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daugther wasting away not eating! help!
My daughter is 7 years old and had salmanilla and ecoli all at the same time. She has
lakemee 2008-03-20
5   sameervermani last decade

height improvement
hellow doctor, i am a girl my of 20 years old and my height is only 4feet 11 inches,my
shashoo 2008-03-22
1   abid ali last decade

antisperm antibodies
I read the other post in this subject, after taking the staphysagaria 200 for 7 days, it
jwnfld 2008-03-22
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for : dr mahfooz ,mr.sameer and dr.mohla
i am suffering from severe anxiety and agoraphobia for the last 5 years.it all started

rana7 2008-03-10
20   sameervermani last decade

Hi I had sepia 200c 10 days before and yesterday I shouted badly on my boss at the
nishtiman 2008-01-30
3   avinash2008 last decade

persistant infection in small intestine,
i m having persistant infection in small intestine ,please
KAPIL DEV 2008-03-22
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just worried about my sex health
hello Dr Mahfooz i m yasir from pakistan i have some sexual problems very first is that i
sooraj 2008-02-04
4   sooraj last decade

pilonidal cyst has grown really big & is not bursting.
hello! i've been reading different posts on pilonidal cyst on this page, and a
dubai 2008-03-20
7   rishimba last decade

Sagging breast remedy
Since having two children close together (18mth age gap) and feeding both for one year,
shasha123 2008-03-20
2   akshaymohl last decade

hair loss(alopecia)
lady 57 years old- weeping nature menopause about 15 years ago hair brittle and
ramagopalks 2008-03-22
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help please
hi, i delivered a baby 4 months back...prior to conceiving i was pco positive and over
renns214 2008-03-21
1   renns214 last decade

wishing you a very happy holi (festival of colour)
respected forum peoples, wishing all the people of this forum a very happy holi
deoshlok 2007-03-03
2   deoshlok last decade

Please help.How long can an aggravation last for a chronic complaint? I have taken sepia
winnieandco 2008-03-19
3   winnieandco last decade

seveare wheat allergy
i am 48 yrs married man with 2 children of 18 yrs(twins) living normal life.i am
D.JAGADESH 2008-03-21
3   sajjadakram635 last decade

Beard hair
Mr faisal,iam taken Selinium 200 from store is it
shashikant 2008-03-20
1   faisal qureshi last decade

Sore red left eye with yellow discharge
I have this problem for almost 3 months now. Initially I had tried chinese medicine but
chiongguo 2008-02-25
10   girilal last decade

Chest Pain
Dear Dr Mahfooz, For the last 2 weeks I have dull chest pain that
rozanosaad 2008-03-20
3   rozanosaad last decade

repeat of antidote
I just tried Diane's suggested method to antidote a severe aggravation, diluted to
winnieandco 2008-03-20
1   winnieandco last decade

weight gain
i delivered baby by c- section four months back..baby was premature... i was pco positive
renns214 2008-03-20
2   rishimba last decade

Nasal Polyp Remedy: Symptoms worse?
Greetings:I have used Remedy Finder tool to help me treat nasal polyps. It is challenging
ggheart 2005-11-22
1   chuck1401 last decade

Left Nasal Polyps & recurring fever
Dear All, My son is 15 yrs old. having problem with left nose due to polyps in the nasal
prakash_save 2006-08-01
1   chuck1401 last decade

i recently had what i describe as feeling ilke i needed to cough something up and
67firebird 2008-03-19
2   67firebird last decade

Back Pain and Arnica 30
Hi I am having back pain since 1 year and tried lot of physiotherapies but didnt get any
moondra_alok 2008-03-20
3   Dr.Haran ch malaker last decade

Acute lumbago
Dr. Mehfooz my husband having nap on an irregular surface, got up with severe pain in
dr. sally 2008-03-17
4   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Stitches on Eye
My female friend got accident and got stitches on just down the eye brow, now injury is
maaqm 2008-03-04
5   maaqm last decade

Some men's problem
Hi, I'll not disclose my real age, I'll just say I'm between 20 and
Chiploks 2008-03-19
2   Chiploks last decade

candy aggravation
Infant 8 months chewed orangle toffee/candee came down with fever next morning. Any
hisam 2008-03-20
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afflicted with pcod.
-18 yrs old -since 2 years -irregular periods, not taking harmones. -excessivefacial hair
fab_flemo 2008-03-19
2   Dr Tahira last decade

frozen shoulder w/torn tendon
i've been treated for frozen shoulder via mua procedure (manipulation under
BMENDEZ 2008-03-19
2   deoshlok last decade

cure of tinnitus by dr deoshlock
hi all i want to tell you all that four weeks back i had tinnitus in my right ear and i
asimattar 2006-11-30
4   deoshlok last decade

crataegus oxy vs crataegus pinnatifida
can anyone tell me the difference between crataegus oxyacantha (hawthorn) and crataegus
ken22 2008-03-19
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Calendula for Infection
My father 73 years has severe urine infection. The Antibiotics which have come positive
RemedySearcher 2008-03-17
2   abid ali last decade

calc phos 6x in 4 month baby
i am planning to give calc phos 6x in my four month baby .is it safe?is it too early to
aashi 2008-03-19
3   aashi last decade

Puss in Pennis
I am a 30 yr old single guy. I am pretty much active in sex and last week I had sex with
gadai 2007-11-11
3   totapuri last decade

back potency
many doctors use back potecies like 9, 99. any body who can share their experience of
sumitra 2008-03-19
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homeopathi treatment for pcos & sugar age of 30 f
my wife is suffering pcos (irregular periods, excess hair on cheeks, upper lip and body)
skrao 2008-03-19
1   deoshlok last decade

