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Sciatica/Herniated Disk Question
I am hoping someone can help me. My sister is in serious pain right now and I am not
malica98 2005-12-15
1   last decade

Please Help Me Live! I have Poor Appetite.
Hi there! My name is I am 24 years old. I have been looking and reading some great
MooNStaR 2005-12-15
1   last decade

1 yr old with food/chem intolerances...always sick
Hi all. My 1 year old has just recovered from pneuemonia, and now, 1.5 weeks later, is
Jo Jo 2005-12-16
1   last decade

Merc Sol
Am looking for the symptoms of this remedy.Can you Help ?????here it states no strong
drizzle 2005-12-15
3   last decade

Dr. Sajid can you help with
the post that states "help my 4 year old?" (Dec15) You seem to have been so helpful on
erika1 2005-12-15
2   last decade

erection and semen prob,needs urgent help
hi,i am need of urgent and advice from seniors about the my case..am male 29 years old ,
leobird 2005-12-15
2   last decade

Help 1 year old, sick w/seizure episode
Beyond trying to help my own children, I have a relative that is thouroughly traumatized.
erika1 2005-12-15
2   last decade

Help my 4 year old
Hi,My 4 year old is really going through some changes. I am suspecting that he has
erika1 2005-12-15
2   last decade

Constitutional Remedy
What is the recommended dose, potency and frequency of the constitutional remedy? Should
s_dipity 2005-12-13
3   last decade

Neck Lymph Node Swelling
Hi,From the past one month, I have a Swelling in the right part of my Neck. I went to the
akshatg 2005-12-12
3   last decade

Remedy equivalents......
I need to take 30C of a remedy but only 30X of that remedy. How many 30X would equal
thehuffhouse 2005-12-15
2   last decade

Dr. Sajjad/Kumar Please adivse....
Dear doctors whenever i feel anxious/excited/tensemy cough starts and i start to clear my
hisam 2005-12-15
1   last decade

is there a specific remedy for gout in the big toe.Writing on someone elses
Livvy 2005-12-15
1   last decade

Need help with Arnica!!!!!!!
I read about the procedures for making a wet dose of arnica.I recently bought Arnica 30c
jack08 2005-12-15
1   last decade

Every month I continuously get acne on my face - mostly the cheeks area sometimes on
Bosti 2005-12-15
3   last decade

Series of warts on 3 year old
Hi,My 3 year old daughter has what appears to be warts popping up all over her body. They
bralfinley 2005-12-13
3   last decade

prostatites & bladder infection etc
As i have earlier mail about Blood urea.But now new problem create that my fater age 67
sotirakesh 2005-10-24
2   last decade

peptic ulcer
My sister has a peptic ulcer which troubles her on and off. All the symptoms I have are;
Livvy 2005-12-15
1   last decade

bloating & burning feeling after day meals
Dear Mr. Joe,I am on NAT Phos 6X 2 tabs after meals as suggested by you for stomach

mangesh 2005-10-11
40   last decade

infetility problem
Dear Sir, Please can any one help me about my problemMy problem is "Low Sperm Count", and
saturn 2005-12-06
2   last decade

Is there anything I can use for preventive Stomach Flu and the stomach flu itself
I was wondering if there is thing to take to prevent the stomach flu. Also, after having
jtlaharder 2005-12-14
3   last decade

month 2 of effexor withdrawls, when will it end?
I am in my 2nd month of effexor withdrawls and am trying to taper off of them by opening
mamamason 2005-10-17
2   last decade

I request to Dr.Venugopal Gauri for his valuable suggestion. Sir i developed floaters in
sanjay gauri 2005-11-17
2   last decade

Chronic Skene's Abscess
I have a recurrent (very painful) Skene's abscess on the left side of my vula. This
littlebear 2005-12-04
1   last decade

Sign and symptom of this diseasePhysical Symptoms Related to Low TestosteroneSigns of low
deoshlok 2005-12-15
no replies yet

I need help so bad
Hi everyone, I need a miracle.I have a headace with out the normal headace pain.I have
wacky 2005-12-14
5   last decade

Child Eye issues
My 5 year old son has a gland swollen under his lower eyelid, outer side near the edge of

new2town 2005-09-09
92   last decade

Unexplained years of bald patches and receding hairline
I have had serious seborrheic dermatitis on and off since 1994. They used to be huge
myhairsos 2005-11-30
7   last decade

i need your concern dear dr.deoshlok sharma
DEAR, My mother ,52 years old has been diagnosed by MRI to have meningioma,of left

drsajid 2005-12-05
14   last decade

Two Homeopaths failed on us
I and my family live in Mumbai. My twin daughter and son are 3.5yrs old. They are healthy
Deven 2005-12-14
1   last decade

weight gain ( Need more appaite )
hello everyone, I'm 22 yrs and currently weight 124 pds. My problem is i dnt feel
amankumar83 2005-12-08
6   last decade

I am in collage chemestry laboratry and i want to prepare acid-phosQ OR 1x for personal
ashraf ali 2005-12-14
no replies yet

Seasonal Greetings to all Christian Forum Members
Greetings to allI wish all Christian Forum Members" A very Happy and Merry
homeopathy 2005-12-14
no replies yet

pressure in groin and testicles
hey guys i have a problem with bad circulation and pressure in the groin regoin. does
masterp 2005-12-12
1   last decade

Tourette Syndrome
My son has a mild case of Tourette. Any suggestions to help him. He is a teen and needs a
lookup 2005-12-13
2   last decade

