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Where to start if new but in need
I am new (houshold homeop. like Echinacea, that's as far it went) to homeopathy. I am
sajajo 2008-06-12
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

dr. mahfuz or rishimba - impetigo
My son (3 yrs) is suffering from impetigo since a long time now. I've tried giving hi
mouminah 2008-06-11
5   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Is five phos advisable in hypertension ?
I am 31 yrs, overweight,, 125 kg....I m taking ayurvedic blood pressure medication since 3
fikhatri 2008-06-12
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

breast care
Hello, I m a month of 2 yr old kid. I m 26 yrs old. Recently stopping motherfeeding. My br
dancingdoll 2008-06-07
11   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Fluid in the ear
Hi, My 19 month old toddler has fluid in her ear. The ENT recommends surgery (tubes) to dr
sudarsanmk 2008-05-23
7   rishimba last decade

severe acne
ive had acne for as long as i can remember, and ive also have menstrual problems. the only
kristens 2008-06-10
3   rishimba last decade

13 month old keeps waking throughout the night
Hi, my 13 month old daughter is teething, she did not cut even a single tooth till now but
nimisha 2008-06-07
3   rishimba last decade

nose blocked and chronic ear discharge (Sampath)
1.very chronic right ear discharge for the past 25 years daily 2.right ear tinnitus 3.an

Astra2012 2008-03-05
19   sampath last decade

Struggling to find the 'fully correct' remedy
Hello, I have recently started taking keen interest in homeopathy, mostly due to my 1.3 yr
aske123 2008-06-08
5   gavinimurthy last decade

problems with urinating & vomiting
Hi, My 3yo daughter sometimes just cannot pee. Her bladder is full, her tummy hard, she&#
cassidy 2008-06-11
2   akshaymohl last decade

6 months baby boy eczema
It started when he was about 2 months old on his cheeks and in a couple of months it sprea
aelisabetei 2008-03-11
5   shaffa last decade

dr pervaz 2008-06-11
1   faisal qureshi last decade

Severe pain in knee joints.
I am having severe joint pain in the knee since to weeks ,took allopathic pain killers but
bharati_srini 2008-06-10
1   rishimba last decade

teething baby
hello. Been surfing the net like crazy to find an appropriate remedy for my teething daug
SHAB22 2008-06-10
4   SHAB22 last decade

noticing receding hairline
Last few months I have had a minuscule receding hairline. It has just started and I would
nika030 2008-06-11
1   akshaymohl last decade

Loss of libido
I am 35 years old healthy man married 1 year back. For the last four years I am experienci
abhi4321 2008-06-11
3   abhi4321 last decade

cracked heels
winter is comingup, my wife use to have cracked heels in every winter, it becomes worse wh
yourdost 2006-11-07
5   sumitra last decade

Triglacride and Cholestrol
Dear Doctors I am having Triglacerides 280 and Cholestrol 210. I am 54 years old. Kindly
m_khan 2008-06-09
5   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

conflicting remedies?
Are any of these confliction remedies meaning they shouldnt be taken togehter or on the sa
bronte 2008-06-11
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

nose blocked / jam
sir, i am suffering from nose jam problem / Nose jam can be or will be caused by infectio
mguptapdil 2008-06-11
1   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade

amenorrhea or delayed menses
my almost 18-year old daughter has always experienced delays in her menstrual periods, man
SHUKANAADI 2008-06-11
4   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Bubbles in Urine
Doc I have witnessed bubbles in urine but they disappear after a while only in morning som
khan78 2008-06-10
2   khan78 last decade

acne and fingernail problems
Hi, I am a 24 year old female. I have had chronic acne since puberty. Mostly pustules but
tanyusha 2008-06-05
4   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko last decade

Unable to control eye movement
Unable to control eye movement Dear Doctor, I am a 31 years old male executive, and I h
ismail2008 2008-06-10
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Arnica and bloodthinners
My mom was in a very serious accident at the local YMCA. She was there for therapy for dou
Hessy 2008-06-10
3   gavinimurthy last decade

white things inside cheeks
I have some white pimple like (growths?) on the inside of my cheeks (in my mouth). Some ar
magical 2008-06-11
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Saccharum Lactus
Saccharum Lactus is an antidote of which medicines and which medicines antidotes Saccharum
amitjain940 2008-06-11
no replies yet

What is best for knee and hip osteoarthritis?
I am so confused - which of all remedies are best for osteoarthritis in knees and hips (de
gnejs 2008-06-10
1   sameervermani last decade

Have you suffering from knee pain
pls send/post the following information ... When did your knee first begin to hurt? Have
deoshlok 2008-05-31
1   gnejs last decade

my daughter has been prescribed calcium carbonicum hahnemanni 30. Please tell me what this
artimams 2008-06-10
1   sameervermani last decade

Dog skin allergy
Our 9 year old female German Shepherd reacts approx 3-5 days after being in water with hor
mkbennet 2008-06-10
no replies yet

Severe dandruff
Hi, I have severe dandruff from last 17 years. Started with hair then to eyebrow and slo
amukihsa 2008-04-13
6   amukihsa last decade

frozen shoulder
Hello all My mom is 70 + age with around 80 kgs weight ,she is suffering from left frozen
alpha69 2008-04-16
5   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

facial hair and back pain
hi, i have dark black hair on my chin,neck.these hair stuck in skin and when i remove by t
soni2 2008-06-10
no replies yet

I have skin alergy from dust too much itching to back and on hiar on the face couler red n
gursikh70 2008-01-09
5   znaeem51 last decade

Help plz?
Plz help me .I have many bad problems..Age 18 year.. Weight..40 kg.Very very weak.. Affrai
Riazi 2008-05-08
1   znaeem51 last decade

