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hypothyroidism and phimosis
namaste! i m 27yr old male suffering from hypothyroidism. my TSH tests revealed a level
nani13 2017-12-01
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help with candida
Hi, I have few problems I have been dealing with for a while. 1. I have hypothyroid -
asiflakhani 2017-12-01
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PE and possible Urine bladder problem
Hello Doctor, I'm 34 years old, My premature ejaculation problem started appearing
PEsolution 2017-03-15
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Homeopathy treatment for bad breath
Bad breath is due to many reasons, it could be because of the not brushing the teeth
ehomeo 2017-12-01
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Need help for my mom
Hi, I have a 75 year old mom who complains about chakar. She takes following
asiflakhani 2017-11-30
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My wife age 43 years is having headache at backside . She is also having pain above both

skmangal 2017-11-01
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Hypothyriod for 7 years
Heloo Plz suggest me some homeopathic medicine for this problem.. I have many problems..
Eeman1 2017-11-30
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tight phimosis, very dry foreskin
i have been suffering from a very tight phimosis. it feels very dry inside my foreskin
nani13 2017-11-30
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Tinnitis, Vertigo, Menieres
I am a 65yo male who has been diagnosed with bilateral Mernieres 9 years ago. I take

bzmeltzer 2013-05-21
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Remedy finder
I need help with my masturbation issue..... I have a very bad habbit, I'm 23 yr old
wikkii390 2017-11-30
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pelvic muscle weakness
good afternoon sir! i am 27 yrs old male. i have been suffering from weakness of pelvic
nani13 2017-11-29
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ref: att dr kadwa
Dr. Kadwa, As advised by you I am about to complete the below course of medicine, I am
john doe1 2017-11-29
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name : taimur khan age:22 gender:male sir mujhai alergy hai .or mujhai sans lene me
sameer7 2017-11-27
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Impotency, Compulsive urge to watch porn & masturbate, loss of mental and physical vigour and stamina
I am a 38 year old male, masturbating since the age of 14. At the younger side of my age
Ankaith 2017-11-27
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have two problems that I need to deal with Psoriasis and BPH
for Psoriasis I am taking R65 Reckeweg drops and Topi Cardiospermum ointment I now wish
RBS 2017-10-16
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My 22nd month baby not walking
Dear Sir/Madam, My 22nd month baby not walking. When we try to make her walk. She
Vikash_83 2017-11-20
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Diabetic - Foot gangarene
My father is 64 years old and Diabatic patient from last 25 years. From last 4 years he
ayeshashah 2013-09-05
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Erectile Dysfunction
I am 34 years old, facing ED for past 5 years. Tried many ayurvedic treatments but no
qwerty4 2017-11-29
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Schizophrenia with themes of opression and being controlled...
Hello, I am hoping to get some direction in finding the right remedy to help my mother,
kiki2 2017-11-26
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Phytolacca Berry
How long does it take for phytolacca Berry to take effect in weight loss - does it take
kohler 2017-11-29
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Pcos help
Hi. I m suffering from pcos for 10 years. Age 24. Have tried many homeopaths with
kiranzia20 2017-11-25
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Very aggressive behaviour
My brother is 32, single. And doesn't do any job. He sometimes help his brother in
Meera1 2017-11-29
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My mom Suffering with Severe Leg Knee joint pains for 2years
My mom's Age 45(female) She has been suffering with severe leg Knee joint pains
Chiru1 2017-11-29
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pneumonia in 1year old
Hi my 1 year old is very chesty and always has been on and off since she was born. We
vee1 2017-11-28
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