Height Incresing
Kindly suggest me Homeo. Medicine for my son ( 5 Years) & Daughters ( 3 Years
jrpotdar 2008-03-19
1   deoshlok last decade

long-term insomnia
[message deleted by annieshush on Thu, 02 Jun 2011 00:06:58

Insomniac1 2007-06-07
36   Insomniac1 last decade

1) Recently I read a book ' New Lights: Lectures on homeopathy and Philosophy' by
AlexS 2008-03-19
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cholesterol and diabetes
hello, my husband lipid profile not good always triglyceride is raised ie 240 it should
aashi 2008-03-17
2   aashi last decade

want to feel good
Hi everybody, may be someone can give me a permanent solution to this.. I'm a 31
ruchika 2008-03-18
1   rishimba last decade

Can't get rid of vaginal bacteria infection
I've had this problem with vaginal bacteria infections for about 2 years. I've
TreTre 2008-03-19
1   rishimba last decade

Tendonitis in right wrist
My wife is suffering from Tendonitis since past 4years. we have tried several remedies
konathala 2008-03-19
1   akshaymohl last decade

Sea Salt
Can sea salt be safe to use. Is there any health
Chuck D. 2008-03-18
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chronic constipation & irritable bowel syndrome
PERSONAL DETAILS- Age-30 YRS, Male, Single. Weight-62 KGS, Height-5 Feet 8

burp2008 2007-04-18
39   wonderman last decade

Acid Refux
My patient suffering by Acid Reflux, 1) after dinner he feel pain in chest sometime he
Dr.Abu Jafar 2008-03-03
11   hasinarman last decade

Spinning Head
Hello respected Doctors. i m having this problem from past 3 months. sumtimes it

123abc 2008-01-25
16   123abc last decade

can i take ayurvedic laxative with natphos6x
I read about nat phos6x. I want to try it but as I am suffering from constipation I have
bmathur 2008-03-12
4   bmathur last decade

New Discovery Promotes Growth of Hair
I have been experimenting with another remedy to promote the growth of hair which one has

Joe De Livera 2005-08-08
17   jorobri last decade

My son has writing problems
My son is 4 years old and cannot write - he is confused with B, D, C and letters like
China 2008-03-17
1   deoshlok last decade

my friend is having epilepsy. there is severe headach after attack as if someone is
gopal18 2008-03-02
7   gopal18 last decade

I am a female 55 yrs old. We have sex twice a week.Of late there is lack of stimulation.
putli 2008-03-17
6   akshaymohl last decade

regarding usage of Vitamin tablets
Dear all I amm suffering with skin problem itching on my face and rashed and pimples. I
lax_susmit 2008-03-17
1   Dr Tahira last decade

pain in the rear portion of the heel of left foot
Dear Sirs I have a severe pain in the rear portion of the heel of my left foot. Doctars
rabbani 2008-03-17
2   Dr Tahira last decade

Doctor Sajid And Doctor Deoshlok Sharma here it is ur required information(no reply from ur side
Doctor Sajid u asked me about some informatiom regarding to muy cause here it is Hell;o
dlock 2006-02-22
3   sayeda_amna last decade

Sore Throat / Strep Throat
For the last 2 days I have severe sore throat. I just recovered from strep throat and was
nineclouds 2008-03-14
6   maheeru last decade

New to Dallas/TX - Help
I have heard that some of the food stores in Dallas stock Homeopathic remedies in lower
luvdodo 2008-03-17
2   luvdodo last decade

hepatitis c
Recpect doctors d.oshloke and der Mahfoos i am a dhms and precticing here since 20 years
dr pervaz 2008-03-16
5   dr pervaz last decade

help with adhesions
I am almost 41 and have severe adhesions on my tubes and ovaries and my uterus is
nyfine1 2008-03-17
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excercise problems and homeopathy.
Hi, Many human problem start due to lack of excercise. When people start excercise they
atul_m 2008-03-15
1   rishimba last decade

Cyst on Labia Majora
I want to get urgent Help for Cyst on right Labia.Can u please write me remedy a good
Rehan 2008-03-15
3   rishimba last decade

cannot find help
I suffer from PCOS . The aliments are so many,It has mared my looks, but the worst is I
fifi larin 2008-03-16
2   rishimba last decade

Painful head and face
My doctor has prescribed antihistomine tablets and a nasal spray to help my catarrh
Janmo 2008-03-17
3   rishimba last decade

Potency Question
what does 'lathyrus sativus q dilution' mean? is it lm lathyrus sativus xxx, lm
FSHD_2006 2008-03-16
1   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

fright during competition
i have 11 years old daughter she plays squash and doing very good in training and during
raniasherbo 2008-03-06
6   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

i have gastric problem.i had head reeling n subsequently got nervous. after that im
debesh 2008-02-21
9   rishimba last decade

Depression and eating disorder
Hi, I'm presently studying homeopathy and i'm curious to try a remedy to help
saracoco 2008-03-16
4   saracoco last decade

i sweat much while eating in public places, samething happening at workplace while giving
rakesk 2008-03-15
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

beard hair
hai i am 23 aged,i have very-very less hair in beard (face)is there any medicine for
shashikant 2008-03-16
2   shashikant last decade

LDL Cholesterol
Dear Doctors and Friends, I have just done my annual medical test. Everything is OK
rozanosaad 2008-03-16
2   chiongguo last decade

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