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help ! help ! pimples !
hello friends,iam a 20 year old girl,i have these small pimples all over my face,And there
dr simon 2005-09-08
5   last decade

Trying to remain hopefull - please help
Yesbar(29)female, last year I had dye test done by my gynea. b'coze i had irregular p

Yesbar 2005-07-10
23   last decade

New look
Hi all,You can't help but have noticed, but the site has had a bit of a make over.If
moderator 2005-09-12
5   last decade

Multiple Problems!!!!
Hello everyone -I would really appreciate some advice. I"m a 28 year old female with cont
confused 2005-09-09
8   last decade

need help with yearly cycle
Every year in September a "switch" happens in my body...I begin with waking up between 1-2
webe187 2005-09-12
1   last decade

2yr old boy- dr dx ear infect
My 25 month old son went to the doctor to see about the diarrhea and vommiting he has had

mosesmommy 2005-09-09
13   last decade

Non-Homeopathic thoughts
I am looking forward to hear your experience in increasing body weight with homeopathic me
Viglen 2005-09-12
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grapefruit juice and lemonade
I have heard you are not supposed to drink grapefruit juice with homeopathy medicine. Is t
tweetystone 2005-09-11
2   last decade

Joe De Livera/Question on Vitamin C
I saw where you responded to someone about Vitamin C and Homeopathic and I wanted to rerea
Rch9418 2005-09-09
2   last decade

constant flu -like symptoms
Hello everyone,I am looking for advice on how to deal with what I believe to be constant f

jayjay 2005-08-21
17   last decade

bitsmart03 2005-09-12
no replies yet

Anxiety+ troubled apetite+ nervousness
1)Headache (top of head, as is someone is pressing , also sometimes above> eyes look swoll
ranjeet 2005-08-26
7   last decade

arnica 6c att joe de livera
i have managed to get my arnica 6c to success .if i bang it more than 4 times will it incr
whitts99 2005-09-11
1   last decade

Preventing Strep?
Hello all. Does anyone know if it's possible to take homeopathic remedy to prevent s
joy50 2005-09-07
3   last decade

A patient seek help
I'm writing briefly to let you know what symptoms I have, as these are the paths for
zeek2005 2005-09-12
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nat mur AND cough syrup?
My 3 year old has had a cough for 2 days. After going through the online software, the re
RebeccaB 2005-09-12
1   last decade

Tip of my nose is red and inflamed ?
I am having pain in my nose and seems I have some infection and I have tried taking antibi
aksethi 2005-04-27
5   last decade

Hello All. Thought I'd start a new post with this subject. Please refer to "Bac200 f
jules36 2005-09-12
no replies yet

constipation persistent
What remedies would you consider for someone (a 5 yo girl) who doesn't respond to wha
merrybees 2005-09-10
5   last decade

help with breathing
I have been having difficulties breathing for about the past 6 months and about for month
rosekaur 2005-09-10
4   last decade

Two months ago I was diagnosed with grade A esophagitis. My original systems were virtual
searcher 2005-09-11
1   last decade

Carcinosin and PVIDS/Epstein Barr/Mono
I have been suffering from this latest relapse of post viral immuno dysfuntion syndrome (p
RebeccaB 2005-09-11
no replies yet

Bac200 for two year old
Hello. My two year old (two and four months) was recently prescribed one dose of Nat Mur 3

jules36 2005-09-06
16   last decade

4 yr old with cough
I have a 4 yr old who has developed a persistant loose cough with mucus. She has not had
jorjad 2005-09-11
2   last decade

skin dosing or olefactory dosing
does anyone know how to do this, skin dose or dose through smell?
maryo 2005-08-17
5   last decade

help going crazy nbws
Since the birth of my baby girl I have 'never been well since'......I have had t
naturalmum 2005-09-11
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Please help. 4month old and nursing mom w/recurrant thrush
Can anyone help me out, my 4month old baby and I have been dealing with recurrant thrush

onthegow3 2005-02-15
23   last decade

Adderall symptoms and side affects.
Is there any remedys out there that can help out with the side affects and symptoms of add
Nick1986 2005-09-11
no replies yet

baby with food allergies and eczema
Hi, my one year old is allergic to almost any food. she has terrible eczema on the sides o

asior 2004-12-05
13   last decade

vitamin c on acidic as calcium ascorbate
is vitamin c as calcium ascorbate non acidic alright to take with homeopathic remedies can
whitts99 2005-09-10
no replies yet

help with smegma and digestion
hello i have been suffereing form smegama and itching under my foreskin, under the head of
Hellion 2005-09-09
4   last decade

Blood Cholestrol level
I am 32...I had my blood test analysed and found out the cholestrol levels are on the high
adil_kakar 2005-09-10
3   last decade

7 yo with allergic nose
My son has an extremely allergic nose. He sneezes when he comes into contact with dust, wh

ChuaJA 2005-07-30
23   last decade

weight loss,hair fall,acne pls help
Dear all,I am a 28 yrs old female.for the past 2 yrs i have noticed that a black spot deve
fatso 2005-09-07
1   last decade

The Great Miasm Debate
Are there 3 or 6? Or more? Psora, sycosis, and syphilis, where does AIDS, cancer, and tu
Mon Cherie Amour 2005-09-10
no replies yet

