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Please help me
First sorry for my english, my symptoms:anxiety,panic attacks, when I get anxious, my hand
Sinchi 2008-08-27
2   Sinchi last decade

Anxiety and dyspepsia
First of all, I apologize for my english and I hope you can all understand me. My name is
maria77 2008-08-25
5   gopal18 last decade

Ring Worms on feet
Hello, I have a patient who is suffering from ring worms on his feet. Initially I gave hi
tariq_a 2008-08-21
2   tariq_a last decade

Dr Deoshlok, please help - headache, post-nasal drip, ear discomfort...
Hello, Dr Deoshlok or someone, please help me. I have 2/3 long-standing health problems, w
v-man 2008-07-18
4   v-man last decade

To any Homeopathic Doctor
sir In Kent Repertory, under MIND section, there is a symptom mentioned 'Desire to be
gopal18 2008-08-27
1   gavinimurthy last decade

reflux acid
Hi, I am having hyperacidity for last 20 yrs and taking medicine for that. for last 2 yrs
naveenkumarkhera 2008-08-26
1   rishimba last decade

chronic allergic coryza with violent sneezing
My daughter aged 24 of mild temperament is suffering from chronic allergic coryza since he
anindyaprasanna 2008-08-27
1   rishimba last decade

help for weightloss please. desperate
Hi there, I am about 2 1/2 stone overweight. Two years ago I lost all this weight but hav
zilnoxid 2008-08-26
4   zilnoxid last decade

dry skin etc; pls help
1. Age- 35 2. Sex- F 3. Weight- 80 KG 4. Mode of living- 5. Occupation- HOUSEWIFE 6. Dispo
armada 2008-08-07
6   armada last decade

Chronic Virus. Please help!
Hello. Can anyone give me advice for what to do for chronic viral meningitis? Dr. Sharma t
mpopyk 2008-08-25
3   rishimba last decade

Heartburn at night
I am over 60 years old and has been having this problem since a couple of years. So far I
hpadda 2008-08-26
3   hpadda last decade

Cyst in Scrotum, Skin Tag and Itching
I checked with a Doctor few years back when a cyst appeared on the scrotum. It was very sm
ytsage 2008-08-24
3   ytsage last decade

4 y.o. with eczema
Physical: small for his age. Slim. Fair skinned. Vaccination: Unvaccinated until recently

dragonsaur 2008-03-29
75   dragonsaur last decade

sepia or sulfur
i order sepia 200c to treat multiple sclerosis. I was adviced to take it (couldn't or
ykonstan 2008-08-27
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To Dr.deoshlok sharma
I am 37 years old man hight 5.7' weight 76 kgs.I have thick,firm and huge fat arround
jhon37 2008-08-26
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antidote a 50000 sulphur
i whant to know how can i antidote a dose of sulphur lm ( 50000 ) thanks for the answer
piergiorgio 2008-08-26
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Please please help. Pulsatilla and child.
Hello, I would be so so grateful for any advice you can offer. My 5yr old son has had man
veryworried 2008-08-26
4   veryworried last decade

How to increase apetite in child
A baby 32months old ,99 Cm height 12 kg weight with very lean & thin structure has no apet

ranjandr 2008-05-07
55   maheeru last decade

Extremely bad hernia EMERGENCY!
I woke up one day with a small bump on the left of my pelvis. The next two weeks it burned
Mr Lonely 2008-08-22
5   maheeru last decade

multiple problems - is there hope
Hi, My wife was operated for Hernia on her right abdomen in November 2007. The operation
novice123 2008-07-28
9   novice123 last decade

I am 21 years old around 53 KG. I am losing hairs since my family moved to Ghazibad from D
mayankgates 2008-08-26
1   mayankgates last decade

Decaying regularly
I am 24.I am very week.My memory and nerve system is very week.And I am emaciating day by
Daredevil 2007-12-13
9   dr-neo last decade

