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Dr.Deoshlok sherma please help serious problem
I am 19 year old.(female).I have problem of pilonidal sinus.The size of pilonidal sinus is
miam89 2009-05-16
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Serious Problem Please Help
I am 19 year old (FEMALE).I have a problem of PILONIDAL SINUS. I am suffering for this. Th
miam89 2009-05-15
3   miam89 9 years ago

lump on lower back
Hi everyone, I have a 1cm lump on my lower back on the left side, I've had it for 2 y
1dragmkd1 2009-05-15
1   kanchan dhar 9 years ago

Can anyone answre this?
I found in a site that RUTA GRAVEOLENS increases the metabolism of the body even when you
jhon37 2009-05-15
2   kanchan dhar 9 years ago

My child is not taking food at all
Appetite Diminished, Loss of appetite, Anorexia Now days the cause of anxiety for mom and
deoshlok 2006-03-02
1   MomForTwo 9 years ago

Hysterectomy recovery strain
I am in my 5th week of recovery from my hysterectomy in which I was left with one ovary.
zswimmer 2009-05-14
3   zswimmer 9 years ago

Seek remedy for outdoor allergy
I'm 62 years old. This is first time I've had an allergy when I visit my garden.
ellenr22 2009-05-15
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Dr. Sameer Plz Help and Dont Ignore
Hi i am 45yrs old and having problem of my whole body muscle/nerve tighten ( i don't
comsite 2009-05-14
1   priyanka sharma 9 years ago

Joint pain and body stiffness
Dear All, First of all thanks to you all for yours guidances! 2ndly here i need another
Aman2180 2009-05-15
1   priyanka sharma 9 years ago

frequent throat cleaning
Hello, Very frequently i was forced clean my throat. As and when i eat/drink it made me t
mohlogan 2009-05-12
1   mohlogan 9 years ago

Chronic Urticaria Returned...
Very recently because of a great stress (a new child came to the family!) my chronic urtic
developer 2009-05-14
3   Dr Vrushali 9 years ago

Pilonidal Sinus Treatment
I have a problem of PILONIDAL SINUS. I am suffering for this. The area of pilonidal Sinus
miam89 2009-05-15
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Height Increase for a 12 year old
I am interested in Dr. Sharma, Patel, or any other homeopaths input on this. My daughter
Franny 2006-10-11
4   Niel Madhavan 9 years ago

Hi I have been suffering from Acid reflux and headache for last 15 years. I joined this f
vasantkhisty 2009-05-08
8   vasantkhisty 9 years ago

2 issues - Severe Anxiety and Acne.
Hi, im 19 and male. I have suffered from generalised 'free-floating' anxiety for
bkqablue 2009-05-14
1   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Strep Throat lingering
Hi, I recently had strep throat but do not know what strain. It was a general culture do
karenbryson 2009-05-14
1   Zahid)2 9 years ago

How much Ignatia?
My friend is going through a very difficult time because her husband lost his job. They
ruth45 2009-05-14
3   Zahid)2 9 years ago

My daughter is 1 yr old. She is suffering from right lung infection. Her left ear is also
ornellamg 2009-05-14
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Excessive Sweating
I am 25 year old woman from Australia. I am 5ft6 and 63kg. I suffer from uncomfortable swe
emaline 2009-05-14
2   priyanka sharma 9 years ago

Hats off to all the docs who r busy in making our lives easy
Respected Docs It has been 4 month since i have been visiting this forum and i found that
khalsa_jeo 2009-05-14
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Constitutional Medicines suggestion
Hello, Sometime back when Nesha-India was active on the forum, while profiling me had inf
pimathew 2009-05-11
2   pimathew 9 years ago

height gain at age of 28
hi, i m 28 , ma height is 5' and 4' for last 10 years it is not increasing. m tal
brave 2008-07-29
1   brave 9 years ago