Father's chemo affect children?
My children's father had chemotherapy and radiation for non-hodgekins lymphoma when h
samnbudsmom 2005-09-10
no replies yet

grand daughter cyring in shcool
My 3 years old grand daughter, who has just started kindergarden don't want to go to
achandra 2005-09-07
3   last decade

Blue star ointment?
Is it better for skin fungus then a phami like naftin using cortisone compared to blue sta
jphellman70 2005-09-09
2   last decade

Infant Reflux & Gas
Hi,My 10-week old daughter has reflux issues - mainly with 'silent' reflux. She
lbellini 2005-09-09
5   last decade

C-section 6 weeks ago
Hi I had a c-section 6 weeks ago. My doctor says the incision looks good and is healed wel
DP 2005-09-08
7   last decade

Does sulphur help to get rid of uterine fibroids?
tweetystone 2005-09-08
2   last decade

Blocked Left Ear and Pain in the back and left leg
My left ear has been blocked for several months now. Every one or two days pus would disch
Desai1976 2005-09-09
3   last decade

Inguinal Henia
I was operated for Inguinal Hernia on left side. Some time Pain is there on the lefet and
scorpioncan 2005-09-09
4   last decade

how many remedies at any given time?
I'm new to homeopathy, but was so bowled over by the results of Thuja on a wart/growt
vze3vvsf 2005-09-06
9   last decade

taking liquid dilutions
Hello,A quick question. How are liquid remedies taken?Some sources say as drops directly o
robertm 2005-09-08
3   last decade

Old Stab wounds to head-tension, headaches
A dear friend is suffering from extreme head pains related to an attack. She was stabbed
Mon Cherie Amour 2005-09-08
1   last decade

help me ! beauty contest
hello friends,iam a 20 year old girl,i have these small pimples all over my face,nd there
dr simon 2005-09-06
8   last decade

Help Getting Liposuction
I know and have heard all the contorversatial thing about it and my heart goes out to the
EuroStud 2005-09-07
2   last decade

p.e + other problems
Hi ,I am 38 yrs old and am suffering from premature ejaculation.there are some very small
deepu 2005-09-07
3   last decade

Breast Lumps
A 42 year old woman presented with lumps in her breast. One is about 1" diameter whi

Joe De Livera 2005-09-08
15   last decade

Homeopthic liquid medicine -admn
I have seen few posting on admn of liquid potentised homeopathic medicines directly or ind
Dr Suresh 2005-09-09
no replies yet

Sabra,Minsa, sajjadakram635: Advice on Allopecia
I started to get a shiny patch on my left cheek. Now on the right one also. I've trie
vlohia 2005-09-07
1   last decade

Exam Phobia and Depression
My daughter has exam Phobia and Depression She has acute headachePlease suggest me Homepat
mecwansb 2005-09-08
1   last decade

Beavres Castoreum (token from wild european beaver)
Who are interrested in this nature pharmacy that can be used in pharmacy, expencive parfum
Castoreum 2005-09-08
no replies yet

Something to aid Rosacea
Hi there,I'm needing something to help with my Rosacea, do you recommed anything for
SpencerK 2005-09-05
2   last decade

please help! pimples !
hello friends,iam a 20 year old girl,i have these small pimples all over my face,nd there
dr simon 2005-09-08
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how to get spring water from?
hi joe,I am a 25 yr old male suffering from alopecia.i have lost a lot of hair at temples
bitsmart03 2005-09-06
4   last decade

Expiry of Homeopathy Medicines
Just a general question about the expiry of homeopathic medicines. Some body told me that
noname 2005-07-26
5   last decade

is ginger or cinnamon toothpaste compatible?
...with homeopathics?The only toothpaste I can find without glycerin comes in either mint,
Rebecca 2005-09-06
6   last decade

Loss of feeling post surgery, nerve damage
Following rhinoplasty to correct an unability to breathe through one nostril, feeling at t
Mon Cherie Amour 2005-09-07
7   last decade

How do we know the remedy is acting?
"There may be a “healing crisis” in about 50% of curative prescriptions. This is an exacer
Mahatma 2005-09-07
1   last decade

47 Days sick, for testicles pain. Any advise is Welcome!
Hi, My name is Giannis, 36 yrs old from Greece, 100 kgrs, 178 cm height. I’m married 12 ye
GIANNISK 2004-09-18
5   last decade

spring water
Where do i get spring water from for making the wet dose?
bitsmart03 2005-09-06
6   last decade

Hard time to sneeze. Can't sneeze
Hi allI seem to have a really hard time to get my sneezes out. They will inger there for w
grpinc 2005-09-06
2   last decade

Dr kuldeep and others. Quick question on silica dosage transition
Based on the advice of Dr kuldeep, I am going to make silicea in my home using rocks based
unluckyguy 2005-03-06
12   last decade

Hello,Wondering if you could help with my 14 year old abysinnian male cat.He, I think has
Laura Lian 2005-08-31
8   last decade

constitutional remedy
hello again,can someone explain to me the concept of ''constitutional remedy
calvin 2005-08-31
1   last decade

I have some infection on my penis and after looking at the different posts and the materia
jack2003 2005-09-02
2   last decade

Taking Probiotics w/Food
Interestd in information regarding taking probiotics with food. Most say it is better to
Wellgirl 2005-09-06
1   last decade

looking for natural remedy for Ulcerative Colitis
Hello everyone,I've had colitis diagnosed for four years now and I've made quite
gilfoy 2005-09-06
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