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I m jitendra ,age 24 years, havin heavy hair fall, thining of hair,scalp visible, when oil
Jitendra1986 2010-08-18
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index finger joint pain
iam 35yrs old ,i have got uric acid,and iam on zyloric,for the past 2yrs.since i started z
serta 2010-08-18
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How Joepathy expelled another Kidney Stone
I am copying below my post entitled 'How Joepathy disloged a Kidney Stone' dated S
Joe De Livera 2010-03-15
3   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Anxiety, Stomach, Allergy, Dr. Sameer Please help me
hello! i m 22 year old male suffer from anxiety, stomach problems and Allergic Rhinitis. p
ajnabee_4u_2006 2010-08-18
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Eczema with rhinitis
Dear Dr. My son is almost 1 yrs old and suffers from eczema. HE has been on homeopathy sin
lavineel 2010-08-17
1   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Bleeding starts mid cycle continues until period
Hello, I'm looking for any help, for the last two months I have had bleeding start m
aella 2010-08-17
1   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Acne Vulgaris
Hi, HISTORY : I've had an ongoing problem of severe acne on my back for many year
qwaszx 2010-08-17
7   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 8 years ago

Chronic Kidney Disease - Need urgent help
My father has been diagnsed with the kidney disease Details of my father Age 63 Allergy:
gmalhotra02 2010-08-17
1   PANKAJ VARMA 8 years ago

feeling hung over
I accidentally drank some food grade peroxide that was watered down.I probably ingested ab
ashley_girl 2010-08-15
3   ashley_girl 8 years ago

Blepharitis and dry eyes
Female age 63. Was diagnosed with blepharitis and dry eye. Some pitting on cornea due to d
lazmatazz 2010-08-17
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Homeopathic Serotonin
I have low Serotonin and I was wondering if homeopathic Serotonin would be safe to take. I
TruJerz 2010-08-17
3   TruJerz 8 years ago

any one can help me?
I sent my reports on 6th august,2010 but no one answer me...is there anyone who can help m
cool786 2010-08-15
2   cool786 8 years ago

Frontal hair loss-female
Sir, I am suffering from hair loss since almost 1 year. It satrted with sever hair fall.
sonu2009 2010-08-11
1   dr.akmal11 8 years ago

loose motion to 5 months old baby
My son is suffered from loose moton from last friday. Peadistrist recommended the sporolac
poonam80 2010-08-17
2   PANKAJ VARMA 8 years ago

increase penis girth
hi can any one tell me remedy for increase penis girth my penis is very thin and very curv
irtazanadeem70 2010-08-17
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Help for migraine
Hello one of my close friend is having severe migraines, i have asked her to fill out the

caglarse 2010-02-08
24   mathewfbd 8 years ago

Request Please Help
Hello, Doctors please help me. i am suffering with a unknown kind of impotance. my age is
kami_35 2010-08-02
2   kami_35 8 years ago

ulcerative colitis
Dear Dr., My wife, age 57, have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis after Colonoscopy
shaktikroy 2010-08-15
1   SheetalJain 8 years ago

periodic occcurance of asthma in child
I have a girl child who will turn 2 years in September. We are from Kerala in India and th

satheeshbabu 2008-08-05
13   jyothis1 8 years ago

mumps orchitis
10 yrs back when my son was just entering the puberty (age 11-12 yrs then).he got mumps th
bapu4 2010-05-26
5   bapu4 8 years ago

ear problem
hi, please help me out i am 23 yrs old male i got dns(deviated nasal septum)since birth

homeopathy1 2010-08-03
17   Info.rahiq 8 years ago

Abnormal EEG - Medication
Hello, I recently had an EEG to try and decipher some seizure-like activity I have had si
Zach87 2010-08-17
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sore left toe
why is left toe sore
colonel 2010-08-16
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loose motion .
My 2 yrs old has been having loose motion since yesterday . He did 5 motions yesterday and
nikkikumar 2010-08-16
2   nikkikumar 8 years ago

