important please help!
How can heckla lava or calc fluorica remedy help in a case of 'exostosis' or
mahdi 2005-12-29
no replies yet

neurotic dog (bichon friese)
Please help with a crazy little 2 yr old dog. He is fearful of water and gets VERY
Jo Jo 2005-12-29
no replies yet

My 3yr. old with asthma, hesitant to give oral & inhaled steroids
Hello,My 3 1/2 yr. old son was diagnosed 2 years ago with astmha. For the most part,
Elisha 2005-12-16
12   last decade

protruding piles
siri have been suffering from pilessince 10 yrs almost.once i got operated for that .but
ranjeev24 2005-12-22
3   last decade

pilondial sinus + homepathy , but no results
I am suffering from Pilondial Sinus, and after researching alot I found Homeopathic
deepesh83 2005-12-12
6   last decade

Eczema in the Left Foot
I am 37 Male I have 2 inch hard rough skin patch on my left foot which has itching some
gal_monica 2005-12-12
2   last decade

My doctor has diagnosed a ganglion on the side of my ankle. It has been growing for
Melly 2005-12-27
3   last decade

Dental Work and homeopathy
Hello -- I am new to this forum and was wondering, does anyone know about getting
Missa 2005-12-28
2   last decade

Wife's Groin area cramps
My wife has been having some cramps in her right groin, front upper thigh,back hip area.
blessme44 2005-12-25
2   last decade

help youngs
these days its common question of young boys.Any thing in homeopathy to increase
selfhelp 1 2005-12-28
2   last decade

Digestive system
hi..i have been diagonised as having IBS..Symptoms:->Belching->Flatulance->rumbling noise
abhrat 2005-12-28
2   last decade

dr sajjid and others please "need help" !!!
i am suffering from severe anxiety and agoraphobia for the last 5 years.in these 5 years
rana7 2005-12-28
2   last decade

Sperm Leakge After Urination Plz Help
pzl help me my merriage is near only 3 months remaining after urine leakage of sperm and
kamran2005 2005-12-28
1   last decade

Stramonium for rages, aggression and interaction with other drugs.
My 7.5 year old son was adopted at 4 weeks old. He has severe fetal alcohol syndrome;
jhines9 2005-09-14
3   last decade

15 years of Tinnitus: Any suggestions?
I have had constant tinnitus for about 15 years. Sometimes I can ignore it or mask it
dodun 2005-12-28
1   last decade

Mother Tinctures
Hello all,I was wondering if MT's come in different strengths, as I have seen people
loree 2005-12-27
1   last decade

Dog: Eye and Nasal watery discharge
I posted before about my dog - was going to try pulsatilla, but then with the cold
dragonfly 2005-12-25
4   last decade

white lumps on body
i have these little white lumps over my shoulders, upperarms and some on my genitals.
spowell 2005-11-30
6   last decade

Mental Hang-ups and Fear Inhibiting Work!
Iím writing on behalf of my husband who is struggling with a lot of mentals at the
aspen 2005-12-28
1   last decade

fungus on nails
love to get rid of this 25-year-old problem and have tried all sorts of natural remedies.
darliance 2005-04-27
4   last decade

Three Year old with recurrent tonsillitis
Hi,I have never used homeopathy before, my mother in law suggested that I try it. I have
NewfieMom 2005-12-19
7   last decade

Deafness due to ear blockage
A week or so ago I found that my hearing had diminished. As I am already hearing impaired
maya_hari 2005-12-09
8   last decade

help me
in the year 99 i have tested hbsag positive that time i did not know what is this. later
ahmed_ahmed 2005-12-27
1   last decade

Fever with Giddiness
Dear,My daughter aged 16 had fever for the last 2 days. Was giving her Bell 30C 3 times a
pimathew 2005-12-22
5   last decade

Leg Cramps, Heart Disease
I would like to reverse problems with severe leg cramps, I have had problemssince being
blessme44 2005-12-22
4   last decade

Internal /Knot underneath ear
Dr. sajid, I forgot to mention that the knot just underneath my ear in internal not on
edaja 2005-12-27
no replies yet

severe sleep apnea -can't find answers
I am wondering if homeopathics might help my husband? He has what I believe to be severe

wendypape 2005-11-22
15   last decade

Hyperactive Thyroid
I live near St Louis, Missouri and like to find an homeopath. I have an hyperactivity of
monique lanz 2002-09-25
7   last decade

Help for mother's Palmo-plantaris Psoriasis
Greetings.I just joined the forum hoping to get help from its members' experience,
zfrizvi 2005-12-26
no replies yet

having severe pain in left knee
I banged my left knee against the desk and having severe pain in left knee while I am
sarada 2005-12-26
1   last decade

Bodily inner vibration & land slipping feeling
My wife cought cold during Navratri and she also had tonsilities problem too. So we went
yeshumeshu 2005-12-26
no replies yet

Merry Christmas
May I wish all of you a very Merry
maya_hari 2005-12-25
3   last decade

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