Sinus Infection / Chest Congestion
Hi, need some help. I was recently on a cruise and got sick on the cruise. Don't kn
RajanTX 2008-08-26
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4 1/2 year old son with eczema and severe itching at night.
Hi to all, We live in Chicago. My son started having eczema from 1 year old. He has very
annahaldar 2006-11-03
2   ajithuppot last decade

hairl fall , dandurff and baldness
i m male 26, ht 5'5', wt 58kg, i m suffering from hair fall, dandruff and baldnes
amarsmusic 2008-08-26
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External Bad Effect on Penis of Mastarbation
Dear All, I was used to Mastarbation for 2 years 14 years back and have stopped since last
rjunaid79 2008-07-28
2   Peer G last decade

dr mehfoozurrehman attn
Dear sir sir please note my whole condition i want to get well Age: 26yrs Gender: male w
asimattar 2008-08-19
4   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

bellis p
I would like to purchase bellis P but I am not sure which one to purchase do I purchase
allyrose 2008-08-24
3   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

sebeceous cyst
I have a sebeceous cyst. It is getting infected again and again. when it becomes infected,
173256 2008-08-26
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unable to speak suddenly
dear sir ,, i m suffering from chronc fatigue syndrome after suddent onset of viral infect
awdhesh 2008-08-25
2   rishimba last decade

homeoptahic treatment for kidney failure
friends, my wife, archana, 33 years, is suffering from FSGS and AIHA. the doctors have a
namitabh 2008-08-25
1   rishimba last decade

All Doctors .. Pls share your knowledge on Carcinosin
1. Is carcinosin supposed to immunize one with a family history of cancer against it ? 2.
armada 2008-08-26
1   sameervermani last decade

allergic to cold weather - may be allergic rhinitis
Hi i am from india.I am allergic to cold weather. My symptoms are as follows whenever i
sreedhar 2008-08-25
1   rishimba last decade

Back & Arm Strain due to lifting wife with MS
My wife has Multiple Sclerosis and I have to assist her onto and off the wheel chair; as w
jimholcs 2008-08-25
1   srisri last decade

sever back pain...need help
I am writing this for my young brother saran, who is 22 years old . when he was at the age
sarath 2008-08-22
4   sarath last decade

pcod - hair growth
Good evening, I am 28 years old and been married for 6 months. I have been suffering from
JVKKCV13 2008-08-20
6   faisal qureshi last decade

Help: addicted personality benzodiazepine
Person starts to stop Tranxene benzodiazepine. Builds off too fast. Serious sideffects. Ha
bolleke 2008-08-24
1   ReDeWi last decade

Plz. Suggest Medicine for Pile
I am 30 years old, unmarried. Since long i was having Pile almost 15 years, but i never ta
einalhaq 2008-08-24
2   einalhaq last decade

Diabities ( recently diagnosed)
I have recently being diganosed with diabaties . The level was touching 400 . My age is 38
asharzk 2008-08-25
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potassium deficiency and cell salts
does cell salts help in combating potassium deficiency ? is it better than supplementing
zombie 2008-08-25
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kidney failure!!! urgent
HELP!!!! got to know last night that my dog is Dying.... his kidneys are damaged... his cr
kaanchan bugga 2007-12-22
5   namitabh last decade

Kindly save me
I am a 27 year old person.I have following problems: • Hesitation to speak • Difficulty i
subhashis 2008-08-25
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Dr. j k mohla- ur patient
i have been taking sabal seruulata q and onsomodium 1m as per ur advice for more than a mo
shadow 2008-08-22
6   Peer G last decade

over masturbation
i have been over masturbating since i was 15 now im 19 . due to this i have pain in my joi
binga 2008-03-04
2   sadiqglb555 last decade

IBS chronic problem please help me
Hi Doctors! I have been suffering from IBS for 8 years. I m 23, male, 52 kg weight, offic

msuhail_k 2008-08-19
15   msuhail_k last decade

Kidney Function with high Creatanin, 3.8
I am suffering with Kidney problem. I came to know about it 6 months back, when I found my
Rampandey 2008-08-24
2   Rampandey last decade

