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Attn: Nisha
I need to find a remedy for my son, who is 42 yrs of age and a doctor. Lot of mood swings;
Starlight1 2010-12-31
1   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

Growth on Iris - Urgent
Hi, My kitty had a blackish brown, flat spot on his iris beginning about 3 weeks ago. La
Kristi 2010-12-31
1   Kristi 7 years ago

Homeopathic remedy: Attn Nisha or any other doctor
I am looking for 'Ashok Jonesia Q' recommended by my Homeopthic Doctor; can you p
Starlight1 2010-12-31
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Hair loss and grey hair problem
Hi, i am 27 year old male. i have hair loss problems for 5-7 years. i have lost many hairs
AxByCz 2009-12-08
5   satish kasayap 7 years ago

Acute Tonsilitis Emergency
I have a 10 year old daughter who is currently suffering from acute Tonsilitis. For last
kgovindam1 2010-12-16
8   kgovindam1 7 years ago

Dr Sharma plz plz helpppp with my issues
First of all i am a male. 25 years old of indian origin, from the subcontinent living in C
sick_child 2010-12-31
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keloid on my arm
hi all please help me i have a scar on my hand which was inflicted by a penknife. im pro
ew6014 2010-12-25
9   ew6014 7 years ago

Hello Everyone
Hi, I am new to this forum and i have ready many things about Homeopathy. I would like
keanusmith 2010-12-30
2   keanusmith 7 years ago

Anxiety, depression etc
I went through a traumatic experience nearly 2 years ago and since then have been unwell.
ajafery 2009-06-12
5   kadwa 7 years ago

My order
Still have yet to find anyone that can tell me anything about my order. Anyone ever order
graceyjane 2010-12-30
1   graceyjane 7 years ago

forgetfull memory
hi ! All dc. My problem my memory very sort i can not memorise anything and i forget quick
SALIM KHAN 2010-12-30
4   CarterLewis1 7 years ago

New remedy hydrogen
I am looking for info on the new homeopathic remedy hydrogen. I want to see the proving of
Cordial 2008-04-01
2   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Weak children
Meri beti 5 years ki hay or bohat kamzor hai, bhook nahi lagti, her waqt sust(lazy) rehti
Nasha 2010-12-30
1   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

legs very cold night time
my wife 27 years some black body now winter season problem her 2legs is very cold like ice
SALIM KHAN 2010-12-23
3   SALIM KHAN 7 years ago

brown discharge in ears
I have 4 mnth pup who has had brown thick discharge from his ears since I had him. Initial
bellahoney 2010-12-30
2   Niel Madhavan 7 years ago

Taller for sports
hi i am a 17 year old boy and my height is 5,7. It is decent but i noticed that i was grow
Faraz Khurshid 2010-12-29
2   Faraz Khurshid 7 years ago

Anger mode of brain..?
Hi all, Hope you all are fine. I have been in anger mode since last 2 years. I have real
ramheight6 2010-12-28
4   ramheight6 7 years ago

can you help my child please :Date of birth: August 10, 2009: male, born with spina bifida
aicha75 2010-12-27
5   aicha75 7 years ago

Seeking help on Pregnancy.
I am 6months 3 weeks pregnant. i have taken only homeopathic medicines my whole life. any

gudiyachettu 2010-10-03
28   maheeru 7 years ago

Nux Vomica
Hi! I wanted to ask people who took Nux Vomica or people who know, the following: I took
oana122589 2010-12-30
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increasing hieght
i am a 17 yr old guy. i am 5'2 and want to grow taller. any remedies please? all su
akarshiisbeautiful 2010-12-18
3   akarshiisbeautiful 7 years ago

Penis erect for small time
My age is 21. My penis does nt last long. It remains erect for 3 to 5 min. nd loose its er
ashhad 2010-12-29
3   ashhad 7 years ago

