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8 month old with repeat ear infections and doest sleep
hi alli hope i am posting in the right place first time on heremy son is 8 months old and
needsleep 2005-05-22
9   last decade

Natrum Phos. Side Effects??
I was recently given Natrum Phos. by a friend who said it would help me with my stomach pr

JohnJRaivelhoff 2005-05-24
17   last decade

Infection in finger
I have an infection in my thumb for the last two days. It looks like a boil. It is extre

maryo 2005-05-14
64   last decade

aggressiveness - extreme shedding - need help
Hello,I have been suffering from hairloss for the last three years now and have also poste
innanna 2005-05-26
12   last decade

Persistent Cough in 5 year old
My 5 year old boy has had cough for the past 2 years. It comes and goes. He has been wheez
sgambhir 2005-05-23
1   last decade

Apathy and sugar cravings
Hi any help would be much appreciated.I am36 years old, skinny as a child, been gaining we
SFBurgundy 2005-05-16
7   last decade

I would like to know where I can get Silica..can it be bought a health food store, etc? I
dixie 2005-05-26
2   last decade

Spider veins multiplying
Does anyone know of anything that will get rid of these?Mine are hereditary and much like
Namaste27 2005-05-25
3   last decade

please help somebody
having a pain below my knee cap on the bone cause when i press there i get pain plus when
Kevin 2005-05-25
1   last decade

Cough - My 2 year old child
Hi,My 20 months old son is having caugh and mild running nose.It started with a fever 101
rajini007 2005-05-26
1   last decade

Hello Joe De Livera, My husband is growing bald, i guess its heredity as my father-in-la
smriti 2005-05-26
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I am 37 years oldOBGYN dx me as being in perimenopause. I cannot take synthetic hormones
Arwen 2005-05-25
4   last decade

recommend doctor in san diego area
looking to find a homeopathy practitioner prefferably in the northern San Diego area.Any s
monoblanco 2005-05-25
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Can I ever be cured????
This is a part vent / plea for help. I am 33 and have had chronic sinusits for 20 years.
jetso 2005-05-22
6   last decade

Ear Problem
I am a new member of this group and I really appreciate the efforts of all the members of
s_dipity 2005-04-27
8   last decade

OA ~ Osteo Arthritis...
hi again.... well I'm just in lovely shape.. I didn't mention I also have OA.(de
leigh1982 2005-05-25
2   last decade

Hello my name is leigh, I'am on effexor xr, 150 mgs a day. but lately I have been for
leigh1982 2005-05-25
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early greying of pubic hair
Hello,is there any reason for early greying of hair and also pubic hair and is there a rem
amanita 2005-05-24
10   last decade

rheumatic pain or pain from gout?
I can tell the difference between and ache and a stabbing pain, but as a student of homeop
joy50 2005-05-24
1   last decade

genital warts
I have been diagnosed with genital warts and have noticed rashes starting in other parts o
betsey 2005-05-24
1   last decade

Homeopathy and antidepressants
Hi Im fairly new to using homeopathy and would like some info. I currently take the antide
cityallstar78 2005-05-23
1   last decade

Emotional problems..
Hi,First to say sorry for my english, because it`s not my natal language.I just have lost
Ragazza 2005-05-21
3   last decade

Lichen Sclerosis
I was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis about a year ago. I recently found out about a prod
Desiree 2005-03-15
3   last decade

4 month old with reflux
I have a four month old daughter whose behavior has slowly and dramatically changed over t
Peace4you 2005-05-19
5   last decade

body heaviness and swelling
I feel a great heaviness in my whole body and especially in the legs, feet and hands (swel

sonikasingh 2005-05-14
21   last decade

Swollen Veins
I am on homopathy treatment for the last 9 months. I have noticed a great change in my bo
jenny 2003-06-29
2   last decade

chamomilla baby
I recently visited a homeopath for my 9 week old infant. He was perscribed chamomilla for
erinvd 2005-05-22
1   last decade

men' health
I am male 72 5'10",186lbs,healthy,on no medication.Free from high blood pressure
katoor 2005-05-23
no replies yet

This is not something I like to talk about, but it has been bothering me for years & no do
janaya 2005-05-22
1   last decade

Husband's hayfever
Every spring my husband gets hayfever symptoms that last a couple of months and make him m
maryo 2005-05-22
5   last decade

allergy !!!!! need your help Passkey/Sabra
I have this nasty allergy that bothers me every now andthen. Symptoms include dry nose, co
asharma 2005-05-22
2   last decade

genital herpes
SYMPTOM: sense of tingling in left thigh.it changes to painful bump after a few days with
parmida 2005-03-02
6   last decade

dry skin, possible eczema?
hi, i have suffered from 2 bouts of horrible, painful dry skin this winter. the first was
jennieandbabydaisy 2005-02-26
3   last decade

My cat has a small puncture i
My cat came home this morning. He has a small puncture bite in his left shoulder. He doesn
Ladthena 2005-05-19
6   last decade

Lost my sense of smell :-(
Hello Everybody, I am new on this site and hope that I can learn some new tips/advice in r
Alaizia 2005-05-20
1   last decade

