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Female with excess hair, low confidence & moodiness
Hi can you suggest which homepathic remedy would be best to help my symptoms: Patient ID
dinoswife 2013-08-17
10   dinoswife 5 years ago

Common variable immunodeficiency
Dear All, One of my relative is suffering from CVID and at present he is on ventilator .
naresh gupta 2013-08-31
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Absence of erection & sexual desires, Discolored tongue & allergic to aroma
Hi Dear Doctor, hope ur doing well, im looking for ur help which will be greatly appriciat
ahmed_1984 2013-08-30
2   honest_friend 5 years ago

Hello,Dr.Kadwa Need Your Help.
Good afternoon Dr.Kadwa thanks for your reply.I'll do the same as you said.below i�
Antivirus 2013-08-31
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Hello,Dr.Kadwa Need Your Help.
Good afternoon Dr.Kadwa thanks for your reply.I'll do the same as you said.below i�
Antivirus 2013-08-31
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Hello,Doc Kadwa Need Help
Gud afternoon Dr.Kadwa...Thanks for your reply.i'll do the same as you said.i'am
Antivirus 2013-08-31
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Premature grey hair
Hi, I am 28 and not married yet. I have a problem of grey hair but no abnormal hair fall.
Pushkarjoag 2013-08-17
4   kadwa 5 years ago

Help to prevent Miscarriage
My sister is 5 months along with her second child. She is 36yrs old and under an incredibl
bananagirlforever 2013-08-29
4   kadwa 5 years ago

my friend's daughter is suffering with ocd taking long time for bathing touching swit
USHARAM 2013-08-09
2   USHARAM 5 years ago

Lower back pain
I am suffering from Lower back pain stiffness since last 4 months. I have shifting pain o
tyagire 2013-08-30
1   akshaymohl 5 years ago

Heal Thyself Magzine Archive
This is a FREE RESOURCE made possible by the release of our collection. Heal Thyself (als
similitude 2013-08-31
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Joe De Livera please help me with LPR
Hi Joe, Briefly here are the symptoms that accompany my LPR Sore throat: hurts all day e
Johnerick 2013-08-31
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Hello: have been suffering dermatitis/eczema on right index finger (palm side) for which a
zebedee 2013-08-31
1   simone717 5 years ago

sleeping problem
Sir,my wife age21,she sleeps lot always
surendtanath 2013-08-30
1   simone717 5 years ago

5 month old with Acid reflux
i have a 5 month old who has acid reflux, he had open heart surgery at 6 weeks old and got
samsonmommy 2013-08-31
1   simone717 5 years ago

2 Year old hates to eat
At 2 days old my daughter suffered sever GERD. We gave her every homeopathic that would he
AYoung 2013-08-21
12   simone717 5 years ago

help x.
korathualex 2013-08-30
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Child who won't eat my lovely meals - help!
Hi, I have a 2 yr old who refuses to eat any meal I put in front of him, I wouldn't m
newth 2013-08-28
9   newth 5 years ago

please help my mother
my mother is on dialysis for past 5 years, recently she developed unbearable pain. her cre

vsneha04 2013-08-13
13   vsneha04 5 years ago

h pylori bacterial infection treatment
my name is jaiveer singh age-27,earlier this year in January 2013 i got infected with bac
Jaiveer 2013-08-25
5   kadwa 5 years ago

Safe Remedies for GERD in a six month old
My daughter is seven months old. She is 26.5 inches and 12 pounds 5 ounces. She is very ta
lollie2 2013-08-30
3   lollie2 5 years ago

body and mental weakness
Dear Drs For some time i feel my body as well as mentally weak. No interest in any matter
paraman 2013-08-30
1   libra981 5 years ago

oily skin and hair fall
hi respected doctors I need your help.I am 23 year old male. I am suffered from hair loss

telep 2013-06-22
19   libra981 5 years ago

antidote of ars alb
i took arsenicum album 30,for gastritis and felt something strucked in my neck,aur ghabrah
Jaiveer 2013-08-30
1   simone717 5 years ago

maheeru plz help.
I have a constant heat in top of head due to sulphur proving symptoms a year before I have
Sonu82 2013-07-01
8   simone717 5 years ago