Pilonidal Sinus
I need help! I have a problem of PILONIDAL SINUS. I am suffering for this. The area of p
miam89 2009-05-14
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hair thinning
hi, i have hair thinning at the temples. i am 23 years old.. please can someone tell me w
Tommys 2009-04-19
8   Niel Madhavan 9 years ago

12 yr old with painful ear infection
hello. My 12 year old son has what the doc described as a rip roaring ear infection in hi

breezy 2009-03-06
44   breezy 9 years ago

Help for my husbands painful keliods on ear lobes
Hi, i am based in South Africa and i need help for my husband. he has keloids on both his
viloshni 2009-05-12
4   Niel Madhavan 9 years ago

Sex and skin
dear all, I am 28yrs old have married a year back,i am 6.3 tall and having athletic body
Aman2180 2009-05-10
3   Aman2180 9 years ago

How many granules in a dose please?
Hi there. It has been recommended that I take natrum mur 30c once daily for 7 days. I ha
shannonshannon 2009-04-23
10   Niel Madhavan 9 years ago

Pilonidal Sinus
Hi Everyone, I am in a real trouble!!!!! I had a small lump/cyst/boil (dont know whats th
ahujap 2009-05-13
3   kadwa 9 years ago

swelling feet and ankles
i am 65yrs i suffer from ankle and feet swelling.worse by sitting,standind long.releived b
agwilson 2009-05-14
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seeking constitutional remedy
Hi. I am seeking advice of a veteran homeopath as to my constitutional remedy. I am a fe
naturalrelease 2009-05-13
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Ichthyosiform Erythroderma cure with Graphites ?
My son, now 6 is suffering from Non Bullous Ichthyosiform Erythroderma, with no cure so fa
aktrip76 2009-05-13
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loss fat
hi I m 30 year old, Working as IT, so my job is sitting job, I do exercise daily eating
dheerajmallick 2009-05-13
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excessive urination
im a 43 year old male.since last 2 days i hve been xperiencing hourly urination with no ot
andy_65_in 2009-05-13
2   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Are you suffering from Vitiligo?
Vitiligo affects the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes by destroying cells that produce the
vitiligo89 2009-05-13
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Hi, I am Umadevi, 30 years old female. I am suffering from hypothyroidism and currently t
umadevi 2009-05-13
1   kadwa 9 years ago

Dear Doctor Mehfooz,Pls help me.
dear doctor, sir my problem is that i started masterbation form when i was only 13 years
zonizoni 2009-05-13
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I am much worried about sex.
dear doctor Smaeer, sir my problem is that i started masterbation form when i was only 13
zonizoni 2009-05-13
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Help! Swollen throat, though to swallow maybe allergies?
It's been two years I suffer from a swollen throat. I noticed this pain about 2 years
hern0282 2009-05-12
4   hern0282 9 years ago

28 yr old with acne (need help to find a correct medicine)
Hi, I am 28 year old, 5'6' (140lb) male. I am suffering from acne problem for mor
lionsfun 2009-05-07
12   vikas_grower 9 years ago

I had a 2 yer old girl, who had eczema since she was a baby. She got egg allergy from brea

Julibella 2009-01-20
138   Julibella 9 years ago

Hair grows dry and brittle
My hair comes in dry and brittle at the crown only. Any ideas of what to take or is it pos
ukddw 2009-05-12
2   ukddw 9 years ago

i am very thin
i am a 26 years old male.my height is 6feet and present weight is 57 kg.instead of consumi
wasimsalafi 2009-03-25
2   sarup 9 years ago

Cracks in feet
Hi all, I am 28 old female. I have had this problem from the age of 10 years. I have got
msrilu 2009-03-26
4   sarup 9 years ago

Re: Errection problem
Age: 28 Marital Status: Unmarried (but planning to get sometime sooner) Built: Skinny/
gauravc 2009-05-11
4   sarup 9 years ago

Can you help my thyroid?
I have just come back from a dotor trained in homeopathy. She perscribed me two remedies.
iloveyou 2009-05-12
3   iloveyou 9 years ago

head/jaw/ear/eye/neck pain!
Hi there, I was hoping for a suggestion for a remedy. I have constant jaw pain and headac
ssylling 2009-05-12
2   ssylling 9 years ago

