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Prostatitis and Anxiety help please...
Dear all, please please go thru the problems I am suffering and let me know what should i
pabut123 2008-09-14
8   pabut123 last decade

Diarrhea in 10 year old with stomach cramps
My 10 year old is having watery stools for the past 5 days. I continue to give him Aloe6+P
magicwand 2008-11-04
3   magicwand last decade

Canine nervousness issues
I have a 3 year old Border Collie, she is always underweight (about 24lbs currently, ideal
beezsk 2008-11-04
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Acoustic Neuroma at 42
I've been doing some digging and came across this site. I'm 42, a dad to be (Mar
dayloguido 2008-11-04
1   Zahid)2 last decade

13-year-old son with alopecia totalis
My son developed patchy hair loss at age 4 that developed to total baldness by age 5; he w
drseickert 2008-11-02
3   Zahid)2 last decade

Which Test
Some body tell me you cant know if ur kidneys have any problem they work until they are 10
frompk 2008-11-02
4   frompk last decade

hi! My boyfriend ( 56 years old)has porphyria.He has wounds that are hard to heal,mainly o
Anette 2008-11-04
2   sameervermani last decade

John Stanton, are you here?
Hello John... Of course you don't know me, my name is Jenna. I have read some threa
melliandra 2008-11-04
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Children and Baby coughing
I have 4 children, 9,5,2 and 5 months. The two eldest have been coughing for over a month,
SFBurgundy 2008-03-13
8   shailhem last decade

Dizziness and Fatigue
Hi, I've just joined the forum on this site as I was looking for some answers on the
sticker 2008-11-03
1   sameervermani last decade

Reaction to Silicea
I have developed body itching, under skin as well as some red blotchiness on my abdomen an
Glass Art 2008-11-03
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Once for all
I dont know accurate word for what i have i think acne is best word. i have this problem o
frompk 2008-11-02
2   rishimba last decade

Dear Dr.Rishimba..........Please Help.... returning patient
Dear Dr.Rishimba Please help. I am eagerly waiting for your valuble advise my post link i
freindlyurs 2008-10-21
3   rishimba last decade

Diabetes and fertility
My question is that,can a diabetic male fertilise a woman??
mrbaig 2008-11-03
2   Zahid)2 last decade

loose stool
Hi, My son is 22 months old.Two days back he started with vomiting and cough. I gave him a
anup12 2008-11-03
4   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

penis problem
i am 25 years old. have an eractile dysfunction since 5 years. i have masterbated a lot
johnnyboy 2006-11-08
6   sonu_malik_70 last decade

Enlaged Liver
A man 62 yrs old suffering from constipation problem since long back. Patient feels very
ranjandr 2008-11-02
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Female Cat
For those who responded to my email. Just got CVS Ketone Care Test Strips. Just got some
AJS 2008-11-03
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scalp problen and dandruff
hello sir , i had problem with scalp , that it had a sticky dandruff , and some times , wh
awdhesh 2008-10-31
1   srisri last decade

sudden hearing loss
Hello, I had instant suddenhearing loss on 10-14-2008 in my right ear. went to ENT docor t
randylan2 2008-11-02
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Eczema and extreme irritability
My 15 year old daughter has been suffering from eczema since she was 9 months old. Please
sabihasumar 2008-11-02
1   sameervermani last decade

Need Help
I am 32 years OLD married (4 Yrs) and have 2 Boys. NOW when i go for sex i do get erection
frompk 2008-11-02
3   TIPU39 last decade

joint pain and muscle wealness since 3 yrs.
Hi, Im a regular visitor of your website. Im a 26 yrs old single girl sufferring from
pooja.elixir 2008-08-10
3   has_sood last decade

please clarify my doubt
dear homoeopaths i am a also a student of homoeopathy and i had a doubt.DOES TISSUE REMEDI
kruthi 2008-11-01
5   kruthi last decade

potency of medicine
1) is 6X ( than how many tablets) and 6c are the same 2) are 6x are tissue salt and 6c di
prianca 2008-10-31
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Blast Ear Deafness
One of my friend lost hearing aged 70
lrk71 2008-10-03
3   Zahid)2 last decade

seborrheic dermatitis
has any one treated seborrheic dermatitis on face with homeopathy.
ashguy 2008-10-27
2   ashguy last decade

Nerve Compression
Dear sir/madam, My mother is suffering from swollen feet, unberable pain in the legs, sho
brunda 2008-10-30
4   brunda last decade

Hello all, We have Op and Sil for stool that recedes after partially being expelled. Is
thekind78 2008-10-30
8   Zahid)2 last decade

Hairloss and Scalp Itch
Hi.. i am a 29 yr old male and have been experiencing hairfall since i shifted to bangalor
ks_dce 2008-10-30
3   Zahid)2 last decade

Knee locked
Hi! My daughter (16) has had a locked knee for the last 10 hours. She is in pain and sitt
dimara77 2008-10-22
2   dimara77 last decade

penis pimples
i'm 23yrs old n i have white colour pimples on the root and on the base of my penis.t
ponytail 2008-10-30
1   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Chronic Urticaria
Hello , I am new to the forum, I am 30/M 4 month ago I am having urticaria outbreaks . I h
Lacombaw 2008-11-01
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i'm in a very serious trouble
hello doctor i'm in a serious trouble my problems and complete conditions are as foll

fawad 2008-10-25
25   drami_shah last decade

Need Help With Depression
I am so tired of feeling the way I have been and need some help. I'm not sure how mu
gonegranola 2008-09-21
7   gonegranola last decade

Acne Help
Hello, I am new to the forum and very excited to hear your opinion. I have suffered wi
finito 2008-10-09
2   finito last decade

right or wrong treatment
I am a guy of 19 years old with height of 5ft2inch.To increse my height I am taking BARY
Soumitra 2008-10-30
3   homeopathyinlondon last decade

