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Two questions: Sulfur, and Glutathione
1st question Can sulfur be used to antidote, or undo the effects of a previously
brianMP 2020-03-01
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Bell's palsy and Homoeopathy
What is bell’s palsy ? (IDIOPATHIC FACIAL PARALYSIS) Named after Surgeon Sir
drjitesh 2020-03-01
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Is there any treatment for hand vain swelling in Homeopathy
My Mom 58 year old she saw her hand one of the vain is swelling or it's puffed one
forfeit 2020-02-29
2   vishnu4 last month

Recurring mouth ulcers
My wife suffers from recurring mouth ulcers...shes 47 normalwt,no other med issues except
andy_65_in 2020-02-27
10   vishnu4 last month

head injury not healed after 3 years
i would be incredibly grateful for advice on best homeopathic remedies. hit top/left
feelzezeitgeist 2020-02-29
2   feelzezeitgeist last month

Euphrasia for eyes
Is Euphrasia eye drop safe for my 4 years old
Irshad1 2020-02-29
1   vishnu4 last month

Emotional, angry child...
I'm trying to work out what remedy would be best for my 7 year old. She is extremely
Nikky10 2016-02-16
5   SIVASAVARNI last month

anxiety, urine drops, depression
hello, I have anxiety, slight depression, urine drops after urinating/stool passing. I
longshot 2020-02-27
2   longshot last month

Occipital frontal and right temporal migraine
I have been suffering with migraine issues for a number of years now and i went to the
M4urice33 2020-02-19
12   Tui last month

Pilonidal cyst/Hidradenitis Suppurativa
For the last 15 years I have suffered from Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I have had HS

lillybag 2011-09-14
296   HSsufferer last month

Nonverbal Regressive Autism
Hi all My son is almost 6 yrs old and is nonverbal. He regressed around 15 to 18months

Riya101 2019-11-30
64   freehomeoforall last month

Prostate problem
Sir, I Yogesh Baijal age 71 years ,am suffering from frequently urine in too much

yogesh baijal 2020-01-26
17   vishnu4 last month

Wrong remedy
How long does a 30c potency remedy doen? I took a wrong remedy (IGNATIA) and I wonder how
Abou 2020-02-05
7   simone717 last month

Fatty liver, 3.5cm large, spleen marginally enlarged
Dear sir I m male aged about 35 years Bihar India, Left side stomach pain from past 8
Nitesh Kamal 2020-02-22
6   drjitesh last month

Overdose of Lycopodium 30 & maybe be proving it
I am 31 years male 5'8" 56 kgs. I have taken Lycopodium 30 by myself for my

noordgp 2020-02-23
15   noordgp last month

for last 2 months I have been suffering from Synovitis which has affected my right hand

devagral 2019-11-20
18   Tui last month

Menstruation problem
I am 43 years old. I am getting scanty and painful menses from last three months. I only
Glla1 2020-02-14
8   Tui last month

Fullness in ear, blockage
My right ear feels full and blocked. My hearing in that ear is muffled. When I go to bed

gupta6 2020-01-06
72   freehomeoforall last month

B12 , D3 deficiency and Fistula in Ano
I am 51 yrs old and found B12 only 77 and VITAMIN D3 , Serum by CLIA 25.87. I usually
lbsjk 2020-02-21
1   anuj srivastava last month

I am 24 year old woman .. i have dandruff problem since 8 years .. they are very big

pri121212 2018-04-18
21   Aditya Rane last month

Dry cough and feeling cold
Hi, I am 30 male all fit just facing dry coughing issues and cold from past few days
JayG 2018-02-10
4   Swati1231 last month

12 month old with wet cough and runny nose
My daughter is almost 12 months old and for the past 5 days she has had a wet cough
Cmt 2020-02-20
1   Tui last month

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Hello, I am 28 years old and work a desk job, spend 8 to 9 hours a day /6 days a week
cd.ab93 2020-02-20
1   Tui last month

anal wart
what medicine to be taken for female,36yrs old having anal wart from 8+yrs and for how
17jo05 2020-02-20
1   anuj srivastava last month

Stroke and paralysie
A month and 1/2 after a stroke my sister is still paralyzed on the left side, there is
MFL 2020-02-19
4   Tui last month