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case history
Patient ID:teachertalk Sex:F Age:38 years Nature of work:teaching Habits:reading, creative
teachertalk 2007-08-16
3   rishimba last decade

alcoholism help
Dear Joe, I read your earlier posts with regards to treating alcoholism using wet dose of
radhini 2007-08-17
2   Rajendra last decade

Penile Size
Is there any Homeopathic remedy to improve the size of male genital?
runner_mtn 2003-08-29
5   skokormand last decade

Severe Spasticity Muscle Ton
I had a cyst removed from spine and since then I have been dealing with a great deal of mu
gaetano 2007-08-17
1   deoshlok last decade

skin problem
i am having skin complaint on my face since 15 years
ranjit69 2007-08-18
1   deoshlok last decade

What are the homeopathic remedies for my condition? I have strabismus and my right eye is
decent_speak 2007-08-17
1   deoshlok last decade

Light bleeding ater intercourse
Hi, I was wondering if any one has ever experience light bleeding after intercourse. It o
bellz 2007-08-14
5   rishimba last decade

hormonal imbalance
I took at least 30 different medicines for several years, but would not help. I am 35 year
mimab 2007-08-10
1   mimab last decade

psoriasis of palms and fingers of hands. Also soles of feet,.
65 never had skin problems. Acrilic false nail infected. Rash on that finger, spread to al
suchin 2007-08-17
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Plz Help- Anal Fissure
I have been suffering from the problem of anal fissure for past 1 year. Initially the fiss
sameergoel66 2007-08-04
2   sameergoel66 last decade

nat phos 6x
i m 25 male and want to start nat phos 6x. plz guide me the doze method.how may tablets sh
cheeku 2007-08-17
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I have had a major Dandruff problem for the last 15 years and am unable to get rid of it.
Caliber 2007-08-11
3   kuldeep last decade

Spring Allergies
Hi, I know its still winter but I do suffer from Spring Allergies basically polen allergi
vkothari80 2006-12-18
3   Mike.L last decade

hay fever from last 15 years
hello,for last 15 years i am suffering from allery due to pollen grains during the month o
shrwan pareek 2006-02-16
2   Mike.L last decade

help urgent;y needed...pankaj,rajiv,deo
i need an urgent constitituinal remedy http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/101498/
shk786 2007-01-22
1   Dr Gandhi Kaushik last decade

Miams and Chronic Diseases
What if role of miasms was eliminated in treating chronic diseases? If you remove the eff
dinkerb 2007-08-15
2   Dr Gandhi Kaushik last decade

seperm speed
Hello I am 38 and i am marreid 6year ago no have baby and my sperm is not fast to rales to
gursikh70 2007-08-16
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a good homeopath?
Can anyone recommend a good homeopath in Pune,Maharashtra, India? It would be useful if yo
teachertalk 2007-08-15
2   teachertalk last decade

To Joe - Asthma remedy
Dear Joe, You had once advised me to take your Nat Sulph 6C asthma remedy. I'm sorry
teachertalk 2007-08-16
3   VAISHDW2 last decade

Sinusitis, Nazal Polypi (2) Tonsilitis
Dear Sir, (1) I have some patient with Sinusitis and Nazal Polypi with chrnic chatarrh
Razzaq 2007-08-14
3   gavinimurthy last decade

slow learning baby
hello,i m new to this forum but not new to homeopathy.i have a daughter aged 11 months.she
maryamasif 2007-08-03
9   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

I've been having constant dizziness for almost a year now. I've seen neuloogist,
konstance 2007-08-06
6   Rajendra last decade

sex problem
age 45 yrs. male on my first wedding night i had premature ejaculations twice . i consulte
softy2007 2007-08-15
2   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

does homeopathy help for treatment of azoosperm?
hana_r008 2007-08-14
3   deoshlok last decade

dr. reckeweg ? any advice on this
I have been visiting a well known alternative doctor who advises homeopathy. I have kidn
MRFRANK 2007-08-15
3   sajjadakram635 last decade

Sacral dimple in toddler, minor spina bifida?
My 19-month-old has a deep dimple in the gluteal crease, which usually isn't a proble
happyvegan 2005-06-19
4   medoris last decade

Lycopodium dosage
Hello, I am taking Lycopodium Clav. for premature ejaculation. It is working very well wit
ms2005 2005-06-01
9   JoeParker last decade

Doctor's Testosterone Gel
A powerful remedy for relief of diminished sexual desire and impotence. Remedy for strengt
adamhank 2007-08-15
3   gavinimurthy last decade

toy recall --l ead paint
hi everyone....i am new to this forum...but not new to homepathy...i have a question regar
Rosh2007 2007-08-15
2   Rosh2007 last decade

How to disagree
It may seem strange for me to post a topic with this subject, particularly as many people
moderator 2007-08-14
4   gavinimurthy last decade

my wife's acne...
My wife has been suffering from acne ever since she stopped taking birth control pills sev

levijean 2007-08-08
15   Rajendra last decade

pre ejaculation
i m anil 27 year old. i am habitual of mastubation about 10 years. now i have problem of p
yadavgajendra 2007-08-15
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Too distracted/lethargic for life
I have wanted to post in this forum for weeks. But it has taken that long to make this sim
Lunaa 2007-08-14
1   deoshlok last decade

hi i m new dr
u can ask questions
drvaibhav_bhms 2007-08-01
10   raman_99 last decade

Trituration and potency
Can you please help me to understand de difference between these two terms? I bought Nicc
Mara Carrillo 2007-08-15
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Hi my friend is suffering from insommnia, often she will get one or 2 hours a night someti
lexypie 2007-07-20
7   lexypie last decade

water therapy
METHOD OF TREATMENT 1. As you wake up in the morning before brushing teeth, drink 4 x 160m
asimattar 2007-08-05
2   Astra2012 last decade

chronic kidney infections
Hi Seeking advise on a remedy to help a friend with repeated kidney infections resulting
lexypie 2007-08-06
3   sajjadakram635 last decade