Elderly mother having strokes due to arthritis of spine
My sister and I are students of homeopathy. We are very concerned about out mother.She has
jadeshade 2005-05-13
6   last decade

Exposure to area pesticide spraying
I am chemically sensitive.I recently moved to a place i thought would be safe. I have noic
Ladthena 2005-05-20
1   last decade

Home remedies/wisdom/teachings
I was wondering if any of you are would like to share any home remedies with the forum.Or
Namaste27 2005-05-20
3   last decade

Withdrawl and symptoms of Klonopin
The year 2004 I suffered through two hurricanes in Florida. Due to structure damage and ex
Ladthena 2005-05-10
11   last decade

swollen and heavy feet
I'm looking for a remedy for my mother. She's 50 and her feet started swelling a
Selina 2005-05-06
11   last decade

marijuana addiction
I have a friend who is addicted to marijuana. Has used it for more than 30 years. He told
swede18 2005-05-19
2   last decade

Dog with recurrent bad ears
Hi therewondered if anyone could advise me on a problem I have with one of my dogs a black
gerth 2005-05-19
2   last decade

irritated ear canals - over a decade
Hello kind reader,I've been struggling for about 12 years now with painful itching an
laurie 2005-05-15
3   last decade

Triggered Asthma in 8 Year old
My wife Karen and I have an 8 year old son, Nicholas. He has had episodes of, what we cal
Gerard 2005-05-19
1   last decade

Canderal - the artificial sweetener
Is Canderal an antidote to homeopathic medicinethanks & regardssazim
sazim1 2005-05-19
2   last decade

Injections used by homeopath, very expensive
I've sought the help of a homeopath for the treatment of menstrual migraines(5-6 a mo

Katarina 2005-05-13
14   last decade

side effect of thuja
Hello,I took Thuja c200 for my warts 2 weeks ago. I have had a sensation of lumps and chok
angie 2005-05-18
2   last decade

Burning Throat is the ONLY symptom
I have read up on all the posts concerning GERD, but I only have one symptom!!!! I don
hannels57 2005-05-17
5   last decade

18 month old with nystagmus
Hi! I am the mom of an adorable 18-month-old baby boy.I am looking for homeopathic treatme
michaelsmom 2005-05-18
1   last decade

how to get rid of stomach flab?
hiive had a flabby stomach since i was a child, ive tried exercising but it didnt seem to
Isma1 2005-05-18
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Sabra please help
madam,After doing Retrograde Urethrocystogram X-Ray it shows sricture/narrowing in my bla
aabid 2005-04-14
6   last decade

5 yr old - Sour Throat & Caugh
My 5 yr old daughter usually starts with Sour Throat/Caugh and ear infection after a week.
sainkavi 2005-05-18
1   last decade

Are there any remedies that address this problem other than sabal serrulata? If arnica can
jentoun 2005-04-30
12   last decade

help with general health and weight
Hi theream new comer to homeopathy adn this site and have received some excellent advice r

gerth 2005-04-11
13   last decade

Excessive water in the mouth
Since having the flu last year and having a ear infection which caused me to loose 99% of
dindin 2005-05-15
2   last decade

Longstanding earache
Posting on behalf of my dad (57) - has had earache, rather, ear agony for many years now,
Spides69 2005-05-17
8   last decade

Hello,I noticed this morning that I seem to be developing a small stye near the lower, inn
monettececile 2005-05-17
1   last decade

sun blisters
I am not sure what I am supposed to describe. I am a plus size woman with natural blond ha
tweetystone 2005-05-15
1   last decade

I read with Findings of Dr. Pathak's research that Glioma can be addressed by RUta 6.
Chidambaram. S 2005-05-17
1   last decade

Low platelet count
My wife, age about 45 years is suffering from HCV. After having homeopathy treatment, her
sheeza 2005-05-17
1   last decade

ronda 2005-05-16
1   last decade

Hi,have been under homeopathic treatment for more than 2 years now and start losing hope.H

natasha 2005-05-15
13   last decade

To Moderator
I tried to contact you. It wouldn't accept the submit button. I am annoyed that the P
sabra 2005-05-17
3   last decade

chalazion / stye upper right eyelid
I've been treating my 7 year old daughters chalazion with silicea 6x with 2 granu
bralfinley 2005-05-16
2   last decade

chronic lung infection - help!
I am 29 years old and have had asthma that has gotten increasingly worse since age 18. I
Ewitham 2005-05-14
7   last decade

Summer Diarhoea.
VERATUM ALB.- severe conditions, stools like rice-water; summer diarrhea that is frequent;
shamid 2005-05-16
1   last decade

ear problem help
im new here and this is my storysince i was kid oround 4 my ear was hurting bad every mont
nawozy 2005-05-14
4   last decade

arrrggghhh!!!! my eye!!! o.0
I really need help here...I have been suffering from Conjunctivitis for most of my life, b
Jimmimak 2005-05-15
2   last decade

weaning from xanax slow release, can any one help?
hi,someone i know was put onto xanax 1mg slow release for severe depression some time ago.
mariedo 2004-11-21
5   last decade

Just wanted to share with you that I gave my cat with tapeworms Psorinum 200C, 1M, and the
Namaste27 2005-05-15
1   last decade

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