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Cervical stenosis ... suspected
Hi, I am male,56 years, weight 89 kgs, profession writer, Indian. Nature: quiet, reserved,
Queas 2017-07-05
6   Queas last year

Hepatitis A, liver enzymes still high
Hello everyone. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis A three weeks ago. I started treatment wi
syria 2017-06-02
12   syria last year

Remedy for injury to tooth
I took an elbow to my front tooth a couple weeks ago and now it's starting to discolo
Pc2696 2017-07-11
1   maheeru last year

Problem in Disc
Doctor, My mother;age 42 years is having pain in lower back. The MRI report says - There
malik017 2017-07-04
3   telescope last year

Bad eczema on fingers and palm - homeopathic doctor pls help
Bad eczema on fingers and palm - HOMEOPATHIC DOCTOR PLS HELP My mother aged 68 years is h

vjhos 2017-05-14
21   vjhos last year

Potenzmittel Online Bestellen Mit Express Lieferung
besonders Eilige, besteht auch die , sich das Original Viagra online zu bestellen und es m
Potenzmittelonline 2017-07-11
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How to antidote cocculus?? Anybody plzZ
I took cocculus 200 as per advice from this forum. But now it is aggregating my symptoms.
ansarishoaib 2017-07-11
3   HealthyWorld last year

Loose / heat sensitive 2 lower front teeth
My mother who is in her late sixties has 2 lower front teeth that are loose and also when
operatingsystem 2011-08-17
2   MD. ROkon last year

Menstual problem
Age 30: unmarried Symptoms: hair losses from root and easily breakable splits at end with
ami1987 2017-07-11
1   jawahar last year

for penis growth
Can anybody suggest me to increase wdth of penis....
Drors 2017-07-09
1   HealthyWorld last year

Need Help
I am 54 years old guy. I lost my sexual life. Anyone help me ??
tufail16860 2017-07-09
1   HealthyWorld last year

Masterbation kills me đŸ˜¢đŸ˜¢đŸ˜¢đŸ˜¢
I am effected in masterbation problem so i want to completely stop it by those medicines w
Lord 2017-07-10
1   HealthyWorld last year

Need help to cure Hypothyroid
I am a 43 year old female, 5'7" tall, weighing 150 lbs.I was just diagnosed with Hypo

Melmel 2017-03-27
35   Melmel last year

Homeopathics and birth control (levonorgestrel)
Hi I recently had to take a levonorgestrel 1.5 mg tablet for emergency contraception. 2
pclin 2017-07-07
4   pclin last year

Those with dental abscess experience please help!
My son (3.5) fell off steps a year ago. The trauma "killed" his tooth. We were told it was
Vegmom 2017-07-08
6   Vegmom last year

Bartholin Cyst .. Pls help ** Urgent
Hi all: I am a mom of 2 gals, healthy, 6 yrs and 2.5 years old, age 34, I am also drinkin

hope1234 2015-04-02
82   monalisa90 last year

leucorrhoea problem
I am 34 yearl old female. I had an abortion last year after which I started getting increa

vidgod 2010-02-09
52   rock4henry last year

Hello I have been hepatitis B positive for seven years. Taken drugs has been part of m
Adwoa Annobil 2017-07-08
1   kadwa last year

Hello, I have a dear friend who has been struggling with anxiety issues.  They come w
penny3 2017-07-08
1   kadwa last year

One of our dogs have been having this problem for last couple of months. It started immedi
abezbaruah 2017-05-17
6   kadwa last year

spermatahorea nd increasing height
Sir, I am 17 year old boy from uttar Pradesh... I was suffering from spermatahorea from on
Ienkiej 2017-07-07
1   kadwa last year

stop mustrebation
hi i am 25 years old.i have this bad habit last 13 years.Aftre this i fell very weak.how c
Shudamoy 2017-07-07
1   kadwa last year

My son is 17 years old. He has acne on both checks. He never had any acne before he got h
penny3 2017-07-06
1   kadwa last year

