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Dr mahfooz Please help me
Hello Sir, Please find solution for my problem: 1. I am a 30 year man but i am unable in
msharma 2012-03-08
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Son is having chest pain .
My 9 yrs old is complaining of chest pain this morning ,he put his hand over his left side
nikkikumar 2012-03-07
3   nikkikumar 6 years ago

nux vom or ars alb
Which of the above is best for the following: stomach bloating constipation not passing m
kohler 2012-03-03
5   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

candida remedy
i have recently changed my diet and cut out sugar and refined carbs, i also started a cour
tracy5447 2012-03-07
6   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

Stomach ache
HI my 4 yr old is having high fever 104, Vomiting,stomach ache and cold hand and feet pl
Guddus 2012-03-07
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Severe Sore Throat.. Please help!
Hi Everyone. I hope someone can please help me with this horrid sore throat I have had. 3
tzulo 2012-03-08
1   kadwa 6 years ago

no follicle formation for nearly a year
Hi doctor, I am 25 yrs old and am married since 3 years. I am suffering from bilateral PCO
Rajni Selvam 2012-03-07
3   vikas_grower 6 years ago

I'm Desperate, need homepatic remedies to help my son with PDD, NOS aspergum syndrom
Hello, My son had some behavioural problems at school when he was 7. He is a sweet, very i
blueoccean 2012-02-21
6   vikas_grower 6 years ago

hey guys pls reply nobody replied to previous ques.
i want ask about height increaser products in homeopathy.my age is 17.can it be increased
sonali9837 2012-03-07
3   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

This isn't nice
... I had to leave the house again. Because I got afraid by the negative post I got. Ple

starface 2012-02-18
64   starface 6 years ago

For Dr Kadwa or Joe De Livera - need help with a toddler after stomach virus (with reflux and having had extensive bowel surgery)
Good morning, I need some help with my daughter (3yrs). In 2010, she had 7 surgeries rel
dawnb122200 2012-02-27
6   Joe De Livera 6 years ago

Low potency homeopathic vs. allopathic dosage
I am very sensitive to toxins. One vial of this product (Cerecomp by Heel) caused a prett
nenicholas 2012-03-07
6   brisbanehomoeopath 6 years ago

dr pls help me
dear doctor my mother she has got diabetes and her diabetes is very high its around 270 af

vinodag 2012-01-14
25   Dr. Showrav 6 years ago

Slipped disc
I have been diagnosed with a slipped disc. The pain is on the left side of my back My CT

graham57 2011-09-28
19   simone717 6 years ago

kidney fsgs
Respected Dr. Sahab, I read your answers in ABC homeopathy forums. I would like to get you
Prade2238 2009-12-31
3   sal160us 6 years ago

IBS/thin sticky paste like stool/gas/swelling
salam/hi, (age-33 wt: 55) im suffering from food intolerance/allergy and IBS for last 12 y
kazim14 2012-03-05
7   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Happy holi
Dear Dr nawajkhan wish u a happy holi to and your family. may prayers 4 u. randhir336
karan123 2012-03-07
1   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Slow Response, & Mental Development, Excessive Sweating in 07 months infant
Seven months old infant boy has slow responses, less thinking power, avoid eye contact and
amjadullahjan 2012-03-02
8   kadwa 6 years ago

Clarifications regarding remedies and tryptomer
Hello all, this is my first post on these forums. I will attempt to explain what I am goin
PritishC 2012-03-06
2   kadwa 6 years ago

Warts Remedy
Hello Sir , I have suddenly developed lots of warts on my foot & toes. I have gone throu
golucky 2012-03-07
1   kadwa 6 years ago

kid having a problem of dry cough during the night..!
My 4 year old kid having a problem of dry cough during the night from last 2 days, yesterd
amitymahajan 2012-03-07
1   nawazkhan 6 years ago

regarding hair fall and hair is grey
doctor my hair is falling , and turned grey also , my fore head has become bald doctor is
vinodag 2012-03-01
5   vinodag 6 years ago

