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8 month old with continuous ear infection - on 3rd round of antibiotic
Hi! This is regarding my 8 month old son's continuous bout of ear infection. He
nids03 2011-01-26
3   kadwa 8 years ago

Please, I need help. I am 19 and obese. i am 1.71 cm and weigh 127kg. I have tried any

claudia_c 2011-01-13
15   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

Chest muscle pain???
About a week ago I started to have pain in the front of my chest near the sternum.,
new2town 2011-01-24
4   yogeshrajurkar 8 years ago

Extreme shyness
I have a 7 year old son who is extremely smart BUT is very timid and shy. He has a hard
MikeNJ 2011-01-07
5   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

sinus pain and swelling
I have daily sinus pain and pressure and under my eyes is always very puffy . I have
opjackie 2011-01-20
8   zaffar_consfela 8 years ago

4.5 year old son often has warm forehead and coughing and little wheezing
Would someone here please help my son who has repeated coughing and little wheezing. He
babywitheczema 2011-01-26
1   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

regarding dose of lycopodium
taking lycopodium 30c three times a day for 30 days continuously can cause problems? for
sanj8 2011-01-23
7   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

Dr. Sameervermani
I would like to know if you would be able to view my post, 'New girl on the
ignatia 2011-01-26
no replies yet

Moderate Pangastritis
Hi ,my husband is 45 years old and is suffering from moderate pangastritis. He has seen a
lalina 2011-01-26
1   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

increased alk phosphatase and weakness
i am experiancing fatigue since 6 months.routine bld work shows imcreased alk
vyasa 2011-01-26
1   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

My problem is two fold. I have Emphysema and have been using prescribed drugs that after
samzpam 2011-01-26
1   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

hi can any one tell me where to buy white iodine from in uk ,ive searched every where and
sabrina3868 2011-01-26
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Carcinosin 200C as constitutional remedy
Hi All. I am seeing a naturopath who also includes homeopathic treatment in her
carrie009 2011-01-25
4   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

terebinth 30
My son is 13. He is having severe migraine headache for the last 5 months.It never gets
parvi 2011-01-25
4   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

severe headache
My son is 13.He is having this severe headache 5 months ago.Before this he complaits of
parvi 2011-01-26
1   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

pain in knee joints of two years child at night
Our 2 years old son often crying during the night,he said that he feel pain in legs and
daivasin 2011-01-25
6   ridha89 8 years ago

Trigeminal Neuralgia or Lingual Nerve Damage
In 2008 i remove my wisdom tooth after removing i have a terrible & sharp ache like
Abbas Mirza 2011-01-25
2   Abbas Mirza 8 years ago

Help for ESRD medicine
Dear Sir, My Father (Age: 68 years, weight near 74 kg, Height: 163 cm) is an End Stage
vigupta7 2011-01-26
1   Reva V 8 years ago

Ear problem,
My friend tells me today that on Friday he lost the hearing in his left ear then during
kohler 2011-01-24
5   kohler 8 years ago

anonymous_coward 2010-11-22
78   anonymous_coward 8 years ago

Treating the current Throat Virus
Here in Sri Lanka where I live I find that almost everyone seems to be suffering from a
Joe De Livera 2005-12-10
10   its_arch 8 years ago

Right Renal Calculi
My mother in law who is 62 years old has been diagnosed with right renal calculi. This is
simkhan06 2011-01-25
2   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Kidney Stones in Pregnant Girl
Greetings - I've been trying to help my cousin who is pregnant and suffering from
synthcomp 2011-01-25
5   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

In order to overcome my irritability especially with my children, I did the questionnaire

albapapa 2010-09-28
112   albapapa 8 years ago

Liquid Dilution Arnica- Where to buy
Can somebody please tell me where i can buy Liquid dilution (ethanol) of Arnica Montana?
DoubleEdge 2011-01-24
11   DoubleEdge 8 years ago

My wife is suffering from severe headache along with vomits and weakness since last one
vikas24in 2011-01-25
7   ridha89 8 years ago

Hair ReGrowth
Hello, I am not exactly suffering from a hairloss ( I take shower daily and notice that
bashamanick 2011-01-19
8   kadwa 8 years ago

Cydonia Vulgaris 30c
can anybody help me to get Cydonia Vulgaris 30c. I have tried but it seems no homeoshops
angchuk dorje 2011-01-25
1   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

Simple Cystic Hypoplagia.
Name:Sulochana V. Mahajan Age: 40 years, Height: 5'2', Weight:70 Kg Symptoms:On
vijaymahajan1962 2010-11-25
6   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

FascioScapularHumerolDystrophy (FSHD)
Hello Everyone My brother has been diagnosed with FSHD. Are there any Homeopathy remedies
khadijabobat 2011-01-25
1   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

Potency help
What does a 'third potency' mean as mentioned by Boericke ? Is it 3x or 3c
RealGirl 2011-01-24
2   RealGirl 8 years ago

depressd of short height
hi i want to know wht medicines can i take to increase my
shivika 2011-01-25
1   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

want to know good homeopathic doctor
can someone plz tell me a good homeopathic doctor with good experience for hypothyroidism
sanj8 2011-01-25
1   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

Ataxia and very poor control of body balance
since two years suffering by this lethal ailment.i-e paralysis,ataxia, very week legs
adr.tariq 2011-01-25
1   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

Reoccurring Vomiting in Father - please help
I am posting on behalf of my Father: Age 75 Sex Male Married 12 stone 5 foot
DisneyTheresa 2011-01-23
11   sameervermani 8 years ago

plz help...urgent
i need your help. i have been taking homeopathic treatment for hypothyroidism
sanj8 2011-01-25
7   ridha89 8 years ago