Amount of Granules
hi homeopath advice to take 1x200c pellet but i got at home granules how to take them is 1
barbara3 2017-07-06
1   kadwa last year

Dr Kadwa please help
Sir I have been suffering from pcod since 1 year. Until now I used to get periods early a
Pelt20sce 2017-07-06
1   kadwa last year

Suggest treatment for papilledema
My wife is suffering from papilledema which has following suffering like blurring of eye (
mukeshpoddar2001 2017-06-29
3   mukeshpoddar2001 last year

Central Serous retinopathy
Is there any effective treatment for Central serous retinopathy in homeopathy.This case ha
Kulet 2004-05-25
7   telescope last year

Blocked Eustachian tube & Tinnitis in Left Ear
I have an blocked left Eustachian tube for five months. It started from an ear infection.
Orve 2017-05-21
8   Orve last year

Bitter taste in mouth
Hello,everyone. I came across an old forum about "bitter taste in mouth" and I felt kind
Onireiro 2017-07-02
8   sameervermani last year

3yr old, wakeful, grumpy, aversion to food
My three year old daughter wakes up grumpy. She does not like to be greeted, in any tone o
Buttercup1414 2017-07-01
9   sameervermani last year

Very strange head congestion.
Hello. I am suffering from very strange head congestion on front head I.e vertex. since
ansarishoaib 2017-06-27
9   Zady101 last year

Abdominal worms?
Hi My daughter is 3 years old. Extremely skiny and under weight. Just 11 kg and 3 ft tall
Aira 2017-07-08
3   maheeru last year

Nat phos 6 for infant reflux?
My little one was diagnosed with silent reflux. I didn't see Zantac or Prilosec helpi
Myleenat 2017-07-09
1   Zady101 last year

My 21 year old son is suffering from sleeplessness. He's been having this problem sin
gautamC 2017-07-09
1   0antivirus0 last year

severe depression
Hello, I have severe depression. I don’t know how to be free of it. I just can&rs
Orgearpaurd 2017-07-09
4   Orgearpaurd last year

jiters from drinking tea
HI, I occasionally drink kombucha...but sometimes I will get jitters...is there a remedy t
evefriday 2017-07-07
2   evefriday last year

Deoshlok sir ans my email
sir, I wrote you for increase height . You told me to do a growth hormone test. I did it a
Nur1 2017-07-09
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gynecomastia problem
I am male 20 yrs old i think i have been suffering from gynecomastia it is very embarrasin
Tiorl 2017-07-09
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brain fog
1 am 23 years boy suffering from all symptoms of brain fog from November 2013.can you help

upasana1 2017-01-12
20   anir844 last year

Remedies for growing boys to protect from porn/ sexual misconduct
Dear Doctors kindly suggest some remedies in order to protect growing boys in their teens
Talibhaq 2017-07-07
3   maheeru last year

Graphites OR Graphitties
Hi, I wanted to buy Graphites 30c for my mum's nail problem but the pharmacy owner ga
HonestPatient 2017-07-08
1   akshaymohl last year

Swelling, clotted and painful hand veins after injection cannula remaoval
Dear sir/mam, One month before my wife got some hypergastristic and pain problem so we we

ankit111 2017-06-02
16   akshaymohl last year

khurshidrn 2017-05-15
7   khurshidrn last year

Best Homeopathic Doctor For Psychological Disease
Hello, Can someone plz tell me a homepathic doctor who can treat a psychiatrist
mohiniag91 2017-07-06
2   Teupne last year

Fever in 7 month old
My 7 month old is running a temperature of 38.4. She feels very hot to touch. She also has
Lena2 2017-07-07
2   Zady101 last year

Edema, Varicose veins, Weigh Loss, LUPUS
Hi, I am new to homeopath and search this forum via Google random search, has been readin
Oorvoast 2017-07-04
3   Oorvoast last year

Does neem antidote homeopathy??
Hello, I am on some homeopathy medicine... I am also planning to take Himalaya company
xpert5233 2017-07-07
1   akshaymohl last year

