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endometriosis .. help needed urgently
hello I am new to Abchomeopathy forum and i read so many successful cases .I am
jass101 2015-06-02
1   rishimba 4 years ago

MJR1234 2015-05-28
3   simone717 4 years ago

Excessive facial sweating and underarms sweating
hi,I'm 22yr boy,weight 84kg,height 6ft. I'm from Maharashtra, India. I'm
akhilesh muley 2015-06-02
3   homeo_helper 4 years ago

Gynecomastia and puffy nipples
I want to get rid of it. I am now 29 years old. 5 feet 8 inch height with 75kg weight
manon 2012-09-02
5   ikramlatif 4 years ago

Unwanted hair and irregular periods
Hello i am 32 years old and have been facing irregular periods since it started, later on
priya247 2015-06-02
10   priya247 4 years ago

Chronic Nose Polyps
Hi Everyone, Mine is a very difficult & 16 yr. old case of nasal polyps which have

BMALLICK 2014-09-30
70   BMALLICK 4 years ago

one year baby girl severe constipation
My little girl is afraid of passing stool. Her stool is so hard and stone shape she have
parulananya 2015-05-19
11   0antivirus0 4 years ago

Perhaps Lac Lupinum or some vulture?
Primary complaint: Inability to lay a new foundation due to every path seeming to be a

ATLJoey 2015-05-15
13   simone717 4 years ago

Grey hair at the age of 32 female
Hi Doctors, My wife is 32 years old having 2 kids (4.5 years old daughter and 1.5 years

mahmoodjnu 2014-03-26
75   simone717 4 years ago

Finding your constitutional remedy
I was wondering if anyone has used the tool on the "homeopathy and more" website that is
wyatt415 2015-06-02
4   simone717 4 years ago

left upper wisdom tooth pain.
Hi Backside gum of the wisdom tooth is hurting and tender and a bit swollen. pain
baba108 2015-06-02
2   baba108 4 years ago

Kind attn Dr. Evocationer could you kindly take up the case of my child
After giving her more than 20 days of homeopathic remedies my daughter is still wheezing.

baba108 2015-02-15
104   baba108 4 years ago

2.5 years old cold
is there any remedy to help a 2.5 years old get over his cold faster? this is his second
bluesky77 2015-06-01
2   bluesky77 4 years ago

Preemie reflux
Hi, My son has born 3 months preterm. Even though he is 3,5 months old now, his
Dwilli 2015-06-01
3   daktersaab 4 years ago

Evocationer Help. 6 Yr angry inflexible child
Hi Evocationer. I would like you to consider the case of my 6 year (will be 7 in a

coolme 2015-04-06
20   coolme 4 years ago

Chronic Kidney
My father Mr.T.K. Venkatachalapathy, aged 74, had the problems of Hypothyrodism and
venbas74 2015-05-28
2   venbas74 4 years ago

Chronic Kidney Disease
My father Mr.T.K. Venkatachalapathy, aged 74, had the problems of Hypothyrodism and
venbas74 2015-05-28
2   venbas74 4 years ago

lady getup and crossdressing desire
Since child hood i had a desire to get make up like a girl/lady. After making up or
lathas 2015-06-01
1   simone717 4 years ago

what i do if i got DHAT at the time of Urine
rihan0143 2015-06-01
1   daktersaab 4 years ago

Rishimba pls help - hair thinning on top
I am 34 years old. Whoever got bold in the family went bold in their 20's. I think
Gotham5 2015-05-26
6   Gotham5 4 years ago

Evocationer-constituional for my son
Evocationer, You recently helped me with a fever/cold acute my son had and mentioned

bwill13 2014-12-19
53   bwill13 4 years ago

chronic constipation
My grandson , 11 yrs old has chronic constipation; hard and , thick and dry stool; goes

davendrak 2015-05-17
18   davendrak 4 years ago

Experiencing serious, long lasting aggravations!!
Hello, I have a concern about a Homeopathic remedy that I self prescribed and took. I
Daniel430 2015-05-31
7   Daniel430 4 years ago

How much ruta is safe?
Hi, I have tendonitis in myy thumbs and was taking 5 pellets of ruta 30c 3 times a day.
smittyj 2007-11-15
5   gaintrox 4 years ago

Cough and Cold in the age of 5 years
Hi Doctors, My daughter is 4.5 years old and since birth she is suffering with fast

mahmoodjnu 2014-03-23
38   mahmoodjnu 4 years ago