Is there a classical homeopathist willing to review my case for a constitutional remedy?
I'm seeking a constitutional remedy but cannot find a practioner in my area. Can some

kamikama 2012-02-18
21   simone717 6 years ago

cure for freckles
hi.m sana.28 yrs.married.1 kid. My problem is that i have had brownish freckles on my face
ariessanaa 2012-03-01
11   shouse_nsk 6 years ago

chronic enlarged tonsils after mononucleosis 10 years ago
I am wondering if there is a homeopathic solution to my problem. I became ill with mononuc
Wolfie 2012-03-03
4   Wolfie 6 years ago

Facial Tics and ADD
[message deleted by jennifer0427 on Sat, 07 Apr 2012 14:45:20 BST]

jennifer0427 2012-03-01
19   jennifer0427 6 years ago

question for Dr.Showrav about anti depressants
[message deleted by simone717 on Tue, 06 Dec 2016 04:30:50 UTC]
simone717 2012-03-02
5   simone717 6 years ago

[message deleted by rajesh123.u on Sun, 11 Mar 2012 07:07:09 GMT]
rajesh123.u 2012-03-05
3   Info.rahiq 6 years ago

Anal Fissure
Hi everyone, I've been suffering from an anal fissure for 4 months now. It developed
naaz80 2012-03-06
5   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Bleeding Piles
My age is 42, two months back I had pilesfirst time... it is badly painful and bleeding.
sadiqsons 2012-03-05
4   Mahfoozurrehman 6 years ago

Yeast Infection in 4 year old girl
My daughter has been suffering from vaginal pain when urinating for months on and off. My
Jrauhofer 2012-03-04
8   kadwa 6 years ago

My daughter is 5 years old studying in upper kg in a nursery school . She is very nervous
joydip choudhury 2012-03-06
1   kadwa 6 years ago

pcos - discomfort after using kali brom . please help!
Hi, First of all I would like to thank Dr. Reva for helping me out. But I am experiencing
akarir 2012-02-21
3   akarir 6 years ago

I have melasma over about 60% of my face. I have tried EVERYTHING! I read a post on this
cindybook 2012-03-06
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Mild Mid cycle Bleeding/Spotting Continuing till the next period
Hi, I am a 37 year old female.Need some help desperately.Have the following problem: 1)

uas11774 2012-02-20
17   nawazkhan 6 years ago

ra remedy
I am looking for a remedy for my aching joints due to RA.. I have had RA for three Yrs my
vaccarellamar 2012-03-02
8   simone717 6 years ago

Sweaty hands/feet
Hello, I have been experiencing sweaty hands and feet for the past 10 years. I am curren
sa1989 2012-01-17
12   shouse_nsk 6 years ago

increse the height
My daughter age is 16 yr.Her height is 160cm.aim is to increase the height by 4 inches. h
Namrta 2012-03-03
1   Namrta 6 years ago

Do u want to know ur remedy
If u want to know ur remedy tell me ur blood group

Dr malik 2012-03-03
13   nawazkhan 6 years ago

want to gain weight
i am a 31 year old girl. i weigh around 45 kgs. my height is 5 feet 3 inches. i eat a lot
sidak 2006-09-21
11   Jawwad_malik 6 years ago

penis problem
sir with respect i have the problem of penis that is so weak in the end and high widt
yusafkhan 2012-03-05
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Chronic Urticaria
Dear Dr. Sb. I am suffering from Urticaria for the last 13 years. Kindly suggest me some
Wariseen 2012-03-05
2   Nikkie 6 years ago

Nikki Pleas Help
Nikki, I was told to inquire with you regarding my 4 year old with chronic vaginal pain w
Jrauhofer 2012-03-04
3   Nikkie 6 years ago

Greying hair
I am 34 years old and have a five year old and 2 year old child. After the birth of the se
cdacda 2012-03-05
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Transverse Myelitis
Dear Sir, My name is Naveen Gupta and I live in Kharar (Punjab) Near Chandigarh, On Oct.

