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Seeking help for my Mother who has suffered a stroke
Hi! I am 24-years-old, and in good health. My Mother is 53 years old and after pregnancy
purplecat44 2015-02-19
7   simone717 4 years ago

Please help! HOw to do Antidoting homeopathic aggravation
Hi, I made the misktake o medicating my child with Guna Allergy T, a product of Guna

Jane77 2015-02-19
14   simone717 4 years ago

Retinal bleeding
I am suffering from retinal haemorrhage in my right eye and see wavy lines while seeing
biplabks 2015-02-19
1   homeo.mzp 4 years ago

Suffering from chronic depression and fatigue
Hi.. I am suffering from chronic depression from a long time.. probably more than last 10

Jojosays 2015-01-14
14   Jojosays 4 years ago

sexual problems
Dear sir please help me -+ Age. - 35 ' 52kg - 170 c.m.thin male Musterbation - 14 to

ppsingh 2013-07-01
176   ppsingh 4 years ago

growth of height
Hi. I am 19.5 years old. I am 5'6".weight 66 kg. I want to become taller . is it
robert08 2015-02-19
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Request for Dr.Kadwa
Dear Dr. Kadwa I have seen various posts related with motility and found you a good
ricky_sho 2015-02-19
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Dr. Fitness please help
Hi I have sperm count looks normal as per report but motility is 15% which is low. I
ricky_sho 2015-02-19
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hyperhydrosis(please help)
HI..i have been facing this problem since the age of 10 yrs.Right now i have excessive
sumit.chatterjee88 2015-02-11
6   sumit.chatterjee88 4 years ago

SEX PROBLEM-PE PROBLEM-Please solve my problems-I need urgent help.
Hello, to all of you. I am 27 years old guy.My height is 5'9'. My weight is 75

HOMEOP_GEEK 2011-12-30
13   beaubailey 4 years ago

How to stop formation of Blood clots with Homopathy
Hi My brother is suffering from Blood clots problem. he is 27 yrs old. his blood clots
monica_talwar80 2015-02-19
1   kadwa 4 years ago

Chakar Aa raha hai Please help
When i use gingko bibola q and brahmi q then some chakar aa raha hai. Main Gingoko bibola
jeetdsingh1606 2015-02-17
1   kadwa 4 years ago

Flu Like Symptoms..?
Hi, I have mild headache and feel my nose is a bit full (No running nose or no nasal
jitenvithlani 2015-02-17
1   kadwa 4 years ago

2 and a half yr old with eczema
He has a brother with more severe eczema I would say who is being helped by Dr. Flemming.
flourgirl123 2015-02-19
1   flourgirl123 4 years ago

hair boldness
Hii I m suffering for hair boldness on top of head ,iit my be becoz of steroids taken by
cakkaushik 2015-02-02
8   kadwa 4 years ago

Slow bowel, Sluggish, Sleepy, Overweight
Mental State of the patient : Anxiety, unmotivated, aloof, disconnect with family
vaani.v 2015-02-16
3   kadwa 4 years ago

extreme recurrent itching in vagina plz help
Extreme itching in vaginal with foul smelling discharge. Plz help soon.this problem comes

smartmom 2015-02-03
27   smartmom 4 years ago

Neckpain & Headache
Sir, I am working in a Government office & most of the day, I will work on a desk in
nnagamahesh 2015-02-18
3   homeo.mzp 4 years ago

sir help about this term on this Website unable to understand
It is written on end of listing. The significance of a remedy for a symptom is given in
homeopathy8716 2015-02-19
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Retroverted Uterus and Fibroids
I am 35 year old female, trying to conceive for the first time. Ultrasound revealed that

health15 2014-12-13
20   homeo.mzp 4 years ago

Swollen Cheek - Right Side
Hello. Several days ago I started getting some itchiness in my right ear, and then some
Herbalguy451 2015-02-16
3   simone717 4 years ago

homeo.mzp can you please guide me for chronic fatigue
I am a silent visitor of this forum and requesting you to take my case please. very
james2233 2014-12-02
10   homeo.mzp 4 years ago

Restless 11 month baby
Hello My 11 month old baby has always been a restless sleeper. When he was born he slept

Am123 2014-10-26
14   rishimba 4 years ago

Dr kadwa need your help..
Sir,i am suffering from nightfall from past three years.it happens after five days or
rohit majumdar 2015-02-18
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