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Chalazion in 3.7 years old baby girl
My daughter 3.7 years old has a chalazion in left upper lid edge. It's been there
sangeetha20ss 2020-08-24
5   anuj srivastava 11 months ago

Chronic IBS
I Am 35y Old Male.I Am Suffering From Chronic IBS problem From Last 4 Years. 1.Have to
rsingh7785 2020-08-24
1   anuj srivastava 11 months ago

atten. dr. kadwa (new post)
Dr kadwa please help me. I am here inform you about my symptoms, , after taking lyco 200

pocari 2010-03-24
27   pocari 11 months ago

Post Covid Viral Syndrome
Hello I have been on this forum I had Covid in March and have been making some progress

Mary4 2020-08-03
51   Mary4 11 months ago

Help To Quite Smoking
Hi Sir, I am doing smoking from last 10 years . But now i decide to quite smoking. By
himanshubaijal 2016-02-23
6   simone717 11 months ago

Mother Tincture vs. Q Dilution - urgent help
Hi, Can anyone suggest me what is the difference between T.M on homeopathy liquid bottle
theseeker81 2020-08-22
1   A.Singh 11 months ago

Epidydimitis on left testicle for 1 month
Namaste, i am a male of 15 years. I have been suffering from left testicle epidydimitis
Vijaya1 2020-08-21
4   Vijaya1 11 months ago

Hello! I am a 27y old, female and I suffer from Pcos - rapid weight gain, acnee, hair
Lilyofthevalley 2020-07-02
20   anuj srivastava 11 months ago

stretch marks in buttocks
can anyone suggest homeopathy to reduce severe white stretch marks in buttocks male which
aturate 2020-08-21
2   aturate 11 months ago

Peyronies Disease help?
Hello! My husband has pretty severe peyronies Disease and we are not sure how to proceed.
Stellamoon 2016-07-02
4   Leokhan 11 months ago

Please suggest a remedy to reduce/eliminate fibrous scar tissue and plaque in my penis.
I have been diagnosed with a difficult but little known disease called
zahmuzik 2007-03-06
22   Leokhan 11 months ago

Grade A esophagaitis and a small hiatus hernia
Hi, I have been suffering from frequent burping since more than 2 years. I got the
Shoukath 2020-08-20
2   simone717 11 months ago

Rash on back of neck - Radioactive Iodine Pill>?
Would appreciate advise for treating a very red itchy rash on the back of my neck. It is

marianne11az 2020-05-24
29   anuj srivastava 11 months ago

left ovarian cysts with endometriosis
Hello. I am 47 years old. I currently have two dense homogeneous left ovarian cysts of 31
Tica 2020-07-12
8   anuj srivastava 11 months ago

Re: Barking Cough, Full body rash and sadness from separation
Would like to add to appetite, slight nauseous feeling, lungs clear but she
marianne11az 2020-04-29
2   marianne11az 11 months ago

Gastric problem of heart patient
Sir One help/advise required: My father undergone for angioplasty in May 2020. Ek stent
anuragfed 2020-08-14
3   A.Singh 11 months ago

homeopath for anal fistula
is there a homeopath here who has already cured an anal fistula. ??? or a person already
elamabdellah 2020-07-14
13   elamabdellah 11 months ago

21 months baby boy speech issue
Today that is on 19th August ,2020 my baby body has completed 21 months. I am posting
sourabh.das 2020-08-19
1   anuj srivastava 11 months ago

ibs? discomfort
hi homeopaths 2 weeks ago i had diarhea, i am not sure if it was something i ate. i also
paula1 2020-08-19
3   paula1 11 months ago

Skin and Head Acne problem
I have sever skin acne but my face and head has severe issue. When I wash my head with
seoulite 2020-08-18
1   anuj srivastava 11 months ago

Acute pancreatitis and gallbladder problems
Hallo, I have problems with my pancreas and gallbladder which translates in pain in
Abou 2020-08-17
3   homeo_helper 11 months ago

Carcinosinum proving question
If someone took carcinosinum and this proved how would it actually prove? Let's say
Gotham5 2017-06-11
4   simone717 11 months ago

dullache in left side abdomen, cramping, frequent motions post eating and pain in back when pooping
i had dull pain in left side abdomen since feww weeks. once i had loose motions so i
aturate 2020-08-18
4   aturate 11 months ago

adominal distention any time / anything i eat
I am living with a monster .. Everytime I eat ANYTHING or DRINK ANYTHING I have severe
rawchicadee 2012-03-31
2   Watermaiden 11 months ago

In the past 3 years, I've had repeated UTI'S that frequently showed up quickly
flower_lust 2020-08-17
5   flower_lust 11 months ago