Skin tags or warts?
hi! I have a lot of flat and small warts (?) on my body - under breasts, on a belly and sk
Madam 2007-08-14
2   gavinimurthy last decade

Remedy for this type of mind
the mind is restless and impulsive, easily distracted, absent-minded, and not set on lea

hisam 2007-08-08
21   gavinimurthy last decade

Stomach ache, fever, vomitting
My son a 7 year old boy is suffering from fever with stomach around his navel and vomits i
Gkhol 2007-08-13
10   gavinimurthy last decade

Please advice: Trichinosis and Cuprum Oxydatum
Is that remedy the proper one to arrest such a disease? In such case wich potency and how
zorro_- 2007-08-13
4   Rajendra last decade

Laws Of Cure..
Laws of Cure There are three laws of cure, They are: A remedy starts at the top of the
asimattar 2007-08-13
2   Rajendra last decade

itchy rash that is spreading
Hi, I'm new to homeopathy. My neighbor recommended me to this site. Here are my sympt
chelle276 2007-08-11
2   rishimba last decade

Sex problem help me
hello, Iam 24 years old, i started mastubration at the age age of 15 years daily 2 time
ram6597 2007-08-11
1   Hasnat last decade

FDA Registered Homeopathic Laboratory
Guys, what does this really mean. Do Homeopathic remedies need to be made in registered
oscuro 2007-08-14
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Life time of insomnia.
I am at my wits end, I have not had a propper nights sleep for 30 years + !!! I have been
Altern8 2007-07-24
5   Astra2012 last decade

attention Dr Mahfoozurrehman
dear sir with reference to my last post 1.Name waqas 4.Country: pakistan 8.Age- 25 9.Ma
asimattar 2007-08-05
10   Mahfoozurrehman last decade

dear doctor what is differnce between 30 and x potancy? which one is higher?
ken smith 2007-08-12
2   sam_thrish last decade

what is the regular dosage of 6c liquid form how many drops and how many times in a day
asimattar 2007-08-12
1   sajjadakram635 last decade

how to take homeopathic remedies
hello. recently i went to a homeopath for a urethral stricture and he gave me silicea dilu
iluvkujbball 2007-08-13
1   sajjadakram635 last decade

Need Help for Binge Drinking and Alcohol Cravings
Hello, I am new to homeopathy and this forum, and am posting a topic for advice on a remed
funone 2007-07-14
10   maheeru last decade

Urgent help needed
1)eczema (very dry skin - no wet secretions ) with pustules(keratosis pilaris) on limbs/b
victordykes 2007-08-12
2   victordykes last decade

Nasale polyps
Hello! Since a few years I have problems with nasal polyps. Now I feel so bad that I can
lascandinavie 2007-08-12
1   sajjadakram635 last decade

serious dark circle under my eyes
iam 26 iam tired of my dark circle i used to manythings but it doesn't work so please
kamaya 2007-08-10
4   kuldeep last decade

dry skin - dermatology problem
I am 39 yrs old male and having very good health.For some heart monitoring the legs are sh

baddryskin 2005-03-09
16   crazyblue last decade

Frequent Ear/Throat Infection and Tonsillitis - Attn. Rishimba
My 2 years old son suffers from a severe ear infection from time to time. Recently (09-Mar

manzul 2007-03-31
32   rishimba last decade

Asthma for 2 1/2 years old.
My son is 2 1/2 years old and he has severe asthma. He is on Inhaled steroids every day, w
abc_katu 2007-08-11
5   gavinimurthy last decade

Loma Lux AcnePill
I dont know if somone could help me out with this. Ok i was use a product called Loma Lux

Lee Tran 2007-07-28
15   gavinimurthy last decade

Social Phobia, please help
Hi,I already gave one post on this. Since there is not much response i am posting again. I
Lopi2006 2006-04-10
5   Albert last decade

Allergic to mangoes
Any one knowing a remedy to cure allergy to mangoes. Symptoms: wheals on thighs and pot
khanna555 2007-08-11
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Hi! I'm 51 years old and have never taken any medication for menopause because I real
Sparkle 2005-11-09
2   khanna555 last decade

high blood pressure
hi i am Malik from Pakistan.the problem is with my brother.he often get high blood pressur
maintumsehun 2007-08-03
2   maintumsehun last decade

Bronchogeneric cysts
Sir, My wife at 28th week of pregnancy,the 2/3 Trimester indicates abnormal at Thorax as
kmm_mohideen 2007-06-22
11   Rajendra last decade

My Daughter's problem
My daughter is 5 Yrs old ...she is very skiny and has very very low appetite. She does not
nahmed 2007-08-10
1   Raees33 last decade

how to make 6c globules
how to make 6c globules how many drops to put in globules bottle thanks
asimattar 2007-08-10
1   gavinimurthy last decade

Bladder Prolap
To Kuldeep, Dr. Mahfooz My friend's wife who is around 65 years old has a severe typ
achandra 2007-08-09
2   achandra last decade

Infant skin rash
My 6 month old baby has skin rash on his right cheek more towards the ear, it started sinc
simple 2007-08-10
no replies yet

acute weakness of blood presure patient
my mother is patent of high blood pressure and using alopathic pills for same .all signifi
honey635 2007-08-10
8   Raees33 last decade

Lycopodium Dosage
Hi, My consitutional remedy is lycopodium, and I used is succesfully for treatment of a n
stickyfingaz99 2007-08-06
6   Daisy43 last decade

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