Parasite Cleanse Tips Needed
Hi, I would like to ask if anyone knows about how I can do a strong parasite cleanse usin
ralf_s_mouse 2006-12-17
1   GordonPears last decade

Facial Palsy
Dear Doctor, My wife had an attack of Herpes Zoster on 29th Aug, 10 days before she delive
Bhaskar10 2008-10-29
2   Bhaskar10 last decade

Dr. Sameer Dr. Rishimba please help
Patient ID: Sex: Age: Please answer the following questions in a descriptive manner afte
nitya 2008-10-27
3   nitya last decade

Poly-Arteritis Nodosa.
Does anyone has any remedy for Poly-Arteritis Nodosa. Symptoms. Small painful pea sized n
vivek 2008-10-31
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pain in testicle and lower right since last 6 months
Res.Dr Deoshlok Sharma Namaskar ! mere right testies aur pet ke dayi(rt) taraf nic
rskushwaha 2008-10-29
3   rskushwaha last decade

running nose,Alegiccold
My wife suffurs from sneezing,cold , nose blokage and some times weezing , morning afterb
sureshbabug 2008-10-31
2   Zahid)2 last decade

I suffersd an acute MI 10 yeaRS BACK and on regular medication.I am suffering from dizzine
guru195 2008-10-30
2   guru195 last decade

Fungus in Nails
Hello Doctors, I m 29 years of age and i have fungus since i was 14years old. The fungus
Ebad Anjum 2008-10-30
9   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

hormonal imbalance
Hi, I believe I have a hormonal imbalance. I have excessive facial hair on the chin, abdom
elyse 2008-10-09
5   elyse last decade

Night Sweats and hot Flashes
I am searching for a remedy to help stop these night sweats and hot flashes. I experienc
Eliza 11 2008-10-30
4   Zahid)2 last decade

Salmonella - help!!
I just tested some eggs after feeling nauseated and exhausted for several days. They all
luckyme 2008-10-30
2   Zahid)2 last decade

Very sensitive
I am 25 m unemployed.Because of this i get constant insult and rude behavior from family m
cureme 2008-09-27
9   cureme last decade

baby sleeping problems
My little 3 and half month old baby has been experiencing some trouble with sleeping espec
worriedme 2008-09-23
5   rishimba last decade

attention problems??
I have a difficult time paying attention in class. I feel like I get dazed (like my eyes a
ksnsd 2008-10-30
2   ksnsd last decade

Homeopathy - 18th century medicine
At the time of the inception of homeopathy, the late 1700s, mainstream medicine employed s
tom2000 2008-10-30
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Purpose of Syphylinum 1M
Hello, Can anybody of the doctors here tell me the exact purpose of Syphylinum 1M 4 dose.W
myplanet 2008-04-25
4   v2k3001 last decade

Respected Doctors, I am 53 years old male and using specs for both short and long sight.
kunjukb 2008-10-30
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Periods every two months/ high prolatine
Hi Folks, My girlfriend has her period every two months because she has high levels of th
HamishC 2008-10-30
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Blood Pressure Low
One of my neighbor lady aged about 25 years is suffering from Low Blood Pressure being 80/
lrk71 2008-10-28
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

atopic eczema in 14 year old boy
Hi A colleague has just advised that her 14YO son suffers from asthma and has eczema on a
concorde 2008-10-29
1   rishimba last decade

my daughter is almost 17 years old and she is almost 4'11' tall. do you think she
basabi 2008-10-29
4   peednas last decade

2.5 yrs old with eczema
Hi, My 2.5 yrs old daughter has eczema with white patched and she gets that only on arms

vpmanisha 2008-10-17
33   sarup last decade

low blood pressure
hi guys i just wanna know what really is the method to get rid of those tabs for bl
kimlee 2006-09-30
5   aidacrc last decade

kidney failure... and belladonna
my cousin has been advised by a homoepath to start taking belladonna 30c. However he has k
Midwhori 2008-10-16
2   Midwhori last decade

Restrictions while taking homeo-drugs
1.Avoid milk when taking Brom.2.Salads are to be avoided while taking Bryonia.3.If you are
Zahid)2 2008-10-28
2   Zahid)2 last decade

Bone Fragments after Wisdom Tooth Removal
Hello again, My wife had her wisdom teeth pulled 9 das ago They were all impacted. She en

Jay 15 2006-06-17
18   raj.homeo.patient last decade

to rishimba: 14months baby doesn't sit and carbo animalis
Dear rishimba, we have taken the carbo animalis now for a three week, but I don't see
helimpc 2008-10-27
2   rishimba last decade

problem in abdomen from 3 years..plz help
hi to all doctors i m male 25 and from last 3 years i have problem in my abdomen. i have
shyam kumar 2008-10-29
1   shyam kumar last decade

Infant constipation
My son who is 9 month old is suffering from chronic hard, painful bowel movements. This b
chirokat 2008-10-28
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Night ejaculation
My friend have a problem of night ejaculation he wants to use homeopathy any body suggest
chuchuchahal 2008-10-27
5   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Happy Deepawali - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
May millions illuminate your life with endless joy. Love, prosperity. health wealth and h
deoshlok 2008-10-28
3   akshaymohl last decade

how can i cure pre mature ejaculation i'm 27yrs
dear all, no matter how much i try during sex i ejaculate earlier than i wan't to but
braiinz 2008-10-24
4   akshaymohl last decade

Hello i'm 25 years old.. i use to masturbate alot, i got premature ejculation, i cum
reg_797 2008-10-28
3   sadiqglb555 last decade

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