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Need advice
Dear respected doctor I am suffering from jaundice .. i am diagnosed 29th With serum
bampu 2013-12-13
5   bampu 5 years ago

Cerebral atrophy with CVA
My dad has stroke around 10 months back. He has 'Bilateral thalamai infarcts in both
Narasimha123 2013-12-15
1   fitness 5 years ago

sinus and dust allergy
I am suffering from sinus and dust allergy for the past 10 years. I also feel dizziness
Sriny 2013-12-09
8   fitness 5 years ago

Please Help Anal Warts
Hello guys, I have been dealing with a bad case of anal warts since about April of 2013.
theone1 2013-12-15
1   Zady101 5 years ago

GERD with shortness of breath
I am 34 yr old female. 6-8 months back due to cough I was given antibiotic which I
palshere 2013-12-14
3   simone717 5 years ago

Echinacea and other creams
dear Doctors I have jock itch and fungal infection on my fingers due to rings. I went
Chayan 2013-12-15
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anal fissure+/- haemorrhoid
Dear all, As we all have health issues, I am here for advice. I have tried homeopathic
luwai_o 2013-12-15
1   libra981 5 years ago

Burning sensation of feet
I am 70yrs, had MI in Y 2007, now under medication for reducing BP, blood thinning, and
yeskay108 2013-12-04
3   Zady101 5 years ago

breast feeding
baby girl child, not leaving breast feeding, not taking food , angry child, 1.5 yrs, like
rockbal1 2013-12-15
2   rockbal1 5 years ago

Pilonidal sinus
I have for last 2 years discharge and blooding start some time. I do not want to go
mtsaeed 2013-12-14
1   kadwa 5 years ago

PE and ED problem
I am taking caladium and agnus castus 5 granules each three times a day I also take
SanjeevSai 2013-12-14
1   kadwa 5 years ago

high creatnine kidney failure
my mother suffers from kidney failure .her creatnine level is 8. urine output is normal.
karan sandhu 2013-12-12
1   kadwa 5 years ago

old dog going in back legs and deaf
Hi, I have a 12 year old German Shepherd. She went deaf about 1 year ago. Vet could
Lovelee 2013-12-11
4   kadwa 5 years ago

Sudden outburst of nodular acne
Hello experts, I am 24 years of age and have oily skin. In the past (3 years ago)I have
angela12 2013-12-15
1   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

arsenic antidote correct dose
Dr I have anxiety nervousness and sensation that my throat is closing. Dr gave me
susy1929 2013-12-14
4   susy1929 5 years ago

This is brother's account and I have the Following Problems: I get easily
zainuu163 2013-12-14
1   rishimba 5 years ago

girl2010 2013-12-14
3   rishimba 5 years ago

Infant - Farting, Burping and vomiting frequently
Hello Sir, My Baby is One year Old. My opinion that my baby is suffering with gas

sahityalahari 2013-12-03
14   fitness 5 years ago

Macular Degeneration + Herpes
To MQ for advise. Please keep confidential and only for this thread. Thank you. Age
Hair Loss 2013-12-14
2   maheeru 5 years ago

Arsenicum antidote
I think I may have taken too much Arsenicum 200 and now I'm having symptoms -
cicka 2009-05-02
3   susy1929 5 years ago

Tonsil Stones
Hello all sufferers of this discusting problem....I too have had this on and off for
Cindyurb 2009-02-19
5   john2223 5 years ago

Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs
Has anyone treated their dog medically for this? Is there a remedy for dogs? Is there a
chat_noir_13 2005-01-31
12   joeynolegs 5 years ago

please suggest me some thing for
faisee 2013-12-14
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Hi I have been suffering from asthama for last two years. The problem gets worse during
deep2612 2013-12-08
3   fitness 5 years ago