Query about CARBO VEG potency for gas.
Hi, Carbo Veg is usually recommended for flatulence/ bloating, if someone has terrible gas
samur420 2010-12-25
6   samur420 7 years ago

chronic anal fissures
my name is vasudev.im suffering from anal fissures.i had surgery 3 times till now i.e in 2
devdam 2010-12-29
3   Niel Madhavan 7 years ago

abortion inducing homoeopathic remedies.
I desire to know the abortion inducing homoeopathic remedies.
drsalehsiddiqui 2010-12-29
1   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Is anyone here?
Placed an order have yet to hear anything from them and paid extra for early shipping! Is
graceyjane 2010-12-29
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attensiom dc.joe de livera
hi! Dc pls help me my sperm very sort no sex feel penis size small memory forgetfull .i ha
nurnabi 2010-12-29
1   nurnabi 7 years ago

I have a digestive problem!!
The following are my symptoms Righ now what is haunting me is heart burns and gas formatio
sarryj 2010-12-28
4   nawazkhan 7 years ago

Irregular periods - LH values more than normal
Sir, Help and guidance is urgently needed from you. Thankyou very much in advance. I and m
nnagamahesh 2010-12-29
1   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

Am feed up
Hi doctor,am from Nigeria,earlier these month my mother blood pecentage was 15%,i thought
Paulinus 2010-12-27
7   maheeru 7 years ago

post chikunguniya
Its been a 3 weeks since I had cikinguniya fever,but the joint pains in foot ,ankles and f

simkhan06 2010-11-27
32   nawazkhan 7 years ago

Anyone with a suggestion would be appreciated
Hi all, I have been seeing a homeopath but feel it's not going anywhere. He has been

girlwithwings 2010-12-23
13   Dr. Sharma 7 years ago

Hoxsey 30ch
I am trying to find out if Boiron sells a Hoxsey 30ch formula; I have a tube of pellets of
sallychop 2010-12-29
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how can i get rid of pimple scars
hi... i used to have alot of pimples when i was a teenager .. now im 33yrs old and have a
ew6014 2010-12-29
1   Niel Madhavan 7 years ago

atopic dermatitis
first of all, sorry for my bad english.about 5 years ago a couple of circular red patches
airone12 2006-01-09
4   Dr. Sharma 7 years ago

grow height
hi dr... im 20 year old nd my height is 4.11 how can i grow my height plzzzzz tell me bcz
urooj 2010-12-29
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brain pain and non capability of stoiring things
I was given a injection named cloxipol depot for my violency in home at thge month of nove
jack ross 2010-12-28
1   maheeru 7 years ago

Sir, I am Nirmalya Dutta and my age is 23+. I had been suffering ACNE/pimples from about 2
Nirmalya 2010-12-26
2   Dr. Sharma 7 years ago

Online Homeopathy course
Hi, One student had taken online course but due to some reasons he is unable to complete i
be_kind4all 2010-12-29
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partial acl tear in both knees
i m 21/m suffering from partial acl tear in both knees lack of stability in knees..plz hel
mitul1789 2010-12-28
1   deoshlok 7 years ago

Is there any Homeopathic Medicine?
Hello, to all of you. I am 26 years old male. My penis is thin and small in size 3 inches
HOMEOP_GEEK 2010-12-28
1   CarterLewis1 7 years ago

frontal alopecia and pcos
i am suffering from frontal alopecia and pubic hairloss since two years.my scanning report
farroo 2010-12-29
2   CarterLewis1 7 years ago

osteoarthritis, overweight, high blood pressure
My father, age 64 , height 5ft 10', weight 110 kgs. is suffering from lot of pain in
janks 2010-12-28
1   yogeshrajurkar 7 years ago

Social Anxiety, Lack of Confidence and Bullying
I went through the self-diagnosis but found that there are many different remedies, none o

dreamtime214 2010-11-16
22   dreamtime214 7 years ago

Water Retention, Kidney Desease, Protein in the Urine
Hi there, I am really hoping I will be able to find some help here. I was originally at

ontheprairie 2010-02-15
56   yari1 7 years ago

13 Month Old boy - Ear Infections and Congestion
My son is 13 months old, has been going to daycare since 3 months, and is just getting ove
NathansMom 2010-12-23
11   NathansMom 7 years ago

girl2010 2010-12-28
2   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Anxiety, Fear, Nervousess, Worry! Hormones?
- 37 yrs old female - never serious sickness, get sick with colds every 5 years if that -
gadget_snakebite 2010-11-21
3   gadget_snakebite 7 years ago

