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Depression negative thoughts
Hi..i m 32 yrs old ,married and have two kids..i have anxiety issues with acidity and
Afreen shahZeb 2020-11-10
1   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

Autistic daughter
Hi everyone, I have an autistic daughter who is treated using homeopathy but I
someone1 2020-11-09
3   freehomeoforall 3 months ago

Elevated Alkaline Phosphatase
67 year old man blood shows elevated alkaline phosphatase count 802 normal range is 30 -
radhekrishna 2006-12-14
3   sajid sajjad 3 months ago

Coughing and loose appetite to eat.
Hi, my husband have been coughing for the past few weeks. When he cough , sometimes feel
nadiah 2020-11-08
1   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

Lateral meniscus tear
Hi, I am seeking help for my right knee pain, swelling, pain and inflammation on my knee
asharma1 2020-11-08
2   asharma1 3 months ago

9 year has issues with detoxing need kidney and liver support.
Hello, My my 9 year old son has issues with detoxing. I need remedy combination to
alschneider 2020-11-06
3   drjitesh 3 months ago

arsenicum album dosage in ongoing asthma remedy
I am 26 and have had asthma since i was 10. ..its mostly exercise induced but over the
kimbercin 2019-09-25
8   maheeru 3 months ago

high blood pressure in the evening
I am a 68 yrs old man. I have been suffering from high blood pressure and H C M for
Arun kanti 2020-10-14
10   drjitesh 3 months ago

Caudal Occipital Malformation Syndrome
My 13 year old fury friend Easydog (Chihuahua) has got COMS with the attached symptoms
Feelingreat 2020-11-06
1   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

Nat mur 6c
If the remedy is working on lots of levels ie mood anxiety bloating constipation
Ideal56 2020-11-06
5   simone717 3 months ago

Leg pain
From last 2-3 months my wife is having pain in her legs( both calf and front side). Area
Punpher 2020-11-06
2   razaraza 3 months ago

heart irregular cactus grandifleurs
i havegot a irreguar heart beat . i have read cactus grandifleurs mother tincture is
whitts99549932 2020-11-05
1   simone717 3 months ago

Memory loss and concentration issues
Am a 40 year old, male from India, have been having trouble concentrating and unable

rishia 2020-08-25
26   simone717 3 months ago

withdrawal from pristiq
My 16 year old son has been on Pristiq since late 2019 or early 2020. He was also on
munchimoo 2020-11-05
2   munchimoo 3 months ago

black spots on tongue
I have black spots on my tongue. Covers much of middle of tongue. Does not seemed
eddieb 2008-09-04
3   simone717 3 months ago

Pseudomonos aeruginosa in testicle
Hi, can you advise me for pseudomonos aeruginosa infection in testicle which painful
Guns 2020-11-05
1   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

Neck pain
Hello, Am looking to speak to a homeopathy doctor. I have a neck injury. A metal strap
Ssonu 2020-11-03
1   anuj srivastava 3 months ago

Please let me know acid phos 200 and phosphorus 200 are
934etc 2020-11-02
3   simone717 3 months ago

Adult Acne issue.
I have acne issue for 10 years. the intensity have increased over the years. now I am
Chuiphinp 2020-11-03
1   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

Bloody urine in dog
Hi , female rottweiler 3.5 years is peeing blood in her urine. Her heat cycle was 2
Gba 2020-11-03
2   Gba 4 months ago

Corona symptoms
Hello, I am having corona like symtomps: 1. Feeling intermediate cold(shivering) from
nur88 2020-11-02
3   A.Singh 4 months ago

Cranky baby
3 month old baby is cranky since 5-6 days , fussy and keeps on crying. Picks up
Gba 2020-11-01
2   Gba 4 months ago

Polyps on vocal cord and voice hoarseness
I have polyps on vocal cord left, due to this my voice is not consistence everyday. Some
AnithaP 2020-10-29
5   AnithaP 4 months ago

Expiration date of homeopathic (Boiron) pills
If I have a homeopathic pill bottle and the expir. date shows as Aug 2020 (it's now
Healthisfundamental 2020-11-02
3   Healthisfundamental 4 months ago

Erectile Dysfunction
I am facing ED from a long time. Have a history of Mastrubation before 6-7 years but not

Aaa 2020-07-16
43   razaraza 4 months ago