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sexual problem
my penis is so weak, due long masturbation history, since 9th standard to after
Frouwi 2017-08-03
9   Frouwi last year

Konstantinos 2017-10-20
7   Reva V last year

adenoids, tonsillitus, very poor growth 7yr kid pls help
my kid age 7yr have tonsils and adenoids and has very poor growth (height n weight), poor

win51 2014-08-29
44   ridhimaawasthi last year

Memory Loss
Hello Doctor, My issue is i have memory loss. i cant remember day to day activities. if
Zohebnawaz 2017-10-31
1   akshaymohl last year

i'm sick of weakness lazyness and masturbation
Hello, I am Ibrahim I am doing masturbation from many years may be more then 5 years i am
Mrpolice 2017-10-28
8   akshaymohl last year

Height growth for 7 yr old girl
My daughter is 43 inch at 7 years old. She is much shorter than other girls in her
Aditid 2017-10-31
1   homeo_helper last year

Blood poatules under the skin.
I've had this weird condition for the past 10 years. Blood freezes under my skin
Muhammadali1 2017-10-31
1   homeo_helper last year

Weight loss - Perimenopause
Hi doctors! I would like some help. I am 41. And I am facing extreme dificulty losing
abcjoana 2017-10-31
3   abcjoana last year

Oral submucuos fibrosis
I am a patient of oral submucuos fibrosis from last three years due to betal nuts and due
Sammar110 2017-10-30
4   healer21 last year

Pilonidal Sinus - Seeking advice From Dr. Nawaz Khan
Hello Dr. Nawaz, AssalamuAlaikum. Seeking your advice on Pilonidal Sinus issue for my
Eetie 2017-10-31
1   Eetie last year

Left side hemiplegia
My Mother is suffering from hemiplegia (Left side hand & leg) since 2011 due to high
ilyas1 2017-10-31
1   healer21 last year

I have multiple lipoma.from bangladesh
I am 28 years old.I have multiple lipoma from 12 years.My both hand and
Ownpou 2017-10-27
6   healer21 last year

littlemoth 2017-10-28
7   0antivirus0 last year

Chiru1 2017-10-31
1   healer21 last year

Health Anxiety worse on specific times
Dear Doctors , It would be great if some one can help me ! I am male 25 YRS from
bilalamd 2012-11-28
5   Golod67 last year

Selenium, I think? How to buy?
Hi, I'm totally new to homeopathy. About to make my first purchase based on the
shadja 2017-10-30
2   shadja last year

Shrunken Penis and Loose Testicles
From the last 2 months, I cannot get any erection and no morning wood. The penis feels
HealMySoul 2017-10-25
8   akshaymohl last year

excessive masturbation
Hi Sir, I am a 24 year old international student in uk, i have been masturbating from
escaped 2017-10-30
1   akshaymohl last year

Possibly silent reflux?
My 5 year old son has had the issue of persistent cough (sounds barky) that has been
todeepshikha 2017-10-28
5   homeo_helper last year

male 67,had diabetes,high cholesterol and ckd since 2009,recently diagnosed with
nisarhaq 2016-08-14
2   nisarhaq last year

Acne on nose
This is in reference to my husband. He has had a long term problem of acne on back and
Kiarj 2017-10-28
7   Kiarj last year

brisbanehomoeopath it's very serious problem
Sir David at first take my Salam... I think you can remember me. This is Joba from

carebd 2012-03-20
52   healer21 last year

silicea 3x for acne scars
hello I just bought silicea 3x to treat acne scarring on my face and was wondering how
acnescars 2008-05-04
3   maheeru last year

Hello! I'm lloking for help for my PCOS condition. Thank you for you answer! 1.
DKalin 2017-10-27
4   Amie94781 last year