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atten. dr. kadwa (new post)
Dr kadwa please help me. I am here inform you about my symptoms, , after taking lyco 200

pocari 2010-03-24
26   kadwa last year

Infant silent reflux
My 10 week old son has silent reflux although experiences screaming unconsolable fits 4
Smarie1 2017-11-27
1   kadwa last year

Burning pain on whole back
Iam 68 yrs male.Iam suffering from osteoarthritis and having high uric acid. Since last
ranjandr 2017-10-29
7   kadwa last year

Clarification intended for the medical condition and healing time
Kindly help me out. Was addicted to masturbation. Recently got rid of the habit with the
Anonymous1231 2017-11-24
3   kadwa last year

Mono Help
Hi! I was diagnosed with Mono two days ago after taking antibiotics a few days because
mbearman 2017-11-22
4   akshaymohl last year

direct correspondence
hy. is there any qualified homeopathic specialist available here. if so, kindly send me
JWB 2017-11-26
1   simone717 last year

Email Required
Hello Dr. Ramesh. i need to speak to you personally. therefore i would be more convenient
JWB 2017-11-25
1   simone717 last year

please help me to survive
I am male & 28 years old. I have many problems like Hypothyroidism, anemia fatty
surajitabchlover 2017-11-26
1   healer21 last year

under eye dark circle
mera age 22 hai or mujhai under eye dark circle hai iska koi medicine bata
sameer7 2017-11-26
1   healer21 last year

Dark circles and pale (yellow) skin
Hello I'm 19 years old Female I've been suffering from dark circles since a
Naasshhrahh 2017-11-20
6   Lamary last year

Waking up 3-4 times at night
I am a 47 yr old male, 5′ 10″ and 79Kg. I need to wake up for peeing more
shamsher1 2017-11-25
3   healer21 last year

Bleeding since and long time
I'm suffering from irregular menstruation since 5yrs... M jst 19yrs old nw.. I
Shirsouqu 2017-11-24
2   Shirsouqu last year

ASD (autism spectrum disorder)
hello, i m a mother of 3 yrs old autistic girl. she lost always in her own world. always
Ienairpierf 2017-11-25
1   healer21 last year

Weight loss
I need to lose weight please recommend a remedy - need to lose weight around the tummy
kohler 2017-11-21
9   kohler last year

internalized emotion?
Hello, I would like help to figure out which homeopathic medicine would help me. Here is
soul123 2017-11-24
2   soul123 last year

Post operative puss drainage
43 year old female had a huge uterine fibroid. She did hysterectomy last week And after
Bhagyashree sonar 2017-11-25
2   healer21 last year

cronic constipation
Hello sir, I am 27 yrs old girl and having the constipation problem from last 2-3 yrs.I
annu1 2017-11-23
4   healer21 last year

very important - pcos and its treatment
Dear Doctor Recently my elder Sister underwent USG Screening for Pelvis and PCOS was

homeoseeker 2006-05-17
19   healer21 last year

Stammering Remedy
Hello Everyone, I am new to the forum. I wanted to get some guidance on a stramonium
istallion 2017-11-25
2   istallion last year

remedy for hepetitis b virus (hbsag)
I am Abdul Hannan aged 44.HbsAg positive for past several years.No symptom or other

haney 2005-07-05
19   Saravanan 7890 last year

gas pain
Male, 24 yrs. I am having recurrent gastric based pain and stomach upset issues since 5
FOXTROT1 2017-11-24
3   healer21 last year

lipoma problem since last 4 years
Good morning Doctor, My name is Vipin Kumar Sharma. I am suffering from multiple
vipin3 2017-11-25
1   healer21 last year

Acidity.gas,headache,incomplete passage of bowel
I am suffering from acidity, gas, incomplete passage of bowel,sometimes headache and pain
om27664gmail.com 2017-11-25
1   healer21 last year

chronic childhood problems. Asking for remedy.
Hi All, I am a 33 years male. I have following problems. Pls suggest a proper
Utsav1 2017-11-23
9   healer21 last year