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no cure here!
I have posted here my question 3 time but no proper reply from concern doctors. pls.
triple www 2009-12-03
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Using Herbs & Natural Ingredients to Reduce Cellulite
Itís a lazy way to reduce cellulite, no hours of tedious exercises required, no operation
Juana Simpson 2009-12-03
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Extensive Hair Fall
Dear Doctor, I had an extensive hair fall for last one and half year and due to that my
Ritsy 2009-12-03
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to dr sameer, 18 years old problem, causing depression now, pls help
i'm 31 year old woman, i'm suffering from bad acne for past 17 to 18 years. the
serai 2009-12-03
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burning, ithchy scalp on crown , hairline and hairloss
i hope someone can help or give advise as im becoming very distressed with my condition,,
dari78 2009-12-03
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Fluid in the ear?
I have a dilemma... all of a sudden I feel as if my right ear is submerged in water. For
chachakat 2009-12-03
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Anal fistula - any success stories???
I'd like to hear any success stories for healing anal fistulas. What did you take?
sanjean 2009-12-02
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Doctor, i m 18 years old boy.i m suffering from spermatohorrea for at least 1.5years.I m
umar latif 2009-12-02
1   Reva V 9 years ago

masturbation effects
Hi! I am 22 and just moved to London for studies basically i am from Pakistan. I never
KHAN905 2009-12-02
1   Reva V 9 years ago

Blood in urine
This morning when I went to the restroom I had a bearing down feeling in the abdominal

cinnamon 2008-01-02
14   congested 9 years ago

Acne and no ovulation...need help
I'm 29 years old and I have acne in my maxillary and chin zone, chest and back. What
Margaret Olive 2009-12-02
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I'm 29 years old and I have acne in my maxillary and chin zone, chest and back. What
Margaret Olive 2009-12-02
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Polycystic Ovaries and getting pregnant
Hello! I am very new to homeopathy and I am quite desperate - as allopathic doctors only
nettle 2009-11-19
8   nettle 9 years ago

Breathing difficulty
2.5 months ago i got hypertension ( which is now under control with allopathic
nk33333 2009-12-02
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recurrent and severe wheezing of 3 yrs 9 months child
Hi experts, This is in continuation with my son's bronchitis problem which I already
jyothis1 2009-12-02
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srisri plz reply
dear doctor u have advice me to take DAMIANA 3X tab 2 tablet in the night but in the
zamohammed 2009-12-02
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gynic remedy
I am 23 yrs old and married last for 8 months. Before marriage I used have regular
quixote9 2009-12-02
1   kadwa 9 years ago

Please help, experiencing major hair loss
Hello Dr Sameer, My name is Preeti and i was wondering if you could reccomend anything
preetigarcha 2009-12-02
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all doctors pls help!
i'm a 31 yr old woman. i'm suffering from bad acne for past 17 to 18 years. the
serai 2009-12-02
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nasal problem anxiety low eneregy
I am 39 years old. I suffer from following physical problem: Allergy, nose ear eye
choudhury12 2009-12-02
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Humble Request to All Doctors.
Humble Request to All learned Doctors. Please help me to recover from ďalbumin in urineĒ
sal160us 2009-11-30
4   rishimba 9 years ago

18 month old 5 day runny nose
Can you suggest medicine for an 18 month old with constant runny (clear) nose for 5 days.
babycold 2009-12-01
1   kadwa 9 years ago

sanandam77 2009-12-02
1   kadwa 9 years ago

Cluster Headaches
My husband was diagnosed with cluster headaches 6 years ago. He has been on so many
redcat750 2009-12-02
1   kadwa 9 years ago

Digestive Problem
डॉक्टर ji मुझे 6-7 typhoid
gurninderbhalla 2009-11-30
8   gurninderbhalla 9 years ago

10 months post appendectomy pain
My daughter, 13 , had her appendix removed in Feb. 2009. She seemed to recover fine, but
sooner44 2009-12-01
1   kadwa 9 years ago

vaginosis? mixed infections?
Hi, I am 24 year old female, and i've been suffering from various infections for

mia005 2009-10-22
14   rishimba 9 years ago

dr. sameer please help,
i'm suffering from bad acne for past 17 to 18 years. the acne has spread to back and
serai 2009-12-02
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14 month kid , vimitting and pass loose motion
my 14 month daughter who weighs 10 KG has been vomiting & passing loose motion from the
kr_himanshu 2009-12-02
1   Reva V 9 years ago

Dr. Mahfooz, Sameer and All.
Dr. Mahfooz, Sameer and All. Please prescribe remedy for a 59 years old lady who has
sal160us 2009-12-02
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I would like some help with fatigue, I feel kinda tired most the time, although I get
Rch9418 2009-12-01
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Bacilinum for Scap Ringworm
The homepathy gave my 6 year old child a remedy for Ringworm! Bacilinum 200c... 2 days
gabsmom 2009-12-01
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Skin and waterly stool problem
Could you please recommend me prescription for 47 yrs of age person suffering from *Sun
sal160us 2009-12-01
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Maelina Femine Care
Hi again. On 1/13/07 StaceyP posted she had bought this product just recently. I am
eileenb 2007-04-12
6   massfare 9 years ago

dr mehfooz! help needed
i am 26 and height 5'10'. weight 55+. i had masturbated for a long time. now
showdown 2009-12-01
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Help needed!!!!!
i am 26 and height 5'10'. weight 55+. i had masturbated for a long time. now its
showdown 2009-12-01
1   showdown 9 years ago

weak teeth 5 year old
I have a 5 year old son who needs some help. When I was pregnant with him I had a SEVERE

bohomama4 2009-04-19
33   bohomama4 9 years ago

No Height or Weight gain in 13 month baby
Hello, I have 13 month old baby who did not gain any height or weight in past 6 months.

