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Back Pain Making Your Life Miserable
Back pain affects 80% of Americans at some time in their lives. It comes in many forms, fr
alica80 2008-09-24
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i am Vijay from mumbai, i was working with bank ,,i got jaundice and recovering through it
vijaysoni 2008-08-23
9   sandvk last decade

avascular necrosis
i m 54y male sufring from avascular necrosis due to induction of steroied for the last one
serfraz 2008-09-18
2   serfraz last decade

chest congestion
hi my 8.5 months old daughter has this constant chest congestion since the time she was bo
garimasingh 2008-09-24
1   rishimba last decade

hot flashes
I thought I was done with menopause. Hot flashes, etc. stopped for a number of years and
emptynester 2008-09-24
2   emptynester last decade

Hello Respected DoctorsI I am 40... I used to do mastarbation since I was 12 yrs.. my pe
tariq 1234 2008-09-21
4   BeginningHomeopath last decade

Hello; I'll get to the point quickly. I am 27yo Male from Hyderabad/Karachi. Unma

thesaint 2008-09-18
14   thesaint last decade

Side effects of Arnica 200K?
I had been taking Arnica at 200K potency on and off (sometimes as much as 2-3 tims a day,
sjh431 2008-09-23
4   BeginningHomeopath last decade

Question about antidotes
In a case in which one remedy is supposed to antidote another: How does that work? Does it
K.Elliot 2008-09-24
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Crohns disease....
I have had crohns disease for 18 years. I have had 3 bowel resections, approximately 2-3 f
rivercrazed 2008-09-14
3   rssaini18 last decade

Help for Panic Attacks
I need some help choosing a homeopathic remedy. My local practitioner charge over $200 for
marspisces 2008-09-23
1   marspisces last decade

upper abdomen pain
Around 8 months back i had taken ibugesic plus for my sinus pain since then i have been ha
sherwoodian2 2008-09-23
1   rssaini18 last decade

Help for my daughter
Hello to you all! My 17 year old daughter has been in treatment for depression since 200
M3r4M08 2008-09-23
4   rishimba last decade

Emission after High dose
I am 28 m.I have been using homeopathy for my wellbeing.Sometimes i use to use high potenc
mykvenkat 2008-09-23
2   mykvenkat last decade

Pulsatilla Nigricans -Potency ?
Hi Everybody, I was trying to use Remedy Finder on this site and it suggested Pulstilla N

noname 2008-09-18
14   noname last decade

repeated abcess in lower abdomen
i am 40years. diabetic,high blood pressure, for last six months i am having abcess repeade
nalin prabhat 2008-09-23
1   Zahid)2 last decade

Regarding my wife,pls help her.
My wife,age 25yrs,having chronic bilateral tonsillitis.Always suffering from sore throat,n
Ansari00 2008-09-23
3   akshaymohl last decade

Arnica Montana: Wet or dry dose?
Which is best, wet or dry dose of Arnica Montana and in which potency for e.g. High blood
romaroma 2008-09-23
2   troja last decade

fit or convulsion
My little dog who is 15 years old has started to have unexplained fits . Any ideas of any
aussiejudi 2008-09-23
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Thin Semen
Hi, i am 28 years old single male. i am facing very serious problem of thin semen. its pre
ur_companion 2008-09-23
1   Zahid)2 last decade

Severe Palm Itching
My father who is 68 years old has severe palm itching for the past 3 months.It comes only
mykvenkat 2008-09-22
2   mykvenkat last decade

white patches
Dear Sir, 1) I am having white spot on 2003 when i have got accident. 2) then they started
kamal_2 2008-09-22
1   Zahid)2 last decade

is lime juice or sweet lime juice is also an antidote for maximum of the medicine for exam
sandvk 2008-09-22
3   Zahid)2 last decade

Trigiminal neurolgia
Operation was carried out by neuro surgeon.It was said to be - Selective Radiofrequency Th
albha3669 2008-09-22
1   Zahid)2 last decade

