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Weight loss
Bariatric surgery is generally explained as weight loss surgery. When other fat reduction
johndean 2015-11-03
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aggravation problem.....need help
my problem was excessive head sweating........my problem improved by taking pulsatilla
power40 2015-11-02
1   power40 3 years ago

Chochlate cyst hypothyriodism g.b stone
Age 25 years suffering from hypothyriodism ,hirustism,b/l pcod for last 8 years.elevated
Amen123 2015-11-01
8   rishimba 3 years ago

Dear Sir, As informed you via email, I am suffering from PCOs since last 11 years. The

110Khi 2015-10-13
27   110Khi 3 years ago

Dr.i use to mastrubate daily from the age of 7 due to bad friends without knowing about
Porus 2015-11-02
1   sabkamalik1 3 years ago

debilitated moon in my birth chart
Dear All, Request your help on my debilitated moon. is there any medicine in
lordmihira 2015-10-29
6   sabkamalik1 3 years ago

aggravation problem need help
dear, doctor, my problem was excessive head sweating...........according to advice, i
power40 2015-11-02
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Varicocele (old Stage)
Hello, i´m 42 yrs. old. I have an old stage varicocele (left side). I want to try
rui miguel 2015-11-01
1   fitness 3 years ago

I have sensory hearing loss dew to which I developed tinnitus,fullness,sensitive ears in
adityajj 2015-10-27
11   rishimba 3 years ago

sex problem
please suggest how to consume above
jitendra27 2015-11-02
1   sabkamalik1 3 years ago

for weight loss ?
Calcarea Carb --for the person with a sluggish metabolism, feels lazy, excess hunger,
waqaspuri 2015-11-02
1   sabkamalik1 3 years ago

suffering from sexual problems for long time
Hello Sir, I am 30 years old. due to masterbation from childhood for long time,
manoz0001 2015-11-02
1   sabkamalik1 3 years ago

Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction
Dear Members, I am 39 yrs married male suffering from erectile dysfunction. My height is
prashant.pcse 2015-11-02
1   sabkamalik1 3 years ago

any docter in ghaziabad and delhi who can help me to increase my height.
hello i need a doctor who is willing to help me to increase my height. please help me
vinay rajput 2015-11-02
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Dr joe please help
Age 25 years suffering from hypothyriodism,hirustism,b/l pcod for last 8 years.elevated
Amen123 2015-11-02
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Constant phlegm
Hi. I sing every week at church, and I have constant phlegm that feels like it is stuck
aprilm 2015-11-01
2   aprilm 3 years ago

hearing loss
My 34 yr old son is suffering from sudden hearing loss for about 3 months. The doctor
snowrab 2015-11-02
2   snowrab 3 years ago

mastrubation side effects
Hello sir, According to homepathy what all side effects can over-mastrubation cause in
djrjsskak 2015-10-25
3   daktersaab 3 years ago

Male 50yrs diesel mechanic , Left side constriction from brain to hip Right side
akramsana12 2015-11-01
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Kidney infection
Hi! I want to discuss my mom's problem.She is suffering from variety of problems.3,4
sana zia 2015-10-29
1   kadwa 3 years ago

itchy skin , bumps and hives after scratching ( Dr. Kadwa )
I am 34 years old male , from last month onwards , I feel itching specifically arms ,
shobhitkap 2015-10-27
3   kadwa 3 years ago

hello doctor, am 39 years old male from pune. intially i had 2-3 lipoma on my right &
redoxide 2015-10-29
3   kadwa 3 years ago

endocrine problems
can someone please respond to my post called hormonal imbalace: obesity thank
swarnabha 2011-11-23
2   rorylay 3 years ago

Urgent:Height Increase
That really urgent please reply quick otherwise I will have a delay of a month to start
rohanlerk 2015-11-01
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Vision Problem
Dear Professionals Please advice......... -------------------------- My Sister age is
mataleb79 2015-11-01
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