Eye sight with glucoma
Hi, here is my back ground. I'm 33 years old now. I was born with Mole (limbol dermo
rajuhomeo 2013-08-26
4   rajuhomeo 5 years ago

Hepatitis C - - Used Ribavirin But Extreme Illness
Dear Experienced Doctors, Please Help me.. My Mother Age 45 Plus g
DO DO 2013-08-28
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Androgenic Alopecia
Hi Doctor, I am 31 years old male and I am suffering from Androgenic Alopecia. Hairfall s
ShyamSingh 2013-08-27
3   kadwa 5 years ago

men boobs and puffy nipples
hi .. sir i am 20 years old and suffering from men boobs and puffy nipples ,i am so much d
asim.shah 2013-08-28
1   asim.shah 5 years ago

hair loss
Hi Mr.Joe, I have read your many messages on hair loss on this forum. I am suffering fro
Sabeka 2013-08-29
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kadwa, bz's thread
Bz posted, http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/382291
simone717 2013-08-29
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Shingles pain without rash Left side, navel to spine
I have had nerve pain Lt sided for days with no rash appearing. clothes touching is painfu
Tessy 2013-08-28
1   drpnidheesh 5 years ago

Debolina Jha
Hi,I am 29years old,I am having many problems after my delivery like.. 1. I am having Thy
Debolina Jha 2013-05-26
8   libra981 5 years ago

Facing problem in cervical spondylosis
Dear abchomeopathy.com, I was facing problem in right side of the body. From the head to
pavankumaar 2013-08-14
9   akshaymohl 5 years ago

Remedy advice please for 3 yr old acute
Hi please could I have advice on a remedy form my son, he is getting over a mild cold but
pixie wood 2013-08-02
12   pixie wood 5 years ago

Remedy for stroke
I am hoping that someone can help me. My 78 year mother in law had a stroke over a year a
ciaramangan 2013-08-05
8   Zady101 5 years ago

Seeking remedy for endometrial cyst
I read about some homeopath treatments on this forum related to cysts. Seeking a positive
Srihomeo 2013-07-03
8   Zady101 5 years ago

plz guide me
hello everybody, :- in past 10-12 years i am deeply involved in habit of masturbation but

pankajraj 2013-08-07
23   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

Kashif ,My niece has problem in finger of leg
Dear Sir My niece have a problem in left leg's finger which is shown in picture. s
Nitesh Kamal 2013-08-10
5   Zady101 5 years ago

manee jee help can we stop the pregnancy of under 72hrs.
dear sir . Is there a medicine in homeopathic to stop the pregnancy of under 72hrs. in al
Nitesh Kamal 2013-08-27
1   Nitesh Kamal 5 years ago

lack of sexuality
i am 27years of age i have been masturbating for so long,now my problem is lack of sexuali
cooler 2013-08-28
2   cooler 5 years ago

Skin Alergy
My Sister who is got married and have a son. Recently she is suffering from Skin allergy.
mohamedsalim 2006-03-17
3   premore 5 years ago

pls help!!! dr kadwa
Male 30, 99 kg,many problems. i am asthmatic since 5 yrs age, wheezing after dust , humidi
essaessa 2013-07-11
9   kadwa 5 years ago

Genital Herpes
Hello Doctor, I have been having herpes outbreaks since a year now. I already tried the H
Tharanga 2013-08-27
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Tinnitus - Need help urgently
Dear all. I am 52 years male from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I am working as Manager in a privat
debkadi 2013-08-08
11   debkadi 5 years ago

Tremors in left hand and arm
I forgot to mention I was diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease after a couple of years.
nanark 2013-08-26
4   simone717 5 years ago