Headache in Pregnancy
Hi! I am 5 weeks pregnant and have been a homeopathy user for the last 20 years. I have 2
dano2006 2008-09-22
1   Zahid)2 last decade

Apis Mellifica 30c Liquid
Is Apis Mellifica 30c Liquid alright to take if pregnant. I am currently 17 weeks pregnan
nzhales 2008-09-23
1   Zahid)2 last decade

How important is my resume?
kainija 2008-09-23
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Pilonidal cyst
Hello Pankaj, After suffering from pilonidal cyst from last 1.5 yrs, I found your post...
nolfann 2008-09-22
1   rishimba last decade

LM Potencies
I have a question - are LM potencies safe during pregnancy? My homeopath gave me remedies
Malvinka 2007-01-17
10   aijaz343 last decade

Treatment for excessive scarring
Hi, I had a cogential nasal deformity, in which the shape of my nose was affected. I have
itzz_sheena 2008-08-23
7   itzz_sheena last decade

Breast Reduction Surgery
I am a 25 year old going in for a breast reduction in two months. Besides working out and
wanderlust 2008-09-22
1   Zahid)2 last decade

Masculinity, testosterone levels
Hello Docs, I am having almost no luck in developing any muscles since few years now, Whe
sam82 2008-09-22
2   sam82 last decade

Pls help me
I m 28yrs,M.My height is 5'6',weight 49kg.I am very lean and thin.When i was in c
Ansari00 2008-09-22
3   Ansari00 last decade

neck pains, tenderness
I've been suffering from muscle like left sided neck pains for the last 2 weeks. For
busymum 2008-09-16
6   rishimba last decade

itchy eyes and face
Please help, i have been having this problem lately for about a month now. My eyes and who
loi63 2008-09-22
1   rishimba last decade

height problems
hello i ma nauman 4m multran pakistan my age is 22 and my height is 5,7' , can my hei
nomiacca 2008-09-22
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All doctors plz help me now now .....
I once took enema without lubricating it and get little injuries in my anus or rectum whic
patient123 2008-09-22
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hair loss and acidity-Help!
Hi evryone and anyone who can lend me pc of advice... I am 25...female....i am having hair
beckons 2008-09-17
10   beckons last decade

for dr deshlok, sajjad, mehfooz, Saroj, rishamba, gavinimurthy, and all senior Drs please help me out.
Dear drs i am writing this down seriously please do not make fun, all this happened to me.
andy127 2008-09-14
6   andy127 last decade

abcess formation on stomoch lower
this is fifth time abcess formation on same area. please advice
nalin prabhat 2008-09-22
1   Zahid)2 last decade

Help for eczema
I have a daughter who is 14 months old. She has developed eczema over ht emonths. Her skin
fatimaalam 2008-09-21
2   Zahid)2 last decade

Swollen third toe
I have swollen third toes on both of my feet. The drs. are saying its rheumatoid arthritis
plants 2008-09-21
2   Zahid)2 last decade

dear sirs, kindly help me
my father is in the habit of chewing tobacco(Gutka)for the past 5 years, smoking more than
ggopalkrishna 2008-09-20
2   Zahid)2 last decade

Severe Spasmic Pain All day long. Please Help
Hello Doctors and experts. I have had pilesand anal fissure problems since close to a 6 ye
santy 2008-09-20
2   Zahid)2 last decade

dear dr. i have a problem to my skin please help me for my problem.i have in my hiar head
gursikh70 2008-09-21
1   Zahid)2 last decade

Mom 78 - left leg stops when walking
Hi, My Mom 78 year old has walking problems getting worse over last 3 years. She has prob
advantis 2008-09-21
2   Zahid)2 last decade

