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External Hemorrhoids
I am a 33 year male suffering from hemorrhoids for the past 6 months. Recently the pain

atinhomeo 2013-12-25
14   fitness 5 years ago

Is quitting masturbation a sure way to cure premature ejaculation?
I have being masturbating for 8 years now and have being experiencing quick
Maxcollins042 2013-12-31
1   mani_jee 5 years ago

psychological problem
My niece is lone child (at present she is 22years) separated mother(12years back) & lost
19jeet 2013-12-10
12   rishimba 5 years ago

hi dr
3 months back i have taken lycopodium 1m for 15 days continuously after that i stopped
mandiki 2013-12-31
1   mandiki 5 years ago

How can I delete my profile/post from the fourm
How can I delete my profile/post from the
arvindharitus 2012-10-25
3   Chris.anton 5 years ago

1.5 month baby, loose stools
Dear doctor, My baby boy is about 1.5 month age, weight 3.3Kgs. It has the following
mati 2013-12-30
3   mati 5 years ago

Pilendal sinus
I am having pilendal sinus from last 6 months. its not that much painful. but blood and
FayKelly 2013-11-25
11   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

MY 4 years Daughter
SIR, MY FOUR YEARS OLD DAUGHTER is angry,moody type of girl some time very obedient some
aarteeit 2013-12-28
4   aarteeit 5 years ago

I am having mood swings (mostly toward anger), difficulty concentrating throughout the
gsjoy 2013-12-29
5   fitness 5 years ago

Daughter with bladder issues.
We have a 6yr old girl. Our biggest concern is bladder spasms/leaking after voiding. We
dilly123 2013-12-29
8   fitness 5 years ago

hair breakage at left thigh
Dear sir my sister is 28year old she has the problem from two days, there is hair
Nitesh Kamal 2013-12-27
7   fitness 5 years ago

phosphorus 10,000 or 200 for hairloss
Im having heavy hairloss. handfull of hair. daily i lose so much of hair suddenly after
saranaaz 2013-12-30
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No Erection and dysfunction and ureter Stonr
Hello Sir Can i use Damiaplant and clearstone together Or there is any side-effect please
roorkee123.rke 2013-12-30
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gallstones in gallbaldder
Dear Sir, I have gallstones in my gall bladder as shown in ultrasound on
pssgallstones 2013-12-30
1   nawazkhan 5 years ago

sore throat bad breath white tongue
my daughter 16 has had bad breath for years and now has sore throat hurts when swallow.
raygirl 2013-12-30
1   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

how 2 increase my height ...at 28 my height is 5.45
father ht 5.68 mother ht 5.3 older brother ht 5.55 considering above data what should b
sameer1985 2013-12-30
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Sleep Apnea with enlarged Tonsils/Adenoids
My daughter is 6 year old and she is suffering from kind of sleep apnea for last 6-7

manojgarg50 2013-12-03
15   sam75 5 years ago

My prostate size is 25cc. Plz suggest treatment. Passing urine takes time and I feel
BANJO9X 2013-12-28
2   BANJO9X 5 years ago

Ganglion cyst on my PCL in knee
I have a ganglion cyst that was located on my PCL in my left knee during an MRI. I have
jrawson77 2013-12-30
1   fitness 5 years ago

Bed wetting in kids
Hi, my daughter is 5 and she is still wet the bed at night . Can you help me out, she is

Donya 2013-11-14
61   Donya 5 years ago

cbd stricture - ercp
My mother has obstructive jaundice. She has undergone ERCP. and have placed stent. Is
mmianawais 2013-12-27
3   rishimba 5 years ago

What happened to me....
I was involved in a car accident which put me in hosptial for 9 days. I am now staying

brisbanehomoeopath 2012-06-02
60   simone717 5 years ago

dudenal ulcer
i am suffering from duodenal ulcer.pain in middle part of stomach, agg. in empty stomach
md.khorshed alam 2013-12-29
1   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

Need Help for PMS
Dear Doctors, I am 25 years and having pain in right of the abdomen just before the

Endohelp87 2013-11-30
23   Zady101 5 years ago

Hi i m trying to find the email of Brisbanehomeopath. What is
nanou 2013-12-29
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