severe metrorrhagia
Dear Doctors, I wrote in a while ago about an acute case of metrorrhagia that i have been
pistil 2010-07-06
4   pistil 8 years ago

penis enlargement
sir please tell me about the enlargement penis any best of homeopathic medicine i am werry
liaqatalimarjan 2010-08-16
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hello my husband suffers from ibs he is also lactose intolerance since birth.He has diarre
hifive 2010-08-16
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please help my 6 year old with colitis
I am new to this forum,did post yesterday but no replies. My 6year old has ulcerative coli
hifive 2010-08-16
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how to antidote hepar sulphur?
I started 5 months ago taking hepar sulphur to treat a mild condition of dandruff. I star
mike321 2010-08-16
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recurrent candida (thrush)
Hi Recurrent almost chronic thrush infections. Start before each period, better during per
elstrom73 2010-08-16
1   SPbumps 8 years ago

girl2010 2010-08-13
7   girl2010 8 years ago

Abnormal low hemoglobin -5.0 in sickle cell infant
My son has abnormally low hemoglobin counts due to his blood disorder (anemia) - Sickle Ce
NewbieHomeo 2010-07-06
9   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

degenerative disc desease
Hello eveyone I am new to this forum and I am seek help with my condition. Is ther any hom
boxster987 2010-08-13
3   boxster987 8 years ago

satheeshlove 2010-08-16
1   kadwa 8 years ago

agoraphobia who can help???
Hi i am a mother of a 13 year old boy and after giving birth (let go placenta and a caesar
bianca 66 2010-08-16
3   bianca 66 8 years ago

suffering after mastrubation
hi this is prasad iam 23yrs old i am working in it field i have a habit of doing mastrub
busyguy2020 2010-08-13
2   Dr Kireet 8 years ago

weight gaining
Dear sir/madam i'm newly married.my age is 26 & weight 49 kg i look slim body before
rajeshvaja 2010-08-16
1   ajnabee_4u_2006 8 years ago

Weight gain?Any body with knowlege of homeopath?
I want to gain weight.Plz help? I am 25 yrs and my weight is 40 Kgs,My heightis 5.3'
PZ187 2010-08-16
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Not gaining weight
I want to gain weight.Plz help? I am 25 yrs and my weight is 40 Kgs,My heightis 5.3'
PZ187 2010-08-11
1   PZ187 8 years ago

facial wart
Facing warts on face since from 1 year ,presently taking causticum 200 and thuja 200..show
rajudi0910 2010-08-16
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sebaceous cyst in scortum
Dear Doctor I am suffer from sebaceous cyst in scrotum for years. I am 36 yrs. but till n
pkg_2009 2009-12-27
9   pkg_2009 8 years ago

knee osteoarthirits
can hmeopathy cure knee osteoarthritis of both knee.i am male 45 with both knees having s
andy_65_in 2010-08-13
3   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Multiple Sclerosis
I have Multiple Sclerosis in its most severe form. I am in continuous exarcebations for ov

Caroline79 2010-07-28
19   yogeshrajurkar 8 years ago

suffering from neurofibromatosis
I am 22 year old. I am suffering from neurofibromatosis from last 4 years.I visited my nea
diwakar choudhary 2010-08-15
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75 yer old broken leg.
My cousin 75 yer old fell in bath tub and left leg bone broken six inches blow the hip jo
M.Saleem 2010-08-13
4   M.Saleem 8 years ago

To read more about homeopathy
Who can recommend me a book or any website where I can read about how many times a day or
allara 2010-08-02
6   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

Anal Fistula
I have developed what I think to be a fistula. I think it was caused by an enema tip that
SPbumps 2010-08-13
2   SPbumps 8 years ago

