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Kind Help Highly Solicited
Dear Sir I am 60, professor, fair looking, 5'6", 64 kgs, gentle, very soft
sandy3 2019-07-21
7   maheeru 4 months ago

Kind attn of Dr. Maheeru. I am the CKD Patient.
Dr. Maheeru. I am the CKD patient M.Srinivasa who e-mailed all my details, and you were

Srini3553 2018-06-14
40   Srini3553 4 months ago

Frequent urination
1. Describe your main suffering? A) Frequent urination almost 100 times a day B) Very
viqarasif 2019-07-21
1   Best1 4 months ago

Scratch marks-needed remedy
scratch marks in chest,upper back area..they are there for 5-6 years.. (i'm
Ourgia 2019-07-23
1   Ourgia 4 months ago

Anal Fistula
I have had surgery 3 times in the last 25 years I am 52. The last surgery was about 5 yrs
rw2801 2019-07-20
10   kakku47 4 months ago

Failure in love. Sad depressed
I was in love with a guy. Somehow it ended. He looks at my posts but don't call me.

Meera1 2019-04-30
13   maheeru 4 months ago

Is mild to moderate depression same as
loko 2019-07-16
12   simone717 4 months ago

Remedy for celiac Disease
Hi .My daughter is 21 years old.last month she is diagnosed with celiac blood
Kright 2019-07-17
7   JS123 4 months ago

hepatitis b cure..
little bit pain right side mid of the abdomen . (not severe) Mild taste. Any remedy for

mak2005 2006-07-07
20   maheeru 4 months ago

I think it is my adenoids or at least it starts on the left side. I am a 73 year old
Earpairj 2019-07-21
2   Earpairj 4 months ago

Aconite 30 overdose. Please help
Hello there. My doc prescribed me aconite 30 for some reasons. I accidently took a
athav9000 2019-07-20
3   simone717 4 months ago

Alternate methods of giving homeopathy medicines
Want to know from the learned doctors here that if a patient is not able to take medicine

veenaajay 2019-07-05
19   veenaajay 4 months ago

Blood pressure, heavy head, eye sore and muscle stiffness neck
Hi I would like help on my situation. i have high blood pressure, eye sore, heavy head
mustu2 2019-07-19
5   mustu2 4 months ago

Urgent, guidance needed on “Fluid Cerefolius” Mother tincture.
Sir, I am a CKD Patient, Urgently need your valuable guidance on “Fluid
Srini3553 2019-07-19
5   simone717 4 months ago

Backpain When bending forward
My father's age is 64. He have lower back pain. When bending forward he have lower
nk111 2019-07-18
2   Best1 4 months ago

High creatinine in blood
I have creatinine level 1.5 . Prone to kidney stones . High blood pressure and high
anwarmak 2019-07-20
2   simone717 4 months ago

Kindly help, regarding mother tincture use.
Hello, Kindly help me with this. Can one take two different mother tincture on same

Tamkeen 2019-03-18
14   kakku47 4 months ago

6 year old boy with squint eye
First of all I know that my 6 year old nephew has squint eyes but I don't know what

kde2012 2015-04-12
13   maheeru 4 months ago

Excessive masturbation treatment
Hello Doctor Due to excessive masturbation. Dead erection Weakness Lower
Mannu1 2019-07-16
6   simone717 4 months ago

Happy one year old suddenly turned fussy and irritable
Hello My 15 month old baby boy was a happy toddler, running around and says a few words
Eecki 2019-02-12
9   simone717 4 months ago

Skin Aggravation Healing Crises
I've been taking a formula for burning, itching, painful, throbbing skin for 16

Embrace.Wisdom 2019-06-26
18   Embrace.Wisdom 4 months ago

Very chronic constipation and offensive gas problem
Hi I am medium build male 48 years of age height 5' 5'' weight 70 Kg. I
sanjeev2015 2019-07-03
6   anuj srivastava 4 months ago

Need suggestion on combining 2 remedies
My father is suffering from elevated uric acid levels as well as bunion of first toe. He
varunb 2019-07-17
1   maheeru 4 months ago

Medical Advise Required - Medication
Hello this is Avimed and am having some private part problem, mine penis forehead skin is
Avimed 2019-07-16
1   Avimed 4 months ago

Chronic ailments
Dear Doctor I am suffering from chronic ailments for the last about 13 years Till 2006

oldgold 2019-05-12
47   oldgold 4 months ago