Natural remedy for PMDD???
I have a friend whose daughter is 15 years old and has been diagnosed with PMDD. My friend
rjssweetheart 2010-07-08
3   Kristin908 7 years ago

to joe de livera (gerd/asthma)
Hello Joe, I read several posts where you have treated people with GERD and asthma. I hav
tara14 2010-12-23
7   tara14 7 years ago

facial enlargement and aging
i used to have a normal round face now with the intake of a lot of pills like levipride 50
jack ross 2010-12-28
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Erectile Dysfunction
Sir I am 48, suffering from nominal high blood pressure (contolled).I have a heredity of d
swarup 2010-12-28
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brain problems
hello i hav epreety much experienced a lot of doctors and hospitals now i m in the last st
jack ross 2010-12-28
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Dr. James Kent's Cured Cases!
Patients and perscribers here may want to look at this collection of patients treated by K

Homeopathy International 1 2010-12-09
41   Info.rahiq 7 years ago

Hypothyroid high TSH
Hello I am also from Noida and last week tested first time with TSH 15, free T4 normal at
amheal 2010-12-13
2   amheal 7 years ago

Endometriosis, possible polyp or fybroid
I'm 56, I was having extremely long periods (almost 2 months) with an interval of 10-
Mk1954 2010-12-27
4   Mk1954 7 years ago

Dr,Mumtaz Ali Riaz (Homeopathy work 100%)
Dear Dr. Mumtaz, I got a little hope after seeing your post on this forum that homeopathy
M.Saleem 2010-06-27
2   yang_sah 7 years ago

help me plz
i have pcod problem means i have irregular periods for the last 2 years and i am 20 kg. ov
jinni 2010-12-26
3   kadwa 7 years ago

Penis Enlargement
my age 31 years weight 78kg height 5'6'
groverap 2010-12-28
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Penis Enlargement
Sir, I want my penis size 8' above is it possible pl reply
groverap 2010-12-28
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Acid Reflux
My name is James and have read lots of posts for the treatment of acid reflux. I am, look
jamesp_1968 2010-12-18
5   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Is homeopathy for dogs with conjunctivitis?
Hello, Can anyone recommend a remedy for a 7 year old Yorkshire Terrier with conjucntivi
jorbri1513 2010-12-28
4   Niel Madhavan 7 years ago

cure for varicocele naturally
I'm a man of 34yrs. I started having this varicocele when i was 11yrs old, and it was
orayeni 2010-12-24
1   yogeshrajurkar 7 years ago

Chicken Pox Cure?
Hey everybody, I'm fairly new to this forum and so far... there's a lot of grea
stacey12 2010-12-27
2   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Q and higher potencies aggrevate
Hi all, i have been using canabis indica for treatment of chronic anxiety, chronic prosta
tecky 2010-12-27
1   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

Thinning hair and easily blush-Help!!
I'm new to the forum and am fairly new to homeopathic medicine as well. Please tell
BlueSun 2010-12-27
1   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

sharp needle like back pain
i feel sharp needle like back pain as thousands of needles push into my back. It starts af
tcdserver 2010-12-23
1   Niel Madhavan 7 years ago

dear brisbanehomoeopathy & dr kadwa plz reply to my post..plz..
z can any one help me in ruling out the correct treatment& best homoeopathic medicines of
sweet85n 2010-12-20
3   Niel Madhavan 7 years ago

29 years old
i am married of 29 years of age have a son,sir i am unable to do sex twice in one night,at
sarju 2010-12-27
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likoria help
i am 23 years old and married.i have likoria problem for 3 years and due to this problem m
diyaa 2010-12-27
1   maheeru 7 years ago

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