OCD and depression attn : Dr. Rishimba
Dear Rishimba, My age is 32yrs Pls find disorder detail 1)Obsessive compulsive disorder an
SOUND 2008-08-17
3   rishimba last decade

Pregnant with low Protein S
I was told by my dotor my protein S level is 30 and precribed blood thinners Lovenox, I re
edithnarchie 2008-08-25
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my brother is suffering from Iritis for the last two months. He has been prescribed variou
bom2105 2008-08-24
1   sameervermani last decade

herniation spinal cord problem
HELLO I JIST WNNA konw ABOUT HERNNIATION PROBLEM my father has suffering from herniation
uzma khanum 2008-08-23
3   uzma khanum last decade

Post Cushing's Disease
Because of cushings some of my hair had fallen out and thinned out on top of my head. I ha
viper35 2008-08-24
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Body fat and ice cream craving, tooth ache
Hello I am so happy to have found this forum. I am here to seek some consultation regardin
Kobita 2008-08-24
1   Kobita last decade

perspiration plsss help
I am a 37yr old housewife and my problem is heavy perspiration. I am too warm blooded and
zombie 2008-08-15
3   zombie last decade

body odor, breast milk and weight.
I had a baby boy 4 weeks ago. Since i had him i have been suffering from very bad strong b
Midwhori 2008-08-15
2   zombie last decade

Part 2-Help for my dog
Sorry...I also forgot to mention my dog Romeo has reocurring ear infections in his right e
sly1975 2008-08-24
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Dr.deshlok need help ....
I am a 24 year old male. i had stinging like pain in my left side of abdomen & after scann
sarath 2008-08-22
2   sarath last decade

DIABETES - Insulene dependent
Hi I give below the details of my problem I am an insulin dependent diabetic from 1973
aakindia 2008-08-24
no replies yet

. Name - Avinash 2. Age - 56 3. Sex - male 4. Married/Unmarried –Un-married 5. weight
aakindia 2008-08-24
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Itchy skin
I get itchy skin all year round, which gets worse in the summer due to hayfever. I'm
thenaughtyfairy 2007-03-12
8   amarsmusic last decade

Ongoing Depression
Hi. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Please help. Here is some info about my sy
certum1 2008-04-18
5   kunyoss last decade

Hypertension with Anxiety and Headache
Dr, Please Help me with my medical problems: Age - 35 years Profession - Computer program
manish_bin 2008-04-26
3   kunyoss last decade

Anxiety & Tension
Dr. Prescribed me Nilihum 0/2 for Anxiety & Tension. Can you Tell me the Common/Latin name
senorita2255 2008-06-09
1   kunyoss last decade

Hi, i went to the doctor and my blood pressure is high. it runs 150/90. that is what is us

lavendar 2008-04-21
16   kunyoss last decade

anxiety, secondary depression
Please see description of symtoms below. I have tried sepia 30c (slight improvementin mood
obgibbeth 2008-04-13
6   kunyoss last decade

oliva 2008-07-04
1   kunyoss last decade

anxiety depression
i posted earlier about my condition- i get very severe anxiety followed by depression- my
oliva 2008-07-04
5   kunyoss last decade

diffuse disc herniation
Dear Doctors, A patient aged 40 is suffering from diffused disc herniation. Pain radiates
Dr.A. Razzaq 2007-09-23
3   sameervermani last decade

Am 22yrs old is there any possibility to grow taller
kishoreb75 2008-08-20
2   sameervermani last decade

Stretch & Pain In Hands
Sex = F Age = 32 Married Stretch from elbow to hand. Stretch start from middle fingers th
mmnyb 2008-08-23
2   sameervermani last decade

Crohn's Disease
I have had Crohn's since age 7 and I am now 25. I cannot stand the diarrhea anymore.
laurylu 2008-08-23
2   sameervermani last decade

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