naveenkhoney 2009-05-16
13   yodaj 6 years ago

Suggesting a good homopathic doctor.
I have met a very good homopathic doctor in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh,India. She is well known
kritikumar 2012-03-04
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Possible UTI in 5 year old
My daughter is showing signs of a urinary tract infection: Frequent urination with little
rania1403 2012-02-03
2   rania1403 6 years ago

how i improv my sex time and hardness in my penis during sex with my partner
rajak 2012-03-04
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Sameerji - For my son - Chronic UTI/Cystitis
Dear Sameerji , My son who is 8 years old is having the problem of Cystitis since July la

vikas_grower 2009-05-25
52   sameervermani 6 years ago

Erectile disfunction
[message deleted by 1969sarah on Sun, 04 Mar 2012 16:24:19 GMT]
1969sarah 2012-03-04
3   simone717 6 years ago

Hi, does anyone know if there is a homeopathic remedy that will increase breast size??? I&
AineF 2012-03-04
1   simone717 6 years ago

Attn : Dr.David Kempson (Brisbanehomoeopath)
[message deleted by gkumar on Tue, 24 Apr 2012 15:01:48 BST]

gkumar 2011-09-28
456   Parakletos 6 years ago

Persistant dry and sore throat
Hello, Im from india. Please, someone help me. I have this problem for more than two years
Pulsar 2012-03-04
1   kadwa 6 years ago

Allergy problem in winter season or in dry weather
I don't have any allergy from food related things but in winter season or in dry weat

Shyamal_B 2007-07-02
68   srd_kmr 6 years ago

increase sex duration and erection
I am 47 with good health.I want to increase intercourse time as well as erection.My wife w
binod 2012-03-04
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plzzzzzz.....help me out
hiiiiii.... i m 16 years old girl and i want to increase my height but because of the defi

madona 2011-12-12
32   madona 6 years ago

Height increase
my age is 17 and heght is 4ft 11inches.Iwant to increase my height pls suggest any medecin
sonali9837 2012-03-04
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Someone know answer to my Q?
There are a few things that Platina helped/cured for me. Some things are starting to come
starface 2012-03-03
2   starface 6 years ago

Cystic Acne
Hi i am 20 years old and recently I have developed cystic acne on my jawline and around th
laura20001 2012-03-03
3   simone717 6 years ago

Lycopodium constitution
I just took a 16 page constitution questionar and found that my friend is a Lycopodium. S
1969sarah 2012-03-04
3   simone717 6 years ago

How long would a 10M dose last
Hi, As a general rule how long you should wait after taking a single 10M dose if it produ
advantis 2012-03-02
2   advantis 6 years ago

Enlarged Prostrate
Hello, I am 52 years old and have a slightly enlarged prostrate. I am not taking anything
MaxLondon 2012-03-03
1   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Homeopathic treats by blood groups
Homeopathy can cure u by knowing ur blood group it would enhance ur immune power
Dr malik 2012-03-03
1   nawazkhan 6 years ago

Verbal Homeopathy
Has any body on this forum any experience with Verbal Homeopathy, a novel method of prepar
libra 2012-03-03
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help me to increase my height
I am a 22 year old boy weighing 55 kg and my height is 5'7'.That of my father and
ddeka 2012-03-03
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Retinities Pigmentosa
I have been suffering with Retinities Pigmentosoa my age is 21. Now my vision is almost ze
shofiq.it 2012-03-03
1   Nikkie 6 years ago

Older dog with arthritis.
Last year I asked for help with my 12 year old rescue dog and was told what to do. The res
Kathyw 2012-03-02
2   Kathyw 6 years ago

Dr. kadwa,, please help me with pilonidal abscess
sir, i am 26yr male. i had pilonidal abscess surgery 3 yrs back. wound was lef open to hea
anandsharma039 2012-03-03
3   kadwa 6 years ago

Pnemonia medicine for 2 year child
Hi, My 2 year old son is very much pron to pneumonia. from last six month he has almost 8
raviranjan 2012-03-02
5   kadwa 6 years ago

query about Argentum nit.
hello i have a question about days ago my homeo doctor prescribed me argentum nit 200c fo
hamza6us 2012-03-03
1   kadwa 6 years ago

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