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Problem due to over masturbation
Dear Dr. i m vishal aged abt 26 yrs.wt abt 65 kg, fair. sir i m suffering from many

Vishal2355 2013-09-09
32   Kh99 2 years ago

Hello Sir, Myself Rohit(30), I have Psoriasis from last 10years, and have tried almost

rohitchopra 2017-05-04
16   drthoufeequebhms 2 years ago

weak bladder and urine burning with pain
I am 55 years old,facing weak bladder and urine burning in track or passage of
tanveer112 2017-06-22
5   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Buzzing In Ear
Hey! My grandfather is 78 years old and was told he might TINNITUS (his symptoms seem to
CK123 2017-06-24
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Bells Palsy for 16 months
My husband had a sudden onset of Bells Palsy on 2/11/16. His symptoms were: severe lower
keiffer 2017-06-22
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Need help for Fluttering and drumming sound in my left ear
Hello I was wondering if you could help me to get the fluttering and drummingvsound in
Pfakahany 2017-06-22
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Sobaid 2017-06-23
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Candida & Diarrhea
Hi I have been diagnosed with Candida. I have been on a sugar free diet for the past few
sophie1997 2017-06-24
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Left Toe - GOUT, Deformity, Crystal - Uric Acid - Asprin
Hi, My mother (62 years) had been taking Asprin (as prescribed for BP). She developed
gkjann 2017-06-23
1   0antivirus0 2 years ago

Scoliosis and back pain with spasms
Hello! Lookin for some help for my husband.He's been told by his allopathic doctor
Rivakah 2017-06-24
3   Rivakah 2 years ago

Sir That my wife age 59 suffering from Diabetes and high blood pressure. All of sudden
yogesh baijal 2017-06-24
1   Reva V 2 years ago

homeopathy potency
prescribed homeopathy medicine in this potency ERYNGIUM AQUATICUM 3x, 2 drop in 10ml of
Ishu2 2017-06-25
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Vertigo ..
Dear doctors my wife is having vertigo problem since two days. She feels like bed is
skmangal 2017-06-25
1   homeo_helper 2 years ago

burning in urine and feeling uncomfortable always
pain continously in lower side of penis it drops after
iramnaushad 2006-11-26
5   tanveer112 2 years ago

Weak erection and premature ejaculation
Dear Respectable Doctor, I am 52 years old. I am facing sexual trouble for weak erection
Erekurefi 2017-06-23
2   Erekurefi 2 years ago

nil sperm
i am suffering from azzospermia i reported my semen test but no sperm seen in the sample.
krishnay27 2011-07-19
3   manoj5 2 years ago

Nil Sperm Count OR Azoospermia Homeopathy Treatment
Homeopathy is succsessful treatment for nil sperm count or Azoospermia. HOmeopathy
homeopathyonline 2012-05-23
3   manoj5 2 years ago

Acid Reflux after taking Azythromycin Antibiotic
My wife took 6, 250 mg pills of Azythromycin for 5 days on June 2nd. She had a sinus
declan 2017-06-23
3   simone717 2 years ago

BXO help needed
Ive been diagnosed with this and the remedy is - circumcision - which I am not looking

john 65000 2003-11-12
38   Midwest2017 2 years ago

Hair Loss, Hair thinning & M Pattern Baldness
Hi Dr. Joe I have read many post of Hair Loss. Can you help me out too for my hair
kolrahul 2017-06-23
1   HealthyWorld 2 years ago

Acne and Acne Scars
I was hoping someone could help me deal with acne breakouts and scarring. I am 28, have
hrs123 2011-05-05
2   YudaTama 2 years ago

High triglycerides and Calcium carbonicum
Dear homeopathic doctors! I am male 39 and had high triglycerides and a Homeopath
psi 2017-06-20
2   psi 2 years ago

Cold sores
I have been getting cold sores for about 2 years now. Can someone let me know the best
mjvhome 2017-06-20
4   homeo_helper 2 years ago

Dr kadwa please help
dear doctor Kadwa I am 35 years old married having 3 child. suffering from premature
xain 2017-06-22
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Non-stop Menstrual Bleeding
Please help me I am having non stop mebstrual bleeding,its about 6 months now I went to

sarahsarah 2009-03-25
17   Puempou 2 years ago