I am not a doctor or homeopath. I am HIV+. Not long ago, I had a curious dream. A doctor a
regulus 2007-09-09
6   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

toddler stool with a drop of blood
My son is 3 yrs and 7 months old...he gets asthematic when the weather changes..these days

amomoftwo 2013-07-31
62   Zady101 5 years ago

Reflux in preemie newborn
Hi. I had my daughter at 28 weeks via c section due to severe iugr. My placenta was not pr
Fadduma 2013-08-27
3   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

Vulva cyst- not Bartholin
Attaching the typical question/answer list here. I was wondering if Silica would be the b
huntak 2013-08-26
3   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion
I'm wondering if members of this forum have any experience in treating branch retinal
woodpath66 2013-08-27
4   woodpath66 5 years ago

regarding body odour
Sir please tell me the time gap b/w silicia and bovista pills
akki23690 2013-08-27
no replies yet

I hope to get pregnant
I have been married 11 years and now I am 47 years of age and not have children. Be whethe
soamay 2013-08-15
8   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

mona1980 2013-08-27
no replies yet

Back pain
Hi, I have been suffering from low back pain for a while. Reasons: Too much sitting at wor
Novelist 2013-08-26
2   Novelist 5 years ago

medicine use
what is the uses of Thios 6 and Bismuth 30
rooks 2013-08-27
1   Mahfoozurrehman 5 years ago

hair loss
I am Nikhil dash suffering from hair loss. Previously I was in Orissa and hair condition w
nikhil6352 2013-08-26
1   kadwa 5 years ago

For the Hydrosil and sex related problem.
I am 31 years old. I have a problem of Hydrocele from the 29 years old. Now it has big and
man_ran1109 2013-08-27
no replies yet

Frequent Cold and sneezing problem
Please note I am 41 years old, have a very sensitive nose1. In the early morning upon wash

ramu_s 2005-04-11
18   samboss 5 years ago

high bp
I am a lady of 49 yrs. since last 3 yrs taking homeopath treatment for seasonal change eff
belas 2013-08-26
1   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

Could Arnica .Intercurrent
Dear All, I would like any input about using Arnica as intercurrent remedy.Has any
Albert 2013-08-26
1   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

please help
This is my second post in this forum I am confused what to do please help me.i am sufferin
ana deep 2013-08-26
2   mani_jee 5 years ago

Phytolacca for dandruff.
I used Phytolacca Berry 30 on a case. Head was itchy, dry and scaly. Hairs were just very

kuldeep 2005-03-03
137   heavenlyhomeo 5 years ago

Weak eyesight.
Dear Doctors, I am suffering from weak eyesights. I cannot see far objects. Is there
Cool boy 2009-12-12
10   Reva V 5 years ago

Hand Allergy, Rashes, Cuts, 10 year old Case
Dear All I am writing to seek help for my Wife's hand condition. She is 34 and otehr
gajraaj 2013-08-26
5   gajraaj 5 years ago

Please help - Hypothyroidism Case
Dears I am writing to seek your help on my condition of hypothyroidism. i have been presc

gajraaj 2008-02-05
143   gajraaj 5 years ago

Constant Noise in both Ears - Please Help
Dear All Please help. About three weeks ago, I started hearing some sounds in my ears (
gajraaj 2013-06-20
3   gajraaj 5 years ago

Homeopathy acutally curing people?
I recently posted for help and Dr Nawaz seems to be taking my case. And I want to believe
sli2305 2013-08-25
4   endopatient 5 years ago

5m old baby loose motion from a month
Hi, My baby is suffering from loose motion from a month, last week he caught cold, conges
poojarana 2013-08-26
6   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

Homeopath in Pune
Hi, Do You know any good Homeopath in Pune to treat anxiety and restlessness. i hv posted
scorpioncan 2006-05-18
7   sachinmanikrao 5 years ago

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