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I am a 66 year old male have been wearing bifocale for years. I have been told that I
bzmeltzer 2013-12-04
5   Rabersniver last year

how to use lycopodium CM
Dear Sir, i am 34 years old i have read about Lycopodium CM a lot but not know how to use
sahirashh 2012-04-25
8   akt333 last year

Lycopodium clavatum 50 M and Nat mur 6x
Hi, I need to take one dose of lycopodium 50M(only once) after that Nat mur 6x four
Amit123 2018-01-26
1   John Stanton last year

chronic malabsorption with other symptoms
I have noticed that i have chronic malabsorption since 2-3 years,my stool is

robin us 2018-01-18
17   healer21 last year

eczema help!!!!!!!
Good Morning, I am seeking some advise on how to deal with my baby's eczema, he has
kandilee 2017-10-14
3   kandilee last year

left side sore throat
Woke up with left side sore throat, hurts when swallow. Feels better with warm drinks or

bluesky77 2016-06-14
67   Amran7md last year

Re: Lachsis 200 side effect increase white blood cells
What antidote lachsis 200 My heart rate abnormal and feel pressur on head no sleep
Rehman2 2018-01-25
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erectile dysfunction problem
I have been facing the ed related issue for last couple of years.I am unable to maintain
Aurtue 2017-02-11
3   gvsafe last year

Peudendal neuralgia
Is there any cure of this nerve deases in
Anik420 2018-01-03
10   drthoufeequebhms last year

Please help PCOD with acne and excess hair
Age: 28 years Disease: PCOD with severe acne and hair on chest, chin, neck and body. Acne
Vuifoi 2018-01-03
8   drthoufeequebhms last year

Anemia, vertigo when lie, palpitation, cold feet
High Esr, acidity reflux , constipation , licoria, week liver Hlo sir I m 34 years. I
supreetbawa 2018-01-24
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

4 month old reflux/nat phos
So my baby girl is on Zantac and it’s not helping. Every time we start a feeding a
KaylaAshurova 2018-01-18
5   drthoufeequebhms last year

I am 24 years old and i have cavities and i can't eat hard things.plz anyone tell me
Zoyaa Ali 2018-01-24
1   kadwa last year

Disc bulging at c4 c5.
I am suffering from muscular spasm in neck since many years I.e 10 years Dr has advised
nizamani 2018-01-24
1   kadwa last year

Fistula Patient need some help
Hi everyone I have been a fistula patient from last 3 years. I have been on ayruvadic
Jibrab736 2018-01-24
1   kadwa last year

Chininum sulph
How can the fever caused by chininum be
Kamal6 2018-01-24
1   kadwa last year

ratinal hemmorage
my father 78 year have retinal hemmorague due to these problem he face vision problem can
hirenvachhani-1972 2018-01-22
1   kadwa last year

DRY Mouth Agony: Urgent Request to Dr Kadwa n other like minded doctors
Present Problem: Dry Mouth and tongue, though not fully its slightly wetted too ;
Nab 2018-01-21
4   kadwa last year

Breast lumps
I have fibrodenoma on my ryt breast below the arma..I am taking homeopathy medicines
Ounausau 2018-01-24
1   homeo_helper last year

Urgently need homeopath for Candida east and diaper rash
I have Candida east infection and a bad diaper rash which is now comming on my pubic

WitchIcono 2017-12-02
22   maheeru last year

right epididymitis
Hello Doctor, I been facing this issue for almost 5 months now.Used antibiotics, but of

purohit 2017-12-06
17   purohit last year

Homeopathy for hormonal acne and scarring
Hi all, I am 22 and in December 2016 I came off the contraceptive pill, and from then
maggie1008 2018-01-22
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Azoospermia homeopathic treatment and support?
Hi, Do you know that SEVEN out of TEN azoospermia clients semen may restore production
azoospermia doctor 2010-06-24
12   M.K Hasan last year

Hair fall problem
Dear Dr. My wife age is 33 years. And she is having heavy hair fall problem. Some

pramod4 2017-12-11
28   HealthyWorld last year