Needhelpinwghtgain 2009-02-11
420   Needhelpinwghtgain 9 years ago

BBT remains low for 65 days,anovulatory cycle & red spotting,trying to conceive plz help
Hi, I am 25 yrs old.my problem is I had my periods before 2months(sep 25) till now no
goodneeds 2009-12-01
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hashimoto's thyroiditis, severe fatigue, PMS, painful periods, body aches in back
I have had Hashimoto;s thyroiditis for 15 years, been on levoxyl 37.5mcg daily for 8

joyfulgirl104 2009-10-21
16   joyfulgirl104 9 years ago

Asthama For Dr J T De Livera Urgent please
Good morning doctor.. I have heard a lot abt u and wanted to ask u a question.. I am
aayush 2009-12-01
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jitukr 2009-12-01
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Too many Homeopathic remedies
Hi I suffer from Rosacea, digestive complaints, seborrheic dermatitis and chapped lips,
Michaeluk 2009-12-01
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I would like to prevent my family from Chickengunya diseas give me
mdaurang 2009-12-01
1   drpriyadarshini 9 years ago

erectile problem&constipation[hard stools]
57,yrs old,diabetic,hypertensive,taking medicines .please solve
surinder pal singh 2009-12-01
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Pleurisy, Left lung, without pain
Good Evening to all, I was infected by enteric fever in February this year. Before this i
kashif12345 2009-11-18
6   kashif12345 9 years ago

height enhancement
Hello Dr. I am 21yrs and 5 feet i would like increase my height by few inches could
swathu 2009-12-01
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Viral Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ IBS
Hi i have two types of viral onset chronic fatigue syndrome. Most important issue i have
saboter 2009-11-27
4   rishimba 9 years ago

Dear Doctors, Allopathy doctors said that i have Tinnitus problem. i am suffered in left
triple www 2009-12-01
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Help for 7 year old please
Hi all I was wondering if someone could help me with a remedy for my daughter. She has
shellnelliot 2009-11-30
1   rishimba 9 years ago

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis - hypersensitive, uticaria
I am a 36 (37 in February) female. I weigh 168 pounds - normally 135, just had a baby.
Lucid Colour 2009-12-01
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Headache issues on exertion
Folks I am 52 yr old male Never smoked Played professional soccer and still play part
towzer 2009-12-01
1   rishimba 9 years ago

To Joe Re: Anal Fistula remedy
I am very glad to have found this site and may finaly get some help! I have read quite a
sanjean 2009-12-01
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Good sprem count but low motility and bad Morphology.
Dear sir, We are planning for a child. I did a semen analysis recently and I have the
sri_man 2009-12-01
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Reflux several hours after eating - no vomit
Hello, I have non-identical twin boys of 20 months with reflux. They are both on
ambermel 2009-11-24
9   rishimba 9 years ago

sick kitten may have fip - help!
About a two months ago we got a new kitten and is now just over 4 months old. She is
bonnienclyde 2009-11-29
1   maheeru 9 years ago

Dr. Sameer, Pankaj, Maheeru, Mahfooz please help
Please excuse in the length that i write. I greatly apologize. Long stories that nobody

qbsbrown 2009-11-26
19   maheeru 9 years ago

severe myopia and lattice degeneration in the retina
hello! im 25 years old guy. i have severe myopia -16D since my childhood.Now im diagnosed

koolguy 2005-10-24
32   psharan 9 years ago

Remedy Dosage Repetition
Hi Sometime back there was a Post on Homeopathic Remedy Dosage Repetition, could
RajanTX 2009-11-30
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Sleep Apnea problem since last 1 year
Patient have been facing sleep apnea problem since last one year. Sex: Female Country:
sachin11 2009-11-29
2   RajanTX 9 years ago

oily scalp & oily fore head & whole nose & face too looks oily an half hour after bathing
pls suggest suitable pills, I'm 36 year old, suffering for oily scalp, dundruff
krishnan2112 2009-11-28
2   krishnan2112 9 years ago

alllergy , nasal polyp, IBS
Dear Doctor I am 39 tears old. I suffer from following physical problem: Allergy, nose
choudhury12 2009-11-30
1   choudhury12 9 years ago

Very Critical Problem Please help me
In 2004 I have caught by Typhoid fever. Since than I am suffering from Huge Digestive
gurninderbhalla 2009-11-30
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My baby has chronic cold and cough
My 16 month old baby has chronic cold and cough.She goes to play home everyday. The
msinha2003 2009-11-30
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Trying to get better with depression/anxiety/tiredness
Hi, I am looking to see if there is something out there better then I am taking. Well

britee 2007-05-07
17   William89 9 years ago

atopic dermaties what to do??
i am pranjit sharma from assam. india. i am also facing the same problem, i have done all
pranjit 2009-11-30
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hair loss
i'm 27 yrs male i have a problem of hair loss, its length medium large, never use
dinesh813 2009-11-30
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prescription querry
WIESBADEN 30C four hourly for the next two weeks. can anyone suggest me the above
dinesh813 2009-11-30
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Kind attention Dr. Deoshlok
Dr. Deoshlok as you have mentioned for hypertension in your several posts regarding one
3   kadwa 9 years ago

Colchicum & Nux
Is it right to give colchicum & Nux in the same time to Arthritus & Stomatch
mamin1970 2009-11-29
1   kadwa 9 years ago

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