My Child has swollen optic nerve
my son 5.5 years old has been told by eye doctor that he has swollen optic nerve , he is v
asharzk 2010-08-15
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blood canser research
i am homeo doctor , i feel severe sadness to see smaal kids of blood canser , i wann to do
najam naqvi 2010-08-15
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Terrible case of hair loss but hopeful
Hi All. I am 24 year old male. Background - Since childhood i have not been into any kind
senorshan 2010-08-15
2   senorshan 8 years ago

Boy age 2 1/2 yrs with bad skin rash..eczema?
Hi there, I m posting a pic of my son's rash, back of the thigh. Is this eczema? Can
nader5 2010-08-15
2   nader5 8 years ago

Dr. Pankaj Verma - attention for Pilonidal sinus - please read
Hello doc, I need your help in finding a way to cure my husband's pilonidal sinus. Ar
browneyed_555 2010-08-12
8   PANKAJ VARMA 8 years ago

Can chemotherapy antidote a homeopathic remedy
Can chemotherapy antidote a homeopathic remedy's actions. I will be taking Rituxan a
bamilton 2010-08-11
12   bamilton 8 years ago

pink eye
Looking for remedy for pink eye. Could not find. Any help would be appreciated
xxaubsxx 2010-08-15
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Ankle Swollen and Negative Emotions
I am new to Homeopathy and strongly beleive in it for the reason that modern medicine polu
jjblugrassy 2010-08-14
2   John Stanton 8 years ago

breathing tic
Out of desperation to lose weight, I recently went to a doctor and he prescribed me the dr
mama4ever 2010-08-14
3   John Stanton 8 years ago

proving a remedy??
My daughter was born with chest retractions and rales. The midwife gave her a dose of 30c
binknbaby 2010-08-11
2   John Stanton 8 years ago

blocked carotoid artery
Please help on this subject too! My grandfather had a stroke a few yeasr ago, the doctors
simone24 2010-07-19
3   John Stanton 8 years ago

NAt Mur - self-prescribed - not sure if it works or is proved. Help please.
Hello dear people, A friend of mine has suffered a painful divorce (her husband is a drug

nettle 2010-06-18
20   maheeru 8 years ago

Dear Doctors, I m suffering from Stone problem from last 4 years,at that time stone was 11
naeem51 2010-08-11
1   Dr.Saravanan 8 years ago

5yr old son w eczema for the last 3 yrs
My son's eczema is really bad, started when he was in a hot, humid country when he wa

nader5 2010-08-06
13   nader5 8 years ago

From where to get Bach remedies??
Dear doctor plz tell me from where can i get a full set of all the Bach flower remedies (R
onegoodman 2010-07-31
2   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

Holistic and Alternative Medicine For Phimosis and Foreskin Issues
Holistic treatment for phimosis, paraphimosis, & BXO (Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans), sexu
Homeopathy International 1 2010-06-20
1   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

The penis and foreskin: Conservative Wholistic Treatment of Foreskin Problems
The penis and foreskin: Conservative Wholistic Treatment of Foreskin Problems Today, howev
Homeopathy International 1 2010-06-16
2   Homeopathy International 1 8 years ago

Homeopathy Associated With Dramatic Reduction In Leptospirosis Infection In Cuban Population
I am copying below an article carried in yesterday's issue of Medical News which refe
Joe De Livera 2010-08-10
4   PANKAJ VARMA 8 years ago

high colesterol
i am 55 years old male with high colesterol, the statin drugs give me so much musculer pai
babapoint 2010-08-14
1   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

12 mon old with fever
My daughter has been running a fever between 99-101 since Monday. She goes in spurts betw
amboller 2010-08-12
3   John Stanton 8 years ago

Adrenal/Chronic Fatigue
Since I see everyone usually has to answer these questions, I'll make it easy and do
TruJerz 2010-08-13
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Urine dribbling in girls
Hi, I am Pratiti. I am having a problem og dribbling of urine.before and after i urinate,
pratiti 2010-08-12
3   kadwa 8 years ago

My 10+yrs old daughter has a white spot on her right nipple.Please give me some suggestion
rsarkar 2010-08-14
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