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How to use damiama Pentarkan pkt. 40
Hi Sir, What is Damiana Pentarkan 40 used for and how can I take for better results. I h
Adnan Kareeem 2017-08-27
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swift234 2017-08-01
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13 weeks pregnant and blood sugar issues.
Hello. I am 32 yrs of age. I have four children and had a miscarriage last year. This preg
calimom 2017-08-26
1   Reva V last year

Down syndrome _ robertsonian translocation
My 2.5 year old boy having downsyndrome , past 1.5 years he is suffering from vommitings (
Vikas dwivedi 2017-08-26
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Right sided complaints
I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for a few years now. Muscle pain, lack of sleep,
myoung2912 2017-08-26
1   homeo_helper last year

hydrosalpyx tube
hi.. my age is 27 and my left tube is hyrosalphyx, is there any treatment of my problem in
sahar1 2017-08-24
1   maheeru last year

Juvenile Rheumatiod Athritis
Hello, My six year old daughter has been suffering for almost a year and a half with Juve
moe shea 2017-08-26
5   moe shea last year

Irregular spotting before and after periods
Hello I am 36 years old and i have irregularity in my cycles with abdominal pain. I just h
Jabeen1 2017-08-24
1   Reva V last year

Anxiety, sleep apnea, depression, IBS
Hi, I am 50 year old female, suffering from ailments that bother lots of women my age. How
Satori10 2017-08-24
1   Reva V last year

Nose bleeds
For the past 10 days or so, my 11-year old daughter has been having daily nose bleeds. No
Simran25 2017-08-26
2   simone717 last year

What to give for my son
Hai, I have an 6year old Autistic son. I am of nat mur constitution. My son is Autisti
Binti1 2017-08-26
2   Binti1 last year

enquiries about medicine doses
many many thanks sir. to suggest me. but what can i do for my childs height. is also be
imdadalam 2017-08-26
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Would a homeopath be able to take my case?
Hi, would a homeopath be able to take my case? If so can you send me the questionnaire to
Ad1234 2017-08-05
12   drthoufeequebhms last year

Help with Molluscum
Need your help. I am 53 year old female. I have attached the image of my forehead, which I

suna711 2017-07-26
17   drthoufeequebhms last year

Cat Allergy
Hello everyone! I am 33 and have been allergic to cat dander and saliva all my life. I a
renaissance 2010-07-24
1   MCbee last year

prostate problem i suppose
dearall, i am new to the forum and i come with a problem,having tremendous faith in homoep
wilson609 2011-11-13
12   kaulhulk last year

Right cp angle blunting show in my x ray
Actually i want to treatment for my lung have a spot on right side .i want heal this ...in
Mohammad Hasen 2017-08-25
1   simone717 last year

enquiries about medicine doses
respected sir, there is no any problem of my child . only he complained that he
imdadalam 2017-08-24
1   Reva V last year

Slighly swollen lymph node Right side of Throat
Thanks for getting some Homeopathy reference help. Please see below my symptoms and histo
danzanillo 2017-08-25
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Penis girth problem
Dear doc It is second marriage for both of mine and my wife. I married with my 2nd wife f
Kamrul hassan 2017-03-26
8   sfp777 last year

Adrenal Fatigue remedy made me crash....is anyone familiar with this?
Hi there, After doing a meridian test yesterday i found out that i have adrenal fatigue.
shirz 2017-08-24
2   simone717 last year

Back Pain-Rhus Tox prescribed
I have severe middle back pain since last 5 months early in the morning from 3 AM onwards.
abhishek.sharma009 2017-08-25
1   maheeru last year

sore throat
the night before yesterday sore throat started on left side, felt sore all day yesterday,
hmedd 2017-08-23
2   ayushgupta last year