Homeopathy doctors to treat male infertility
I am new to this forum please help me I am looking for best homepathy doctors in Hyderabad
maleif 2006-08-29
1   librasmart last decade

neck sprain + swelling
Hello, Today morning, when I got up, I couldn't move or carry my neck. It is very di
simplyans 2008-06-10
2   simplyans last decade

reporting to Dr. Deoshlok & Dr. Mahfooz
dear dr. Pls. see my post on my topic and kindly advise me. (Topic name hyperpigmentation)
roughedge 2008-06-10
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Dear Dr. I have a problem of hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and nose. I am 34 year old mar
roughedge 2008-03-20
10   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

remedy for spinal stenosis
I am suffering from back pain problem for the last two months, now i am getting a lot of p
oberoidk 2008-06-10
no replies yet

Eczema on Hands
I have a form of eczema or dermatitis on my hands and I am having problems identifying why
curzonbar 2008-06-09
1   rishimba last decade

Breast feeding
Plx help me out how can i improve or increase my wife breast feed. My baby is 6months old
Imran_5457 2008-06-09
2   Imran_5457 last decade

recommendations on 'distance learning' homepathy course
Hi, I am thinking of taking a 'formal' course on homeopathy. My preference is fo
aske123 2008-06-10
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Does anyone ever report whether the advice here cures them?
Dear all, I hope this is not taken the wrong way, but as a person who is looking at concre
aske123 2008-06-08
3   gavinimurthy last decade

best remedy for falls
i was out walking and fell and bruised my hip which hurts what is the best remedy and what
whitts99 2008-06-09
2   gavinimurthy last decade

Paneer Botey
Can someone please tell me what is this Plant Paneer Botey called in English.
Rahiart 2008-06-10
no replies yet

hepar sulfur against acne....
Hello My homeopat recomended me to use hepar sulfur 30ch against my acne... so my quiestio
space55 2008-06-09
2   space55 last decade

Hi doctor I have a problem and its been more than 3 years. In the beginning I used to smo
ZARBAZ 2008-03-06
11   ZARBAZ last decade

Cure for poor quality of Ova / Ovum / Egg
Is there any remedy to improve quality of female's Ova /Ovum /egg ?
pankkej 2008-06-08
3   pankkej last decade

seeking a help for all doctors
salam and hello to all here past last 5days am seeing and reading the problems of all me
oazeemh 2008-06-09
no replies yet

Endometriosis/Asthama/Eczema/alleric Rhiniis
Dear Sirs, I am 28 years of age.Recently i was diaganosed with endometriosis.I have been t
sabina_283 2008-06-09
no replies yet

tingling followed by numbness in right hand
i am 42 years old.normal health.since last 3 weeks have been feeling a tingling sensation
rkrao 2008-06-09
no replies yet

Hiatus Hernia + Acid Reflux + Candida. Help needed!
Sex: Male Age: 28 Nature of work: Computer programming (and testing during software develo
gorangard 2008-06-08
1   gorangard last decade

nose bleed and morning sneeze
My son is 9 yrs of age. from 6 months of age he has nose bleeding. mostly in the morning w
bhavamalinijps 2008-06-09
no replies yet

Spondylosis and bone spur
My xray report says that I have spondylosis. c4, c5 and c6 are affected. space between c4-
bhavamalinijps 2008-06-09
no replies yet

Eczema on face & joints of elbow
My 12 year old son has eczema on his face and joints of his elbows mainly. He used to have
Rita00 2008-06-09
no replies yet

swleen lips with ulcers in whole mouth
I got swollen lips and ulcer all over mouth. my tonsil is also paining. I got icing some t
ghoshsash 2008-06-09
1   rishimba last decade

Common/Latin Name
Sir, Can you tell me what is the common/latin name of the homoeo medicine - Nilihum. Ac
senorita2255 2008-06-09
no replies yet

My hydrocele was operated in 1983 but it is not looking like left one.some thick skin is t
shamim15960 2008-04-21
3   Dr Kireet last decade

Thuja Aggravation
Hello, I am suffering from what I believe to be a Thuja aggravation. My main symptoms incl
thekind78 2008-06-08
4   thekind78 last decade

Infant-Asthma (Asthmatic Bronchiolitis)
My 8 month old son is suffering from infant-Asthma (Asthmatic Bronchiolitis) It started w
Emeline 2008-06-07
4   Emeline last decade

Chronic Pacreatitis with alcohol abuse
My mum has been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis due to alcohol abuse, she has been a h
dee1980 2006-09-23
4   drpksinha last decade

Had sinusitis, again bad.HELP
hello, I was thinking that I have thonsillitis,doctor says itis chronic. I was treated wi
milaki 2008-05-31
5   drpksinha last decade

Plantar Fasciitis
Shall be grateful if someone can help me in curing my proble. i.e. Plantar Fascitis. I am
jkchatto 2008-06-08
2   drpksinha last decade

My friend age 46yrs suffering frm childhood of arthritis rheumatism,whenever humidity is h
rosediaz 2008-06-06
4   Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade

Chennai facilities for homeo treatment
This concerns an elderly male patient who is presently in a hospital in Tambaram near Chen
samraj 2008-06-08
no replies yet

Tarentula Hispanica dosage?
Hello. My mother has all the symptoms asscoicated with the Tarentula Hispanica. She has bo
amy2008 2008-06-07
1   Dr Tahira last decade

Pregnant with extreme eczema
Hi there, I am 15 weeks pregnant and since the start of my pregnancy have been experienci
Vkess 2008-06-07
3   srisri last decade

Please help with my symptoms!
Can some one please help me with a diagnosis of my symptoms and suggest some Homeo treatme
wanttogetwell 2008-06-07
1   wanttogetwell last decade

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