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Severe Gums Bleeding/ Gingivitis/ Periodontitis/Bleeding all the time
I have severe gum bleeding all the time. I have used numerious homeopathic medicines but
ahmedkhan1 2021-07-16
2   ahmedkhan1 4 months ago

Sepia and Nicotine
Can you take Sepia with Nicotine tablets? They are 4mg and used about 4 times a day. Just
Lilnbrandon 2021-07-14
1   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

Dr Anuj, Medicine to Prevent Covishield Side effect
My father is 70 years old and he is due for second dose of Covishield scheduled for
mayankgates 2021-07-12
2   mayankgates 4 months ago

Intestinal Parasite: Blastocystis Hominus
Can anyone tell me where to buy the Blastocystus nosode in the USA? I took herbal
Samhahn 2021-01-11
1   pshasta 4 months ago

KINGSHAHKHAN start replying

Kaps 2021-07-07
31   Kaps 4 months ago

Flu itchy eyes and nose can not bear fan air start sneezing
I am facing these problems on and off for the last two months. It's really hot
Fabeeha 2021-06-22
9   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

Inside the Nose
I frequently feel blocking on the inside of my nose. The irritation is not in the outer
Fiathau 2021-07-14
1   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

Social Anxiety, OCD and Depression
Age: 27 Blood Group: B+ Sex: Male Country: India I am suffering from Social anxiety, OCD

jsm0077 2018-08-29
38   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

Hydrocele homeopathic treatment
Hi all, I am a resident of Bangalore (India). My father, 79 years of Age has had
vjhos 2021-07-12
3   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

please help my life is hell , i have ocd and severe social anxiety and depression i
ocd1 2021-07-13
1   drthoufeequebhms 4 months ago

Nightfall and involuntary ejaculation
I have nightfall and spermatorrhea from last two years it happens because I am started
Sunil13 2021-07-14
1   drthoufeequebhms 4 months ago

Low self esteem /Low confidence /Chronic recurrent tonsillitis
My age is 36 and I am fearful and depressive person since childhood Low self esteem and
Seampuredg 2021-07-13
4   Seampuredg 4 months ago

Cough - please help
Hello, I am 37 year old and suffering from cough from past 2 months. This pattern is

deeps84 2021-03-29
43   deeps84 4 months ago

Arthritis Medication induced lung damage
My mother was prescribed a weekly arthritis medication. She took it for five months not
MerryCherry 2021-07-11
4   MerryCherry 4 months ago

Tactile defensiveness
My 9 year old daughter is struggling with tactile defensiveness. She hates any kind of
bce873 2021-07-04
6   bce873 4 months ago

Severe arthritus in younger age
Dear doctors, I am 45 years old men and i have severe arthritus feeling pain in both
Maurj 2021-07-11
6   Maurj 4 months ago

Moderate Asthma
Moderate Asthma Age 70 , Female 1. Heavy breathing after activities ( walking ,
Avijit.ici 2021-07-09
8   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

Fever body ache
i am having fever of around 102F since yesterday. i had taken dolo 650mg thrice. After
posesa 2021-07-08
7   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

pituitary macroadenoma
I am 49 years old, it was an incidental identification of pituitary macroadenoma when i
palvanu 2021-06-27
1   drjitesh 4 months ago

White Hairs in Beard
Hi, I started having white hairs in my beard from last 6-7 months and now they are
usmanwaheed481 2021-07-05
1   drjitesh 4 months ago

Problem to discharge
Hello , My brother in law age is 28 years . He is kind of handicapped only but mostly I
akshatj777 2021-07-10
1   drjitesh 4 months ago

Wet Dreams
Hello: I am 44-year-old married man with two kids. I have been suffering from a problem
alpha123 2009-12-17
18   Aryans Sen 4 months ago

Dear Sir, What is the best remedy for crusting in the nostril. It is deep in the nose,
pravric 2021-06-27
9   Kaps 4 months ago

TURP/Enlarged Prostate Surgery
An enlarged prostate is one of the commonest types of disease that affects men. The
CBLMHospital 2021-07-09
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Freckles on Face due to Phosphorus
I was given Phosphorus 1M single dose weekly (Three Doses in total) for brown spots on my
meernabeel 2021-06-29
1   drjitesh 4 months ago