Please help me to make sure whether I'm having vitiligo or something else.
Almost 2 years ago, I had a very unnoticeable small white spot on my face just next to my
harrylynn 2009-05-12
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Arnica 30c
I am taking Arnica 30c 3 doses daily. I got a feed back that Arnica is not advisable to p
K Rangaswamy 2009-05-12
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weight loss in stomach after baby
Hello, I have very stubborn excess fat in my midsection after the birth of my baby. It has
annaanna 2009-05-11
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Breastfeeding with low supply
What homeopathic remedies can be taken to increase milk supply in nursing Motherís? I�
bunnykins1 2009-05-11
3   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Make homeopathy at home?????
can any one tell me plzz...how to make homeopathy at home..i.e. if i want to make canthari
snehitap 2009-05-12
1   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

A Ray of Hope For People Suffering From Acne & Psoriasis
We are speedyherbcare & we are the largest progressive manufacturer of herbal skin care pr
psoriasis tab 2009-05-12
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Drug Treatment
Drug addiction is a complicated disease that overwhelms both the addict and those who love
barbara789 2009-05-11
1   sarup 9 years ago

Looking for homeopathic doctor in delhi
Can any body kindly recommend me some good homeopathic doctor in Delhi. Thanks
singhp32 2009-05-12
1   vikas_grower 9 years ago

allergy leading to sinus and then tinnitus
Hi, I will appreciate any help regarding my condition below: In general about me: 34 yrs
anupam1008 2006-09-01
10   anupam1008 9 years ago

Is Dr. Sameer good, and best to take his advice?
He responded to me by saying that I should discontinue taking my 4 remedies, that it could
qbsbrown 2009-05-11
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Self Prescribing for the emotions
I know that there are many different schools of thought on this. And I know there are dif
qbsbrown 2009-05-11
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Epstein Bar Virus- help with tiredness needed
A few years ago I was diagnosed with Epstein Bar Virus... From time to time it makes me ve
Summer09 2009-05-10
2   Summer09 9 years ago

Recurring Mild Thrush in 4 year old daughter
Dear Doctor, My 4 year old daughter(20kgs) is getting recurrent episodes of mild oral thr
jayashankar 2009-05-05
7   jayashankar 9 years ago

Stubborn son
Dear all, This is about my son 12yrs old. He has become very stubborn. he is having exams
inneed 2009-05-11
4   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 9 years ago

Toddler with eczema patches.
I need help for my 2 yr old. He has been getting some eczema patches. Several are on his

anabanana 2009-04-16
15   anabanana 9 years ago

I have been diagonosised as having COPD recently. Before that, I was told I had asthma.
Collector 2009-05-08
5   kadwa 9 years ago

question about Aurum Metallicum
A constitutional homeopath, MD gave me Aurum Metallicum 1m. She gave me two more doses to
lili37 2009-05-06
11   kadwa 9 years ago

General question about cell salts
If you are prescribed a set of certain cell salts, would it hurt to just take Bioplasma in
beepsandclicks 2009-05-11
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Nasal obstruction
I am 38 years old having chronic problem of Nasal Polyps (left side) for about 10 years...

nahmed69 2009-04-05
37   vikas_grower 9 years ago

To Kadwa - Thyroid Problems
Dear Kadwa , Please shed some light on Ayurvedic medicines for Thyroid Gland related Pro
vikas_grower 2009-05-10
2   vikas_grower 9 years ago

info required about cydonia velgrus
i am new to this fourm and i request to all doctors on this forum that please answer my qu
dr maan 2009-05-10
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Musician tendonitis
I have started playing the violin again 4-5 years ago, after over 20 years of not playing,
caromom 2009-05-10
1   kadwa 9 years ago

fip in cats
Has anyone had any success in treating cats with fip. Ed
bigwheel27 2009-05-09
4   orian 9 years ago

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