Tendon Scars
I have scar tissue that is aggravating my "funny bone" nerve causing pain and numbness.
Big M 2005-12-06
5   last decade

book suggestion
i want to read about a specific constitution which uses a certain remedy consistantly
Redbra 2005-12-13
1   last decade

Chalazion update. . .
Hello, folks. Alright, I think I posted about 10 days ago. Since that time, I took the
clariteyes 2005-12-13
2   last decade

Abdominal Pain - Need Help Please Urgent!!!
Hi All,Can anyone please help?I am having abdominal pain on my lower left side. The pain
RandyTX 2005-12-12
5   last decade

mother tinctures-dangerous
The foot note states that taking mother tincture may be dangerous.Would you please
Dr.Jecee 2005-12-02
6   last decade

Unclear speech in child
My 3 yr old girl's speech is very hard to understand. Might homeopathy help?She

Rebecca 2005-03-28
29   last decade

Stiffness and Pain in Left back & Right Neck
I am suffering from Stiffness/Pain in the muscles of back. I never feel that I am mobile
dinesh 2005-12-12
2   last decade

What is varcocle---In all guys, there's a structure that contains arteries, veins,
deoshlok 2005-12-13
no replies yet

HI thereI am writting and hoping that you will be able to help me. I am 23 years old
mila82 2005-11-23
8   last decade

Antidote to Periactin
please suggest an antidote to Periactin - 1 1/2 year old facing side effects - nausea
ravin707 2005-12-06
11   last decade

lichen planus
I have what has been diagnosed by biopsy as lichen planus. It is on the palms of my
spankbud 2005-12-10
5   last decade

is it varicocele?
Respected everyone,Iam not sure whether iam having varicocele or not. Just 20 days back I
manojkumartomar 2005-12-12
no replies yet

Hi, I am 24 years old and suffering from anxiety.I am also having problems like,
jaffry 2005-12-09
4   last decade

dr sajjad and dr kumar
masturbation causes cancer?2)if some one faces sperm leakage ever time he goes to toilet
shoota 2005-12-09
1   last decade

To Sajjad: Update on husband and Nux
Hi, Sajjad,It's taken me longer to get back and report the results since my one week
Jane525 2005-11-14
11   last decade

Arnica 30c - where can i buy this?
hey i live in vancouver b.c.and was wondering where can i buy Arnica 30c. Is this the
hardip 2005-12-12
1   last decade

Hello, I have had anemia for the past 6 months. I have been taking iron pills but have
virginiawoolf 2005-12-12
1   last decade

cat is scared & not eating
I do foster work for a local shelter, and 2 weeks ago I brought home a pair of 8 year old
A Friend to Cats 2005-12-12
5   last decade

Hyper Pigmentation
Dark bluish, shiny pigmentation in the exposed area (Face & Forehands) over 8 years.
Martin Vincent 2005-12-08
2   last decade

Daughter's constant blinking/teenage
Hi all, my daughter is 12 and have had problems with her eyes for years. When she was 3-4

6poly6 2005-02-25
46   last decade

seminars in BC Canada
Just to let you know there is a beginners and an advanced veterinary homeopathy course in
rlogan 2005-12-12
no replies yet

ADHD child impulse control
My 8 y.o. son has been usingVAXA Attend for the past month or so, his impulse control
bal4earz 2005-12-10
2   last decade

Loss of full hearing in left ear.
Partial loss of hearing in left ear - no pain.Woke up with this complaint 5 days ago.Have
SHADOW58 2005-11-29
1   last decade

chesty cough for 3 weeks
son had a cough for 3 weeks, any advice on what to give him. very chesty
sonia- taylor 2005-12-01
1   last decade

Severe nausea from antidepressant withdrawl
Hello,I am having severe nausea that starts in the morning and stays throughout the day
maggarwa 2005-12-01
1   last decade

Blood pressure, heart , depression
My blood pressure readings continue to be relatively high,despite several
blessme44 2005-12-11
3   last decade

Molluscum Contagiosum
What is molluscum contagiosum?A skin disease caused by the molluscum contagiosum virus
deoshlok 2005-12-12
no replies yet

6 Years Cystic Acne Please Help
hello i am 21 years old from Greece i have cystic acne about 6 years i tryed alote of
spotoula 2005-12-09
1   last decade

high cholestrol
hi,I m new to this forum.my uncle has high cholestrol and cardiac problems.is there any
jarang_adam 2005-12-11
1   last decade

Molluscum contagiosus
I need some information about this . I got it about 2-3 months ago and the doctor
coolman1 2005-12-11
1   last decade

Feel like Hungry but cant eat
Hi, I just have a weird feeling for the past 2 days not and didnt want to go a doctor
itrubiuey 2005-12-08
1   last decade

It hurst, it's kinda like a stye but worst and its not in my eye its in my body. help me please.
It started about 4 yrs ago and since then it's gotten worst. I have no idea what
pattie04 2005-12-11
2   last decade

help me please
My son is 6 weeks and 2 days old. He is having a hard time getting and staying asleep!
tiredmomma 2005-12-11
2   last decade

weight gain...any remedy?
hi,i am 20 year old male. 5'8" and only weight about 110 pounds.can any one
Tommys 2005-12-11
7   last decade

not getting enough blood to testicles- bad groin circulation
not getting enough blood to testicles due to varicocele and groin swelling. need to
masterp 2005-12-11
3   last decade

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