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pre cume & ejaculatio soon
Dear sir, iam 26 year old,and suffring from pre come & too early ejaculation.i have a

subhankar4friend 2013-07-16
22   subhankar4friend 5 years ago

weight loss for my wife
Hi Kadwa , My wife aged 38 , weighs around 85 kgs. She is 165 cms and is working. Her

venus0743 2013-08-13
43   akshaymohl 5 years ago

premature ejaculation solved
premature ejaculation i am using brayta carb 30.and just 2 days it works on me.i am from
shohag 2013-10-03
2   fitness 5 years ago

Chronic Kidney Infections
Hi All, I am new to homeopathy but at this point am willing to try anything. I have been

Sbienusa 2013-09-16
26   Sbienusa 5 years ago

Bed wetting of 10 yrs old girl
Dear friends, My daughter is having bed wetting since her child hood. I have tried many

akm13 2013-09-18
25   Saurav686 5 years ago

Electronic cigarette
Quit smoking with conventional tobacco cigarette when you have healthier option of
Jason Antony 2013-10-03
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Docter kedwa help
Age 25;intestinal blockege,infection,low fever for one year. Stool in small
hassni 2013-10-03
1   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

Totality of Symtoms with One Unmatched symtom
One of my patient is Lycopodium personality. His 30+ symtoms when repertorise and taking
madnan 2013-10-02
2   madnan 5 years ago

Hello doctor, I am Rajesh and i am suffering from lipoma in my left chest (24 x 8 mm)
mediad 2013-10-03
1   akshaymohl 5 years ago

fever and diarrhea returning
About two weeks ago, I started out with stomach pains and achy legs. Soon I have high
jazmine7 2013-10-02
8   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

hair felling quickly
Hi , I am 32 years old , my hairs felling down quickly because they sre thin and roots
hopes4best 2013-10-03
1   akshaymohl 5 years ago

Search for the forum
In the future do you think you can institute a search function into the Forum so we can
bzmeltzer 2013-10-03
1   simone717 5 years ago

Hello Iam 27yrs old, recently got married, in last 2-3 weeks I gained around 7kgs of
shubhrasaxena01 2013-10-03
1   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

hair becoming white
my beard is becoming white as well as my head hair. and i have seen two or three white
ANUJKUNDRA 2013-10-02
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Looking for a Francisco Xavier Eizayaga Treatise on Homoeopathic Medicine book
Could anyone help me with finding this book at any library in Toronto area or anywhere
kikica 2013-09-30
5   simone717 5 years ago

To Joe De Livera-Hairloss and DHT
Hi Joe! I have heard a lot of praises for you on this forum. I am a 20 year male
appu_raja 2006-04-02
11   ishan01us 5 years ago

Arnica 30c before dental surgery
My son age 20 is due to have his wisdom teeth removed this Friday. I remember giving my
Gettin-beta 2013-10-02
6   Gettin-beta 5 years ago

Many problems at young age
Hi, I am Amaya and I'm 21 years old and it seems that already I have too many
Amayachan 2013-09-28
9   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

Ossifying fibroma
Hi all, This is Shyam from hyderabad. I have been suffering from ossifying fibroma in
bsamsundar 2009-07-29
1   stella4209 5 years ago

Hypothyroidism and Hypogonadism in Males
I am a computer programmer by profession and have been through very high stress

Joe1908 2009-06-03
18   Homeocare 5 years ago

Urgent Help Required
Dear Sir, I'm from India. male , 34 years medium build.My symptoms are 1. gastric

ac786 2013-05-01
93   Zady101 5 years ago

lemon juice
is lemon juice good for people with sexual
jassie 2013-10-02
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is ethanol not suitable for high blood pressure patients
ethanol in ptk 40 is is ok for hypertension
jassie 2013-10-02
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looking for a homeopathic remedy for parkinsons
my elder brother aged 67 of short stature and very active till he developed what doctors
lil sis 2013-08-10
11   kadwa 5 years ago