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Mercurius Solubilus Hahnemanni
Hello, I purchased Mercurius to see if it would help my cervical dystonia and anxiety
toby1 2017-12-02
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fungal infection on penis
I am 37 years old and suffering with penis foreskin fungal infection. In Starting
Nvhp 2017-11-30
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Right Testicular Pain extending down to leg
Hi, I have pain in my right testicle and it extends down to my leg. Urologist says there
netwiz87 2017-12-03
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self medication
I have a homeopathic kit of 50-60 medicines and they are all dilutions of potency 30C .my
Ajay malaotar 2017-06-23
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I have Lupus and autism. I am 50. Need help with carcinocin. Can I take this? Will it
whatevermylot 2017-12-03
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Premature ejaculation and other problems
Hello! adorable doctor,I am 29 year old. I feel some problems. 1. Sometimes, not
Akash Biswas 2017-11-30
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Homeopath meds question
Does anyone know how to take mercurius solubilus for anxiety and neck and shoulder pain.
toby1 2017-12-02
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Sleep Apnea
Dear Homeopaths and all others, I am a healthy, active 30 year-old male. Non-smoker and
Lukasz 2017-10-25
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Habbit of masturbute remedy
Aoa dr sab Iam syed taha frm islamabad age 24. Sir iam a big addict of masturbute from
Kazmisyed 2017-12-02
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Hi, I've been having hissing in my right ear that began about three months ago. It
richrf 2017-11-30
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pelvic muscle spasms and painful erections
namaste. i m a 27 yr old male weighing 58kgs and 5'8" high. i sit for hours infront
nani13 2017-11-28
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For a considerable time,
JWB 2017-11-26
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4 week old
My son is breastfeed and is suffering from what I believe to be severe reflux. From birth
Broosu 2017-12-03
1   healer21 last year

Index Finger joint pain
I am 57years old housewife. My index finger joint have stiffness and pain. Morning finger
chandhuc 2017-12-03
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Small cysts on left ovary
Hi I have been getting severely painful periods since the last 3 years. My symptoms
Pure nature 2017-12-02
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need expert
Hello, I am suffering from IBS Diarrhea, my symptoms are Diarrhea, gas, unformed stools,
saish 2017-11-15
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7mm kidney stone stuck in ureter
Can someone take this case please?? Left side front and back pain. Not able to eat,
bluesky77 2017-11-29
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Bladder Neck Obstruction -
Hi I am Naveen from India. I have low urine stream flow problem. Abdomin scan, KUB xray,
naveensamala2000 2017-10-26
7   0antivirus0 last year

1.5 yrs baby girl suffering from 102 fever+cough(dry)+ vomit+blocked nose
1.5yrs old baby girl having 102 fever for 3 days dry coughing vomiting and she is
sameergupta1 2017-12-03
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Is there any Treatment of Avascular Necrosis in Homeopathy ??
Hi Everyone,I m 26 years old chap suffering from "Acascular Necrosis" of both hip Joints.

SavrajSingh 2005-01-13
34   anshika1718 last year

Sugar and Candida issues
Hi, I have following issues: 1. Hypothyroidism, my alopathic doctor wants me to take
asiflakhani 2017-12-03
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Anxious son
Hi could someone help my 12 year son is suffering anxiety panic attacks, as a baby and

natou0810 2017-10-05
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1.5 yrs baby girl suggering from 102 fever+cough(dry)+ vomit
1.5yrs old baby girl having 102 fever for 3 days dry coughing vomiting and she is
sameergupta1 2017-12-03
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Necrotic cyst
I have 2 necrotic cysts size of half golf ball on either side of my lower neck. I do not
barb.chadha 2017-11-25
4   barb.chadha last year