Suggestions 12 /yo son
My son is 12, had deterioration in his health at the age of 5 after MMR/chicken pox
cinderblockdee 2011-01-22
3   cinderblockdee 8 years ago

4months old baby with acis reflux will not lay down, sit or bend
My baby girl is diagnosed with acid reflux at the age of 6weeks. She takes a PPI but

belgium 2011-01-19
14   Reva V 8 years ago

Pregnancy Help
I am currently 4 months pregnant - 2nd pregnancy. I have been suffering with hyperemesis
sahds1 2011-01-19
6   maheeru 8 years ago

ammonium mur 200
is this medicine tken for weight loss i.e fat in lower part of the body. Can it be taken
simkhan06 2011-01-25
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Hello, I recently fractured 2 bones in my ankle and torn some ligaments. It was 3 week
vero2012 2011-01-25
1   tcdserver 8 years ago

low egfr
just had bloodwork 54 when number is supposed to be greater than 60. am on blood pressure
deborahunderwood 2011-01-24
1   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

want to learn
Hello, I stay in India and am a student of Physics. I also try to help animals that
bhondor 2011-01-23
7   bhondor 8 years ago

Heat Rash
Hello, this is my first post. I am experiencing a rash on my chest and stomach area. My
ynotme 2005-10-03
2   chantal58 8 years ago

Chronic Constipation in Toddlers
We met a 2 year old toddler w severe chronic constipation. Surely she needs help. how is
nonlinearity114 2011-01-24
2   kadwa 8 years ago

Desperate for help for teething toddler
Hello All I am new to this forum and have posted regarding my son below. (please see
sahds1 2011-01-15
11   sahds1 8 years ago

From Tonsilitis to Ear Ache/Infection
Gender: Female Age: 34 Body Type: Lymphatic / Endomorph (Not sure which you're
Five-Winds 2011-01-16
4   kadwa 8 years ago

Choclate Cyst - Joe De Livera
Dear Joe, My wife has been diagonised with chocolate cyst for the last three months in

Deepak Ranjan 2006-10-19
27   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

gray hair
HI, I'M 37 YEARS OLD.I have a lot of gray hair. I started almost 2 years ago. I
homeopathy123 2011-01-24
2   homeopathy123 8 years ago

Boils on External Nose
I am getting my External nose red with boils filled with green pus,I am suffering from
chakra.engg04 2010-10-19
10   chakra.engg04 8 years ago

Post Nasal drip
Hi, I am suffering from Post nasal drip since past 2 years and my voice has also changed
ukraju 2011-01-24
2   ukraju 8 years ago

I have read so many postings with the same unanswered, long lasting pain and discomfort
neeha39 2011-01-24
1   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

Anyone use or have experience with homeopathic Vanilla?
I was told once that if you are suddenly drawn to an herb or plant (or strongly repulsed
Jane525 2005-10-21
7   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

Male Sex Problom
I am 35 years old male, Pakistan. Married since last five years. Have libido (less
chmamir 2011-01-23
3   Dr. Adeel 8 years ago

Are you Suffering From Vitiligo ?
Vitiligo Tab is a completely guaranteed and clinically proven herbal treatment for
supercare 2011-01-24
1   Dr.Haran ch malaker 8 years ago

i am suffering from hypothyroidism wlth tsh 8.25. can anyone plz tell me how much time it
sanj8 2011-01-24
1   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

parotid cysts
Hello, I am a 16 yr old male, and have been diagonosed with multiple cysts( benign ) in
lancer_007 2011-01-24
2   lancer_007 8 years ago

Regarding Aloe Vera
can aloe vera be taken alongwith homeopathic
sanj8 2011-01-24
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thin and scanty hair
i'm a 20 year male and facing hair loss for 2-3 years. my hairs were thin from
saver 2011-01-22
3   kadwa 8 years ago

memory problem
my age 38 male i cannot memorise any thing i forget all thing i read from many time
nurnabi 2011-01-13
7   tcdserver 8 years ago

ITSultan 2011-01-23
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Excessive urination
Hi Dr.Kadwa, Hope you are fine. In this winter i have been facing excessive
kakaba 2011-01-20
7   kadwa 8 years ago

My respectable DR.Reva
I am your patient and really thankful to you treat me and give me your precious timeI
mustafarshi 2010-02-03
12   Reva V 8 years ago

Herpes Type 2 treatment
I plan on rubbing oil of oregano mixed with dmso on my lower spine as that is where the
username1 2011-01-23
4   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

Sliding Hiatus Hernia
Hi I am 30 years olds with a confirmed sliding hiatus hernia I have been on omeprazole

mullins 2011-01-15
19   mullins 8 years ago

Calling Brisbane homeopath!
I sent you an email. I've passed a ten inch tapeworm. It's time to revisit
iloveyou 2011-01-23
1   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

I've now twice typed a post here and is not posting.. Please check your
iloveyou 2011-01-23
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Calling brisbanehomeopath!
Hi David. It's been over two weeks now.. 2 weeks and three days since the first
iloveyou 2011-01-23
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Multiple Problems
Hope someone can help. A little about myself, i'm 32yr old female. It first
universe78 2011-01-21
7   universe78 8 years ago

No diagnosis for psychiatric condition
Hello, I am so glad that I found something like that online. I truly hope that I will
Rasyte 2011-01-20
3   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

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