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Nas pe nas chadna in (Peroneus longus) area
Hi, My Name is Deepali. I have lot of pain in my peroneous area. Most of the time when i
Deepali Tomar 2016-05-25
1   anuj srivastava 3 years ago

I have leukoderma all over my body. It started when I was about 10 years old after I took
Sona 2016-05-23
3   Sona 3 years ago

having social anxiety plz help
i am 30 years old i have anxiety only when i have some function or presentation infront
syed_razz 2016-05-23
4   akshaymohl 3 years ago

Save my baby from surgery! PLEASE help with perianal abscess!
Hello kind doctors!! In the middle of February, our (then) 6 month old son was diagnosed
Malkah 2016-05-19
12   mnaari 3 years ago

Worm in brain
Can a condition like cyst in brain because of a worm treated by
dimple1 2016-05-25
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What is the antidote for sticta?
Can you please tell me the medicine which is the antidote for Sticta
agriz 2016-05-23
2   sadeqahmed 3 years ago

frozen shoulder
For the past 6 weeks I am suffering from frozen shoulder.I have taken allopathic pain

jsvirdi 2006-09-26
20   Randy1 3 years ago

Pregnancy - Iron overdose
my wife just got into second trimester and doctor tested her for hemoglobin, it came 8.9

fizspace 2016-05-21
14   sadeqahmed 3 years ago

increase height
My daughter is 17 yrs old , her height is 5 feet 2 inches . She wants to increase her
Aarti Gupta 2016-05-25
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attn. dr. kadwa
Sir as ur advice I take nux com 200 for 3 days. I stopped it 3 days ago. But my vertigo

pkone 2015-12-08
22   pkone 3 years ago

Dr. nawaz khan pls help
Sir, with this forum I try severely but no body can cure me. My main problem is chronic
pkone 2016-05-22
1   pkone 3 years ago

Increase penis thickness
Hello Dr. I m 30 yrs old guy..height 5'7" Weight 68kgs. My penis is 3.5" while
sadsagar 2016-05-25
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Reflux in Infant
Hello. My daughter is almost nine weeks old and weighs almost ten pounds. She has been
andrea.k 2016-05-20
4   Jackie1 3 years ago

Hi, I am 27 yrs old male who has been stammering since age of 3-4 years. I am stammering

gaudeep 2008-06-15
29   Jahangir mallick 3 years ago

different suggestions for same problem
Hello Dr, I m suffering from no erection, quick ejaculation if touch and rub (forget
sadsagar 2016-05-01
9   sadsagar 3 years ago

4 year old struggling with nasal environmental allergies
Hi My 4 year old son is suffering from severe nasal allergies to dust mites and pollen.
Karenio 2016-05-23
3   anuj srivastava 3 years ago

Please advice me.
Someone told me that pellets used in homeopathy absorb liquid medicine in a day/few hours
Sterfo 2016-05-24
1   anuj srivastava 3 years ago

Involuntary Urination
My father aged 87 years a case of old AWMI taking cardiac medicines regularly such as
ISHA9 2016-05-24
1   anuj srivastava 3 years ago

low sperm count
My sperm count is 10 billion , please suggest some good medicine to boost
mohit24885 2016-05-24
1   anuj srivastava 3 years ago

I am suffering from hairloss sinc two years. I have done everything,followed proper diet,
Trusenpa 2016-05-24
1   anuj srivastava 3 years ago

How to use Cydonia Vulgaris 200 instead of 30C
i was in need of cydonia 30c which is short in these days that is why i bought cydonia
Qasni Phool 2013-12-07
3   amit.uprofft 3 years ago

Premature ejaculation problem and lack of confidence
Hello sir, I am 27 year old and facing problem of premature ejaculation and lack of
luckyboy 2016-05-24
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Creatinine 2.78 bun 54 -lupus
Can anybody pls help for ckd3. Both kidneys shrinked. Diagnosed with sjorgan
jyotikamadan 2016-05-24
2   jyotikamadan 3 years ago

Dr Mahfooz please help me
Hello sir, my name is yahiya. I am 23years old and suffering through a serious hair fall,
shah yahiya 2016-05-23
1   Mahfoozurrehman 3 years ago