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Bartholin cyst help
Hello, I'm a 36 year old female,2 kids with normal delivery,have fibroids,I have a

Ramya2 2020-11-22
38   Ramya2 4 months ago

Wits end
My wife of 34 years has become a paranoid schizophrenic, the past five years has been
Lovemywife 2020-12-20
4   Lovemywife 4 months ago

Chronic renal failure dog from tick disease
I am a small animal vet starting my journey into homeopathy. I have a canine patient with
bacvet 2020-12-19
2   bacvet 4 months ago

high blood pressure
hello, what would you recommend for a 40 year old man who just started to have high
Dididecho 2020-12-20
1   homeo_helper 4 months ago

depersonalisation help maheeru pls help
i have depersonalization disorder.i am not able to feel my body or emotions. I was a very 2020-12-20
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which medicine is the antidote of calcarea phos?
hello,about 2 months ago,i have taken calcarea phos 0/8. it was a wrong remedy for
tusar66 2020-12-18
1   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

Brown hyperpigmentation as of a child
I am 35 year old women. Brown spots bigmentation started when I was 10 from my feet and
Yasmin999 2013-02-05
24   Yasmin999 4 months ago

Varicose Vein below the knee and lower limb
Dear Dr. , Please could you help me . Since last one month I am suffering from Varicose
Prathisha 2020-12-17
4   Prathisha 4 months ago

Staph relationship with acid phos
Can Staphysagria 30 be used along with Acid Phos 30? Will there be any
sdhs 2020-12-18
1   Urepierk 4 months ago

Anal skin tags
I have extra flaps of skin at the top and bottom of of my anus. They do not itch, or

puckwench 2011-09-26
96   diya007 4 months ago

A 34 year male, Occupation: driver Married -10 years. Child -1 daughter 9 years old.
jilesh tank 2020-12-18
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sleepy yet sleepless for 13 years- please help!
hello all, I'm 36, female, have had post-flu M.E./C.F.S. since 2007 and fibromyalgia
greyeminence 2020-12-13
5   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

depression anxiety and severe eye dryness
Hi I am 40, female, single. I had bad cervical issue and had an operation (4 years ago)
willpass2020 2020-12-17
1   freehomeoforall 4 months ago

Arnica safe before surgery
This is probably the most frustrating question a student in homeopathy could ask. Family
Andrea50 2020-12-14
2   Andrea50 4 months ago

liver hemangioma - 5.4 cm X 3 cm
Hello homeopathy practitioners, I am very hopefully that I will get the right guidance
gina2020 2020-11-12
15   florearazvan 4 months ago

Viral tx /Zinc 6x or c?
Hello, I cannot find Zinc Gluconicum 1 or 2x or Zinc Azceticum 1x and am using it to
Sarahndipity723 2020-12-15
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zinc needed,,,
Hello everyone, I am trying to find ZINC GLUCOONICUM 1x or 2x, and ZINC Aceticum 1x
Sarahndipity723 2020-12-15
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Weekness and heavy pain in body due to masturbation
I am Rahul mathur. I am suffering from heavy pain in back , leg and chest . I started
mathurr 2020-11-19
13   freehomeoforall 4 months ago

Antidote lyco 1m
How to antidote lycopodium
aamir2312 2020-12-10
6   aamir2312 4 months ago

How to use gelsemium for teenager
I have been giving my 13 year old son Gelsemium 30c an hour before his soccer games to
BOPP 2020-10-24
9   BOPP 4 months ago

Agoraphobia & Self Consciousness
Is there a remedy to help with agoraphobia and extreme self consciousness?
Jazminx2 2020-12-12
2   Jazminx2 4 months ago

Suffering from migranes, Rhematoid arthritis, frquent urination, timid
Iam female 35yrs of age, suffering from migranes for last 20yrs and Rhematoid arthritis
naz123456 2020-12-14
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Sexual weakness after opium 30
MagicBun 2020-12-11
5   MagicBun 4 months ago

Preteen not gaining height
I have a 12-year-old son who is not gaining height. He’s is 92 lbs and his height
momofx 2020-12-13
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Arm soreness, stiffness and hard due to Tetanus injection Suitable remedy
Dear all, I would like to request for a suitable remedy to decrease the pain at the
yamarty 2020-12-13
1   anuj srivastava 4 months ago