How much Sepia 30 c should i take?
Hi I have done a lot of reading about Sepia and I feel like it fits me very very well. I
pclin 2017-07-05
3   akshaymohl last year

Depression, shaky hand, dandruff
I am male 27. I have dandruff problem from as long as I can remember. From last 6 years I

Skant 2017-03-14
45   Skant last year

Pilonidal Cyst (Almost healed but need little bit of your respected guidance)
Dear sirs, I have read all the posts about this on this site. But my case is a little dif

kkumar89 2011-12-17
112   Trilirg last year

Infant on homeopathic drops
I have a 7 month old baby girl who suffers from chronic constipation. We took her to get V
Lena2 2017-07-05
3   Reva V last year

plzz help me
Sir, I am 17 year old boy from uttar Pradesh... I was suffering from spermatahorea from on
Ienkiej 2017-07-07
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Premature Ejaculation
I am 41 years old and have 2 sons and 1 daughter my elder son is 6 years old. I married be
wajid76 2017-07-06
1   akshaymohl last year

PCOS treatment
Hi, I wanted to consult doctor personally for PCOS and please could I get best Doctors add

Bousuerg 2016-08-19
20   nawazkhan last year

Get diagnostic center nearby you
Looking for a renowned and sophisticated diagnostic centre? Get all the vital tests done
Ayush12 2017-07-06
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Remedy please Re. Mild acne
I have a very localised area of mild acne on my left cheek and on side of my right chin. T

carlotta 2005-04-05
16   GraceQuintero last year

New Hope in Parkinson’s disease - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Parkinson’s Disease… Every body knows about this disease. This disease is incurable till

deoshlok 2008-02-21
54   babu13 last year

Cold With Cough Body And Joints Fingers pain
Hello Am Ritesh Male 33Y Yesterday Morning I Cought From Cold with Light Cough and 100c fe
Ritesh _Singh 2017-07-06
1   kadwa last year

lost of hearing
Hello, My mother in law lives in Europe and was able to communicate by phone for years. T
penny3 2017-07-05
1   kadwa last year

loss of apetite and general weakness plus depression
Hi sir, Hoping you are fine. I want to consult a case with you, my father is 62 years ol
amirmunirmughal 2017-07-05
1   kadwa last year

Oral fibrosis
Burning sensation on cheeks when eating hot and spicy food..not able to eat crispy foods..
agarwga 2017-07-05
1   kadwa last year

Around at 16 years of age i started masturbating ,which turned into compulsive and indulge
Robin3 2017-07-05
1   kadwa last year

phycologists case
My sister age 12 year her behaviour is very rude she attack on every body in home break gl
sohailhayat20145 2017-07-04
1   kadwa last year

Weak Sperm Cells & Erection
Dear Doctor, Due to a mishap, my sperm cells are getting weaker, with high motality rate,
Saldan 2017-07-04
1   kadwa last year

Indigestion, mucus in stool, less hungry
Dear doctor, Namaste. My wife INDIRA DEVI is suffering from indigestion sinc
Gupta1 2017-07-03
1   kadwa last year

Hi, I'm Alexandra and I have problems with acne for 5 years, now I'm 19. I don&#
Alexandra00 2017-07-03
1   kadwa last year

Masturbation And Porno Addiction Please Help.!!
1st problem : I Have Masturbation Addicted Due to Porno Addiction everytime when i left ma
IbrahimWaqar 2017-06-28
6   kadwa last year

Reagrding stubborn behaviour eith no willl to eat 5 years child
Hi. This post is for my nephew age 5 yrs . He used to very good apart from little stubborn
rashid.af 2017-06-24
5   kadwa last year

Loss of appetite and stomach ache and nausea
My daughter, age 9.5 years is having symptoms of Loss of appetite, stomach ache, acidity a
vjhos 2017-06-28
5   kadwa last year

Skin Therapy Long-term
Any natural remedies for improving overall appearance of skin? My skin is is already dry b
Jondonson 2017-07-05
1   homeo_helper last year

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