Alopecia Aerata
I am sufferring from Alopecia aerata since Feb 2007.. Patches keep coming. Though sparse h
bargos 2008-09-18
3   Zahid)2 last decade

sigh, whooping cough/pertussis?
Daughter(four year old) started coughing (dry, hacking) on Aug 19, followed a couple days
mamahope 2008-09-18
4   mamahope last decade

Can there be a Difference between the same Mother tincture of different shop
Respected Doctors, I have brought Yuhimbinum Q three months before, it was pink in colour.
Farhad 2008-09-19
3   Farhad last decade

from last 3 years i have started suffering from hayfever it starts in may and ends till au
Nkale 2006-06-09
11   srisri last decade

want to concive
hi.i m 28 years old and merried in 2005.i have hyperthyroid.and have hormonal problems to

verina 2008-09-17
13   gopal18 last decade

Abusive Brother
Hi i am from chennai.We are 4 in our family.My Brother is 32 and with troubled married lif
mykvenkat 2008-09-21
6   mykvenkat last decade

Very lack of confidence
Hello.... Could anyone in this forum help me to release my problem anxiety and panic cause
minder 2007-04-06
12   aamir474 last decade

Help - Skin probs
Hi there, I am a 27 year old female. Started with ezecma on hands about 10 years ago, that
missgiggles 2008-09-19
6   Zahid)2 last decade

acid Phos
Dear sir, what is difference between acid Phos mother tincture and acid Phos 6X
tariq 1234 2008-09-21
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suddenly piles
Hi I noticed there are many topics about this but the reason why I ask again is because th

pangolin 2008-01-15
14   anilsharma last decade

Please help dr's
Hello I have a problem I don't know if you can help me. I have heard Homeopathy may h
pearl22 2008-09-19
6   rishimba last decade

Guinea Pigs with hair loss
I have a couple of cages with a total of 10 guinea pigs in that are all losing their coat
cutiecavies 2008-09-13
5   cutiecavies last decade

My period suddenly stopped
Suddenly my cycle stopped..blood tests are good, except for Progesterone which is pretty l
viper35 2008-07-15
12   viper35 last decade

Hi i am 28 M.I am getting frequent cyst on my face near ear.I had two cyst got operated.Th
mykvenkat 2008-09-19
3   mykvenkat last decade

Need treatment for spasticity for my sons
Hi, I have 2 sons who have Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease, a neuromuscular condition which e
trisha 2008-09-19
2   Zahid)2 last decade

Child Hemoglobin & alfafla tonic
What is the good medicine in Homeopathy to increase the child Hemoglobin..? child age: 2
amitymahajan 2008-09-15
4   Zahid)2 last decade

What is it, All doctors plz help??
What is it, All doctors plz help?? I have a suspicious problem that i always have a probl
Paki1 2008-09-20
1   Zahid)2 last decade

Help with Arthritis and Bakers Cyst
My father had a bakers cyst which got burst and his entire calf muscle was swollen for aro
nina_ahuja 2008-09-20
1   Zahid)2 last decade

fungus nail
i have had a fungus nail since 1998 but never really thought it was serious so didnt do mu
rap123456789 2008-09-19
1   Zahid)2 last decade

seeking for medicines for multiple lipoma
Dear Sir, I am suffereing with multiple lipomas since last 5 years and my age is 30. Ca
pawan_gzb 2007-03-30
3   Zahid)2 last decade

bed bugs allrgy
I am allergic from the BED BUGS, I have seen some bed bugs in my room, specially in the ni
nadeem4u 2006-12-22
4   travelguide last decade

bowels problem
My son is having bowels problems. He has to go twice or thrice for that at an interval 5-1
paulasit 2008-09-19
2   Zahid)2 last decade

i am 20 year old.... i am taking.... barytacarb(8 small pills) symphytum (8 small pills)
keepsmiling. 2008-09-20
1   Zahid)2 last decade

preamture ejaculation
sir i had a thorat probelm , problem in articulating , , i got great help for belladona 3
sandvk 2008-09-19
2   Zahid)2 last decade

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