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cell salts information
My name is Snehal and i'm 25years. i am suffering from chronic health problems such
snehal 2014-09-22
2   simone717 5 years ago

Suffering from two problems: Over reactive Bladder and Premature Ejaculation
Hi Doctors, I am unmarried male 27 yrs old. I am suffering from two mentioned problems,

thefan 2008-09-24
84   PrakashR 5 years ago

please advise Lachesis for menopause symptoms
Hi, i am a 50 years old female, i am pretty healthy, recently I have been diagnosed with

maryam 2014-08-31
18   simone717 5 years ago

Erectile Dysfunction Or ED
Gender:Male Age 34 Marital Status:Unmarried Height:5 Ft.10 Inch Weight:78 I
abd1980 2014-09-22
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I am 38 years old and married i am suffering from azoospermiya problem nil sperm found in
Farukh Ahemad 2014-09-22
1   Mahfoozurrehman 5 years ago

need help - in fissure problem..thanks
Hi I need some help, Actually, my father is having pain due to a fissure. It has from
ishan01us 2014-06-06
8   ishan01us 5 years ago

sir. i am suffering from anxiety for the last three tears. i am 61 yrs and my weight is
Anil khanna 2014-09-16
8   daktersaab 5 years ago

Pain in testes, running into spermatic cord
I am 32 and married efore 5 month. I am sussering Pain in testes, running into spermatic
paulbiswajit82 2014-09-21
1   Mahfoozurrehman 5 years ago

Regular Sneezing Problem
Hi Since the time we moved to Bangalore in 2003 my wife has been having regular sneezing
Jitendra1960 2014-09-12
10   Dr. Umar Farooq 5 years ago

Hypothyroid - edema
Hello Can anyone help me on my Hypothyroid and Edema condition please ?
demigod 2014-09-21
1   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

sexual neurasthenia,nervous weakness
I've symptoms of sexual neurasthenia and nervous
fmsryp 2014-09-09
2   raihansharif 5 years ago

Cold for 3 weeks in 3.2 years old
My son is having cold for continuous 3 weeks now. It started with runny nose but now

Piyabhattacharya 2014-02-19
46   Piyabhattacharya 5 years ago

Very scanty periods chronic
For past three years my periods are getting scanty. I have tried medicines from different
Arorapooja11 2014-09-20
1   rishimba 5 years ago

chronic piles
Hi i am Anil Suffering from 2nd stage piles.Pls suggest some homeo
aniln 2014-09-09
8   nawazkhan 5 years ago

mom 59, ckd patient - bun 71, creatinine 1.41
My 59 year old mom has been suffering from CKD since mid 2012. She had tuberculosis in
streambuffer 2014-09-20
1   rishimba 5 years ago

Need help
Hi, I am 35 years old female. I always had acne issues in my teen ages. After that it
jeenaravi 2014-09-21
2   jeenaravi 5 years ago

What potency Benzoic Acid for gout?
Actually its for reducing uric acid levels which cause recurring gout in right big toe.
ruth45 2014-09-20
2   ruth45 5 years ago

for medicine
15 year ki age se he masturbation start key the or 25 tak jam k key Pennis patla hai aur
sikhan1747 2014-09-16
5   akshaymohl 5 years ago

Chronic urinary tract infections/sharp pains in kidney area
Hello and thank you in advance for your time and help! My father has been plagued by
DevonS 2014-09-20
4   simone717 5 years ago

adhd, ocd, ptsd, fasd
My adopted daughter, age 12, was diagnosed with FASD, OCD, PTSD and ADHD when she came
llaiminger 2014-09-20
2   llaiminger 5 years ago

want to dextox
Hello I am 54 y/o and tired of begin sick. And the weight gain that is interfering with
mommessina 2014-09-18
6   simone717 5 years ago

chronic piles
hello, I am 35 yrs old male, suffering from chronic piles, having Haemorrhoid juz outside
amagan 2014-09-02
6   akshaymohl 5 years ago

Homeopathy clinic in Saudia Arabia
Hi all, If someone have the information about any Homeopathy clinic in Jeddah Saudia
Naqi Khan 2008-02-06
1   zeeshan.homeopath 5 years ago

my 5 month baby girl suffer from cough and cold
Hi My 5 month baby was suffering for cough so i consulted a homeopathy doc on phone. I
parulananya 2014-09-20
3   gaintrox 5 years ago

dns and nasal polyps + gall stone
Hello Forum I am 35 yr male , having acute DNS and nasal polyps left nostrils from the
amagan 2014-09-18
3   amagan 5 years ago