8 month old baby with liver hepatoblastoma
My daughter (8 month old girl) has been diagnosed with hepatoblastoma - CT Scan found a la
ekshaks 2017-08-23
4   ekshaks last year

litework13 2011-11-20
96   Ad1234 last year

hot flashes
Will someone please take a look at my case. I am desperate. I started menopause 6 years a
winnieandco 2017-08-24
1   winnieandco last year

problem with spelling and concentration
Hello, I have a student who was born as a premature baby. She learnt to talk at the age o
Megh 2017-08-23
2   Megh last year

Mental development did not occur properly as a child what can be done to help at 35 years of age
Hello, My cousin is now 35 years old. female. She as a child suffered from pneumonia and
Megh 2017-08-23
2   Megh last year

Cystitis, uti please help, dont want to take antibiotics!
I am suffering from cystitis 10 days ago, its not in the urethra but on the bladder. The s
Sun11 2017-08-24
1   jawahar last year

High Blood Pressure
Hi i am Davinder 33 year old, i have High BP problem, BP is 160/100, upper stomach tightne
david23567 2017-08-24
2   jawahar last year

Sore Throat
Hi, I am suffering from a kind of sore throat. I have got red dots on the roof of mouth an
dips 2017-08-23
3   Nikkie last year

Urine Infection and Constipation
Dear Dr, My mother, aged 75+ has RECURRENT CHRONIC URINE INFECTION since 3.5 yrs. Antibiot
ghazal2 2017-08-24
2   jawahar last year

Tendency to weight gain , Hypothyroidsm, Bloating, slow digestion., sciatica
Hello Sir, My name is malik aged 29, height: 5.6, weight : 89 kgs i have some serious hea
Abdul malik 2017-08-24
1   0antivirus0 last year

Ckd patient
My father aged 70 years patient of high bp and diabetes. Also patient of ckd. cretinine le
Chohan1 2017-08-24
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Sepia Triggered Menopause
Is it possible? I was given Sepia 1M for my backache and PMS recursively. And then It sta
OldMarry 2017-08-23
1   kadwa last year

Mouth fobrosis
Dear Sir, I am suffering from mouth fibrosis and getting treatment from my local homeopat
durgvijay 2017-08-23
1   kadwa last year

vomiting during travel
One year old daughter of my neighbour vomits whenever she travels in car. Surprising to no
skmangal 2017-08-21
1   kadwa last year

Small abscess in between the bump
That my daughter age 36 years is suffering since two years of small abscess taken place j
yogesh baijal 2017-08-21
1   kadwa last year

Brachial plexus for newborn
Hi; I want to ask for remedy suggestion for a 4 weeks baby she has a brachial plexus in h
kaya.isil 2017-08-20
5   kadwa last year

Premature Ejaculation
Dear Dr good evening... I am suffering from premature ejaculation since pubrty. To cure PE
rahul_000 2017-08-20
3   kadwa last year

Hepatosplenomegaly in newborn
My grandson with 50days have got enlarged spleen and liver.The belly is like a balloon. I
Greenpeace 2017-08-24
1   kadwa last year

Increse my hight
Hello sir my hight is 5.4 inch my age is 30 nd my weight is 51 can these medicin increse m
Zeeshan3 2017-08-22
1   HealthyWorld last year

enquiry about medicine doses
respected sir, my son is 10 years and sis month age . but according to age his body gro
imdadalam 2017-08-22
1   HealthyWorld last year

I masturbate 14 times in a week...i want to stop it but i can't resist myself .... ex
Usami 2017-08-23
1   HealthyWorld last year

Wart like bumps on my chest (pic)
Have had these warts on my chest for about a year now. And they seem to be slowly multiply

aby123 2017-07-21
13   aby123 last year

Typhoid fever
Meray mamo ko chand din pahlay typhoid fever hua tha. Igm or igg both are positive. 7 din
bhoot420 2017-08-23
1   maheeru last year

4 year old virus remedy
My 4 year old woke up 8 days ago in the middle of the night with a fever and complaining o
hmedd 2017-08-23
2   simone717 last year

creatinine level fluctuations
Hello, My own aunt (68yrs) is now going through a critical condition, she is hospitalize
mukherjeepoulami11 2017-08-20
1   Kunja.panda last year

After years of treatment - constitutional remedy
This is just a general question. Asking those experienced with chronic treatment. After
Joyner 2017-08-21
2   healthyguy70 last year

hypothyroidism - want to be med free
Hello! I am a 43 year old women with thyroid since past 15 years. there has been occasion
Divya.parihar 2017-08-23
1   Nikkie last year

Re: Sexual intercourse issues. Need help
I have started course accordingly but now no one here to reply me back... I m asking from
vicky111082 2017-08-23
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Child Out of Control
I hope someone can help me with my five year old son, his behavior has been very difficult
sej 2017-08-13
6   Megh last year

Help find constitutional remedy
Hai, I have an 6year old Autistic son,please Help to find his constitutional remedy. I a
Binti1 2017-08-22
2   Binti1 last year

Attention Simone : Help needed for finger pad burns
Dear Simone, In late June, my wife accidentally burnt two finger pads on right hand. She
declan 2017-08-23
3   simone717 last year

Very Rare Case need you Help Nawaz Khan and Dr Rishimbha
Hello Sir I face very rear ,uncommon mental Condition. Details are gives as
asfandaslam 2017-08-22
1   homeo_helper last year

Confirmed Reflux and Dairy Intolerance- 6 week old
Hi Joe, I really appreciate your help. My six week old infant is suffering from acid refl
Jackie19gaol.com 2017-08-22
1   homeo_helper last year

How do i use food Generalities in repertory?
I'm confused as to the food section in Generalities. I understand if there is a choic
Deartou 2017-08-22
2   Deartou last year

slow growth of a child
I am here with a serious problem with my baby daughter. She is 1.5 years old and her growt
sialkotian 2010-09-15
6   maheeru last year

Multiple remdies
My homeopath insists that my constitutional remedy should take care of all my symptoms. it
tzfin 2017-08-21
1   simone717 last year

Nux vomica 1m
Hello , hope u r doing great ! I took 2 remedies of nux 1 m since 20 days ago to detox my
Tm. Connections 2017-08-22
1   simone717 last year

Help 28 yo man anger, self destructive, genius, bowel polyps
My son is tall and thin. Chest bit sunken. Blonde hair blue eyes. Long thin bones and musc
Lovelee 2017-08-21
7   Zady101 last year

Bach flower for fear,anger jealousy.
Holly bach flower. This is best to solve anger ,jealousy among brother sister ,students,ne
akshaymohl 2017-08-20
2   akshaymohl last year

Any topical remedy for hair fall?
Can anyone suggest me any effective topical remedy for hair fall?
Tish 2017-08-19
8   Tish last year

2 month old baby suffering with severe gerd
Hi sir, my daughter is 9 weeks old she has shown sign of acid reflux from first week after
samreen1 2017-08-21
1   Reva V last year

For Homeodr
Would you be willing to help me out? I have come to the realization that I've been d

rom109 2016-10-07
206   rom109 last year

Struggling with diagnosis Speech language disorder vs Autism
My son is 8 years old. We are struggling since he has 2.5 years old and doctors have faile
naz84 2017-08-21
2   Zady101 last year

Autism and speech delays
This is regarding my son 5yr old severe speech delay,diagnosed with Autism,hyper function

Reenakap 2013-10-16
18   naz84 last year

I am looking for a remdy for my little girl who will soon be 4 years old. She is under the

Ginger587 2004-12-14
22   naz84 last year

Height Increase of 5 year Girl
My 5 Years old daughter is only 40 inches or 101.6 cm tall, the girls who were shorter tha
HARI_DELHI 2017-08-21
1   akshaymohl last year

Need Some urgent Suggestions Pls
Doctor, I am 43 yrs. old. I had DVT on my right leg in 2006 and recently about 5 months b
Lakshmi3 2017-08-14
2   Lakshmi3 last year

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